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I updated some cupcake mix for a healthier snack idea

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Well today I fixed up a bath of cupcakes using a boxed cake mix that's been sitting here for awhile. I thought it would make a good snack for me to have ready to eat whenever I want. I used
Duncan Hines German Chocolate Cake Mix & they turned out grand!


My Healthier Boxed Chocolate Cupcakes

Box german chocolate cake mix

1 6oz tub unsweetened applesauce

1 tsp orange zest

1/2 cup oats

1/3 cup fresh squeezed orange juice

1 tsp cinnamon

1 cup water

2 large eggs

I just mixed it up in my kitchenaid mixer (my favorite thing) & put them into the muffin cups & baked them for 22 minutes. Let them cool on a rack & they are ready for all your snack breaks.

I only fill the cups about 1/2 full so they would be slightly smaller portion size & not as many calories that way. So if I have just one it's actually a pretty healthy snack.

After they were done I changed a few of them so I could have some variety like this:

Using a butterknife while warm I spread 1 tsp of smucker's ice cream topping caramel flavor on a few of the tops.

On some of them I spread the caramel & sprinkled just a tsp of coconut on too! (these are marvelous)!

On 1 I sprinkled a mixture of splenda & cinnamon

On 1 I put a 1/2 tsp Hershey's chocolate syrup

I've left all the rest plain, this made about 28 small cupcakes.
I plan on eating some of them plain as they are but a few I will add cool whip to when I'm ready to eat them. I love the sugar free cool whip. You could also put a little cool whip and a touch of coconut if you wanted.

I noticed that these mainly just taste like a lighter chocolate cupcake. I mean you can't really taste the orange zest or the cinnamon at all. And definitely none of the applesauce. And the oats are not visible in the cakes at all, which may be good to start putting in your cupcakes for your kids to get their oatmeal.

So far I've only ate one since I've only needed one snack. But now at least i'm looking forward more to actually having to have my snacks!

Do you think you'll make some cupcakes soon? Have you tried these?

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Snacks that keep your blood sugar levels up & steady for diabetics

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I'm still searching for "the perfect snack of the day".

Today I realized that there are 2 snacks that I consider my favorites for keeping my blood sugar levels up and steady.

1.1/2 banana & a square of grahmn crackers

2.8 round small pretzels & a tsp. of peanut butter

Both of those seem to do me extremely well. Have you tried those together?

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It's Cheaper To Make Your Own Spice Mixes For Seasonings

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Don't splurge on exotic fruits or expensive seasonings, substitute less expensive fruits you know you like already. Make your own seasoning combinations from your pantry of spices, use the internet to get the right amount of each to make your own expensive type of seasonings.

One example of this I did just this week. We were at Sam's Club & we sampled a bit of their Chicken they had cooked. They were trying to push Emeril's Essence Of Emeril Spice Blend for about $10.00 a big bottle. It tasted really good.

I came home & looked up his spices on the computer. I purchased a bottle of store brand "essence" spice huge one for about $2.50 & I flavored it up with some of my other spices I had around from the internet list I had.

It tastes pretty much the same! I can see paying 10 bucks for a small bottle of spices like that, sorry emeril lagasse.

The point is make your own spices and you can be creative as you want to be.

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Stromboli's Diabetic Friendly Style Dinner Recipe

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Tonight we fixed Stromboli's in a way we hadn't fixed them before & they were excellent. We spread out the ground beef about 1lb maybe a bit more & we seasoned it liberally with a sprinkling all over of kosher salt, garlic powder, parmesan cheese & a tiny bit of oregano. Then we rolled the beef into a hot dog shape, granted a huge hot dog shape but still you get the picture. We wrapped each of these in plastic wrap individually & stuck them in the freezer for about an hour.

Then we dropped them carefully down into a big pot of boiling water still inside the plastic wrap! They cooked for about 15 minutes like this until the meat had changed it's color to a really ugly light brown color;seriously ugly is the only way to describe these at that point.

With tongs we carefully took them out of the water & laid them on a larger platter to cool a bit. Then we unwrapped each one as we made it's sandwich & then moved on to the next one.

For the sandwich we used some great hoagie buns & we took the "dogs" shaped beef unwrapped it & dipped the whole thing down into a pot of Ragu sauce. (we like parmesan & romano the best).
Then we moved the sauced up dog to the bun & laid a slice of provolone cheese on it. Then we put a bit more sauce but just a bit. The sauce on the stove is mainly for dipping now & at the table off your plates.

