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Just how bad is butter for us diabetics?

Yesterday I was watching a new food network show "My Life On Food" and
a nutrition expert was talking about how bad butter is for us in our
everyday diet. She made an excellent comparison which is now going to
help me everytime I use butter to use less or switch to something else.

She said to think of your body's artiries as a garden hose. Now imagine
trying to shove a stick of butter down the inside of the garden hose.
Sounds very hard to do doesn't it? I wouldn't want to try it anyway as
it sounds kind of messy at least.

She suggested noticing how easily olive oil would go down thru the
garden hose. She's right,of course it would be easier to pour olive oil down

a hose instead.

Now that's I've seen this I'm going to stop using butter wherever
I can. I do like olive oil as long as it's not the extra virgin type.
We've decided we don't like the strong aftertaste you get from a extra

virgin olive oil. Swap it out all the time and you will lose many
pounds over the next year just by making that simple substitution.

Are you game to try it with me? Let me know in the comments if you will
try to swap olive oil for butter this year?

By the way, the mom she was speaking to had smeared literally gobs of butter

onto chicken breasts and baked them. She used way more butter than was

needed and it actually looked kind of gross before she cooked them. I don't

use butter in that way anyway so that's an easy fix for me.

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Hectic Days Wear You Out When Your'e Diabetic

Filed Under: Hectic Days

Today was one of those long days that just starts out bad. You wake up and you don't feel well, you eat and take your medincines and try to take a little nap. Yeah, that's not going to happen because one of your kids is sick again. So you have to get all the running around done needed for that and the other things you needed to do so it turns out to be a really hectic long day in the end.

It's just not right to have to sit at our doctor's office for almost 3 hours to see the doctor. He's always been that way I just don't get it. I don't know what happens to his time everyday that causes hime to get so far behind every single time. It's like a matter of clockwork how much he'll be late this time.

While I know I should appreciate the rest you should get from doing nothing all day sitting around there it just doesn't work that way for me. It never has.

For one thing, it just totally wears me out just sitting there and trying to be quiet. I'm a move around kind of gal. I hate sitting in one spot for hours. It was bad enough that they play the annoying music that goes all over the office and you can hear it in the waiting rooms. They also have a tv set in there which is only glued to channel 13 which around here is "Ellen" is about all you get and some freaking soaps which I hate.

At least there weren't any screaming crying kids in there this time like there were last time so that was a plus. Hey a plus, I'd forgotten about that. Must be the diabetes working on my non sufficient brain cells again. I did take my snacks with me since I know from past experiences I was in for the long haul.

Anyway, there was this very large fat guy sitting there snoring away like crazy for hours; the likes of you've never heard before. Yeah, that was basically our entertainment package all wrapped up a guy snoring like a stuffed pig still alive about to be roasted. Uhh, that was an unpleasant picture more than I thought, sorry.

We were not the only ones sitting in there complaining the room stayed full all day long and everyone was complaining about how slow he is. Anyway, we finally left there after about 3 hours to head to the local Walmart to grab a few groceries,mainly milk and to get my son's medicine he'd prescribed.

Well, my son stood up at the counter in a small line for about 20 minutes and no one had even been waited on at all. So, we just left the pharmacy and grabbed what groceries we needed and left.
Oh, yeah we'd put the truck in their garage to get the oil changed and do look at the brakes only to find out they don't do brakes there! So that was a waste but at least the oil got changed.

So off we went. We stopped in a little bakery shop here in Indy called Long's Bakery because my sick son really wanted a blueberry doughnut. So I got me a couple of the plain cake doughnuts to have for a snack time 2 seperate times later. Which by the way I had one already and it was delicious.

Then we had to go to CVS which took over 30 minutes just to get 1 prescription filled. Then we finally headed home. It was a long tough day. I know it seems I didn't really do anything but I'm totally exhausted. You'd think I'd been working all day. Now I'm so tired I'm leaving all the household stuff until tomorrow morning so that's no good, but at least I can catch up the laundry and dishes then.

