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English Muffin Pizza how to make supper meal Diabetic Snacker Recipe Tips

Well today we had english muffin pizzas for dinner. I really like those & they are very easy to assemble. Of course i'm listing my lower fat versions for mine that I had. The rest of the family eats the full of fat version because they won't try anything with a lower fat count. Hey at least I'm flexible!

English Muffin Pizza's

Ragu pizza quick sauce
provolone cheese slices
eckrich lite smoky breakfast links
turkey bacon
sprinkle of garlic powder
sprinkle of parmesan cheese
sprinkle of oregano
english muffins whole grain

Assemble & bake 15 minutes at 450 degrees.

Very tasty, just put sauce on the muffin & all
the toppings however you'd like.

My results:

2 pizzas
1 orange

My blood testing number was good: 126

so this meal's a keeper for me.
Sure the turkey pepperoni is kinda hard but it's edible if you don't think about it. The turkey bacon I'm getting more accustomed to so it doesn't bother me. The slice of provolone on each muffin made it seem really rich. I did slice my eckrich links lengthwise to cover more area of the pizza. Gotta have those in every bite. Oregano is another new to me spice I've found I really enjoy it on everything I've put it on so far.
I hope you enjoy.

Updates: While reheating a couple of leftovers of these tonight I decided these would be much better if I toasted the english muffings under the broiler before adding the sauce to them. They would'nt be mushy then when reheating them.

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