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Strawberry Cheesecake Diabetic Friendly No Bake Easiness

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I just whipped me up a dessert for later without using a recipe, I did taste a spoonful and it tastes heavenly!

Strawberry Diabetic No Bake Cheesecake

In glass pie pan heat 2 tbsp margarine in the microwave for 23 seconds. Using your food processor chop finely 5 sheets of low fat grahman crackers.

Stir the 2 together and form a crust on the bottom of your glass pie pan. Mine didn't come up far on the sides just mainly the bottom.

In a large mixing bowl whip together 3 cartons 8oz each of philly fat free cream cheese room temperature, 5 tbsp splenda, 2 tsp vanilla extract, 3 tbsp orange juice,1/4 cup frozen but thawed strawberries, 1/4 cup plain nonfat yogurt, 2 tbsp sugarfree strawberry jelly and 2 tsp lemon juice.

Mix until all is thoroughly blended and pour into your pie shell. Put in the fridge to chill and set up it should already be pretty thick though.

Let me know if you make it how you liked it! It's a pretty pink color from the strawberries.

Be sure and cover it with plastic wrap so it doesn't take on all the smells of the fridge.

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Being Diabetic & Stomach Flu Don't Mix! Lost 2lbs. though during deathly 3 days!

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Three Days Of Stomach Flu = Lost 2 lbs! But So Not

Worth It!!

I apologize that I've been absent a few days. It's

because I've been down with a stomach virus or as I

called it stomach flu. Believe me, it's unpleasant.

The first day I thought it might be easier to shoot

yourself. ha That's just a joke,really. But it does

make you feel pretty overall MiSERABLE!

I hope you

don't ever have to suffer thru it's torture

treatment. If you have had it before I'm sure you

remember exactly what I'm talking about.

I'm just not the kind of gal that can lay around

all the time and rest. I detest it I absolutely

like to be kept busy.

That's one reason why I have

started several different blogs in the first place.

I like to think that somewhere,somehow I'm helping

someone else with whatever blog topic is being

covered depending upon which blog you are on.

I can tell you one horrible mistake I made during

this stomach flu. I stopped taking my tramadol for

pain medication which was a huge mistake. I was

having trouble keeping anything down or even

swalowing pills is why I stopped. And besides, I

didn't notice my feet pains as much since

everything else on my freakin' body was hurting.

I know my doctor said it was not a narcotic so I

didn't think it would be. I was wrong. I looked it

up this morning on the internet and found a page

that said "If you stop taking Tramaol it will have

the same side effects as a narcotic medication"!!

Well then, that explains why the 3rd day into this

illness I was still feeling like I was turned

inside out, upside down and every which way but

loose! I was climbing the walls with anxiety,

nervous panic attacks and everything else humanely

possible. My kids (grown), even called the doctor's

office about it threatening to take me to the

hospital. Believe me, as much as I detest

hospital's I was just about ready to go! I thought

I was dying. I would think your doctor could bother
to tell you something about this but mine didn't.

So anyway; Once I found a few sites that all said

that same thing I immediately went & took my

Tramadol & now about 4 hours later I'm feeling just

about back to my old'self. What a relief!

I hope I never go thru something like this again.

I can't imagine how I could have even gotten it

since I wash my hands more than any person on the

planet I know of. And I mean a good washing always

when needed, and I haven't been around anyone that

I know was sick from anything.

I really thought I had food posioning for awhile

until I remembered I'd only been eating pretzels to

keep my sugar level right about every 2 &1/2 hours

is all and some chicken broth. That's it for 3


At least there was one good thing that came out of

this. I lost 2 whole pounds!!!! I'm now down to 181

lbs. but let me tell you it was not worth it!

Also, I hope you noticed I spared all the actual yucky,
gross details.

Have you ever had the stomach flu before? Was there

anything that helped you out during the disaster?

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Free McTreats coupons can add healthy snacks to your day,load up

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Just because you're diabetic don't let that stop
you from this great deal this year.

McDonald's has their annual Valentine's Day treat

books out right now so run & get you a bunch of

them for yourself! they are 12 coupons in a book

for $1.00 & are each for a totally free product!

These would make great products to stock up your

freezer with as the coupons are good thru may 15th!

Of course they're also a hot item on ebay too if

you want to sell some as some shopper's won't take

the time to go in & buy their own coupon books.
So you are getting 12 free items for $1.00 for each

book you buy.

If you won't use certain items sell

off only those to someone else who would enjoy


The small cones you may want to give away after you
have one. I'm sure one is ok as long as you don't
eat anything else with it the carbs shouldn't be
too high. You could turn it to your snack.

The apple slices would be great to fill up your
pantry with. You can use a bunch of these coupons
at one time they don't make you use just one.

The milk and the apple juice are both good serving
sizes for us diabetics so get as many of those
as you can to fill up your fridge for a week
at a time. If you don't like drinking apple juice
remember it goes great in baking recipes too
instead of your water like in cakes.

I don't recommend keeping many of the fry or
burger coupons but I'm sure you could sell them
or give them away easily. Either way you'll be set
with some healthy snacks for your daily snack times.

Good on small fries, apple slices, small ice cream

cones, small milk or apple juice or small

cheeseburger! Free food time to stock up!

Valid 2/14/09- 5/15/09

Are you going to get some of these coupons for
your snacktime treats this year?

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Make your own frozen pancakes for your freezer

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Just because you're diabetic doesn't mean you can't enjoy pancakes!

I've been having them quite often. All you need to do is get a good recipe maybe even for whole wheat pancake mix & go to town with them! Use your sugar free pancake syrups & add your dried fruits to the syrup or whatever you'd like.

Make your own frozen pancakes for your freezer. Who

needs Pillsbury to do that for you? I always just

double whatever pancake recipe I'm using at the

moment. Lay the extra's on a cookie sheet and

freeze them for about an hour.

Then pop up into a large freezer bag. They can be

reheated in the microwave right on your serving

plate or in the toaster. These are great to have on

hand for a last minute quick breakfast or use them

up for desserts. Wrap any of your favorite dessert

ingredients into them and lay them on your plate &

top with fruit or nuts or cool whip or whatever

topping you like.

These really do make a great dessert.

Do you ever make homemade healthy pancakes & freeze them for whenever the call strikes you? I'd like to know!

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Free 3 years subscription to Diet & Nutrition Health Magazine! No CC

Filed Under: Free Magazine Subscriptions

Wow! Free 3 year! subscription to Diet & Nutrition

Magazine at this web address! I thought all us diabetics could use this so enjoy. It only takes 1 minute to sign up and no credit card or anything else.

Use code:
Today's Diet & Nutrition

p.s. I left phone number blank & it worked.

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Grocery Store Layouts,Shopping Tips & Food Advice For Everyone

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Wondering why it's hard to find great deals at
the grocery store? It's because they brainwash
you right when you walk thru the door!

Most stores are layed out in the same type of way.

They have their biggest money makers around the

exterior and the less money maker items in the

center of the store. This blueprint plan of

thinking is followed time and time again by store

manager's to full setup their store. You'll got to

learn how to work around and past their layout

because me; it's going to try to pull you in. It's

going to make you walk step by step exactly where

it wants you to go next and it places every item in

the store in a certain way a certain spot to make

you see it and only it at a certain time.

It's sort of like a brainwashing technique. They

have it all assembled a special way and you get so

used to seeing it that you become extremely

accoustome to it and grow to accept it as the way

it should be. You would never want to go anywhere

else to shop because you feel at home with this

store, this layout, this model.