They just had different stuff for dinner easy fixings type of stuff they wanted. I warmed me up some leftover sauerkraut and smoked sausage and ate one of my plain cake doughnuts. All in all a good meal. Oh yeah I did add an orange to my meal too so it rounded out all right since the doughnut was my only bread item and no potatoes or anything like that.

Is everyone else this tired when they have to sit at the doctor's office? I swear I'd rather work a day than do that again soon.

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Easy Menu's This Week Have Healped A Lot

Filed Under: Menu Planning

This week has really been an easy cooking week for us around here. We haven't had any meals deep fried which is such a huge change for us.

Today we just a simple hot dog meal which was very good and easy to prepare. Here's what I had for my diabetic meal plan.

Hebrew National Hot Dog

1 whole wheat bun

8 muncho chips (1/2 serving)

2"square of homemade oatmeal bar

1/2 cup fruit cocktail (added 1/2 banana)

Diet Pepsi

I was pretty satisfied with this meal. I still haven't got over my craving for having 2 hot dogs but I'm working on it. It's been a long time thing so I don't expect to get over it in a month. That would be too easy.

Hebrew National hot dogs are our favorites, they are juicy on the inside is why we like them. Give them a try, they only have 150 calories and only 1 gram of carb so they're pretty lean.

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Low Sugar Mornings Can Scare You When You Are Diabetic Type 2

Filed Under:Low Sugar Scare

Let me just say I am finally now feeling back to normal after a horrible scare for myself this morning. It's not 1:30 in the afernoon & it's taken me all day long to start feeling better!

I didn't hear or shut off my alarm clock or something so I didn't get up on time. When I woke up at 8:30 I felt like I didn't know anything! Only a fellow diabetic can know what I am talking about. It's a totally scared to death feeling. I was hot, flustered and didn't know much of anything. I had went to bed & not woke up for a snack or anything!

I felt like I was in the fight of my life trying to figure out what to do or not to do. I fixed myself a cup of cereal & started gobbling it down only to find it didn't help at all.

I ate a couple of crackers & a pice of dry toast and still felt pretty bad. I sat down and did nothing for quite awhile trying to regain some composure. After another bit I drank 4oz of orange juice & I thought I started feeling better. By then it was my regular snack time so I went ahead & ate 1/2 so I'd stay on top and hopefully not go over on the carb count.

It finally occured to me about noon to take my damn test number! I don't know why I didn't even realize before that I needed to do that to fix the problem. Has this happened to you? I'd love to see some pointers to keep this from happening again if possible.

My number by then was 129 so I felt pretty good about it. I sat around a few more minutes & then went to take my shower. I've wasted an entire morning just because my number was so low!!

Tonight I think I'll go back to setting the alarm to 5:30 and come downstairs & eat breakfast & then if I want to take a nap I will. I don't want any of this scary diabetic stuff ever again!

Is this what you guys do to help you thru? Let me know in the comments or please use the contact us form. Thanks!


Diabetic Pork Chop Dinner Menu Recipe Tasty & Good

Filed Under: Pork Chop Dinner Menu

Tonight's dinner was very good you should try it.

Pork Chop Meal

4oz pork chop trimmed salt & pepper saute'd in bit of olive oil
small baked potato & 1 tsp margarine
1/4 cup corn
small orange

The chop was thick so it turned out to be very juicy. I really liked it and felt satisfied but not overly stuffed so that was good.

I was surprised that I was full enough since I didn't eat any bread at all like I formerly did. I guess old habits die even if they do take over a year.

At least pork is a pretty lean healthy meat now if you cook it properly. Now my kids meal was a lot different here's what they had:
pork chop double dipped breaded & deep fried
curly fries

So when you look at theirs and then look at mine it looks a lot better doesn't it? Sometimes it's hard eating healthier stuff when they eat the bad goodies right in front of you but I'm learning to do better. Yeah they won't budge an inch even though they see what mom is going thru. I've been giving them the it's going to happen to you lecture but they are not listening. Does your household have this problem with a diabetic menu in your family?

