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Should you purchase diabetic special oriented shoes for about $300? I'll tell you why you shoudn't

Diabetic Neuropathy & Daily Shoe Wearing

Just because you're diabetic it doesn't mean you need to buy a special pair of diabetic only shoes. Your feet are not going to do any better by having a $300 pair of shoes than a good ordinary $60 pair of shoes. Just make sure you get the right type of shoe for your daily care. That means shoes with rounded toes not no toes or pointed toes. Shoes need to have a low heel about 1 inch or 3/4 inch is best. The soles should be comfortable and sturdy. This is not the time for a pair of flimsy shoes or high heeels. Diabetics should also not wear sandles or those flip flop sytle shoes as you can be prone to infections in your feet more than an ordinary person who is not suffering from diabetes.

It's more convenient for a diabetic person if their shoes do not have ties to mess with. Save yourself the extra strain of bending over to tie your shoe laces. Buy a good sturdy shoe with a velcro strap across the top of the foot. This lets you adjust the shoe to fit your foot for swelling problems that occur every day when your'e diabetic inclined.

While a velcro hard soled shoe might not be the most fashionable choice, it's the one that's going to let you carry on your daily life without extra problems added to it. Isn't that important to you? Let alone the fact that if you buy it right from the shoe store you'll save about $250 over buying it special order from a diabetic supply company. You don't need their services. They are a ripoff. I know because I had a special pair of these shoes and they did me no better than the $40 pair of casual shoes I purchased myself.

Now diabetic socks are another thing. Those can be helpful since they allow for swelling of the legs with little moisture holes allowing your leg to breathe when it needs to. They are also supposed to be lighter weight on the top of the foot which does help a lot. Myself, I only wear them when I'm leaving the house or having company as my feet are still totally irritated by socks on my hurting diabetic feet. If you have diabetic neuropathy go ahead and buy the diabetic socks as long as they are the kind that have open holdes in the tops so swelling has somewhere to go.

Diabetic shoes have nothing to do with fashion or the hottest sexiest color out right now. They are just a staple you need to live as normally as you can. With diabetic neuropathy you can't really live a normal life but you can try with just a few little changes to help you out along the way.

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