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eBay Powersellers Diabetic Snacker diabetes WAHM

We welcome any ebay members or powersellers to post their url to their new websites and a brief description here. You may also post your ebay stores here if you would like to. It never hurts to have your name out as many places as you can have it.


Product Review:Google E Reader Diabetic Snacker Reviews Technology At Its Finest

Update: 11/07/08: I'm still loving the Google Reader! I have over 1,000 headlines in mine everyday when I open it and it's all stuff I actually want to read. I really think you should try it if you haven't already! Go for it!

wow, I've just discovered the new google reader & I love it! I've entered dozens of rss feeds for food & cooking recipes into it. It delivers them all to the one page as they are updated in real time to the recipe sites. What a great thing to have & it's FREE (my favorite word). The link above is for the tour which is informative. There are all types of possibilities for the reader on your pc. Post your comments about it here once you sign up for it.

100 Things You Can Do With RSS

By Alisa Miller

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) allows you to get information sent directly to you, eliminating the need for you to that information individually. Using a reader will allow all the RSS feeds to come to one spot for you to read at your leisure. While reading news and blogs has been a traditional use for RSS feeds, there are also tons of fun ways to use these feeds. The list below touches on some ways you can read the news, but it also lets you learn, share, keep up with your interests, and so much more.


From your favorite NPR shows to movies to video games, the list below offers some form of entertainment you can have sent to your reader every day.

Books. Read books with DailyLit. They will send sections to you each day via RSS feed.
Recipes. Get a recipe of the day, recipe raves, recipes from chefs and friends, and more from bigoven.
Vegan Recipes. If you are a vegan, get recipes, articles and more from VegWeb.
NPR. Find your favorite NPR show updates, local NPR stations, and more each with their own feeds.
Blogs. Find your favorite blog and read it in your reader every time it’s updated rather than visiting the site waiting for updates.
TV listings. Have local TV listings from TV Guide sent to you every day.
TV reminders. Use mytvrss to customize RSS feed reminders on the day when your favorite shows will air.
Watch TV shows. Find out as soon as free downloads are available of your favorite shows on Hulu.
Movies. Read movie reviews from major critics and the editors themselves at Rotten Tomatoes with their updates.
DVD. Find the latest about DVD new release and bestsellers with
Viral videos. Get those crazy videos everyone loves from YouTube sent directly to your reader with their RSS feed.
Music releases. Get the top 10 songs or albums among other music feeds from iTunes Store from RSS at Apple.
Video games. Go to your specific console’s website, like and see if they have RSS feed updates for video game releases.

Sports fans have no reason to be left in the dark with all these great feeds available.

Baseball. Baseball fans can get feeds with news about favorite teams from both the American and National League at
College Football. Find feeds with all the latest news on your favorite college teams from
Professional Football. For the latest news and more on professional football teams, visit
Hockey. You’ll get news, features, stories, and videos of your hockey favorites at
Basketball. Basketball lovers will get news, scores, and videos from your favorite teams delivered from
U.S. Soccer. If you want audio podcasts, US soccer news, and news on both men’s and women’s teams, sign up at
World Soccer. With World Soccer, you will get all the latest news on soccer games around the world.
Olympics. Get an RSS feed to update you on any number of aspects of the 2008 Olympics from the official website.
Cycling. If cycling is your thing, get updates on mountain biking, road riding, BMX, and more at USA Cycling.
Nascar. Racing fans can follow their favorite driver, specific series, or specific races with feeds from
Skateboarding. offers videos, photos, feature articles, and more with their RSS feeds.
Fun Stuff

Become smarter, more centered, or get a laugh with all the following feeds that you can read.

Word of the Day. Get a new vocabulary word sent to you every day with
Quote of the Day. Need some inspiration each day? Get a quote every day with Quotes of the Day.
Joke of the Day. Find a joke every day on your reader with Comedy Central.
Fortune Cookie. Get an unusual bit of advice from Random Online Fortune Cookie sent to you.
Horoscope. Get a range of specialized horoscopes each day with
Urban Word of the Day. Have Urban Dictionary send you the word of the day and you’ll know what dress flops or carbon guilt means.
Comics. Find your favorite comics that are published on the web and subscribe to an RSS feed with Comic Alert!
Weird Stuff. Find the oddest blog posts with this feed dedicated to the best of weird blogs.
Astronomy. See beautiful and amazing photos taken by two professional astronomers with Astronomy Picture of the Day sent to your reader.
Puns. If you appreciate the unusual humor of puns, then Pun of the Day is a must for your subscription list.
Random fun. Subscribe to get some fun daily updates like famous birthdays, articles, and this day in history with Cool Site of the Day.
Computer and Internet

If you want software information or just want to change the wallpaper on your computer, these feeds will help you out.