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Eating all my prebaked diabetic friendly goodies this week

Filed Under: Oatmeal Bars

I must say I know I already was patting myself on the back for the time I spent making up diabetic snacks yesterday in advance but today after tasting some of them I'm really double patting myself on the back!

The oatmeal bars are fantastic! The bisquick biscuits I spoke of don't taste as good as I wanted them to. They have mor4 of a cake softness & texture to them. But they are still ok. Those bars though I did do one more thing to them after I was done. I spread sugar free apricot jam all over the top of them after they had cooled down quite a bit. I think that little gem made all the difference as they are sweet with a little sour tang to them. I really like them.

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An hour in the kitchen can reap big diabetic healthy snack rewards for you

Filed Under: Baking

It's amazing how much a person can get done as far as baking or working in general in the kitchen if you set your mind to it.

Last night I did 2 things before bedtime; I made up the mix for a batch of bisquick biscuits and put the dough in the fridge. I also made up a waffle batter using bisquick's healthy choice waffle directions and put that in the fridge.

So this morning after breakfast I decided to vote 1 hour to doing some healthy baking items for myself. Yeah these are only for me because my family won't try anything that sounds or looks healthy.

I preheated my oven to 350 degrees & my waffle iron. I sprayed a biscuit pan and the waffle iron it's electric & makes 2 at a time.
So I used an ice cream sccop to plop my biscuits onto the pan, it made 6 big ones no matter what the box says about making 9!

I put them in the oven and started doing my waffles 2 at a time using that same ice cream scoop for my ladle tool.

I put a pan on the stove on medium high heat & threw in 3 cups 2% milk & a large box of sugar free jello brand pudding mix. Chocolate of course, my favorite to come to a boil. Which it did so I had stirred it up and turned off the stove. I went back to my waffles & kept cranking them out 2 at a time with no problem

I hate some time to kill and a couple of banana's on their last leg so I peeled & mashed them up with a fork, threw in 2 cups of oats, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 1 tsp baking soda, 1 cup whole wheat flour,1/4 cup raisins and 1/4 cup coconut and melted a stick of margarine. Stirred them all up and threw them in a glass 13x9 baking sheet that I used to microwave the margarine in in the oven. I did also spray this pan as I'm a big hater of stuff sticking on me it really pisses me off bigtime when I let that happen.

So everything went well and I did all that in only 1 hour of total time in the kitchen for today! Can you believe that? Do you get into baking moods like that and fix yourself some healthier diabetic snacks to have on hand? Let me know.

Total Items Made Today:

banana bars

chocolate pudding



Not bad for a day's (hour) work huh? OOh, I almost forgot something important I noticed this morning. You know how bisquick biscuits are usually all lumpty and bumpy and funny looking? These didn't do that, instead they spread out on the sheet and made large sort of thin biscuits instead. I guess because of the overnight sitting. But, I like them and they don't look all retarded.

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Chicken Parmesan can be made healthier better & still delicious for diabetics

Filed Under: Chicken Parmesan for diabetics

Tonight I fixed one of my family's favorite dinners again. Well, actually it is their #1 favorite meal. Chicken Parmesan has been their favorite for awhile but since I can't eat their totally saturated fat version I'm not too crazy about it myself. But it can be made to fit in more closely with our diabetic diet plan with just a few minor tweaks.

We know as type 2 diabetics we learn to adjust our menus for ourselves. It's just what we feel we need to do to feel better so we do it. Sure, we complain about it a lot but we're doing it that's all that counts. My version for myself is still pretty darn tasty if you want to give it a try. Let me know if you like it.

Diabetic Management can be accomplished with this meal:

Diabetic Menu Version Chicken Parmesan Recipe

4oz chicken breast skinless flattened

dipped in skim milk & dredged in seasoned breadcrumbs

fry each side in 1 tbsp olive oil till golden on both sides

put in a nonstick oven dish sprayed with olive oil spray

sprinkle liberally with parmesan cheese & garlic powder

sprinkle mozzerella cheese all over the top using as little as possible to barely cover the whole surface probably 1/4 cup or so is all you need.

