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Do you have a diabetic story to share with us?

If you are diabetic and would like to share your story with us I'd like to have you do that with a guest post. Just use our contact us form to submit your story to us. I think sharing our diabetic issues, symptoms and concerns can help everyone with diabetes discover a little more about this disease. It may help you feel better too to get your story out there in cyberspace.

Are you suffering from diabetic neuropathy like I do? If os, I'd love to see your story telling about how you deal with it, or steps you take to help you cope with it. We all need more understanding and awareness of this dreaded diabetic disease to get thru it. Until there's a cure in sight I'm afraid us sticking together is the only hope we have of beating diabetes in our lifetime.

Old habits die hard when you're eating as a diabetic now

I was sitting here this morning thinking about what I used to eat for

breakfast. I of course mean in my former life about a year and a half ago,

before I found out I had type 2 diabetes with diabetic neuropathy illness

thrown in on the side. It's not a pretty picture that's for sure. I used to

have 2 brown sugar cinnamon poptarts some mornings 2 of them! They have 37

carbohydrates each pastry. I added insult to injury by always having about a

14 ounce glass of milk, 3 scrambled eggs,2 strips of real bacon and to top

it off I always had my morning pepsi! Now, the pepsi weighs in at 41

carbohydrates all by itself so as you can see I had some horrible eating

habits. Sure the bacon didn't have any carbs it was just total fattyness.

The eggs are ok carb wise but they are full of cholesteral (another of my

problems now is high cholesteral).

So, including the huge glass of milk I was consuming 145 grams of carbs per

breakfast alone.

Considering I'm now only allowed 40 carbs for breakfast

that was a true no-no for sure. Big difference,right? If I was still eating

breakfast like that I bet I would now be in even more pain in my feet than I

am now which would be doubly horrible!

Now, if I really feel I want one of my beloved poptarts I know I can have a

half of one anytime I'd like. I put the other half in a sandwich bag until

the next snack time. It works out just as good anyway.

As you know I did also make the jump to diet drinks which was still a

revolutionary moment for me as I was a lifelong pepsi addict admittely.

I'm not as bad as my brother in law at least, he has to down a 2 liter of

pepsi by 10 am to even get thru to the afternoon. I'm serious he drinks 2

full 2 liter bottles every 24 hour peiod himself. I don't see how the

freaking guy is still alive, which would not be any skin off my nose if you

get my drift.

Cam you imagine how awful that would be to carry a 2 liter bottle of pop

around with you all day long so you could chug down a few gulps between

talking? It's unreal.

I also hate the fact that he drinks it hot straight

from the bottle full strength every time. No ice either which I could never

do. At least I have to have a glass and some ice with my pepsi habit and

like I mentioned I only drink diet now. I just thought his story was

interesting is all.

So, sit back and remember what you used to eat for breakfast long ago before

you found out you had diabetes problems and let me know in the comments. Or

maybe you'd like to tell us what you are having for breakfast now with your

new diabetic meal plan?


Splenda In Baking Substitute Sweeteners

Using splenda sugar is a great way to make your diabetic desserts and snack

treats taste sweeter and be better for you. If you're looking for a substitute for sugary sweeteners look no more. This information about diabetic sweeteners is what you need to know. Splenda tastes the best and works the best to control blood sugar levels.

Using less sugar in any recipe frees up more carbs in meal plans. So if you

have a diabetic meal plan it's even more important to use less real sugar.

Foods made with sugar substitutes like splenda,can typically be served in

larger portions than the same foods made with real sugar.

Use splenda instead of other sugar substitutes because it does not have a

strong aftertaste like the other fake sweeteners do. It's one of the newer

sugar subs and it should be noted it's the best. Splenda may be your best best to finding the secret to every two hour eating plans.

Splenda doesn't make my feet start burning worse from my diabetic neuropathy like real sugar does so that's a plus. If your feet have burning sensations splenda is safe for you to use.

