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My thoughts about DivineCaroline's rudeness to food network stars

Random Thoughts after reading an article on the internet;

Here's the link to her article if you want to read it:

Divine Caroline's Article

I just read an rss post from "divine caroline's" blog that I totally disagree with. She goes on and on about how fat some of the food network stars are and why do we follow them because of that. Many of things she says are just plain rude about Paula Deen and other's.

I was going to leave a comment there but you need to register with her blog in order to do that. Which means I'll be removing my rss subscription as soon as I write this post.

I feel what she says in her article is totally rude, mean and definitely uncalled for. She critized heavily Rachael Ray, Ina Garten and Emeril Lagasse mainly. I don't think there's anything bad about following these food experts. They are not in a healthy food only environment and never claimed to be. What you actually put into your body is your own business. I weigh in now at 182 lbs. myself so yes I am considered fat just like all the others.

The point is she has no business telling us we shouldn't follow some guru (as she calls them)just because of their weight. It's up to each individual person to create the same dishes using lighter methods, splenda substitutes and eating actual portions of a serving size instead. That's not what they are selling. They are here for the entertainment of cooking the actual foods and enjoying it.

By the way, divinecaroline; I believe Rachael Ray has shaped herself up nicely if you will look at her now. She's looking trim, fit and much better not chubby as you describe her.

You have no idea what goes on in the life of these celebrity food people's private lives and that is why she should be keeping your trap shut about it. It sounds like you are not such a divine person as you claim to be.

Cooking is an enjoyment to many people throughout the world. It doesn't matter what size the person doing the cooking is. That's not why we watch the programs. And I find Ina Garten's shows to be simply fasinating and a joy to watch. All the food network stars are great and you could learn a lot from them.

Food Recipes Diabetes

Free Pie Slice at Bob Evans Restaurants

This sounds good & I bet the pumpkin would not be too bad for your carb counts today. You could always eat half of your slice and bring the other half home for later as they do give huge pieces of pies.

Free Slice Of Pie From Bob Evans

chain today & tomorrow only!
Here's the options:

Pumpkin, Pecan, Apple Dumpling, Coconut

Cream, French Silk, or Country Apple Pie.

You must print the coupon off & take it in

with you to get your free slice of pie. I've

had their pies & they are very good!

Free Pie

Food Recipes Diabetes


Checking Your Blood Glucose Levels When You're Diabetic

Here's a great article I ran across and thought other's might also enjoy reading:

Why Check Your Glucose?
Diabetic Glucose Article

Food Recipes Diabetes

Our Thanksgiving Meal Thru A Diabetics Eyes Diabetic Snacker Planning

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving this year. We had a great time here this year. No fuss and bother from all other relatives popping in. Just me & my 2 grown sons had a great meal.

Here's what was on the menu:



Mashed Potatoes

Green Beans

Turkey Gravy



Grape Jelly


Mac 'n Cheese

Cherry Pie

Pecan Pie Bars

Pumpkin Pie Tarts

I decided to eat 3 carb choices for my limit. So I had the mashed potatoes, the corn and a roll with no butter.

I saved the pie for later on tonight. When I need a snack later to keep my blood sugar number up some I'm going to have my tiny grahman cracker crust pumpkin filling pie that I made yesterday.

Later, when I need a 2nd snack probably around bedtime, I plan on having one of my pecan pie bars that I made yesterday. I can't wait until then as I know they are going to be delicious.

I think I did very well at dinner, I didn't mess anything up and I didn't eat any of this so I hope my number is still in the ballpark of 140 when I take it;

mac n' cheese
sweet potatoes
no dessert but both the ones I made are either low sugar or no sugar as I used splenda instead. I'm not going to eat any of the cherry pie as it is the regular kind.

only 1 roll instead of the 2 or 3 I would have liked to have eaten. ha ha I didn't have much turkey gravy on my potatoes either. And I only ate one bite of the ham. I just don't really care for ham so I didn't eat. I had to save my room for better stuff!
How was your thanksgiving meal today? Let me know in the comments section.

Food Recipes Diabetes


Healthy Diabetic Pumpkin Pie Filling for Thanksgiving

Today is the time every year when I gather up all my ingredients that I normally don't use and create a bunch of desserts geared towards the fall of the year.