Bake at 350 for 30 minutes. I don't add sauce to mine at all because I love for chicken to be crunchy and the mozzerella cheese to be golden brown and crusty around the edges. But you can put some sauce on yours while baking if you'd like.

Serve with 1 serving size of spaghetti & a slice of whole wheat toast and it's delicious and crispy good with all the flavors that everyone else is having. I do put my 1/2 cup of sauce on my spaghetti but I keep them seperate on the plate. Very good!
For your diabetic dessert you can have either sugar free pudding or an orange both are very satisfying.

I like flattening my piece because it makes you feel like you are really eating a whole plate of food, because you are. When you use your meat pounder and really flatten it to a paper thin feel you are making it look 5x larger than normal.

Let me know when you make this diabetes recipe if you enjoyed it in the comments. We all know how hard it is to always adjust your meals to what a diabetic can eat.

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Weekly Menu Dinner Plan 2009 Progressive List,

Filed Under: Weekly Menus

Weekly Menu Dinner Plan 2009 Progressive List is here. Sorry I keep forgetting to post it!


My weekly menu plan for 2/16/09

Monday smoked sausage,fries,fruit jello sugar free

Tuesday Chicken Parmsean light,baked potato,apple

Wednesday Frozen Pizza's,muncho's chips

Thursday Hamburger grilled onions,wheat bun,baked cheetos,orange

Friday Grilled Cheese Sandwiches & Tomato Soup,sugar free jello

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What Would Your Last Meal Have On it's Menu?

Filed Under: Last Meal Menu

I love the show Top Chef this week was no exception it was great as usual. The topic really got me thinking all weekend. It was their "last meal". I'm talking what would they eat exactly if it was their very last meal on earth ever?

Now, I know some ideas will pop right into your head but then if you think more about it, I bet you'll come up with way too many menu items to consider it to be a meal! Right? It's not as easy as it sounds is it?

What would your last meal on earth have in it's menu? Let me know in the comments please. Hey and don't forget even though we are diabetics this is your very last meal on earth! So there's no consequences, illness or any side effects to worry about. Just what you would want more than anything else at the moment to end your time on earth.

Lots of possiblilities. I think I've narrowed mine down to this finally!

My last meal on earth:

charbroiled ribeye steak with salt & grilled onion bits

1/2 baked potato/1/2 order of salty fries
garlic toast
pecan pie
piece of chocolate fudge

Notice no freaking vegetables, salad or other such healthy stuff? ha ha

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Save On Foods and Groceries,using your Kroger Loyalty Card to get coupons

Filed Under: Free Coupons

Save On Foods and Groceries,using your Kroger Loyalty Card to get coupons

Our Kroger stores are doing great with whatever software they are using to

send related coupons on the products we actually buy. They must be using our

shopping loyalty cards to match up what we buy exactly. I for one like the


Every month now I receive by mail some really great coupons for free

products and high value offers from Kroger. This month's coupons include;

free oscar meyer bacon,free eggs, $1/2 ragu sauces and a free 12 pack of

pepsi's again. I'm all for anything that gets me free product coupons I

don't care who gets my information or why as long as I can keep getting

these sort of great coupons.Too bad there's no online shopping with kroger I so wish they'd get an online store to order from and have delivered.

Is everyone else finding great kroger coupons in their mailbox? We have 2

different loyalty cards in our household so I htink I'll start switching

back and forth between the cards when I go shopping. That way I'll get great

mailings from both the accounts. Never hurts to try. I know this doesn't have anything to do with diabetes but we all do have to buy food. Actually more food than normal if you're diabetic so I'm sure saving on your grocery bill can't hurt anything.

Food Recipes Diabetes daily diabetic news, information and blood glucose tips.

Hunts Snacks are low calorie low carb sugar free, good for diabetics

Filed Under: Snack Ideas

There are 10 calories in the Hunt's Snack Pack Sugar Free Gel Pack Cherry.
Their strawberry flavor in the sugar free only contains 5 calories! Isn't

that sweet? I bought these to try but haven't yet. I'll post when I do.