Cutting Back To 40 Carbs Per Meal To Lessen Foot Pain Is Hard

Today I've decided is the day I'm going back to 40 carbs per meal on my diabetic diet plan. I did speak to my doctor and he agreed since my diabetic neuropathy foot pain is back and very disturbing that 70 carbs per meal are too much for body to absorb.

So starting today, and this is no april food's day joke, my new diabetic meal planning schedule is:

Breakfast 40 carbs 6am
morning snack 20 carbs 8:30am
mid morning snack 20 carbs 11am
early afternoon snack 20 carbs 1:30pm
Dinner meal 40 carbs 3:30pm
after dinner snack 20 carbs 6:30pm
night time snack 20 carbs 9pm
bedtime snack 25 carbs 11:30pm

Yes, I know we eat dinner early don't we? It's just a tradition we got used to doing ages ago and it stuck with us all. At least with me having 6 diabetic snacks a day now every single day it works out pretty well for me.

As I've said before, I live with my 2 adult sons and they get off work for the day at 2pm so they are also early risers that's why we eat dinner as early as we do.

My feet are back to the constant pain the last couple of days so I'm cutting back again on the carbs to see if that lifestyle change helps any. I know my doctor was just wanting to see how many carbs I could do a day but hey, with this horrible piercing diabetic neuropathy foot pain running thru my feet I'd rather starve to death!

So starting today, it is indeed back to 40 carb solution for me to follow. How many carbs can you manage per day? I think the management part of being a diabetic is the hardest thing.

If the pain was only slight I could do it. But the pain is severe even though I'm taking my amitriptylene and my tramadol as prescribed. These medications help me a whole lot more when I'm eating less carbs as I've obviously just proven to myself.

I've had so very good meals the last 2 weeks by bumping my carbs up to 70 grams but I guess now that's over.


Diabetic Fruit Cocktail Recipe Fresher Taste 20 Carbs Toal Per Serving Size

One of the diabetic healthy snack treats I like to fix me is to make some fruit cocktail bowls up like this;

1 can fruit cocktail 15oz can
1 small banana
1 small can 8oz mandarin oranges

Open up the can and divide the fruit cocktail into the 3 bowls evenly distributing the fruits so you get just the right amounts in each bowl. You should have equal portion sizes of pears,peaches,cherries,pineapple and grapes. That's all the ingredients contained inside cans of fruit coctail. I'm talking about a 15 oz can with this diabetic recipe.

There's more peaches than anything else which to me is great as I'm just not a big fan of pears.

Now that you have the fruits equally distributed from the fruit cocktail it's time to divide evenly your mandarin orange slices into the 3 bowls next.

Now, lastly slice your small banana into equal sized slices and place them equally into each of the three bowls.
Stir and cover with foil all 3 of your bowls until snack time. Now you have a much fresher tasting fruit coctail than you can buy in the store. The fresh banana really adds a lift to the fruit's goodness.

Each bowl will be the perfect portion size of 1/2 cup plus your added banana will push up it's carb count to 20 instead of the 15 it says on the can. So you'll have 3 bowls of fruit cocktail each containing 20 carbs and about 75 calories total per bowl.

If you need a few more carbs you can always add a few raisins, they work great in fruit dishes like this. Add this to your meal plan each week to combine with your diabetic meals you need to have or to use as your diabetes snack of the day whenever you need. It's low carb and low fat and you didn't have to buy any special splendarized products so there's also no aftertaste involved.


Have you found a magic diabetic meal list of items you can eat yet? No, Here's why

What's on your list of foods for diabetics to eat?

When your'e newly diagnosed with diabetes everyone,including me goes around looking madly for what they can eat. I did it too it's nothing to be ashamed of. The problem is though that there is no "magic diabetic list" to be found anywhere on this planet.

We just have to watch closely every bite of food we eat. Even the drinks you consume can be harmful to you now. There's really not any simple solution like a special diabetic list, it's just not the way it is,I'm sorry to say.