Free software deals. Each day you can receive free downloads of software that would normally cost money. Get the feed to let you know what is available each day with Giveaway of the Day.
Software releases. Find out when software is released for your specific operating system with Track Version.
Virus alerts. Get alerts from any time a new virus is detected.
Wallpaper. Change your wallpaper with this fun tool that also serves as a news aggregator.
PageTiki. This tool will let you know when your favorite webpages have been updated via RSS so you don’t have to keep going back to check for new information.
Follow trends. Learn what other web surfers are bookmarking with hotlist feeds.
Wikipedia. Hardcore Wikipedia fans can learn when there are any changes to the information with their recent changes feed.
Tutorials. Get video tutorials teaching complex tasks in a simple, easy-to-understand format with commoncraft feeds.
Dating and Social Networking

Whether you are staying in the loop with friends or looking for a date, these feeds will guide the way.

Singles events. Learn when a singles event in a city near you will occur with updates from Singles On The Go.
Matches. Some online dating sites will alert you when new matches pop up so you can find out immediately.
Speed dating. Find speed dating events all over the world with this RSS feed.
Relationship advice. Need relationship help? will provide you some dating tips and advice straight to your reader.
Twitter. Follow your friends’ updates with Twitter RSS feeds.
MySpace. Add an RSS feed to your MySpace page with this application.
Facebook. Subscribe to RSS updates from Facebook with multiple options such as friends’ statuses, posted items, and notes.
Friendfeed. Get all your friend’s updates in Friendfeed, then have them sent directly to your reader with an RSS feed.

If you are taking a trip, make use of these helpful feeds to plan and implement your journey. If you can’t make the time for a trip, then there are a few options for those stuck at home, too.

Airfare. Travelocity provides low fare alerts and alerts when fares to your favorite cities drops below 20%.
Flight delays. Get delays that are happening at any airport in America with FlightStats.
Hotels. Find top deals, exclusive offers, and hotels under $99 with Orbitz RSS feeds.
Currency rates. Select from one of these feeds to receive the most up-to-date currency exchange rate from CurrencySource.
Travel itinerary. Use TripIt to organize your travel itinerary, then sign up for alerts which will send you RSS feeds any time something on your itinerary is updated or changed.
Virtual sightseeing. Subscribe to weekly updates with Google Sightseeing to visit places around the world using Google Maps or Google Earth.
Map fun. Google Maps Mania will send you updates with all the fun mashups and tools making use of Google Maps.

Keep up with the weather in your city or find out if it’s raining at Aunt Emma’s house with these feeds.

Local weather. Get daily updates to know what your local weather will be from The Weather Channel. Plug in your zip code and start now.
Alerts. Receive alerts when the weather threatens your area from National Weather Service.
Tides. Find tidal information from for most coasts around the world and have it sent to you.
Family and Friends

Keeping up with family and friends or updating them with your information just got a lot easier with these feeds.

Share photos. Use RSS feeds to share your Flickr photos with loved ones and buddies alike.
Share calendars. Share updates from your Google calendar with others whether they have a Google account or not.
Plan a party . Use online invitations with mypunchbowl and get RSS feed for the Punchbowl Buzz.
Name your baby. Use the baby name wizard at iVillage and get updates on your reader.
Find an activity. Search for fun events in your city with Eventful and have them sent to you with their RSS feed.
Productivity and Career

Jumpstart your career with these handy feeds that will keep you on track or help you find a job.

To do lists. Create to do lists with FLEXlists that you can send to yourself or share with co-workers.
Traffic updates. Make the most of your commute time with’s traffic reports from major cities around the nation.
Job openings. Find a job with Monster and get an RSS feed specialized by location, category, or keyword.
Specific emails. Set a filter, then use MailBucket to have those emails sent via RSS feed. Be aware that these messages are public.
Reminders. Reminderfeed lets you receive reminders straight to your reader with this easy tool.

Internet shopping is hugely popular, so take advantage of these feeds to help you find what you want, save money, or track your package.