Sure you walk thru the doors and the first thing

you smell is fresh cut flowers whichever ones that

are in season at the time. Fresh flowers makes you

think of springtime freshness doesn't it? It boosts

your mood and lightens your spirit. Just remember

whatever flowers they are growing they had to ship

them in from somewhere so they are not ever going

to be as fresh as the ones from a local florist


So even though,it makes you put a spring in

your step don't be suckered in by them. So what if

you smell and see the beautiful flowers because

they're right inside the door, it doesn't mean you

have to buy them does it? usually they are

locatedtowards the center of the store. Up front by

the registers so you can still be in line to check

out and be able to take a couple steps to grab a


They are there to hook you in with their

fragrances. Have you ever known a florist who

worked on a Saturday or Sunday? Yeah, me either. so

if you're really going to purchase some flowers

from them buy them at the start of the week so they

will really be fresh as a daisy.

Well forget about that it's not going to happen.

I'm going to show you how to sucessfully stop their

thought invoiking process and make it your own way

of shopping at your own pace.

You've got to start thinking of your supermarket as

a maze a trap that you need to find your way out of

as quickly as possible without touching as many

things as you can.

The store managers have been trained to know this fact; Touching leads to buying so no

touchy feely needs to be happening with anything!

The #1 Rule of cost effective grocery shopping?
Has to be this point;

Please please please eat a snack or a meal before

you go to the store. You have got to learn that if

you go hungry and catch just a whiff from the

bakery it's going to make you spend about $25 more

at least. If you let your
nose and stomach rule your pocketbook you won't

have a prayer of winning.

Many stores nowadays have a Bank located right

inside the store.

I know it's a convenience for a

lot of us but we need to be careful about using it

all the time. Don't go to the bank for one reason

and then decide to get more money out to buy

groceries while your'e there. You'll just spend too

much that way. For one thing; you would'nt be

prepared with your shopping list,you wouldn't have

had time to study the sales flyer and thirdly the

worst of all you are probably hungry.

Use the bank as much as you want to,just don't

combine it with your grocery shopping all the time.

Preten they are 2 seperate things because they are.
Don't draw money out of the bank for more groceries

if you've already spent your budgeted limit for the


If you need to put something back. Sure it's

kind of embarassing for you but you'll get thru it.

Years ago I had to do that many times. Like I said,it's
really embarrassing but you can do it. Years & years ago
my budget was a measly $25.00 yeah that's right $25 bucks.

I had a rump roast on clearance in the cart for $4.00 that
I absolutely had to put back. I still to this day remember
how horrible that was watching the snickering of the other
shopper's in line. Hey,but I lived and so will you.

Don't let

the fact that your bank is right there be just a

convenience for you. Use your head while shopping.

Always have these things with you while you're

grocery shopping:
1.Sales Flyer
2.Shopping List
3.Store Loyalty Card
5.Small Scissors
6.Name/Address Labels for contests

They start out their maze with the moxt elaborate,

most colorful items in the store-Produce. That's

right the produce is set up always at the front

entrance to the stores because they want you to

linger there. The more time you spend squeezing the

tomatoes, thumping the fruits & smelling the

aroma's the better. But it's only better for them

not for you.

It's the first of many traps to get your money and

keep it as quickly as they can. They want you to

look at the array of beautiful colors they know you

like reds,greens & oranges together that's why they

have them stacked all nice and neat for you. Do you

think they just dump them off the truck like that?

They pay someone to walk around the produce aisle

just to straighten, freshen and stack the fruits

because it's their free advertisement for the


You can see all the colors of the banans the

browness of the potatoes and the vibrant greens of

the green family's of vegetables. Always try to

move the vegetables and ruits around as you pick

them up so you can get the freshest stock


They bundle up some of the goods into

large packages so you'll buy more.

Usually they do that because they've taken a couple

of pieces that have "seen better days" and put it

in the bundled package on the bottom and are

showing the new ripe ones on the top. It's

completely legal just not very nice. when you get

it home you'll have a couple of great pieces of

fruits or vegetables and a couple that by the time

you get around to them because they were almost

rotten you'll have to wind up tossing. They put the

little containers of apple dip right there next to

the apples.

They're working you and you don't even

know it but you can.

You could go to your local Farmer's Market and get

fruit and veggies that were at least twice as fresh

and beautiful if you took the time. The store had

them shipped in by trucks so they are probably

already 2 or 3 days old before they get them.

Another couple of days to fill the bins; so your'e

looking at a week old banana the day they put it

out for display. Dosen't sound very good does it?

You need to look at your list right when you get to

the store.

Before you ever even set foot inside the

store you have got to get that list out of your

pocketbook and look at it. Do you see anything on

there that says stop & smell the tomatoes, or pick

out the best watermelon? No you don't so don't do


All the stuff is supposed to be at it's peak

ripening period or it wouldn't still be out there

on display. They won't leave mangled dried up

pieces of fruit out there on their displays because

it would draw attention to it and make you think.

They really don't want you to think. They just want

to see you buy and buying a bunch!

So read your list over when you get to the store.

Grab the fruits you have written down and get out

of that produce maze department.

Don't bother to

stop at the fresh cheese and fried chicken deli

spot right next to it it's highly marked up usually.

It's just a trap to lure you in even farther. They

have put out some of their best freshly cooked

meals and menu items there. That's why the roasted

chickens are right by the produce & deli section to

draw you in.

Pass all that up and make it fast! If you have some

deli items on your list fine. You stop but only

long enough to tell the employee behind the counter

what it is you want. Nothing else you place your

order, say I'll be back and move on down the road.

You come back & get it when your'e done shopping


That way you'll have a full cart already

so you won't notice all the cute chopped up

vegetables and the fried chicken laying there. They

won't be calling your name anymore because they are

not your focus anymore.

Sure, you noticed them a lot when you first walked

into the store but now your'e tired, really tired

and you just want to get the #### out of there!
So pick up your meats that will be laying right

there and hustle out of the store.

Aren't you glad you didn't waste 15 or 20 minutes

standing and waiting around there while they sliced

& diced everything for you? You would have picked

up at leaste 2 more items according to surveys by

the food industries.

Most people will spend $10 additionally for every

10 minutes they stand there. Why not? They've got

nothing else to do right then; they might as well

try this or try that.

So now your'e at the bread spot. You could be

walking thru that store blind but you know it's the

bread spot because you smell the aroma of the fresh

bread. That's right it does smell good all those

specialty breads just lying there wrapped & waiting

for you. It smells good because they have the aroma

of the fresh baked breads piped into the heating

and cooling system registers so the whole store can

fill up with the sweet smell of the breads and

bakery items.

Don't fall for it. You know you can bake that bread

yourself at home in your bread machine in 5

minutes. Yeah, 5 minutes. That's how long it takes

for you to throw those ingredients in & push the

start button. That's why you paid $50 for it,

remember now? Good girl.

So now you can move on to the next level of your

maze adventure. Have you noticed that you haven't

used a coupon yet? That's because they have all

that stuff up there to lure you because they know

that there usually is not a coupon out for those


That's why you're only buying what's on your list

right now because there's no way to save money on

it. It's there and the price is jacked up all the

way. You have to have it so you are going to just

have to deal with it and get it.

Now your'e probably at the start of the main huge

aisle. The meat aisle. At our Kroger it spans the

entire store all the way acroos the left back and

part of the way around the right. That way every

single aisle you go on you can see some part of the

meat aisle.

That's so they can remind you all the time, hmm I

didn't lay out any meat for dinner yet. They've got

the meat placed all around the circumference of the

store to bait you with it. It's like hanging a

piece of steak in front of a ravenous dog;of course

your're going to bite at it.

They expect you too

and they think there's nothing you can do about it.