The problem with this senario is that I'll be the only person eating any of it! No matter what I decide to make I'm the only one who will try it. My kids are just too darn picky to even try anything besides cherry pie or white cake!

So since I had everything all set out I decided to make me some pumpkie pie filling. Here's how I made it and let me just say it tastes excellent! Of course I had to try one tonight for my snack.

Pumpkin Diabetic Crockpot Filling Recipe

1 15oz can Pumpkin

1 tsp cinnamon

1/2 cup splenda

1 tsp pumpkin pie spice

1 tsp orange zest

1 tsp orange juice fresh squeezed

1 can fat free evaporated milk

1/4 cup pecans chopped up

10 mini marshmallows

1 tsp vanilla extract

2 tbsp softened lower fat margarine

1/4 tsp salt

3 eggs beaten well before dumping in

I combined all the ingredients in my mini crockpot & gave it a good stirring. Then I just put it on low and let it cook for about 3 hours. It's heavenly! Nice and thick like I like it. Now that it's cooled down I filled up those tiny keebler mini grahman cracker crust shells and have the perfect little servings of pumpkin pies. Give it a try you won't need to use your oven space & I'm sure you'll agree it's fantastic.

It's also very low in fat, sugar free and healthier for you. Maybe I just love those little pie shells as they are "no bake".

Tomorrow when I have one with my big Thanksgiving Dinner I'm going to use 1
tbsp. of sugar free cool whip on top to make it even better.

Do you think you'll try this good crock pot cooking recipe?

Thanksgiving Tips Menus Meal Ideas For The Diabetic

Food Recipes Diabetes


Day Old Bakeries Save Money On Your Budget Year Round

Day Old Bakeries Can Save You Hundreds Of Dollars Per Year

Interested in cutting back a little at a time? Try a day old bakery out for

size, I think you'll like what it has to offer.

Everyone usually has a day old bakery in their city somewhere. If you're not

using yours you should start now. Look it up in the phone book or on the

internet and just go there. You'll be surprised at how much you really can

save. Believe me the products taste just as good as getting them at the

grocery store. They do have freshness dates, labels and tags so you can

check those if you're worried about anything like that. Ours even has a
coupon card they give you everytime you purchase anything and they punch it

out for each dollar that you spend there. When the card is full you get a

$1.oo coupon taken off right then and there. You can turn in as many of them

as you want which makes it really good if you've saved up a few of them.

Here's what we buy from our local Hostess day old Bakery all the time.


never buy these items anywhere else and by doing that we are literally

saving hundreds of dollars per year easily. It all adds up. I'm not saying

we buy all these items every week just when we need to replensih or wish to

stock the freezer up. The reason I'm listing everything there that we

personally buy is because maybe you'll see some items in my own list that

you didn't realize you could get at the better than half price store.

White Bread

Wheat Bread

Powdered Donots

Honey buns

Brown & Serve Rolls

Wyler's drink mixes

BBQ Potato Chips

Hamburger Buns

Hot Dog Buns

English Muffins

Cinnamon English Muffins

Hostess Chocolate Cupcakes

Hostess Lite Twinkies

Hostess Orange Cupcakes

Cookies in different varieties

They have a zillion more items than I even buy and we buy a lot of stuff

every time we go. I've never spent over $11.00 yet and I walk out with at

least 4 bags of groceries. I really love it. Try that at your local Kroger store.

Food Recipes Diabetes

Save Money at the Grocery make ground beef last

Saving Money On Your Ground Beef Grocery Purchases Can Be Easy

Save money on your meat purchases by making ground meat spread out more.
I mean chop it up finer for a bunch of your favorite recipes. I'm talking

like the size of bacon bits instead of the usual like is on say a pizza

topping. That's at least 6x smaller if you chop it up as fine as it can go.

You can "get away" with using it then on all these meals and make it spread
out over many more meals.
You'll use half the amount of ground meats than you normally use for a meal,

which in turn will make it last twice as long for your meals.

This will work for tacos, enchiladia's, burrito's, hamburger gravy, lasagna,
spaghetti, sloppy joe's, coney dogs, pizza, .... Get the picture? So for

each meal
if you normally use 1 lb. of meat only use 1/2 a lb. but ground up fine so
no one will even miss it because the flavor will still be in every bite.