Best Buy. Get the latest sales going on for movies, game consoles, electronics, and more at Best Buy with their RSS feed.
Target. Sign up for Target’s weekly ads to be delivered to your reader by clicking on "Sign up for reminders" here.
Gift registry. Whether it’s a wedding or a new baby, you can create a gift registry and make it available to your guests with an RSS feed on TheThingsIWant.
Coupons. Get the latest online coupon codes with this RSS feed from
Deals. Find out when the latest internet shopping deals come through with a feed from Ben’s Bargains.
Ebay. Get specific searches from Ebay auctions sent to you via
Package tracking. Follow your package from most of the major package carriers with this tool from
Price changes. If you are watching an item and waiting for the price to fall, use RSStalker to do the work for you.
Under $10. If you are really on a budget and want to find only the least expensive deals on the Internet, sign up for the SpendFish update that will alert you with any product under $10.

Getting news with RSS feeds is nothing new, but some of these options are truly cool. Check out the offbeat news or National Geographic updates for something a little different.

Medical news. If medical news is your thing, you’ll love HubMed, which sends daily update feeds of results from your searches on PubMed medical database.
Legal news. Choose your favorite legal news to be delivered through RSS feed via LexisNexis.
Business news. Not only can you get business news at Yahoo!, you can also get a variety of other news touching on such topics as science, politics, and technology.
National news. Get all the latest national news from such well-known agencies as ABC News and Fox News.
Local news. Visit your local news station’s website to find out what RSS feeds they offer.
World News. One of the top news agencies offering world news brings it to you via RSS feed at Reuters. They offer their highly entertaining Oddly Enough by RSS as well.
U.S. Government. Find a huge amount of information that the government will send you through RSS feeds on
Offbeat. Find offbeat news that others might not be reporting with Topix.
Gadgets. Learn the latest news on technology gadgets with Engadget’s feeds.
National Geographic. Get updates that include beautiful photos from some of the most talented photographers around with National Geographic News updates.
Tools to Do Stuff with Your Feeds

Now that you have so many new feeds coming into your reader, learn what else you can do with them. From changing them to voice, sending them to your IM, or just filtering through all you’re getting, these tools will help you manage your feeds.

Page2RSS. Monitor websites that do not offer RSS feeds with an RSS that you create with this tool.
RSS Mix. Use this aggregator to blend several RSS feeds into one feed you can post on your website.
Ping-o-Matic. Ping other sites when you update your blog with this easy RSS feed.
Feed Crier. Get real time alerts from all your favorite feeds sent to your IM with this free tool.
NewsAloud. Transfer your RSS feeds to voice with this tool if you don’t have time to read your feeds.
flurry. This tool will allow you to send and read RSS feeds on your mobile phone.
RSS2PDF. Change your RSS feeds into PDF format documents with this tool.
RSSMicro. Find RSS feeds with this feed search engine.
TapTXT. Monitor all RSS feeds for specific keywords and get alerts you via IM, email, or on your mobile as soon as something is posted with those keywords.
AideRSS. If your RSS feeds are out of control, this tool will help you manage them by customizing to your interest and then filtering out less popular stories.
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More Suggestions For Lower Calorie Tips Diabetic Snacker

Here are some more combinations to try for the cake mix & can of soda cakes.

Carrot Cake- Diet Orange Soda
Red Velvet Cake-Diet Cherry Soda
White Cake-Ginger Ale
Spice cake-Ginger Ale & 1 tbsp orange juice & 1 tsp orange zest

Sugar Cookies Diabetic Snacker Recipes Tips Ideals

I didn't know there was a national sugar cookie day but I just read that there is! It's July 9th, I'll be sure and make me some kind of diabetic recipe for sugar cookies!

Sugar free sugar cookies sounds a little strange doesn't it? How about splenda cookies instead? I think that sounds
a bit more appealing. Splenda is one of my favorite
kitchen secret weapons for combatting diabetes. I use
it all the time for snacks,desserts and anywhere that
I use sugar.

I am now also buying the kroger brand of splenda and it
is also good tasting with no aftertaste. I love being
able to bake with the help of these new innovative products.
Geez, I should have been a spokesperson for Splenda!

Too bad I never even got a review with them, but as long
as I know it works I guess that is all that counts. Happy baking
to you! What is your favorite cookie? I'd love to see your comments.

Fruit Desserts ideas Diabetic Snacker Tips Tricks & Recipes

For this fruit dessert:

Slice 2 large fresh strawberries
1 small orange
Combine with 2 tbsp. fat free cool whip
topping. Stir them all together.
Very nice & cool refreshing treat and
very lowfat.