But they're wrong there are a lot of ways you can

make your meat money stretch further. I'll details

some in theis book for you and some I'm sure you

will already know. Find the meats on your list and

keep moving as soon as you can. Those wheels are on

that cart for a reason so you can move but you need

to move them faster than a speeding bullet to get

out of the store with a lot of your money still


So you're still at the meat counters, that's

understandable because that's my #1 favorite place

to be. I love the look of a juicy piece of meat.

You shouldn't need very much time in the meat

department because you're supposed to be reading

your written list not browing the meat counters.

You are supposed to have matched up your store's

sale flyer before you left the house with your

shopping list and paired up the coupons you'll be

able to use too.

All those minutes you spent searching thru their

ad paid off right now for you. You grab your 3 lbs.

of ground beef, your lb. of bacon and you keep

going. No stopping to look you shouldn't need to

because you should already know what's in the cases

by the ads you already looked at.

Meat is by far the most expensive item you can buy.

You need to learn how to use tougher cheaper cuts

of meats instead of prime rib in order to save real


You can't throw a pork tenderloin in your cart like

you would a pack of pork chops there's a huge money

difference and you have to know what those

differences are. You know which cuts you are going

to buy and which cuts were on sale this week.


can always pick up prime rib next week when it goes

on sale. Everything in the store goes on sale on a

regular basis. You just need to get to know your

store to figure out what their system for sales and

specials really is.

Most stores will put out new fresh packages of most

cuts of meats on say a Monday. By tuesday if it's

still there they're getting pretty anxious about


You need to check the dates on the packages. If

they put a package of ground meats out on a Monday

by Wednesday morning they are going to need to drop

that package priced down considerably or toss it

out in the trash. Ground meats just won't keep that

long in the fridge; it doesn't matter if it's your

store's fridge or your's.

It's still going to be

chancy on that 4th day. That's why I don't like to

buy my meats on a Monday unless I know they get

their deliveries on a Monday.

So, they have that 3rd morning to make their move

with a drastic reduction in the price. This should

be at least a 40% mark down in price. That's a

bargain so get it. All you have to do is put it in

the freezer when you get home.

You can get all of

your meats this way if you learn which days your

butcher puts the fresh meat out and which days he

starts the markdown process.

It's not rocket science. They are not going to jump

up and down telling you this. This is information

you are going to have to watch and observe and

learn on your own by going to the store everyday

for about a week's time. You're not going to be

buying anything you just want to watch the butcher.

They get certain types of beek on usually different

days. Most will get their beef on Monday theire

pork on tuesday and so on.

You'll know what's new because you'll see it come

out and be rotated with whatever else is sitting in

the showcase. He's only got 2 choices in mind. Put

out the fresh and mark down the old or put out the

fresh and toss the old. They are always going to

try to mark down and sell the old first before

having to throw it out.

So you be there and be ready when the day comes

you're going to buy it all take it home and freeze

it. This is not the time to worry about leaving

some for the next shopper who happens to come


That's because it will have been thrown out

before then. You buy it and you get it all; that's

the reason you have a freezer in the first place

isn't it? So you can stock up when the price is


Then next week while everyone else is paying

$12.99 a lb for their prime rib steaks you'll be

fixing yours up that you bought at $3.24 a lb. Now

won't that be the best tasting steak you ever put

into your mouth?

Yes it will because you outsmarted

your store and their stupid maze to get it.

So much for the store's merchandising experts

they've hired. You must learn to make special trips

to the supermarket to watch the employees for

certain sections to find the right time to get what

you want cheaper. They're in it to win so you are

going to have to be tougher than them.

Our local store has started keeping gallons of Milk

up front by the front doors. For years I wanted

this to happen because most likely that's all you

really have to have a lot of times to get you thru

the week. If you can grab that up front and not

even travel thru the store you have a 75% chance of

getting out without buying anything else.


because 25% of the shopper's will grab a candy bar

also at the front of the store too. Sure there's

nothing wrong with that but just think you came

with a set purpose and you'd made up your mind but

again you still let them talk you into something

else without saying a word. Makes you not want that

candy bar anymore if you think about it.

Usually about now you've come to the canned goods

aisles which is the best money saving department in

the grocery stores. I'm sure you've passed up

several good looking endcaps by now to even get to

the canned goods. You can usually keep walking past


Years ago the stores used to put products in the

endcaps that only were on sale. They stopped doing

that about 10 years ago when they figured out

people would still buy stuff that was there anyway.

It's kind of a trick I think that they use because

they can get away with it. Most shopper's

Always stop at the little stations set up thru out

the store for the samples. Even if you don't feel

like trying a sample right then you may get some of

your best coupons this way. Once there was a

representative from Ore-Ida in a store I was at

with samples. I told her that we buy that brand

every week at least 4 bags a week and she handed me

a stack of 20 $1.00 off any Ore-ida purchse! I was

in heaven! All the other's coming up and not even

speaking to her got one coupon each as I'm sure the

company expects her to give out. It just goes to

show you what taking an extra minute to talk to

someone in a friendly manner will do for you.

So unless you know an item is on sale or a special

price because you know the prices of everything

skip the endcap purchases. It's an old trick and

you should not fall for it. Sometimes thought they

will have a clearance bin on display and that

always should be given a good look over.

It's easy

to match up one of your coupons to an item that's

marked down another 50-75% and get it free or close

to it.

Pay some attention to where you look in the store.

The top shelf of all store merchandise is usually

held for the more gourmet or organic type items.

Advertiser's pay a little more to the store for

their products to be shown on the top shelves. They

feel and research has shown that your eye when you

are entering an aisle cruses briefly from the top

to the bottom. Meaning you will see their items

first so will think their's is the best brand.

That's usually not the case.

While most people's eye might glance at the top I

find it will skim over the top aisle and

concentrate it's focus more on the center 2 aisles.

This means the 2nd & 3rd shelf from the top is

where most of the population picks out their

products that they are going to purchase. This

adult's eye level view is regarded as the main

sweet spot for advertiser's.

They pay top dollar to have their products placed

on these 2 shelves. You won't find any big

discounted items there. It's for the products that

more people generally buy because they are brand

loyal. Consumer loyalty plays a big part in grocery

product placement. This is their target zone area

and getting your cash is the target they have in


They reserve these 2 shelves for their top selling

merchandise year round. They move stock from these

shelves frequently according to the season of the

year, the mindset of the customer. They are ready

to pull your eyes in with all the prettiest labels

on the products on these shelves. They are not

playing around here they are out for the big bucks

and they know 9 out of 10 consumers will pick up an

item from these shelves time in and time out again

and again.

The bottom shelf is considered with a child's

height in mind. They do strict measurements to make

sure that your child can indeed see and reach

easily items on the bottom shelf in every

nationwide supermarket. Did you think it's just a

coincidence that the shelf is exactly level with

your childs waist? Well it's not. They actually do

consumer tests and specific consumer surveys to get

kids in a store and see how tall they are, what

attracts them about a product, what they're looking

at and where their eyes dart to first, second and

third. They strategically place the shelf at the

correct level. Isn't that nice of them to ambush

you like that?

Of course you can outsmart them by leaving your

kids at home some of the time but I'm really a big

believer in taking your kids to the store myself. I

think everyone should take the kids to the grocery

store with them as often as possible. Let them help

you with the planning of the list, the making of

the menu, helping with the coupons and help in

deciding what to buy.

If you take your kids to the store and teach them

what you are really there for they'll act better

and they can be helpful. Many parents take their

kids to the store and they don't tell them anything

about what your'e doing there. Kids are curious

creatures; let them know when you buy something and

the reason why you are buying it. Tell them about

your purchases and ask their opinions they will be

loving every minute of it.