Let me know how this idea works out for you. I think it's a keeper.

Food Recipes Diabetes

Twinkies to be next 100 calorie packaged snack

Wow twinkies are going to be the next new product to enter the "100" calorie
packages from Hostess. I wish they could make those sugar free now that

would be great! I do buy the twinkies "lite" version so I can occasionally have my sweet fix for a familiar food I love.

Food Recipes Diabetes

Turkey Leftovers? No Problem Fix Breakfast In A Snap Diabetic Snacker

I was sitting here this morning at my computer thinking about Thanksgiving leftovers for some strange reason. Strange only because Thanksgiving has happened yet. But I always do have lots of turkey leftover mostly because my kids don't like turkey very much. That's why I usually fix a ham too for the day.

So anyway, I'm thinking of an Omelette using only the lfeftovers I actually like in it. Which leaves out the stuffing and the cranberries for me. Yuck!

So I plan on taking some bits of turkey breast sliced thinly & sprinkled lightly with oregano without the skin which will be tough the next day and spreading a little mashed potatoes on them. Then I plan on chopping up some ham bits and throwing it all together in the pan. Pour more salt & peppered eggs over it and voil'a I hope it will be a satisfying Thanksgiving leftover treat. Oh yeah, of course you have to put a little bit of mexican type shredded cheese over it too. Something has to be in there to blend the flavorings together.

Thanksgiving Leftover Omelet Breakfast Recipe




Mashed Potatoes

Bit of cheese

3 Eggs

Oregano (only because I love it)

Serve this an orange and a slice of whole wheat bread and you will have a very tasty breakfast. Will you be trying this recipe?

Food Recipes Diabetes


Low Sugar Molasses Cookie Mix Recipe

Food Recipes Diabetes

Low Sugar Molasses Cookie Mix Recipe

2 cups whole wheat pastry flour

1 cup splenda

1 tsp. baking soda

1 tsp. baking powder

1 tsp. cinnamon

1/2 tsp. nutmeg

1/8 tsp. allspice

1/2 tsp. orange peel

1 tsp. ginger

In a large mixing bowl, combine all

ingredients. Store the mix in an airtight


Attach this to the Jar

Low Sugar Molasses Cookies Mix

Makes 3 dozen cookies

3/4 cup margarine, softened
2 eggs

1/4 cup molasses

1 package Molasses Cookie Mix

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In large bowl,

cream together the margarine, eggs, and molasses.

Add the Molasses Cookie Mix and beat until

smooth. Shape the dough into 1-inch balls (meatball size);

roll in granulated sugar (or splenda) & place 2 inches

apart on ungreased cookie sheets. Bake 10

to 12 minutes. Cool on wire racks.

Seven of the Best Low-Sugar Fruits

Food Recipes Diabetes

I thought this was a fantastic article you might enjoy. It certainly had some items I didn't know. It's from the blog Let's Go Healthy

Seven of the Best Low-Sugar Fruits

By Jennifer Didonato

Who can resist that mouth-watering surprise when you sink your teeth into a slice of watermelon? Or that satisfying crunch of an apple? But could too much of this good thing... be a bad thing?
Considering the amount of vitamins and minerals in fruit, more is better, of course. On the contrary, eating more than the recommended three servings a day could have you consuming the amount of sugar equivalent in a candy bar. And knowing that, you could've just eaten the candy bar! Just kidding.

So, to keep you enjoying the yummy treat without spoiling your nutrition plan, here is my list of the seven healthiest fruits that will satisfy your sweet-tooth. This is based on sugar content, calories and macronutrients (carbohydrates and protein) alone.

#7- Mango
65 calories/14g carbs/.5g protein/12g sugar
You may burn more calories peeling the darn thing before actually eating it! Per half, this exotic fruit doesn't tip the scales on sugar too bad, and certainly doesn't compromise taste.

#6- Nectarine
63 calories/15g carbs/1.5g protein/11g sugar
One medium size of this fruit comes with the works: crunchy outside, juicy inside, and enough sweet to satisfy your afternoon muchies.