This would also be great put into these little grahman crusts that I adore so much.



ASIN=B000M2Y0JS">Love These For My Cheesecake Or Puddings!

Ready Crusts 3-Inch


o=1&a=B000M2Y0JS" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt=""

style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />


Diabetic Snacker Dessert Recipes Cinnamon Warm Delight recipe make your own save money

You can use the Betty Crocker cookies mixes to make these too!
In a microwave bowl stir:

3 tbsp sugar cookie mix
2 tbsp milk
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tbsp quick cook oats

Heat in microwave 1 minute on high
Let stand 2 minutes & enjoy


Diabetic Snacker Better Burgers can be made with these tips for cooking

Tonight we tried something new with our burgers. We always use the george foreman grill to prepare them. This time we had a cookie sheet ready with toasted buns and cheese for them. We wrapped each sandwich in foil and put them in a 300 degree oven for about 10 minutes. They were much better than usual. The cheese was warm and melted, the burgers were much more juicy and the buns were still warm and soft. Very good sandwiches. We were going for a more "restaurant" taste and that's what we wound up with so I guess it was a success.

Diabetic Ice Cream Sandwiches Cool Creamy Chocolate Treats

I do this to make my own little cookie sandwiches. I take 2 low sugar or no sugar cookies and add a tbsp. of fat free cool whip to them to make sandwiches. Then I wrap in waxed paper & pop in a large ziploc freezer bag. They are very good! I like the Murray's sugar free shortbread cookies found at Walmart the best.
Disclaimer Policy

For some reason readers find this blog & think I'm only writing it for

the money.

I just want to clarify that I do understand that because you don't really

know me. Rest assured I'm
trying to help others with any information that I post. As you get to know

me you'll come to realize that indeed I'm not just in it for the money that

can be made. I really enjoy blogging about this & if you'll check my

archives you'll find tons of all free information you can use.

Having said that; I do ‘get’ things out of this blog including money and

want to declare it up front in the hope that it might give you a more

complete picture of my motivations from maintaining
this blog.

Just so I'm honest about it;
Here's what I receive from this blog:

Money=I do make a little money from this blog. Between the google adsense

program, the click bank program and the amazon affiliates network program.

There are at times even links from linkshare and shareasale. I don't believe

I'm harming anyone by using my affiliate links as long as I'm telling you

about something useful anyway. Believe when I say there are usually 5 days

in a row all the time that I don't have any income from adsense so believe

me it's not like the stories you've heard before.

And the affiliate links are there but that doesn't mean someone uses them

all the time. It's a hit or miss situation. Sometimes there's a lead but

most times no such luck.

I don't do sponsored posts. Meaning you pay me to write something you say.

That's never going to happen. I will do a product review but I honestly give

my true opinion and will continue to do. No one will ever pay me outright

money to say their product is good. That's just how I am. If I like

something I'll tell you but you can't buy my opinion. I really like it

better when I don't like something because I love telling that even more.

While I do hope to increase my profile portfolio by the use of my blogs I am

not an expert in the field. I'm just a gal with an opinion who cares in

sharing with others information she has learned along the way.

I would love to carve out anich for myself on this topic. I'm in the process

of writing a book and everything I post on my blog will be included in it

plus many other goodies.

I really do like to help other people whenever I can and since I'm not rich

this blog is my way of helping other's. I share my information, my knowledge

with anyone who cares to listen, by reading my blogs. I get enjoyment out of


Yes, I do like to link sometimes to my other blogs to help their page rank

if possible. But, I only do it sparingly and when it's pertaining to the

task at hand.

What does this blog cost me to run?

I want to paint a realistic picture in order that readers make an informed

decision of whether blogging for a living is something that they want to

pursue themselves.

Time is the major factor in what this blog costs. It takes a lot of time,

more than you might think.
I try to write good lengthy informative posts everytime I write. I devote a

lot of online time to researching my topics, my tips and my suggestions.

I respond to all emails. Many readers have questions and I'm only happy to

answer them. I usually also turn those into a post sometime down the road.

These questions do take time as I don't want to give just the first thing

that pops into my head I want it to be well thought out and organized
so you can understand exactly what I mean.

I love comments on all my blogs and I do my best to make sure I reply to

them as soon as I can. I have many blogs covering a wide array of topics

some are more popular than others. But, I reply and answer comments all the

time as if I only have one blog. The one you are asking about.