I don't know how many times in my life I've been to

a store and heard little kids acting crazy,

screaming, crying, kicking and just acting like

little morons. I really feel sorry for the kids

because it's really their parents fault. If you

will talk to your kids about what to expect at the

grocery they will act accordingly. No threats, no

promises. My kids are grown now but I always took

them to the store with me. I used to go and save

hundreds of dollars at the store all the time and

my child was always right there with me. All you

need to do is include them in the activities and

they will be happy about the overall store


My son always loved it when I would hand him a

coupon for a product on the same aisle and let him

go find the product. He loved doing that over and

over again. It doesn't take but an extra minute or

two to let your child have the thrill of finding a


Now that he's a grown guy my son actually enjoys

going to the grocery store and yes he does use

coupons and sale ads and a list like his mom taught

him to use. I included him all the meal preparation

and to this day he is an excellent shopper and a

well experienced cook to.

Don't promise your kids

things at the store it's just silly. Just let them

help you with the shopping and you will find you

will be fighting with them less and less at the

store. Someday they'll be doing it on their own so

let them have the pleasure of learning how to shop


Okay getting back to the point; the bottom shelf.

All the cheaper or less expensive items a store

carrys will be on the bottom shelves most of the

time. Store brands especially will be there. It's

always best to buy a store comparative brand unless

you can get a name brand product cheaper with your

coupons. There's no difference in the actual

product they both will be the same quality of

goodness. Save money whichever way you can.

Most of the bulk items purchased are also at the

lowest level. That's usually because they are heavy

is the only reason. Always use your calculator or

read the store tags to determine which is the best

value. You go by the net price. You buy the item

that is the net price cheapest unless you cannot

use the bulk amount up before it would expire. That

would be just throwing your money away. So if you

can use it don't lose it.

Paper goods and some bulk items can be stockpiled

always. I always try to keep toilet paper, paper

towels, dinner napkins and other household products

stockpiled. Your extra's sitting in your house

waiting for you to need them is like your own

personal bank store. It's there and you have enough

to use of it until it falls below that price again.

Try not to run out of things so that you will only

be buying things when they are on sale.

One thing I like to do is to make our own menu

book. I take a notebook and type all the meals we

eat into it. I usually allow a page for each meal.

That way I have extra space incase I want to write

a lot about this meal. I like to list under the

meal exactly the ingredients it takes for this

meal. You can just put the recipe card attached or

just write what the ingredients are in a list. Then

I try to estimate the total cost for each meal and

I put that on each page under the title.

That way, we all know just how much it costs for

what. If a week comes up and you're short on cash

more than usual and you have say a $50 budget for

food this week you go to your notebook and look up

your meals by the costs. Find the 7 meals that

would put you under $50 and bingo you have your

menu set. The next week if you're back up to your

regular say $100 a week or whatever you write your

menu the same way picking the meals you want.

It's like using a restaurant menu because you are

giving everyone the choices to decide what meals

they want to have when. If you have some meals in

your notebook that someone in the family does not

like I make a note on the same page with that and I

also will write what meal they have instead when we

have it. Even if it's peanut butter or cereal I

write that down.

Afterall, you want to be consistant with your

shopping that's how you save the big money. You

have a plan and you stick to it. It's an adjustable

plan being very flexible. You can change any meal

on your menu plan anytime you wish. If beef is on

sale this week and you decide you want a big beef

roast dinner just change the menu plan accordingly.

We make a monthly menu plan here all the time. It's

always hanging on the fridge for everyone to view.

No one has to wonder or guess what's for dinner

anymore. No more surprise to it. If a meal needs changed it's easy to swap it out with another day.

Do you think you will implement some of these tips into your next grocery shopping trip? If you'd like to add some of your own
special shopping tips in the comments I'd love to read them.

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List Of Foods I'll Never Eat So Will Not Be On This Blog

Filed Under: Picky Eater

List Of foods you'll never find a recipe for on

this blog:

That's because I'm stubborn, but I have no

intentions of ever trying these items.


(just creeps me out to see them)
3.Other Seafood, aka; scallops,oysters,

4.Pesto (looks like baby you know what)

5.Pea Soup (looks like reguritated food)

I know it's a little harse to say never but that's

the way it is. I just don't like the idea of

seafood at all I mean it's creepy to see a live

critter become dead just for you to eat. I just

can't think about it and honestly try any of it.

Sure I know where beef & pork come from but somehow

it doesn't bother me as much as seafood does.

I don't like looking at green creamy looking stuff.

It just reminds me too much of something terrible

and extremely slimy. I don't even like green jello.

I'll keep adding to this list as I go because as it turns out; I'm considered a "picky" eater. Who Knew? Yes I guess my mom did know that afterall.

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Cupcake Recipe: cake mix into 30 Diabetic snacks easily

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Today I was in a baking mood so I decided since I'm sick of buying expensive snacks all the time for myself I'd bake some goodies to use for snack time. I wanted to use up a cake mix I've had in the pantry for awhile so here's how I turned an 88cent box of cake mix into 30 diabetic friendly snacks for myself.

I didn't follow the directions on the box, I just made up my own and they turned out moist and tasting very good! The frosting is the best part too as it does taste super sweet and lemony flavored.

In the mixer bowl I put;

box chocolate cake mix

2 medium eggs

1/4 cup fresh orange juice

6 dried plums diced into tiny bits

1 tsp fresh orange zest

1 cup oats

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 cup nonfat dry yogurt (replaces oil & water)

2 eggs (instead of 3)

I mixed it well for about 4 minutes and poured them into paper muffin cups. I had set the muffin cups in my muffin "tops" muffin pans I've had for awhile. That way you make smaller whole cupcakes which I tend to like more for my snacks. Some of them I filled half full which makes a normal sized cupcake.

Bake at 350 degrees for about 28 minutes.
Let cool on wire rack.

For the frosting I did this;

but I only frosted the 1 I ate & put it in the fridge. I'll frost them 1 at a time as I eat them because they'll taste fresher that way.

Besides, I plan on eating some of them just plain too.

1/2 cup plain nonfat yogurt

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 tbsp orange zest

1 tsp fresh orange juice

2 tbsp splenda

1/4 cup unsweetened coconut

Stir it all together and put it in the fridge. It will be a little thin more like a glaze. It thickens up some in the fridge.

When you're ready to eat one just put 1 tbsp of frosting on one of your cupcakes and enjoy!

Do you think you'll try these? They are simply scrumptious!

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Results from Baked Omelet Breakfast Recipe or Experiment

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This morning I did have the baked omelette that I referenced yesterday. It turned out pretty good. I was pleased with it overall. Here though are the updates I will make the next time I make this dish.

Leave off the turkey bacon. It didn't crisp up at all and was actually more a white color like it wasn't cooked. I had to toss that I just can't eat bacon that looks as it's not cooked even though it is.

Next time I'd add 5 eggs instead of the 3 I used. It would be way better with a lot of more of the gooey egg goodness in it. Afterall, this is for 3 meals so that's not too bad.

The potato needs to go 6 minutes in the microwave instead of the 4 that I stated. Some of my bites (only the largers ones) were too raw potato texture for me.

Anyway, I hope you try the basked omelet it was easy and it is good.

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Diabetic Breakfast Egg Potato Bake Experiment Recipe

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I've been sitting here thinking about breakfast tomorrow. I am absolutely so sick of eating cereal every morning right now. I've decided I'm going to give a baked omelet a try again.

I've got all my ingredients in the fridge ready to go so in the morning it won't take me too long to assemble it and bake. Since I usually need to eat right away after getting up to think more clearly I wanted to cut my pre-cooking time as much as possible.