#5- Watermelon
48 calories/11.5g carbs/1g protein/ 9.5g sugar
Another calorie-burner on prep, one cup of watermelon can be just as refreshing as a cup of ice cream, am I right? Plus, it's very water-dense, so it fills you up!

#4- Kiwi
50 calories/12g carbs/1g protein/8g sugar
You can't go wrong with the perfect mix of kiwi's sweet and tart taste. Maybe even toss it in with your cup of watermelon, and you have the perfect snack under 100 calories and under 20g of sugar.

#3- Plum
30 calories/8g carbs/.5g protein/7g sugar
I know, plums are tiny so they're bound to have little of anything in them! But talk about an explosion for your taste buds if you eat a plum at the right ripeness. That's what I'm talkin' about!

#2- Cantaloupe
54 calorie/14 g carbs/1g protein/3g sugar
One cup of this melon contains less sugar than a single peppermint hard candy! And it's much more filling, wouldn't you say?

#1- Strawberries
46 calories/11g carbs/1g protein/7g sugar
Now, this is what I call having my cake and eating it, too - fruit-style! A whole cup of these berries is not only one of the healthiest fruits when it comes to antioxidants, but it's very generous in allowing you to maybe have another cup without the major sugar rush.


Free Sugar Free Sample of a new Sweeteneer

Free sample of an all natural "Just Like Sugar" for sugar free enjoyment:

Sugar Free

Food Recipes Diabetes

RSS & Readers Explained Signup for fast content delivery

Here's my take on RSS and the RSS Feed Readers (which I love myself)!

What is RSS?:

RSS is short for "Real Simple Sydication" and is a way for webmasters to

publish all their new information to whomever signs up for it.
A single item will typically include a headline or the full story, and a

link to the website. It's just the fastest way possible to get the

information you are looking for. Immediate updates to the websites or blogs

you choose. It's called a Feed.

The Benefits of Using RSS:

The true benefit to feed subscriptions is that it allows you to stay

informed. All your favorite websites will come to you instead of you having

to click all over the internet on each of their websites or blogs.
Most webmasters make it easy to sign up for their feeds, with easily

recognizable icons. The icons will say;

Subscribe to our RSS


Subscribe to our feed

Add to Google Reader

Add to My Yahoo Reader

RSS Feed Reader:

There are many RSS feed readers available across the internet and most are

free to download. You can choose which ever reader you'd like. I use Google

Reader myself and I love it. It's so easy and simple to use.

You can type into any search engine "free rss reader" to learn more or to
download one for yourself. You add whatever sites you want to it and you get their newest content delivered to you the second it hits their website. And of course you can unsubscribe to any fee you don't want anymore very easily too.

I hope this explains what RSS and Feed Readers are for you. Any more questions feel free to ask in the comments or email me.

Barb Gary
Directory Lane and many blogs

Food Recipes Diabetes


i've been fired from Kitchen Duty because of Diabetes

Tonight's Dinner was good although I must say I did over-salt the chicken too much. I think I must have used my house seasoning and then went and used the salt cellar too. There's already plenty of salt in my house seasoning. Seems like something goes wrong all the time anymore since I've become a diabetic. I made sure I had a snack before I started even and I still messed up.

As I've mentioned before my son has already taken over any deep frying of any items, especially chicken. Now after today he justs wants me to go get on the computer while he actually cooks the chicken for our meal. It seems like I'm getting fired from my own kitchen. I don't like it but there's really nothing I can do about it.

So now I get to set the table, flour the chicken and have it all set up and ready for him to just stand there for about an hour and fry it. It seems like the longest hour to me in my life as now I'm being "fired" from it altogether.

I know that I mess up all the time, there's just not a day that goes by that I don't mess up a few dozen things. But deep frying is dangerous and since he's new to cooking he says me being in the room distracts him. Because mainly I'm always talking when he needs to be concentrating. Today I tried to just wash up the extra pans that were sitting aorund so I wouldn't have to do them later but he said that's still so noisy it's distracting.

So, starting tomorrow I'll just do my favorite thing and get on the computer when it comes time to deepfry the food. I also made the gravy too watery so I guess I put over the 2 cups of water needed for the recipe. I use a McCormick's country recipe package which we all like. But it did taste watery today so I had to be the one to mess it up as we've made this dozens of times before.