The sugar free jello/gels they call them have only 2 grams of carbohydrates

not even enough to have for our snack time diabetic snacks so I guess they

could both be considered a free food!

The pudding cups only has 6 grams of carbs and 60 calories so they are still

quite good for your diet and your carbs. I'm talking only about the sugar

free of course. These are not as good tasting as Jell-o brand but they'll do if the price is right on them.

Food Recipes Diabetes daily diabetic news, information and blood glucose tips.


20 carbs every 2 and a half hours is doctor recommended by doctors for diabetics

Filed Under:Diabetic Carbs

Today one of my morning snacks consisted of a new to me product. It'w fiber one bars. I found it to be pretty tasty. The one I had was a chocloate flavored one with granola. I found it just a wee too chocolatety actually. I only ate 1/2 the bar and about 2 oz of milk so I felt pretty good with that. It has 29 grams of carbs in the full size bar but since they are rather expensive I thought I'd try to half them each snack time to make them last a little longer. At least they are chock full of stuff but I do wish they would have cut down on the amount of chocolate chips.

When I went to the doctor the other day I told him I'd been eating about 12-15 carbs every 2 &1/2 hours and he suprisenly enough said he would rather I'd bump it up to about 20 carbs per time as there are a few times that I just need a bit more than others. He said it's to be on the safe side so I guess I will try to do that.

I'm going to have to go over my entire basket of goodies that I've made up already and find a little something to add to each baggie in the basket to bump it up to 20 carbs. Any ideas?

Have you tried the fiber one bars and do you like them?

Food Recipes Diabetes daily diabetic news, information and blood glucose tips.


Kit Kat 1/2 bar & 2 pretzels makes a good 15 carb diabetic snack

Filed Under: Diabetic Snack Ideas

I'm always trying to come up with a new and different combination for my diabetic snacks since we all have to have so many of them. Well today I found another goodie!

1/2 of a kit kat candy bar & 2 small pretzels will be just the right amount of carbs to get you to your next 2&1/2 hour snack!

I hadn't had a kit kat candy bar in quite awhile and it was pretty darn good! I think the next time we go to Sam's club I'm going to take a better look at their candy aisle and see if I can't come up with something I can get my 15 carbs out of by the way of candy. I'm sure there are some other candy bars out there that can be havled like the kitkat bar was. It (a whole one),by the way contains 27 grams of carbs which is why I suggest a half.

Food Recipes Diabetes daily diabetic news, information and blood glucose tips.
Here's all the 100 calorie pack prepackaged snacks

you could ever want!







789&creative=390957">All the 100 Calorie



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!important;" />











ative=390957">Are you a sweet cookie



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alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px

!important;" />











ative=390957">Or are you a salty snacking



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alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px

!important;" />









tive=390957">100 Calorie Desserts are great to have

on hand for yourself


yst-20&l=ur2&o=1" width="1" height="1" border="0"

alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px

!important;" />

natural snacks 100 calorie:










calorie Natural snack products


yst-20&l=ur2&o=1" width="1" height="1" border="0"
alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px

!important;" />

healthy cookbook:






&camp=1789&creative=390957">These Cookbooks will

help you eat healthier every day


yst-20&l=ur2&o=1" width="1" height="1" border="0"

alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px

!important;" />

Free meter in colors ultra mini one touch brand

Filed Under: Free glucose meter

To get a free colors ultra mini one touch brand

glucose meter fill out the small submit form

located here:

free meter in colors now

How's that for a pretty slick giveaway item? They'll send you a brand new meter free from one touch company.

Food Recipes Diabetes daily diabetic news, information and blood glucose tips.


Getting A Tetnaus Shot Means Being Miserable For 3 Days!

Filed Under: Tetnaus Shots

Today I thought I'd talk about the effects of getting a tetnaus shot. Well actually, the side effects from getting one.