You will now be able to eat any food or drink you want but only in moderation dependant upon how many carbohydrates a food item contains. Your doctor will help you with some lists of foods that tells you which food has which number of carbs and how many calories and that's about all you'll get to work with.

Sure, you can go and also use the diabetic pyramid or the glycemic index too both located at ADA, American Diabetic Association
but basically it's all going to be on your shoulders to figure it out.

Every day you are going to need to figure out for each meach how many carbs you are consuming and try to have them as often as your doctor says in order to keep your blood sugar level up to normal for you. Every person that's diabetic is different so you may not be the same as someone else.

Good luck with your new diabetic adventure to life, it's a long road to follow but it can be done.

Help a diabetic you love prepare a weekly menu plan for a good deed of the day

Help your parents or loved ones who have Diabetes type 2 and Alzheimer's Disease. They can't do it alone and you could help them a lot by sitting down and making out a meal plan for them.

It's hard for us diabetics to overlook some of our symptons long enough to properly preare a menu sometimes. We have to time it just right between snacks and worse yet, we have to remember to do it in the first place. The latter part is even harder with the onset of Alzheimers symptoms all around you too.

Take the time to sit down and do some meal planning and it will be well appreciated. It might even make you feel better as a human being. It takes a little time for you to help with a meal plan but for a diabetic, it may take double the hours just to make that simple little menu for the week. No one says you have to do a whole month at a time. Do just one menu plan for each week and that could mean the world of difference to a diabetic you know.

Once you know what types of food they like and what kinds of foods they can have all you'll have to do is make up a basic list to refer to each week. Glancing at the list to make a menu plan out for the following week probably only takes you about 10 minutes of your time. You could even do this on your coffee break at work if you had the diabetic reference list with you.

It's always a plus to know the calorie and carb count of foods to make a more accurate usable wekkly menu plan. Planning is a godsend to a diabetic so do it often and keep doing it.


Easter can be a hard time to control food menus for diabetic people this is a rant

Are you more inclined to eat more during a special holiday celebration like Easter Sunday? At my house there's usually a lot of people saying stupid things like "Oh, go ahead it's not going to kill you." Or "Have you tried this cake and ice cream?" Like I need extra prodding from them to eat something.

I'm pretty sure now that Easter Sunday is approaching soon,(I'm not sure when easter is this year)-we're all going to be in trouble with our meal plans,right?

It seems we just get it under control and then bam pops up another Holiday when all we do basically is eat. I know Easter is not celebrated like Christmas is but it's still a time we make extra foods or feasts actually around here. Everyone expects it of you so you just keep doing it. The hardest part of that is not being able to eat much of it at all.

I don't think that nondiabetic people understand how hard it is not to eat the foods you want to eat do you? I think every person in america who is not a diabetic patient should take one day of the year to just follow a strict diabetic diet! I'm talking about the full diabetic meal plan, no cheating, no eating how much of anything you want and no drinking whatever drinks you want to consume.

Wouldn't that be agreat idea? I know it might seem a little hurtful at first but it's not really. I just want them to do it for one day so they have a better understanding of how hard it really is to not eat the foods you want to eat when you want to eat them. To have to eat two meals and six healthy snacks a day whether you're hungry or not.

I think that plan of action would make everyone appreciate us a little bit more. Maybe they wouldn't try to sabotage us all day like they do. It's just a small way they could help all of us diabetics out. I'd love to watch that happen just one day that's all, we maybe then could have an Easter celebration with lower carb foods and healthier desserts without non diabetic complaining about it. It's just a thought, anyway, Happy Easter to you all!

Occasional Deep Fried Chicken Meal Is Ok When You Eat The Proper Diabetic Serving Portion

Tonight's meal was my special favorite again. Remember I said there's only one meal out of all the menu meals I make where I can allow myself to have real fried chicken? Well tonight was it and was it ever great. It just goes to show what they say is true even though we are diabetic we really can have anything at all we want to eat as long as we have it in moderation.