Geez a person just can't catch a break anymore. Diabetes is causing me a lot of little problems in my life which I just don't like. It's very aggravating to say the least.

Has anyone else had problems like this in their kitchen? Any tips or advice would be much appreciated.

Four Study Results, we need to make the switch to whole wheat flours

Did you know studies have shown that white flour has alloxan which destroys the beta

cells of the pancreas where insulin is produced. I never thought about their actually being flour studies before? It's strange how everything in the world has a study attached to it isn't it? I only eat things made with wheat flour whenever I can.


New Food Product Review Wonder Cinnamon Raisin Toast

This morning for breakfast I tried something new to me. It was Wonder brand Cinnamon Raisin Light Toast. I had 2 pieces of it plain and my 8 oz serving of milk. I must say that this bread was absolutely delicious!

The raisins are much larger than any I've ever seen around here (Indiana). They were plump and juicy and soft. Not hard as a rock like the ones you get out of the little Sunmaid rasisin boxes. So that was nice little surprise to my mouth.

The crust cooked nicely to a tan all over. The outside edges of the crust (my favorite part of any bread) was extremely crispy and good. I'll have to buy this again in the future as 2 slices of this with my morning milk and my morning diet pepsi turned out a 115 of the diabetic glucose meter. That was very good. Next I'll try adding some of my little smokey breakfast sausage links to it that would be so good together.

The cinnamon on this bread was just right. It reminded me of my mom how she used to make us homemade cinnamon toast fried in a skillet when I was a little girl with heaps of butter on it. Hmmn, I ate that at least twice a week my whole life=I wonder if that's why I'm now a diabetic? Anyway I still do make myself some cinnamon toast every so often but I use Splenda.

I'd give this Wonder cinnamon raisin bread a big fat A+!


Nerve Pain part of everyday life for Diabetics

Nerve pain caused by diabetes can make even the gentlest touch painful. That stabbing, throbbing, shooting pain in your feet, legs, arms, and hands can be symptoms of diabetic nerve pain. Your pain may be a symptom of nerve damage caused by diabetic peripheral neuropathy like I have. Believe me, it's not pleasant.

Diabetic nerve damage can affect people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. No one yet knows exactly what causes the nerve damage. Having high blood sugar (glucose) levels over time is likely to be involved. While diabetic nerve pain can occur at any time, those who have had diabetes for a long time may be more likely to develop the painful symptoms. People who have had problems controlling their blood sugar levels, have high blood pressure, are overweight, or have had diabetes for at least 25 years may also have a greater risk of developing diabetes-related nerve damage.

The nerve damage due to diabetes is usually seen in the feet and legs and, less often, in the hands and arms. Damaged nerves can cause non painful symptoms (such as loss of feeling, numbness, or tingling) or painful symptoms (such as aching or burning). The damage can also cause the nervous system to become overly sensitive. Even very light touch or the slightest movement may trigger pain.

Even putting your feet up doesn't help this type of condition when you have it.

Fortunately, research has shown that patients with diabetes may actually lessen the chance of further nerve damage through a combination of diet, exercise, and improved control of blood sugar. While no other measures have provided proven relief for nerve damage, some things you can do to prevent other complications from your diabetes include lowering your blood pressure, lowering your cholesterol, avoiding smoking, and reducing the amount of alcohol you drink.

Whatever you do as a diabetic try to improve your pain by eating healthier smaller meals everyday.

Featured Product: Juniper Berry at


Free Cookbook Club Download New Recipes Each Week has just launched a new weekly

cookbook club.

Registration is free and you will receive a free

cookbook download every week.

Nothing to buy!

Spam is coming back in these tough times

Spam has improved it's market by 30% so far this year. I guess because it

only cost about $2.40 for a can that will feed an entire family at mealtime.

I love spam myself and would love to have it more often but my kids won't

touch the stuff. I like to skillet fry me some buttered toast and lay a

couple slices of american cheese down and a couple slices of spam down and

make a spam sandwich, like a grilled cheese sandwich.

I've always wanted to try spam on a pizza but have never been brave enough

to try it yet. Maybe some day in the near future I will. Let me know if you

try it before me.