In the fridge I put my favorite nonstick skillet and I sprayed it with nonstick canola cooking spray. (love that stuff), because it basically doesn't add any calories as long as you don't go overboard with it.

Here's what I put in the pan already for my "pre cooking"

3 eckrich breakfast smoky links uncooked

2 slices turkey bacon uncooked

1 whole small potato peeled & microwaved for 4 minutes
and diced up in bite sized pieces

3 eggs read to break open in the morning

So in the morning all I need to do is crack open my eggs and mix them up with a fork while the oven is preheating to 350. Then I'll salt & pepper the potatoes and pour the eggs & 1/4 cup milk over everything. I'm going to let them bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes as I like to make sure mine is done all the way thru. I'm not a runny egg kind of gal.

I think this pan will equal 3 servings so I plan on having my portion with a slice of whole wheat dry toast and a 8oz glass of milk. Sounds great to me, what do you think? Would you try this recipe at your house?

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What's a headline RSS feed reader for?

Here's my take on RSS and the RSS Feed Readers (which I love myself)!

What is RSS?:

RSS is short for "Real Simple Sydication" and is a way for webmasters to

publish all their new information to whomever signs up for it.
A single item will typically include a headline or the full story, and a

link to the website. It's just the fastest way possible to get the

information you are looking for. Immediate updates to the websites or blogs

you choose. It's called a Feed.

The Benefits of Using RSS:

The true benefit to feed subscriptions is that it allows you to stay

informed. All your favorite websites will come to you instead of you having

to click all over the internet on each of their websites or blogs.
Most webmasters make it easy to sign up for their feeds, with easily

recognizable icons. The icons will say;

Subscribe to our RSS
Subscribe to our feed
Add to Google Reader
Add to My Yahoo Reader

RSS Feed Reader:

There are many RSS feed readers available across the internet and most are

free to download. You can choose which ever reader you'd like. I use Google

Reader myself and I love it. It's so easy and simple to use.

You can type into any search engine "free rss reader" to learn more or to
download one for yourself. You add whatever sites you want to it and you get

their newest content delivered to you the second it hits their website. And

of course you can unsubscribe to any feed you don't want anymore very easily



Do you believe in the love of Food being why you are heavy?

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Well well,today I stepped on the scales just because I wanted to see how

things were going. I was really disappointed. It showed 183lbs & a 1/2!


I'm up a pound from last week. How depressing is that? I know, I know, I

need to exercise more and I need to have more healthier snacks when I have

to have snacks.

I'm going to do better you just watch and see if I don't.

Tonight we're having a big dinner. Steak & Fries night! Yum, one of my many


I saw Bob Greene the other day talking about how he doesn't

believe any person is fat just because they love food. Meaning, there's

always a reason for eating behind the obesity.

While I totally love Bob Greene and his eating plan I have to wholeheartedly

disagree with this fact that he made. I guess he hasn't met me. I totally

love and enjoy eating food everyday. So I guess he hasn't met me is all if

he has never seen anyone with a hidden agenda. I have no hidden agenda!

I don't eat because I'm nervous or because I'm afraid of anything. I really

do just eat because I love to eat. I eat because I love the way food tastes!

So sorry bob I think there would be a lot

of people like me if you'd look around a bit more.

I can only hope that someone is finding this version of my diabetes problem

useful enough to help them in their own daily struggle. It's tough I know it

and you know it, and unless you are a diabetic you cannot possibly know it

like we do. I don't care how many diabetic cookbooks, treatments or recipe

boards you've read you don't know crap about it unless you are truly a type

2 diabetic.

Now, when Bob Greene becomes diabetic or Oprah I'll be a lot more interested

in believing what they have to say to everyone and as I've said before I

would not wish that upon anyone.

I'm just trying to teach everyone who does have it how to deal with it and

ways to prevent it from happening to you.

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Peanut Butter On Whole Wheat The Recipe For Insomnia

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Here it is midnight and I'm not even sleepy. It's my ending snack time of the evening and tonight I feel a little bit hungry on top of that so I decide to fix me a serving of a peanut butter sandwich.

I've had peanut butter as a snack quite often lately but usually just with a couple of crackers. This time I had my 2 tbsps. of peanut butter goodness on 2 slices of whole wheat bread with a 5 oz glass of 2% milk.

It's a tremendously good satisfying snack and really relaxes your soul. Now I do feel more like going to bed and falling fast asleep. Give it a try for yourself. I'm sure you won't be wide awake anymore, maybe it's like the turkey effect?

What do you have normally for your diabetic bedtime snack? I know we all need a little something then especially to keep our blood sugar level elevated thru the night.

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Dinner Recipe Roast Beef Sandwiches

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Tonight we had Roast Beef Sandwiches made at home. They were very good! We put deli roast beef slices on a bun with a slice of american cheese on a deli sub bun and wrapped it all in foil and put it in a hot 300 degree oven for about 10 minutes.

The cheese was ooey & gooey with all it's melty goodness on to the roast beef which was warm and tasty. The bun doesn't get hard this way and it makes for an excellent sandwich. We dip our sandwiches into sweet baby ray's bbq sauce.

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My meal at Gray Brother's Cafeteria was excellent

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Last night was our annual go out to eat at Gray Brother's Cafeteria! I love that place though it is quite a drive for us since it's in Mooresville and we are in Indianapolis. It only takes about a half an hour, it just seems like a longer drive when you're on the way there because you know you are about to eat some quality food.

we've been going there forever and it never disappoints us. The food is always top notch high quality and tasty. It's well prepared like good ole' home fashioned cooking should be.

The kids ate southern style deep fried chicken breast and slow cooked roast beef with mounds of mashed potatoes and gravy. I tried something new to me last night,finally I tried the fish!

I had their fresh basked with breading Tilipia! Let me say I was not disappointed with it either. It was moist and juicy and delicious. It was amazing deep golden brown and you couldn't tell it was not deep fried. The coating was good and crunchy the way I like it. It was an excellent large piece of fish.

It was actually a huge piece of meat. I barely could finish it I was so full. Kudo's to them for making the fish so great!
I was surprised at how mild the fish tasted. No fishy taste just pure enjoyment! I highly recommend it.

I also had an order of mashed potatoes with white gravy on them and good home cooked style green beans. Those were both excellent. No lumps in the potatoes and the green beans tasted of ham and slow cooked goodness.

Of course I had to have one of their homemade yeast rolls. That's one of the reasons you go to Gray Brother's in the first place!

Last night though even though I was full I topped off my meal with a slice of their Cherry Pie. Both my kids had gotten cherry pie so I took the chance and got their Sugar Free Cherry Pie. I remember their real cherry pie it's insanely sweet. The crust taste like purse sugar.

But, this slice of my pie was excellent! You have got to try it. It was perfectly cooked and had a lattice crust so it's not too heavy on you. It's good and sour like I like a cherry pie. It's really the best piece of any pie I have ever eaten! Seriously, the absolute best. You have got to get down there and try yourself a piece of it. You'll love every bite. It will leave you wanting more even though it's a good size portion.

Next time even though the fish was excellent I'm going to switch to something else because the serving is just way too big for me. I'm not able to share it because neither of my kids will even try a freakin' piece of fish. Such babies! So I'm getting some other entree just so they can take half of it because yes I know the portions are huge.

I felt pretty good as far as sugar wise with my meal since really only the potatoes and pie and roll had starches. Still too many but worth it!

Got to Gray's and eat heartily!

Have you ever eaten at Gray Brother's Cafeteria in Indiana?

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Can White (great northern) Beans be cooked in a Crockpot?