Friday my son went to the doctor for a checkup over 10 years overdue! While he was there, they gave him a tetnaus shot. Now I know, he's 33 now so you would think he would have known better. ha

He's been sick as a dog ever since he got it! He walked into the doctor's office feeling fine and has been completely miserable ever since.

Some of his sypmptoms he's mentioned are; night sweating,fever,cold chills,headaches and overall soreness and nausea. It's horrible I know because I had one 10 years ago myself. When the nurse asked me if I wanted my tetnaus shot last time I said NO thank goodness.

We looked up the factual side effects on and he has all the normal ones listed. This is friday afternoon he got the shot and today is monday, so surely he's at the end of this suffering soon.

This post is just a reminder to all of you to pass up the tetnaus shot if you have the chance unless you want to be completely out of commission for about 3 days at least.

Today he really is thinking about calling the doctor's office just to cuss them out. ha ha He won't do it he is just feeling bad.

Take care and be healthy. Did you have these symptoms when you got your last tetnaus shot?

Food Recipes Diabetes daily diabetic news, information and blood glucose tips.


Progressive List Of Celebrities Who Are Diabetic 1 or 2

Filed Under: Celebrity Diabetics

Celebrities who are Type 1 Diabetics:

brett michaels

Celebrities who are Diabetics Type 2:

larry king

This is going to be a progressive list of names for reference's sake of celebrities who have type 1 or 2 diabetes.

Feel free to add some in the comments if you know them & I'll add them to this post. I think it's interesting to know which of our favorite celebrities also have something in common with us.

Food Recipes Diabetes daily diabetic news, information and blood glucose tips.


It's important to have regular doctor checkups when you're diabetic

Filed Under:Doctor Checkup

As you know, it's always important to see your doctor regularly when you have diabetes. He needs to follow up with you on your blood glucose progress to make sure you are doing the best you can. It's important too because if you have peripherral neuropathy along with your diabetes you need to be careful of the amount of doses you take per day of tramadol. It's helpful for the pain in your feet and legs but it can be harmful on your kidneys.

Most doctors recommend up to 8 tablets a day as being safe to your kidneys so try to not exceed that in a 24 hour period. I'm now taking only 6 tablets total per day but if at possible I need to cut that back some. That's because I have only 1 kidney to begin with so I have to be extra careful.

I went for my routine checkup today and everything was ok. I mean my urine test was fine, blood pressure good and everything else checked out as usual. They spent about a half an hour slapping my hands trying to get my veins to pop up enough to do a blood test but no luck. I've always been hard to get a needle into. I have collapsible veins is what they say I don't know if that's really anything or not. But the doctor's office is not the only one with a hard time getting my blood drawn. I've been to labs before that can't get it either so I'm not worried about it or anything.

Be sure and go to your doctor for checkups to keep your diabetes in check. I must say I do like the doctor's office weight scales more than my home scales. At his office I weighed 178 lbs. today! Tonight on my own I weigh in at 184 1/2! Disgusting isn't it?

Do you regularly go to your doctor for checkups & how often?

Food Recipes Diabetes daily diabetic news, information and blood glucose tips.


Tips To Living Your Diabetic Best Life Everyday

Filed Under: Thoughts about Diabetes

by Barb Gary

Tips To Living Your Diabetic Best Life Everyday

It's important to watch for the most common

symptoms of diabetes. That's especially true if you

have a family history of diabetes.

Having diabetes makes it impossible for your body

to produce it's own insulin which you need to keep

your blood sugar level (glucose), at a constant

rate. Your body stops handling carbs,proteins and

fats sometimes forcing you to take insulin

medications into your blood stream.

Testing yourself is a big part of being diabetic.
It's not pleasant but it's just something that has

to be done all the time. Your body is giving you

signals that something is wrong and it's going to

make you listen.

If not treated properly this disease can destroy

your eyes,kidneys and nerves.

Diabetic Peripheral

Neuropathy is one of the leading complications of


Your feet and legs will have excessive

numbness and heaviness all the time.

They will most

likely be in a painful state most of the time.