After we got all of them fixed up we put them on a cookie sheet & put them under the oven broiler just until the cheese melted & turned a bit golden brown.

These were delicious!! They tasted much better than our earlier tries at making a Stromboli. The meat was really moist & spicy, just perfect amount of juiciness. No crusty brown edges. So mission accomplished. I hope you will make these in your home too.

Let me know if you are going to try them!

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Jello Really Is A Good Way To Hide Your Fruits

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Today I made some new to me snacks. I'm sure everyone else has been fixing these for years but me, not so much. I made up 2 boxes at once of my sugar free cherry jell-o & added diced fruits to them before I put them in the fridge. It was really easy & I don't know why I haven't been doing this all along.

It seems it will help me some with my dinner anyway since sometimes I'm still a little bit hungry even though I'm done & other's at the table still have what seems to me to be a bunch of food left on their plates. I know I eat a little slower now since I read it's better for you too. So anyway, this jello will help me since I'll have it to eat while everyone else finishes up their meals. I think since they are having double or more portions of everything for dinner, which is why I'm done way before them.

Today I ate the tiny bits of apples in the jello and it was pretty good. I was surprised how it blended the apple flavor in with the jello. If I hadn't known it was an apple I don't think I'd have been able to tell what kind of fruit it was for sure. Maybe some parents could actually sneak some healthy fruits in for their kids this way. I'm sure a lot already do that.

Tomorrow I'm having the jello with the banana pieces. I'm sure I'll like that because I remember having it in school years ago. I did only put a little in it as I didn't want to have to worry about running my numbers up from the banana, since it's such a high carb count fruit. I wonder if oranges would be good in these or if they would get bitter tasting?

Do you eat fruits in your jello? Got any special recipes for it?

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Planning of diabetic snacks is important

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Are you having trouble with your memory? I am definitely having this problem more often than I want to.

I've decided to make my snack option every 2&1/2hour intervals instead of the 3 hour times I use now in order to keep my mind more alert. It seems I've been trying the 3 hour schedule.

for quite awhile now but I was making too many small mistakes so I guess I'll move it up a bit. It seems that we have to eat a lot of snacks don't we? I've made up some sugar free jello's for later and this time I put some fruit in them which should help to be a lower calorie snack for me.

How often do you have to plan your diabetic snacks each day?

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Mini Crockpot Recipes Galore For The New Year

Filed Under: crockpot recipes

If Santa brought you one of those little mini dipper crockpots (I have 2),
you'll love all the recipes on this entrie page for them:

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It's all right to splurge, just do it in bites not plates full this holiday

Are you having a tough Christmas this year? I know it's harder when you're diabetic. Just be sure and make yourself a bunch of extra sugarfree treats so you can be munching right along with the rest of them. Also have a bowl of prezels or mucho's potato crisps out (luv'em), if you pour those into a bowl you can have quite a few of them without running up your carb count. I believe a serving of those chips are 16! So if you divide it up between the pretzels and the chips you'll feel like you are eating a lot of stuff but you'll still be safe.

Of course have some bowls of ready to eat prepared fruits and nuts out too as they friendlier to you than some of the other snacks this time of year. Sure, if you really feel you are craving something else just eat a tiny portion of it. It will be enough to satisfy your craving without gorging yourself and feeling bad.

I hope these tips help you. I'd love it if I'd see your comments on this blog.

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Recipe:Homemade Sugarfree Christmas Chocolate Fudge Yummy Diabetic Safe Snacker Treats

Well today I couldn't take not making some kind of homemade fudge for the holiday's anymore so I did it! I made up a batch of
completely sugar free tasty chocolate fudge for the first time.

I put all this into a big pot on the stove:

Sugar Free Chocolate Fudge Recipe

1&1/2 cups splenda

2/3 cup evaporated,canned skim milk

2 tbsp white karo corn syrup

1/2 tsp salt

2 tbsp margarine

2/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

1 tsp vanilla (after turning off heat)

1/2 cup walnuts (afer it's ready to pour)

I threw all that into the nonstick pot and turned the heat on to medium and once it started melting I started stirring with a nonstick spatula.
Once it was all smooth and all the sugars were melted and everything was blended thru I shut off the heat and added the
vanilla extract and the nuts and stirred it all up again. I let it
sit like that on off for about 5 minutes to cool some.