Believe me, a year ago before I found out I was suffering from the diabetes disease I would have eaten 8 ounces of chicken a full 1/2 cup of gravy, probably 2 pieces of white bread toast with butter of course and skipped the canteloupe entirely. Oh and of course I would have had about 30 french fries instead of the meal I had. So, I think when I look at it that way, I've come a long way baby! Sure, I'm not there yet but I'm doing better about making sure I eat a selective portion size for my servings at each meal.

Here's what I had for my diabetic dinner meal

4oz boneless skinless chicken breast breaded & deep fried
10 crinkle cut french fries
1/4 cup country gravy
1 slice whole wheat toast
1/4 cup canteloupe

How did your meal do tonight?

Diabetic Meal Planning Needs To Be A Family Event For The Best Healthy Eating Strategies

Diabetic need to involve the whole family in the meal time planning. Because diabetic people face so many health concerns it's hard to allow everything to be on the table at once. It won't hurt for your entire family to also start eating a little healthier in order to keep you on your diabetic menu track.

Ask them to give us some of their comfort foods and allow you to make some nutritional choices to the menu. Let them pitch in and help with the preparing of some of your prepared ahead of time snacks for the day. Let them help you keep your snack baskets full so you are always ready at a moments notice with something you can actually have instead of hurting yourself.

It's not going to kill your family to give up some of their longtime habits of eating but it will you if you don't. So make it clear there are going to be some new changes around the menu planning and tell them you could use their help with this.

Cut back on everyone's calorie intake, substitute some healthier options for old time favorites. Buy more fresh fruits and fresh vegetables and have them help you with the chopping,dicing and peeling. People who help prepare fresh foods tend to eat it more. Let's face it, sometimes we just don't eat healthy foods because we as a human race are basically lazy.

We want what is right in front of us and ready and within easy reach. We have gotten into the habit of thinking it doesn't matter. A little extra 200 calories here and 150 calories there is no big deal. But it is a big deal to you the diabetic. So make every snack time nibbles you fix be healthy and nutritious and low calorie too and you'll feel better more quickly.

Take the help when you can get it from your family because no diabetic person should be an island divided by itself. You need love, support and help with the daily foods you eat and the nutritional goals you keep.


South Beach Cinnamon Cereal Bars Product Review Diabetic Friendly Snacks

Have you tried the South Beach Diet cereal bars? I'm happy to say they are very good. I have found the cinnamon flavored one to be my top favorite. It's not overpowering with cinnamon, just a light hint of it all thru out each bite.

On the top theres a thin sprinkling of glaze that tastes like vanilla frosting. It's very good and crunchy. I think that's why I like it so much because it is crunchy. Most cereal buys you buy now are soft and mushy but not these.

If you are living a diabetic lifestlye and having to eat at least 2 meals and 6 snacks per day like I am you're going to find these hit the spot just right.

They only have 15 grams of carbs and 140 calories so that's a good thing. They also have a whopping amount of 10 grams of protein so if that is what you're eating, a lot of protein these are perfect.

I did try warming them in the microwave for 20 seconds too and it made it even better. It took on the flavor of a warm cinnamon roll then. So if you'd rather have your oatmeal bars soft do that and you'll be one happy camper.

Diabetes is hard to keep up so a little help from a great treat is so appreciated by me anyway. I just can't stand eating applesauce or peaches all the time. Sure grapes are low calorie and good in carbs for us, but come one you don't want to eat grapes everyday.

This product is something I could eat every single day without getting tired of it. I hope you like it too. Let me know in the comments section when you try them. These might be from south beach but they taste like they are out of this world.

Diabetes Menu Planning Trouble and Alzheimers Memory Go Hand In Hand

Now that we know I'm in early stages of Alheimer's along with my diabetes symptoms, I realize how hard it

is to keep trying to remember everything that we do on a daily basis.