I also like to fry my spam in a skillet and get it lightly browned it tastes

like it's been grilled then. I really like just eating it with cracker's and

nothing else. Since I'm diabetic I'm sure I could probably have a couple

slices of spam on maybe some wheat bread if I wanted. I know the salt

content is very high which is what makes it good in the first place.

I may pick up some spam myself this week as it sounds pretty good. I

actually liked Treet better as a child maybe it's more leaner I'll have to

check that out. Nowadays when you mention the work spam all people think

about is their email spam. They should get out and try some of the real

other meat.


Top Tips For Thanksgiving Turkey Diabetic Cooks Money Saving Recipes

**Update** If you were here earlier I had a turkey gone wild picture up. Really, I had to remove it. It was just one picture & it turned into 8 giant turkeys somehow, sorry.

Thanksgiving The Healthier Way; Cooking Tips For Diabetics

& People Trying To Lose A Little Weight

Whenever you're going to be in the kitchen baking for the holiday's make a

big pitcher of your favorite sugar free drink like lemonade... You can drink

it as often as you want to stop yourself from trying to munch on too many

goodies while you bake. Water will work too.

Have a bowl of ready to eat

fruits sitting there too already chopped up so you can have a bite at any

moment to stop the urge.

This year why not bake individual sweet potatoes for yourself instead of

eating the calorie laden mashed potatoes. Just a plain sweet potato is very

big on taste and very low on calories and much less carbs.

Cut the amount of kosher salt that you usually put on the turkey by at least

1/2. It doesn't really need as much as you usually put on it. Add other

spices instead this year, go wild with them they won't hurt your sugar count

at all.

Don't brush the bird with butter this year. In a small ramekin put about 3

tbsp. of canola oil. Brush the turkey with this instead, he'll still be

moist and you'll save hundreds of calories and it will be better for you


I also like to brush fresh squuezed orange juice all over mine. It gives it

a citrus lift and adds just a hint of flavor to round it out.

If you're cooking & you feel like your sugar is dropping pretty quickly so you should eat something make it a piece of Werther's Sugar Free Hard Candies. They are low in carbs but have enought to tide you over and they take quite awhile in your mouth so you won't be adding more uneeded claories. Besides they are pretty good. Not as good as the original by any stretch of the imagination but they'll do in a pinch and not disturb your testing later.

Fix your plate all at one time and refuse to go back for seconds this year, you'll save about 300 extra calories and your carbs will be much better off.

This year make your desserts so that you too can have some of the fun and don't even tell anyone. For one then they won't be able to gripe about it in advance.
Also they'll be so full they probably won't be able to tell the difference anyway.
Find yourself a healthy recipe for sugar free pumpkin pie or whatever you want and make it. Don't forget to serve yourself a piece of the pie too you've earned it. Of course like me you may want to wait a couple of hours after your Thanksgiving Dinner to actually eat your slice of pie. The sugar free Cool Whip is excellent and you can have 2 tbsp. of it which is plenty! Enjoy!
We welcome your comments or tips and of course your recipes.


Outback Steakhouse Nutrition Info menu For Diabetics

**Update (read last), The dinner was excellent and my testing number was good a solid 136. I tried to eat sensible but it's very hard to do since we had them bring us 5 loaves of that darned great bread. Hey, as long as they offered it I'm taking it. ha ha

My Meal:

6oz sirloin great flavor but a little on the tough side
1/2 order of aussie chips (french fries) was still a lot since they bring way too many for one person.
4 pieces about 2" wide of the bread altogether (which I thought was restraining myself as I could easily have ate all 4 loaves of it myself, no problem).
2 diet pepsi's

#136 2 hours later.

Tonight we are heading out ot our local Indy Outback Steakhouse. I will write up some info about it for you when I get back. I know they have a pretty good website with lots of nutritional info listed for all types of diets. They even have nutritional information for diabetics and tell you how to order certain things for yourself.

They say they'll even hold the bread if you want them to. Not me, that's the only reason I go there at all is for that great rich tasting brown red. I have'nt decided but I think it's pumpernickel. Does anyone know for sure what type of bread that is that they serve. I do lay low on the honey butter since I figure it's bad for us diabetics. But actually I bet the bread is not so bad for us diabetics since it's a brown grain of some kind.