Filed Under:Crockpot Cooking Crock Pot Beans

I thought tonight I was going to be enjoying myself a good sized bowl of great northern (white) beans. But I was wrong! In fact, they never even made it to the table!

I started this measly cup of white beans yesterday at 10am in my mini crockpot that I'm so fond of. I checked them last night at dinner time when I thought I'd be eating them and they were still hard as a rock!

So,last night I put them back in the fridge and this morning at 11am I put them back on high this time (low the first day), & now here it is EIGHT Freakin hours later and they are still as hard as a brick! I was so disappointed!

So now I thought let me try google and I typed in crockpot beans and sure enough a few recipes came up not a lot like you usually get. Anyway, the crockpot lady (who I love) says she cooks hers in 8 hours and then freezes them but they must not be done then like she thinks they are. Or maybe could it be because I'm using a smaller crockpot?

I did make sure they had plenty of water over them every time I checked. The water looks terrible by now I dare say it looks a lot like pee. So much so that I'm not even go to try to keep cooking them. I figure even if I put them another kettle on the stove now they'd probably still taste bad after being in water that long. I mean two days of cooking. That's 10 hours on low and another 8 hours on high. I give up!!

I did find a few blogs that say you can't cook beans in the crockpot sucessfully and yes I should have investigated first I guess. But you know you get used to throwing stuff in them after awhile and you just expect the "magic" to happen.

Well in this case there is not going to be any magic. So I want to go on internet record as saying positively

You cannot cook beans in the crockpot!!

I've wasted 2 days on this pot of beans and I already have my cornbread made so I guess tomorrow I'll find something else to have with my great looking cornbread!

Since tonight I was kind of mad over this mess I just went ahead & had myself a nice tuna sandwich on whole wheat bread. Sure, it was pretty darn good and it was some comforting just not the heaping steaming soup beans I had expected.

Have you ever tried to cook beans in the crockpot before? Let me know how yours turned out,in the comments below. Thanks!

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New Healthy Diabetic Essence Chicken Recipe Delicious Dinner Menu

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We went to Sam's Club the other as I mentioned before & I had tried a bite of chicken there that was good. Well tonight I made it for myself & it was great!

This meal was completely healthy for me being
diabetic & I hope you will try it.

Here's The Chicken Essence Recipe

Olive Oil
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast

Essence Spice

Kosher Salt

1 Potato

Wash & peel your 1 potato. Wrap it in a paper towel & microwave it 4 minutes. I used a medium sized potato for this meal.
After the 4 minutes take & run a knife down thru it just to make some large long strips. Put all the potato strips in a small bowl of salted water until later.

When you're ready to cook drain your potatoes & pate the excess oil off them. Then sprinkle lightly with salt & pepper. Lay them in the hot skillet with your chicken piece to brown them a little bit and to let them finish cooking.

Then in your skillet put;

2 tbsp olive oil in a hot oven safe skillet. Sprinkle your essence spice all over both sides of your chicken & add them to the hot skillet with your potatoes. Once both sides of your chicken have browned put the entire pan into a 450 degree oven for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes turn over the chicken & stir up the potatoes once & turn the oven down to 350. Let them continue to bake for another 15 minutes.

The chicken came out very juicy & really well spiced. The seasoning tasted great on it. The potatoes are super tender like falling apart & they pick up part of the spices that were in the pan from browning the chicken. Very very good if I do say so mycelf & I am. ha

Try this at home tonight I think you'll love it too. Let me know in the comments if you try it & like it or you don't.

Served with green beans & cherry sugar free jello & sugar free cool whip & an orange.

My son actually liked this too both the chicken & the potatoes so much he said that next time he eats fried chicken he might make him a piece of my way chicken too. Surprising, you bet because you usually doesn't like anything different.

Food Recipes Diabetes for daily diabetic news & information,blood glucose tips.

Weekly Dinner Menu Printable Diabetic Menu Planning List

Filed Under: Progressive Weekly Menu Plan Dinners

I'm starting this new posting as of today I am going to list my weekly new menu plan that we will be eating for the week ahead.
I will just add each new week's menu on to this same post. So each week you can share our new dinner meal menu or you'll be able to look over the entire list at once since they will all be gathered on the same page.

This is my new "progressive" meal plan lists. I hope you enjoy it.

Please let me know your opinion or ideas in the comments sections.

Weekly Menu Plan For Our Household

Feel free to copy & paste or change & make your own weekly meny plan.


really does save money all around when you use one. For us I list everybody
e'se's meals & then mine.

I'm diabetic so try to eat healthier everyday.

I'm not a big vegetable fan but you can always add a salad to any meal or another favorite vegetable.

I'm also not a big fan of fixing myself something completely different every night.

So, I try to have the same meal they are eating only a little better for me.

This week it seems we're having a lot of breakfast for dinner which I like.

I'm so glad my son takes the time to make the menu up for us every week so we never have to hear the dreaded

"What's for Dinner sentence again"!

Tuesday Jan.6th 2009

Chicken Sandwiches & Seeded Buns

Waffle Fries

Mine: Grilled Chicken Breast

Grilled Sliced Potatoes (microwave 3 minutes first)

Green Beans

Sugar Free Jello & Sugar Free Cool Whip

1/2 Large Orange

Wednesday Jan.7th

Sausage Gravy



Mine: 1/2 cup Sausage Gravy

1 hash brown

1 whole wheat toast

Unsweetened Applesauce

Thursday Jan.8th

Pizza Delivery Night

Large Sausage Pepperoni Pizza

Garlic Breads

Mine: 2 slices pizza

16 muncho potato chips

Apple Slices

Friday Jan.9th

Bacon Sandwiches

Bread & Miracle Whip

Scrambled Eggs

Mine: 2 egg omelette with 3 slices turkey bacon & 1/2 slice cheese
2 slices whole wheat toast

1 Medium Sized Orange Sliced & 6 Cashews

Saturday Jan.10th

Sausage Sandwiches 1lb (12 patties)


Mine: 3 Eckrich Smoky Breakfast Links

2 whole wheat toast

1 Orange

1 Boiled Egg

Sunday Jan.11th


Mine: 2 whole wheat tacos

bit of onion

tiny bit of cheese

1/2 the meat

Green Beans

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Diabetic Dinner Spaghetti & Meat Sauce is cost effective

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Tonight was another tried & true recipe for keeping my sugar incheck. Here's what I had on my menu.

Spaghetti 2oz

2oz of ground beef

1/2 cup ragu sauce

1/2 cup green beans

homemade whole wheat garlic toast

1 orange

It was a great meal & I felt really stuffed even though all the
portion sizes were small I though.

Food Recipes Diabetes for daily diabetic news & information,blood glucose tips.


Great 41 Tried & True Ways To Save On Your Household Budget & Grocery Bill

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How To Save Money At The Grocery Store Tips

How to save money on your grocery & household budget all the time
Cutting your food budget is always a hard thing to do. No matter what your
budget allows for groceries it seems with prces rising as they are it's
never enough. Here's some tips to help you save some money on your grocery
bill without suffering in the process.

1.Buy Store Brand No-Stick Cooking Sprays
These spray cans of cooking oils have turned out to be a great economical
convenience for me & my family. At first we started using them because they
were easy but I've noticed now we buy a ton less of cooking oils by using
these too. Buy canola oil, vegetable oil,olive oil and butter flavored oil.
Take the tops off them & toss those because they are way too hard to get off
when you're trying to cook. Put them near your stove out in plain view so
you will reach for them all the time. You can use these just about anywhere
you use the actual cooking oils. you'll save money & calories! Even though
I'm a huge coupon user/fan I say store brand on this product because even
with a coupon doubled you have to pay way too much for the name brand ones.
I've tried them all & you can't tell the difference in the store brand ones.