I do put many hours into my blogging activites. While I love it I do

understand how energy draining it can sometimes be to be on the computer all

the time as I usually am.

I don't believe in copying other's work and I don't think anyone should.

It's fine to read other's work and then write your own say on it but don't

ever copy word for word anyone. It's just bad politics.

If you ever disagree with a point I've made you are free to post it in the

comments section or email me using the contact us form if you'd like. Do

remember though what you write online will be readable forever. Yeah,

forever can be a very long time. So write what you want to convey in a

normal non violent nature and we will all get along better.

I don't want to be contacted by phone or instant messaging which is why I

never post any of that information on any of my blogs. I don't own and never

will own a cell phone so don't bother trying to contact me in that way.

Now, I hope this page I've written has helped you to understand some of the

behind the scenes happenings of making a blog work. I love it and even

though I've only been blogging since mid 2008 it feels like this is what I

should have been doing my whole life! While it's not the highest paying job

I've ever had it is to me the most rewarding in many other ways. Where else

could I help other people without even leaving the house?

Sure sometimes it can be tiring and boring even tedious, but then someone

will ask a great question again and I'm right back in the arena looking for

the answer to help a fellow reader out.

Take Care,barb gary

NOTE: Ok, so all the above was my personal way of
trying to say the below legal version of my disclaimer.

This policy is valid from 11 January 2009 & forever..

This blog is written and edited by myself,Barb Gary. This blog does not

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The compensation received will never influence the content, topics or posts

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The owner of this blog is not compensated to provide opinions on products,

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products or services that we believe, based on our expertise, are worthy of

such endorsement. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other

representation about a product or service should be verified with the

manufacturer or provider.

Microwave Brownies Recipe Lower Fat Options Diabetic Snacker

Today I made me this treat:

4 tbsp brownie mix
2 tbsp water
stir in microwave safe bowl

Microwave 1 minute on high

When done let stand 2 minutes
Add 2 tbsp fat free cool whip topping

It's very good. I am wondering though;

the brownie mix says a serving size is 1/20 of the package so I wonder if 4 tbsp is considered one serving size or maybe i need to start halving mine as I am diabetic? Anyone know? I'll test my blood sugar in 2 hours and see if this amount is going to be okay for me or not. By the way, it was delicious! I highly recomend it. I really could tell the difference between this and using the real version with oil & eggs added.

Diabetic Snacker Make your own Warm Delights Brownies Cake Mixes Not diabetic but treats

I've just found that I can make my own yummy goodness of those betty crocker warm delights. Which are pretty good but these are better and much cheaper.
My microwave is 1400 watts of power so if yours is a lower wattage adjust your cooking time accordingly.


Hot Fudgy Warm Delights At Home

To a small microwave bowl add:

4 tbsp brownie mix
2 tbsp water
microwave on high for 1 min.

After it comes out I add 1 tbsp of smucker's sugar free hot fudge ice cream topping on. Let the cake sit for 2 minutes and you will have heaven!
Yummo! as Rachael Ray would say

Here's another one:

Basic Warm Delight From A Cake Mix

To a small microwave bowl

1/3 cup any cake mix
4 tbsp milk 2%
microwave 2 minutes
let stand and then enjoy!

Want another one I love?

Orange Cake Delight

To a small microwave bowl

4 tbsp white cake mix
2 tbsp orange juice (I used fresh squeezed for no sugar)
microwave on high 1 minute
let stand 2 minutes while you peel your orange up and put it in on top of your cooling cake. It's very nice and refreshing!

Another one I love:

Chocolate Chip Warm Delights

To a small microwave bowl

3 tbsp betty crocker chocolate chip cookie mix
2 tbsp water
1 tsp any sugar free pancake syrup
microwave 2 minutes, let stand 2 minutes and enjoy!

If you want to make the whole cake mix up at once try this:

Whole Cake Goodness Basic Recipe

To a large bowl blend together:

1 cake mix any type
1 can of soda any you like

Pour in a sprayed with (butter cooking spray) nonstick cake pan 9x13,
and bake until done usually 20-25 minutes depending on your cake mix instructions. You'll have a nice moist dessert without all the extra calories of the oil or the eggs! Who knew it could be so simple?
Vary this basic recipe to make hundreds of your own.

Feel free to post your newest creations here I'd appreciate it as I want to try them all! Being a diabetic this is going to help me a lot as I can have a small portion of these more often than the old fashioned way of making them. And of course I love trying out new flavors all the time.