Prepare your own foods into Snack Size Bags Tips

Healthier Diabetic Tips To Do For Yourself Everyday

Reduce your salt intake tremendously

Drink lots & lots of water everyday more than 8


Reduce your caffeine

Have smaller meals all thru out the day about

every 3 to 4 hours eat something healthy to

maintain your sugar levels

Have healthy snacks in your house only so you will

tend to eat those instead of all the other stuff

that's not so good for you

Don't skip meals just have smaller meals

Don't skip snacks they are important to your


Get up right now, this very minute and walk around

inside the house

Walk all thru out the day whenever you can for

10-15 minutes at a time

Keep your lotion on your feet so they will not be

so dry and crackly feeling
I use a prescription called laclotion for mine and

it does a pretty good job controlling the dryness

If you're sitting down a lot try just lifting up

your feet one at atime
several times thru out the day, just lift them up

and put them down preten you're walking while at

your desk so your feet get movement to them to

help control the bloood circulation

Make yourself up a bunch of snack size portions in

tiny ziploc snack bags and put some by your

bedside, some by your computer, by your tv...

wherever you need them Snacks are important so

don't skip them just put 1 serving in each bag no

more and no less It's a lot easier to eat the

right amount if it's already in it's own special

serving bags

I hope these tips help your diabetic life be just a little bit better.

We welcome your comments or tips and of course your recipes.


Free Magazines & Free Diabetic Wallet

Free Magazines & Samples Of Products Free:

Free Diabetic Magazine Subscription

You can get a free color meter diabetes wallet for signup to this. You will

need a registration # on your contour meter:

Free Diabetic testing Wallet

Exclusive access to a members only website with helpful tips, tools and

information to help you to manage your diabetes
Valuable offers
A newsletter that provides news, information and support

Plus, you’ll receive a FREE color meter wallet just for joining.

And, your meter will be registered for its warranty and you'll also receive

your choice of either free lancets, or a special issue of Diabetic Cooking.

We welcome your comments or tips and of course your recipes.


Product Review: Healthy Request Chicken Noodle Soup

Last night a tried a new to me product for supper. It was Campbell's Healthy Requests Chicken Noodle Soup. I had high hopes for it but it didn't meet them. In fact it was horrible! I really wouldn't recommend it to anyone even my worst enemy as the saying goes.

to start with it had huge chunks of shaved carrots in it which tasted like they were not cooked and just thrown in the can raw.
Secondly, it had absolutely no salt in it. I mean come on a girl has got to have a little salt to make anything taste good. That's just a common fact. Salt adds to the flavor to enhance anything that your'e cooking. It was so bland it was just horrible.

I really don't believe anyone at their testing facilities tasted this product. Because if they did it wouldn't be on the supermarket shelves!

Don't even try it. You'll be so sorry if you do. I hated it.

Have you tried this soup already?

We welcome your comments or tips and of course your recipes.


Cranbana Diabetic Bread (Bread Machine Recipe)

Cranbana Diabetic Bread
(bread machine recipe)


3/4 cup softened margarine
8 ounces fat free cream cheese
1 1/2 cups splenda
2 large eggs
2 mashed bananas
8oz dried cranberries
3 cups whole wheat pastry flour
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 teaspoon orange zest

Put all the ingredients into your bread machine and follow your
bread machine's baking instructions. Really good!

this bread is great anytime but smells
especially great during the Holidays.

We welcome your comments or tips and of course your recipes.


New Dinner To Try BBQ Pork Calzones Recipes

Today were' trying a new to us dish. We've taken our dry spice rub mix and cooked it on a pork picnic 4lb roast to make calzones out of it. We used the same recipe as for cooking our other ribs & such recipes. We used the same pizza doll crust recipe as for making our homemade rolls and just combined them. It's very good and I would haighly recommend it to everyone.

BBQ Calzones Rocks!
We had it with bbq chips and unsweetened applesauce. It turned out to be a really great all around combination.

BBQ Pork Calzones 3oz crust, 4 oz meat

Green Beans 1/2 cup

BBQ Potato Chips 16 pieces

Unsweetened Applesauce 1/2 cup

**Update: My 2 hour after eating test was 117 for this meal! A keeper!

We welcome your comments or tips and of course your recipes.