2.Cut back on All Pepsi,Coke & Other Soda Pop Intake For Everyone
Yes, I know we just have to have it here too. I'm a big pepsi fan myself.
But at $8.50 a case it's just gotten out of hand. That's ridiculous to pay
for.Have everyone in the house figure out just how much soda pop is being
consumed at your house and agree to cut it in half if possible. Have
everyone start drinking more bottled water since it's better for you anyway.
Try making some 2 quart pitchers of Kool-aid again. That's right Kool-aid,
use 1/4 cup less sugar than called for in the recipe as it makes it taste
better & will not be so sweet making it a little healthier for you.

3.Start double cooking the quantity of your meals & eating 2nds; Don't
freeze them
Cook some meals in double size portions & make everyone actually
have leftovers the next day. It can either be the same meal eaten again or
be creative & turn the leftovers into a totally different meal the 2nd time
around. My family won't eat anything leftover from the freezer so I can't
recommend stocking up the freezer with precooked meals. I say cook the
double batch & eat it twice that same week. Don't bother to go to all the
trouble of freezing it.

4.Drink Ice Cold Tap Water At The Dinner Table
This is a great new resolution to start. Water is so much healthier for us
than anything else. It also helps fill you up when you think you're hungry.
Everyone in the family can be better served by boosting their water intake a

little. Hey, you might actually like it. You're paying for your tap water so
you should be drinking it.

5.Fix Up Some Premade Food Snacks For Hungry Times
Grab soze ziploc snack size bags or baggies & grab all the snacks in the
house down from the cabinets & the pantry. Look on the nutrition labels of
each one & put single serving sizes of them into each baggie. Put them in a
huge basket & leave them there. Anyone running out can grab one to eat on
their way to somewhere without stopping at a fast food drive thru.
People at home will definitely grab one of the snack bags whenever they want
a snack. I guarantee you the snack baggies are smaller amounts of anything
your family's been eating. There's a huge difference in grabbing a new bag
of chips & finishing off half the bag & eating a correct serving of say 10
Chips. It's enough to cure their hunger pains or their cravings and you'll
save a lot of money in the long run. Don't overstuff any of the baggies. Put
exactly one serving size in each one. If you have tiny children at home you
can make up special ones for them with probably half of a serving.

6.Make your 100% Juices go further. Take your big bottle of juice & pour
2 cups into a 2qt pitcher. Fill the rest up with water. Over ice this will
be a nice refreshing drink. It will be lightly flavored of the juice & will
be much healthier. Since you'll mainly be drinking water you'll save a ton
of money everytime you do this. No one needs to chug down straight shots of
expensive juice all the time.

7.Go out to your laundry room & get out all the dryer sheet boxes you have.
Take them to your kitchen & using your kitchen shears, cut by the stacks
full all of them in half. Dryer loads come out just as good with a half of a
static sheet rather than a whole one. They charge way too much money for
those. I only buy the store brand unscented ones for us which will save you
about $50 a year.

8.Buy some flat textured surface hand towels to use as table napkins. Start
setting everyone's place setting with a folded cloth napkin. You'll save a
ton of money by not buying as many paper napkins. Since they cost about
$4.00 for 100 of them & the average person eating a meal uses at least 3
figure that out. Your saving big bucks.

9.Stop buying Hostess & other cupcake products. They are way overpriced &
they are not even a bit good for you. Make some cupcakes of your own every
week & have them out in the cake taker for everyone to snack on or for
dessert. Leave them plain or dust them with powdered sugar or cool whip. If
you really want the twinkie or cupcake taste squire some cool whip inside of
your finished cake from the bottom & then frost with frosting. The box of
cake mix can be bought for sometimes 88cents & it makes 24 cupcakes. The
Hostess ones are about $4.50 a box or more & you only get 8 of them! As long
as you make cupcakes once every couple of weeks no one will miss the Hostess

10.Stop eating out! Make eating out a once a month enjoyment. That's right
once a month. If you write down how much your family is spending on eating
out you might have a heart attack reading the numbers.

11.Pack a lunch or a good healthy snack if you must have lunch. Or skip
lunch altogether & just have a healthy snack everyday at lunchtime.

12.For Spaghetti meals that use 1lb of ground beef cut it down to 1/2 lb but
chop the meat finer. No one will miss the other 1/2 lb of meat.

13.Make your own garlic bread, garlic toast. It's super simple & much
cheaper. Fix up a whole loaf at a time & freeze them. Look at that, the next
time you use just 6 slices of those you saved about $5.00

14.Make your own french fries. When you buy a bag of french fries did you
know that in that bag is actually 1 or 2 potatoes? That's right you just
paid $3.79 for 2 potatoes. Buy a whole bag of potatoes for $5.00 & fix 2 of
them yourself into fries or baked fries.

15.Get all your fruits & vegetables at your local farmer's market. You'll
save lots of cash & they will be fresher.

16.Every 2 or 3 days check your fridge for possible leftovers that are in
there covered in foil. Add them to the next meal in some way.

17.Start keeping Jell-0 in the fridge. Make up a couple of boxes at one time
& put them into individual serving size dishes. Everyone loves jell-o & it's
cheap. Add fruit if you'd like or dress it up with cool whip topping. People
are basically lazy. But if they open the fridge & spot something already in

a dish just for them, they'll eat it.

18.Make your own cool whip topping. Look up a recipe but all it is is
whipped cream. Buy cans of evaporated skim milk & put them in the fridge to
use just for making your own cool whip.

19.Start making pudding for desserts. It's very economical & everyone will
love it. Do it like the jell-o, put it in individual 1/2 cup dishes. You can
make your own even cheaper than buying the boxed type.

20.If you smoke quit. Figure out how much money you spend on smoking
everyday, be honest here. Take that amount of money & put it in your pocket,
just a day's worth. Now everyday when you want a cigarette pull that money
out of your pocket & leave it in front of you for the rest of the day.
Everytime you get the urge to smoke pull it back out of your pocket as

21.Plan your meals around your weekly sale ad using a list & a menu. Also
match up your coupons to all items that you can. Use your store shopping
card. Go online & add your card to their site usually it will preload
coupons onto it too.

23.Use your head & concentrate on saving money like you really need to in order to suvive. That's how you'll find the best deals.

24.Buy only generic prescription drugs. Use a pharmacy coupon. Most
pharmacies now will let you use a competitor's coupon which is great. I have
over $200 of free gift cards right now just by using a competitor's coupon
everytime I fill a prescription. I plan on using the free money for buying
grocery items that they have in their stores which is quite a few things.

25.Look over your pantry stockpile often to use up things that have been
sitting out there awhile. It's not a savings if you buy it but don't ever
use it. It's just a waste of money if you let it expire.

26.Make up some homemade trail mixes with all your pantry goodies. Use those
extra bits of cereals no one is eating & mix & match. You can find many
recipes for these mixes online. Fix them up & make the little snack bags
with them.

27.Only buy your loaves of bread at the bread thrift stores. We have a
hostess one in our area but there are many other's. Freeze the bread so you
always have it on hand.

28.Pull out your bread machine again & start using it. Remember you can make
your own pizza crusts,dinner rolls,bagels,huge soft pretzels,french
bread,italian bread,cinnambon buns,doughnuts,buns.... with it. Use it to
save at least $20 every week on your baked goods.
It's amazing what a bit of flour can make.

29.Stop buying pre made pie crusts, biscuits. Make your own.