Then I poured it into a glass casserole dish that I heavily
buttered so it would come out easily.

I covered it with foil and put it in the fridge & it is fantastic!!
Easy and great. I'm putting this recipe on here so I don't lose it.

My test number after 2 hours was only 100 so this is a good one
to use probably for all of us.

If you try this recipe let me know what you think of it in the comments.

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Christmas Cupcakes are fantastic even when you're diabetic

Tonight I was in my annual christmas baking Mood so I set out to bake off the rest of my "brick" cookies that I mentioned in a previous post. I got the plastic wrapped roll of dough out of the fridge only to have them fall apart while I was trying to slice them! I finally just decided to bake them anyway. So I scooped up any large chunks that I could out of this horrible mess and I baked them for only 10 minutes thinking they surely would be softer this time. But no, they are just as bricky as before. I didn't even roll them into the little snowballs this time and I baked them only half of the required time it had said before.

But at least I made them so I could eat them without breaking my teeth by spreading each one with a huge dollop of Fluff. It's marshmallow creme in a jar. I hadn't used it before but I checked & it's only 10 carbs per 2tbsps! I think it had like 6 grams of sugar so voil'a this is perfect for my little brick cookies. This fluff stuff is fantastic if you haven't tried it I do recommend it!
And the holiday sprinkles stick to it pretty good too.

I did bake up a batch of cupcakes that turned out good. I had added oats,dried fruit pcs and a bit of a banana to them thinking that they would mess up but they took the extra ingredients just fine. I'm eating the cupcaskes unfrosted so they are actually pretty good to have around for all the snack attacks we have to endure. Bake a batch & eat them unfrosted and see if you don't agree with me. Hey, I bet that fluff would be good on one of those too for an extra holiday bonus when your carbs will allow it.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

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Diabetic Snacker's Christmas Cookies Baking Attempt Went South For The Winter Disaster Not Treats

A couple of days ago I made up a batch of Snowball Cookies that turned out not as good as expected. For one thing I tried to healthify the recipe so instead of all purpose flour I used whole wheat pastry flour. At first eating right from the oven they seemed to taste pretty good. But, the next day I bit into one and it was more the consistency of a brick! Sure it was still a pretty tasty brick but still, it was way too hard.

I guess I have learned you cannot substitute out all the white flour because the cookes will have no tenderness to them. I should have said a hockey puck since they are round but I think you get the picture just the same.

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Over 200 posts how surprising is that? Diabetic Snacker Food Blog

I just noticed that I've made over 200 posts to this blog! I'm very pleased that I have been keeping it up and plan to continue to do so.

Today turned out to be a very good relaxing day for me. We had my favorite Gallagher's local pizza delivered for dinner and as usual it did not disappoint. I was so proud of myself because even though I didn't take my blood glucose test (only on saturday's now), I only ate 2 pieces! yea to me! It was very good but I managed to stop. Strangely enough I was stuffed. I used to always eat 3 pieces of pizza but it seems now that I've made it a habit of eating 2 I am pretty stuffed at 2. Strange how your body plays tricks on your mind like that isn't it?

Have you ever had Gallagher's Pizza before? We love the sausage and pepperoni.

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We accept products for review send us your product

It is a requirement by our company that we be able

to keep the product that we are reviewing.

It is requested that we be able to offer one of

your products to our readers in a giveaway

promotion on our site.

We do not require a fee from your company in order

to do a review.This way we can give our full honest

opinion of your products.

We also do not pay any fee for your product that we

are reviewing so we can be unbiased.
Contact us by email if you would like to send us
your product for a review on our blog.
Our site review will stay on our blog permanently

with a direct link to purchase your product.

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how to play the diabetes game of life to win

How to help yourself deal with the emotional
and daily pain of diabetes

Diabetes is a daily problem. It has great emotional impact on you and the

people around you who care about you. It can't be ignored or set aside for

another day when you feel like youre' in the mood for it; it's there every

waking moment of the day and it has to be dealt with everyday because of it.

I am devoted to helping other type 2 diabetics get the continued support

they need whether it's emotional support or psychological support. Our

government and health programs in the United States do not set aside enough

doctors, nurses or specialists to help everyone that needs the help.

Writing about my personal diabetes on this diabetic blog helps me to

maintain my sanity everyday. Maybe you should start up your own blog too.