There are medications that can help this so keep

going to your doctor until you find the right one

that helps your individual situation.

The pain

causes a horrible sensation in your feet like an

electric fence sensation going thru your body.

Losing excessive weight can become a major factor

in your daily life as you strive to drop extra

pounds in order to relive some of the stress your

body is undergoing.

Weight loss is always helpful

as long as you do it a little at a time while

lightly exercising under doctor's supervision and

eating good healthy smaller meals each day.

Going for walks is helpful to diabetics as your

feet are now in pain and sometimes the walking

motion will help awaken the senses in your feet.
Brief walks are important for stress levels too.

Besides the shooting electrical pain going thru

your feet another early sign of problems is the

temperature that your feet feel. You will come to

know spells of hot feet as in standing on a

campfire bed of hot coals and then hours later your

feet will be like you have stuck them in the

freezer they will that cold.

Do the best you can to regulate the proper warming

techiques for your feet and legs. You can buy

special socks for treating diabetes which are

really just stretchier materials to help you not

have your circulation cut off. These also are

usually made of a more lightweight material on the

top of the foot layer that touches your skin. Your

feet are in pain but when you can stand it wearing

socks will help to keep them at a more sonsistent

temperature for you.

You also will lose some of your mental capacity of

thinking during your diabetic life. Snacks play a

big part of your life. You need to eat a little

something (about 15 carbs), every 2 and a 1/2 hours

in order to keep your brain cells functioning

properly. It will be annoying but it's just another

step on the ladder that you will have to master if

you want to stay on top of diabetes.

There are no known cures at this time for diabetes

but with proper care, regular exercise and

healthier eating habits you can stay on the top of

your game.

Take good care of yourself with a healthier diet

and exercise regimen and eating smaller meals with

more snacks and you'll feel better soon.

Food Recipes Diabetes for daily diabetic news & information,blood glucose tips.

Dinner menu for birthday take out special

Filed Under: Birthday Dinner

Well yesterday was my birthday and I got to pick any take out place I'd like to have. I chose my favorite of course.....

White Castle's! I know that may sound odd to some but I really do love them once in awhile. The onions are just so hot and soft there's just something really comforting about eating them all hot & juicy!

Here's what I had and my number was still good;

2 hamburgers

1 plain fish sandwich

few fries

few onion chips
diet pepsi

It was very good and also very filling!

No one here since we're all trying to cut back some wanted a real cake so no one made one. I did however for my later snack eat my own little cakes. They were the 100 calorie pack of hostess twinkies that look like tiny little angel food cakes. You get 3 to a package and I must say with a little glass of milk they really did hit the spot! They are pretty tiny but all 3 of them only has a total of 18 carbs so that's good. By the way, I'm now officially a big old 53. Yikes!

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My life in food program's Tree Of Life series on television

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Tonight I watched an episode of My Life On Food which as I've said before I enjoy watching. But anyway, tonight it was about a diabetic lady so I did stay tuned to it. She was like me taking all kinds of medicines for all these related illness' I have going on now all related to diabetes.

She however was also taking insulin shots every day which I'm not. She had done a lot of research about a place called Tree Of Life based out of Arizona and she went there for a 21 day treatment they called it. I watched in disbelief as she came out of it completely off all her medicines. All of them!

They believe that if you only eat healthy organic greens and plant foods no meat, no soy, no dairy... get the picture? you'll be able to rid yourself of diabetes forever. It worked for her but that would never work for me.

For one thing, she only had something that looked horrible to drink for 3 entire days to cleanse her body. That green color could only be described as slime! She even said it was delicious which I'm not buying.

The rest of time after those 3 days it was completely only vegetables and sprouts. There is just no way in hell I could eat like that. As a matter of fact I could go on record as saying if I had to eat that way the rest of my life you might as well kill me off right now because it's not happening! Yuck!

It did have doctor's that checked her every day and some really creepy looking people that worked there. It reminded me of a cult.

Have you heard of the Tree Of Life program? Would you ever consider going to something like that to turn your life around?

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