30.Buy the milk that's on sale each week. By that I mean pay attention. If
the half gallon jugs are on sale one week don't buy the gallon sized ones. I
see many people at the grocery store just grab some milk not even noticing
they just paid $5 for a gallon when they could have bought 2 half gallons
for $2.50 total! That's one of my pet peeves,sorry. We use about 6-7 gallons
a week so I do pay attention closely to which milk we buy.

31.Pull out your spices often. Use some that you don't use all the time
every once in awhile to change a dish up just a bit.

32.Buy Kosher salt in the big box instead of the table salt in the little
cartons. Sure kosher salt is about $6 but it will equal about 14 of those
little round blue containers that are now up to $1 each.

33.Still buying tv guide everyweek out of habit? Find out if anyone is still
actually using it at your house. If they are search online for free tv
guide. Usually all the time you can find a free 1 yr. subscription for it
somewhere. Fill it out & once you start getting it stop buying it.

34.Still buying Woman's Day & Family Circle every month at the checkout?
Stop buying it. You can read both of them & hundreds of complete magazines
online for free. Save that money for more food items.

35.Buy eggs in the 2&1/2 dozen medium sized cartons instead of the 2 large
egg cartons every week. It's much more economical & they last an entire
month or more. You don't need to buy eggs every week.

36.Join Sam's Club & buy some of your goods there. Sure, not everything is
cheaper but quite a few things are. We always buy our Kraft Parmesan cheese
there in the huge bottle instead of those expensive little green cans at the
market. Fruits are much fresher there too than our local Kroger. Take your
calculator with you & do the unit price math on some of the items to
determine the best price. If you can get it cheaper elsewhere, don't buy it.
This especially true of pepsi & coke products at Sam's---Don't buy them.

37.If your family uses the little paper cups in the bathroom everyday buy
them at Sam's Club instead. You get 600 of them for about $6 instead of
paying $3.50 for 80 of them at the grocery store. big Savings. Now tell
everyone they are limited to 1 tiny cup in the bathroom per day. I know it
sounds mean but seriously my son can go thru 8 of them in a day himself!
Have them turn theirs upside down & place it over their standing toothbrush.It's right there in their site & no confusion about whose it is.

38.It's actually cheaper to buy canned green beans at the store than fresh.
I know odd but true. If you cook up a few cans at at ime in your crockpot
with a couple of chicken boullion cubes they will taste more like fresh
greenbeans. I keep a crockpot of them all the time in the fridge.

39.Contact your local food coop for coupons. Most of them every month have a
new coupon book which will save you a ton of money.

40.Call your Chamber of Commerce to see if there are any incentive programs
available for shopping at local businesses. In my town, anybody who works

for a local business can get a Chamber Discount Card, giving them deals when
they shop locally.

41.Having a garden and putting items in the freezer & canning them when it is in season also helps. I don't do either of those personally but I know many people who swear by it.
keep prices down.
Most local co-ops will let you pre-order large quantities of bulk bin items

at wholesale prices from them so ask about this options.

Well that's all I could think of at the moment. If you think of some more please add them into the comments & I'll be happy to add them to this list.

I hope from all these tips you walk away with a little more knowledge about ways you can save money everyday on groceries. Every little bit counts because it all adds up.
More ways to save money on food products
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Diabetic Diet Plans Where Do I Start? Help for Diabetes Patients

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What to do when your diabetic to get started with your new diabetic diet plan

You definitely should not drink if you're a

diabetic. Alcohol and diabetes don't mix, not even
just a little bit. No wine coolers, no beer, no
hard stuff for sure.


should try to get the best diabetes nutrition you

can everyday. This will prevent further diabetes

complications in your diabetic life. Diabetic

statistics show there are many different types of

diabetes around and understanding it can help the


It's so important that a diabetic controls their

diet every day not just occasionally. While there

is no cure for diabetes there is always hope. So

hope everyday that you can be strong and eat

nutritious meals as you should to help control your

diabetes. There's type two & type 1 diabetics. You

need to go to the American Diabetic Association

official website here:ADA
to read more information on

the subject.

A well informed diabetic patient that

follows a healthy nutritious lifestyle plan will

feel better than a diabetic who eats whatever they

want and does whatever they want.

So if you are diabetic & you drink alcohol stop now! Start controlling your blood sugars. Start controlling your meals and live a healthier life.

Diabetes management is the key to feeling better and being stronger. Even children can have diabetes it's not just for senior citizens.

Follow your signs & symptoms to their website and find out all you can about it and put yourself in the driver's seat now! Search for diabetic recipes, healthy recipes, low carb recipes and sugar free recipes to find what you are needing to eat everyday on your new plan. You can even find a lot of recipes by typing in low sugar recipes.

Find them, cook them and enjoy them. Prepare your snacks well in advance so you can be prepared when you need to be. You can't count on yourself to be perfect anymore. Your life has changed and you are going to have to make changes along with it in order to survive. It's a tough fight everyday but you can do it.

If you have any diabetic questions you would like to have answered ask below in the comments.

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My Top 25 Daily Care Reference Tips For Diabetics In 2009

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My Top 25 2009 Quick Reference Tips

Diabetics Daily Care

from a fellow diabetic

1.Try to stay calm, being upset spikes your


2.Test your blood sugar when you are supposed


3.Wear cotton or diabetic socks & laclotion on your


4.Walking a little bit each day is good for you, at

least 10 minutes up to 30 minutes per day.

5.try to eat well balanced meals each day.

6.Have your eyes checked annually.

7.Check your feet for infections every day.

8.Have your hba1c number tested every 3months.

9.Look for new diabetic recipes and meals to


10.Never skip a meal,always have something around

12-15 carbs will help most without spiking your

blood sugar way up.

11.Make sure you refill prescriptions,lancets &

testing strips regularly.

12.Drink 8 glasses 8ounces each of water every day.

At least this counts the water you use for taking

your medications too.

13.Buy shoes one size larger than you need & wide

width to accomodate swelling. Don't buy shoes in

the morning. Wear only comfortable low heel


No open toes or open backs.No heels.

14.See your diabetes doctor twice a year.

15.Have a flu shot every year.

16.Always eat at the same time each day if


17.Fix yourself a special diabetic dessert as a


18.Make up ziploc bags of healthy snacks you can

have whenever you need them.

19.Try to keep your blood sugar level between 90

and 140 to feel better.

20.Take your medicine regularly. that's to achieve

normal glucose levels.
21.Always always have a snack with you at all times

no matter where you are or what you're doing.

22.Let people you are with know that you are

diabetic incase of an emergency.

23.Relax somehow each day either by resting or

using a massage chair to relieve stress.

24.Eat a healthy snack every 2&1/2 to 3 hours as

needed to maintain your blood sugar levels.

25.Make it a habit to use nonstick cooking spray

every day for everything, it adds no calories.

Barb Gary

Diabetic Care Tips from a fellow type 2 diabetic.

Free printable content article you can put on your
blog or website.

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Diabetic Snack List, A Link to help with blood sugar & snacking ideas

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Great reference list for diabetic snack ideas

Here's a great aricle I found. It's a list showing
some of the snacks we diabetics can eat that are
healthier and a little less lower in fat.

We know

we have to have a snack every 2-3 hours all day

everyday which over the 24 hour period boils down to a heck of a lot of snacks.

Print their list off for yourself and add

to it some other favorite snacks and post it on

your fridge for snack ideas.

I don't know about you

but I personally have trouble remembering what

snacks I should have; so this can be an easy reference for us all.

List of foods 12-15 carbs each snack:

Snacks: Healthy Necessity in a

Diabetic Diet

Let me know what you think of this reference list.

I just weighed in again for this week & I'm up 1lb. again!
I'm going to have to do better with my snacks & cut out some
more food at dinnertime I guess. I have started walking more, I guess just not soon enough!

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