It's free to start up a blogger blog and it's easy. If you need any help

with the setup and I will be glad to help you by email. If I didn't have

somewhere to write out all my feelings no matter how small they are I would

surely be locked up and have had the key thrown away before now.

Diabetes is hard to live with everyday. It's also hard for your family to

live with it everyday thru you. It takes a toll on everyone involved. I need

to be able to regenerate my positive attitude everyday after the many

mistakes and mishaps that I make because of the diabetes disease.

I need to make people who have it and don't have it understand how horrible
diabetes really is and what you can do to make it better for yourself. Sure,

there's no cure but there are many daily regimens we can take to make it be

better and easier on us than it has to be. But don't get me wrong it's still

terrible and there is just nothing you can do about that.

For one thing if you are diagnosed with diabetes type 2 you are going to be

upset about it. I'm talking debastingly upset and terrified. This feeling

will take over your body and consume it if you let it. You need to motivate

yourself to take back over your life immediately. You have to stand up and

prove to yourself that you can handle it. It's not pretty but you are going

to have to take it on anyway. You have to make peace with it and accept the

fact that yes you have it. Now inspire yourself to do something about

controlling it instead of letting it control you.

After youre' first diagnosed it will help you tremendously to go to and type in diabetic message boards in the search engine box.

You'll get about a million hits. Pick out a bunch of them and go to them and

actually look them over, read a lot of the comments and get a feel for the

forums. There will be some you will like and want to keep reading and some

you just don't prefer. Pick 2 or 3 good ones that you like and register with

them to enable you to add your comments to them. Find a topic that you are

concerned about it and introduce yourself and post some of your feelings on

the board. It is such a small step but it will allow you to feel so much

better. Just putting your two cents in will help you like you are talking to

an old dear friend. You are making friends with people who know exactly what

you feel because they are going thru the same thing as you are. They know

the downhill battle you have everyday trying to keep your blood sugar up

because they have that same fight every single day themselves. I don't care

what darn doctor you've talked to before but the doctor's do not understand

the pain and the low sugar feelings because they haven't actually went thru

the processs themselves. If you could find a diabetic doctor who is actually

a diabetic that would be perfect but unlikely. So everyday when you get up

after you've done your morning routine items go to those same message boards

and start posting and interacting with your online friends again. You will

feel so much better emotionally and you will be helping other's feel better

about themselves.

There is definitely time in the day for you to do it if you just make the

time everyday to do it. You soon will start to enjoy and actually look

forward to talking to your online buddies everyday about their behavior and

your own behavior problems. This is the place where you can talk freely

saying anything you need to say to make you feel better. I don't think

society gives us diabetics the support we need to get thru this on our own.

You really do some strangers to talk to with you about this topic so that

you both can move on and feel better.

I've been seeing a Endocrinologist myself now , (well only 2 times), anyway,

while I'm really happy they finally gave me some medicine that helped me

feel a whole lot better it just seemed to me that they didn't really

understand what I was going thru as far as the pain of it all. I mean sure

she said the tests showed swelling in my legs and feet & that's why I'm

having the pain. But mainly, it was the "way" they said it. Like a little

swelling couldn't cause that much pain. I know they didn't mean to come off

sounding like that but that's the way I took it. They even made a point to

say that a small amount of swelling was not a gauge of the pain only of the

swelling. But still, it
felt like they were thinking to themselves how
I couldn't take a little pain or something. You
know what I mean right? Like they have any idea
how bad the pain is because they've never
felt it. You know how bad the pain is because
you live thru it every single day so don't
forget to make them understand that.

I think I've figured out when you're hurting
really bad if you get up and walk around just
for a few minutes it may help ease some of the
pain. Sometimes it helps, other times not so much.
It never hurts to try. I had hoped putting my
feet up quite often would magically help but
no that doesn't really help the pain at all.
Of course I'm sure that would help with the
actual swelling of the feet so I continue
to do it anyway whenever I can.

I'd love to hear the methods you use to help control
your diabetic emotional problems and your foot pains.
Please share with other's so we can help each other
thru this disease.

Food Recipes Diabetes


Tracking blood sugar weekly is a lot better than daily

Today was a good diabetic day and I didn't mess up any. I made us a nice pot of Chili and it was good especially with the winds we've had here in Indianapolis today. Nothing beats a bowl of chili when it's cold outside.

I did go back to the neurologist this week and they said I'm still doing just fine. At least the medications they have put me on are helping some of the time with the terrible foot pains. I only have to take my blood sugar tests once a week now so I have chosen Saturday's to be my new day's which was yesterday and all turned out good.

I'm going to try my best to stick to the meal plans that I've listed on this site so that I can contine to stop taking my sugar count. It sounds simple enough I should be able to do it.

I hope you & your families have a very Merry Christmas!

Food Recipes Diabetes


Dinner Menu White Beans & cornbread for the diabetic

Ok, today was one of my favorite simple meals that I eat. Of course, I've had to eat small amounts of it at one time since it's high in carbs the way I used to eat it. I used to make my great northern (I call them white beans), with bacon fat as I'm sure we all did or some still do. Man those would have been great but I didn't do that since I haven't for a year now. Anyway, here's the meal I had.


1 cup white beans in chicken broth
1 3" square cornbread
1 diet pepsi

My number is usually 146 with this meal even though it seems like a small portion to me. I guess that's because I used to eat at least 2 cups of beans and at least 2 pieces of cornbread and they were all delicious. These cooked in the chicken broth are pretty good just not great. But they still make me feel like I'm at my grandma's house in Kentucky whenever I have them.

Food Recipes Diabetes


Make Your Own Diabetic Chocolate Candy For Christmas

A Quick and Easy Way to Make Your Own Diabetic Chocolates
>By Joe


I have a couple of friends who are diabetic, and they

occasionally bemoan the fact that they can’t eat much chocolate, largely

because of the sugar content. Products designed specifically for diabetics

tend to contain maltitol, which doesn’t taste QUITE the same as sucrose, and

can have a nasty laxative effect if consumed in any quantity. I discovered

this to my surprise the first time I tried sugar free sweets in any

quantity, and it wasn’t pleasant, so we won’t go there!

So I designed this recipe for them, particularly for my friend Nic,

(because of the wonderful theatrical shudder of horror she does when talking

about sugar free chocolate), and for all you other diabetics out there who

can’t stand so called “sugar free” products. Do bear in mind that this

recipe still contains some sucrose, and is high in fat, so you will still

need to be disciplined about how many you eat.

It is very important that you buy the right chocolate for this recipe,

don’t try to save yourself some pennies and buy cheap dark chocolate, as it

will contain a lot less cocoa and a LOT more sugar, which defeats the whole

object of the exercise.

I have used 85% cocoa chocolate (this means that overall, the total mass

of cocoa butter and cocoa powder in the chocolate adds up to 85% of the

total weight of the bar. The other 15% will mostly be sugar, with a little

vanilla added usually for flavour, and a small amount of soya lecithin added

as an emulsifier). I added clove powder because it adds a subtle spicy

roundness to the chocolate flavour, which I like. If you fancy a different

spice, then ginger or cardamom would work well instead, or a few drops of

pure orange or peppermint oil would also work well.

Bear in mind as well that I have added a little bit of fructose to the

coating mixture to take the bitter edge off the cocoa. Fructose is a much

more suitable sweetener for people with diabetes than sucrose, since it does

not cause an insulin response, but like all sugars there are health concerns

if it is consumed in large amounts, so don’t change the quantities in the


These truffles have a very intense chocolate flavour, and are less sweet

than most confectionery, so a single truffle will probably go a long way.

Relax and savour, don’t gobble them!

Extra Dark Truffles with Clove


100g (3.5 oz) 85% cocoa chocolate

80ml (2.7 fl. oz) double cream

¼ tsp powdered clove

4 tsps Cocoa powder

1 tsp Fructose


To melt the chocolate, cut or break it into small pieces and place in a

double boiler, or a heatproof bowl over a saucepan that is just big enough

to support it round the edges. Put some water in the base of your double

boiler or saucepan (but not enough for it to touch the base of the bowl

which the chocolate is held in), Heat the water to a very gentle simmer, and

stir occasionally while melting. Make sure that the water in the base of

your double boiler does not boil dry. Also, be sure not to let any water

come into contact with the chocolate, as it will “seize”, that is, turn into

a thick paste with a strange texture, which is completely unusable. Once the

chocolate is completely melted, set it aside to cool a little for a few


Fold the cooled chocolate gently into the double cream and clove powder

and put into the fridge to cool, taking it out for a stir every 10-15 minute

intervals, until it is of such a consistency that you can mould it in your


Put the cocoa and fructose together into a small airtight container, and

shake well. Sift the resulting mixture onto a plate.

Then mould the truffle mixture into spheres about 1 inch across, rolling

them between your palms, and then roll each in the cocoa mixture, and tap

the excess away on the edge of the plate when it is completely coated.

The truffles should be stored an airtight container in the fridge, and

should be eaten within a week.

Makes about 24 truffles. The entire batch contains 94g fat, and 990

kcal, so that works out at around 41 calories/4g fat per truffle. The total

cost of the ingredients was £2.30.

About the Author: Joe is a keen amateur confectioner, and runs Chocolate

Now!, an online Chocolate Delivery service, with her husband Nigel. You can

find more of her recipes Chocolate Candies

Food Recipes Diabetes

Today's Tip For Lowering Your Overall Calories

One of the major things you can do to reduce calories quickly on many of

your dishes is to cut the amount of cheese used. Cheese packa a lot of extra

calories which you can cut. Come on, you all know we could get by with about

half the cheese we use. So do it and reduce the calories instantly.
It will still taste good because a little cheese goes a long way.

Food Recipes Diabetes

Free Diabetic Recipes Book & Diabetic Online Free Game To Play Link

psted 12/08/08
new free giveaway for a recipe book:


I saw this article on "Diabetes Mine" today about a new beta game that I

thought sounds good. It actually has diabetes type 2 questions on it.


I did go and sign up it was very easy & I played a game sort of like Jeopardy that was really fun for me. Mainly because the categories were: diabetes,television,capitals. All stuff I knew something about. I got about 800 points just for playing a few minutes. I hit quit when I was tired of playing and it logged me right out so I am recommending the site myself.

Food Recipes Diabetes


Add Early Stage Alzheimer's To My Many Disabilities List

To start with let me just say I have more bad news for myself.

I went to the doctor a few days ago again after much testing I've been having done lately.
This time he told me I'm in the early stages of Alzheimer's Disease.

Man, like I need something else to be wrong with me; I've got so many health problems already to worry about, but I knew my memory has been chaotic to say the least for the last year. It's a terrible thing losing your memories & associations to certain things that have happened in your lifetime. I wouldn't wish it on anyone that's for sure. Ok, well I would like to see my ex husband come down with it but I think that's only natural.ha

I will keep doing my best to find helpful information for everyone and for myself too & post it as I can. I have several blogs going now all with different topics that I'm interested in. I hope to keep adding bits & articles to them in a timely manner the best I can. I hope to be happily writing in my blogs for a long time to come as it does make me happier than I've been in a long time.
I do so enjoy writing about different subjects.

I thought being Diabetic was at least the last disease a doctor would tell me I had since I feel it is the worst of all that afflicts me right now. Sure the arthritis is horrible but at least I'm still myself with it, only in pain. But now this too? What more can a gal do?

Feel free to comment anytime you'd like, I'd like to hear from you.

Food Recipes Diabetes


Having A Real Doughnut when your'e Diabetic

This morning I had myself a new breakfast. My kids yesterday had stopped at Dunkin Donuts and they bought for me a cinnamon powered sugar glazed cake donut. I decided to hold onto it until this morning for breakfast since I can take double the carbs in the morning that I can in the evening. Besides, it was time for my nightly snack of the day but we had just watched Fred Claus the new Holiday Movie so I had a hankering for cookies. My cookies I settled for were my Murray sugar free shortbread cookies and a glass of milk. They didn't have any of the glitzy decorations on them but they were quite tasty as they are my favorite anyway.

I guess I could have sparkled them up a bit if I had wanted to but I was just too lazy to do it.
Anyway, this morning I hate my prized donut and it was pretty darn good tasting. I think it would have been better if they would have used granulated sugar instead of the powdered variety. But I ate it and a half of serving of my cereal and my number was good at only 128 so I'm a happy camper!

you know I just remembered that I also last night did eat one of the tiny little donut balls that the kids brought in to. I think they call them munchins. I wasn't very happy with it as it seemed kind of hard and not nearly soft enough. I had it with my dinner of a bologna sandwich and muncho chips. While I know I shouldn't have eaten it the fact is that it didn't do any damage. My number was not increased in the slightest so I think it helps once in awhile to just have a special treat when we want it.

Do you eat a donut occasionally too? And if you do, do you fit it in to your morning schedule?

Food Recipes Diabetes