It's getting harder to remember ingredient amounts

in recipes and how to do common everyday cooking

tasks that I used to be great at.

Of course, I can still do some minor cooking tasks but I do have to schedule it for myself to make it happen after I've completed a diabetic snack of at least 20 carbs or I'll just not be able to function correctly and complete the cooking process. I do now have an index card by the stove that in marker I wrote "Turn Off Stove & Oven". I know it seems silly but I want to make sure I take every precaution possible to keep from burning the house down. This way everytime I cook anything I see that note and recheck the stove eyes and the oven to make sure they are off. I think it's a helpful thing for me to have accomplised this.

Even my grown kids now are saying how they miss my

special cooking of some of their favorite meals and how sad it is that I

don't know I'm not making those great home cooked

meals anymore by myself.

We're still having good

meals it's just now my oldest son has to help me do
a lot of the actual meal work and planning tips. Having diabetes just complicates it more because I have to keep track of my carbs count and calorie count too on top of everything else. I'm glad now I raised such smart kids. Yeah, that's a pat on the back from me. ha ha

Now he is planning all our meals, making the grocery

list up himself which I used to love doing, but now

can't seem to get a grasp on just doing it.

I look

at a paper or a list and always leave items off all

the time. That's not good for a grocery list is it?

I do routinely help go thru the freezer and the

pantry and add things that I don't find to the list

so I am glad I'm still able to do that.

But, as for the meal planning he has taken over all

of that responsibility himself. He has really

stepped up his game and became quite a good cook, a

good menu planner and following h=in his mom's

footsteaps an excellent money saver.

Just yesterday, he used coupons to get 40 packages

of Oretega taco mix almost free! He had a $1.00/2

coupons and at Walmart they are only 47 cents a

piece so that was a winning item.

He also used coupons to stock us back on our

Tennessee Pride sausage we love so much.


repackaged those up into 1/2 lb serving sizes for

breakfast meals.

We buy the 2lb rolls which saves a

lot of money and then we break those up into one

half pound portions. I can get 6 slices out of a 1/2

lob pack so that's good. Some of you may not be able

to do that but we like our sausage patties thin so

it works good for us.

There's a few grocery items in my house that we like to keep stocked up on. One is ragu pasta sauce, there is never a time I don't have at least 25 jars in my pantry at all times.

The same can be said for Oretega taco mix seasoning packets. We have at least 100 of them in our house all the time. Sure, we only use 2 packs per llb of meat but I like to buy it either on sale or with coupons and get it cheaper. Besides, our Kroger is always running out of it since they only give it 10 packs on the shelves room. That's nothing!

So, if you know someone who is having trouble with

their Alzheimer's Disease give them some help now

and then because they can use it. You can't really

expect them to ask for it because we don't really

know most of the time.


Fat Free Orange Sherbet Is Delicious Diabetic Treat For A Snack

I found a new snack that I absolutely love! It's fat free orange sherbet from kroger and it's delicious. I could eat this everyday!
A 1/2 cup serving has 28 grams of carbs and 120 calories so naturally I can't eat it everyday like I'd want to since I need to try to lower the calories more. But once in awhile, this is a really great refreshing treat.

If you're diabetic check out your local grocery's store fat free sherbet selections they just surprise you. Since we do need so many snacks a day in order to survive this diabetic disease it's great to have something in the freezer that's already prepared and taste delicious too.

Do you have an ice cream or other dessert product you'd like to recommend for a diabetic friendly snack?

Half a hostess lite chocolate cupcake makes a good 15 carbs diabetic snack treat

If you're really craving something chocolate but you're diabetic I'd recommend this little snack. Hostess chocoloate cupcakes lite version. What I would recommend is half of a cupcake since they are large enough and rich tasting enough to make you feel satisfied. I think half of one of them is just the right amount with about 2 ounces of 2% milk. The half of the cupcake has only 15
carbohydrates which is why I thought the bit of milk would be good with it.

I try for about 20 carbs so that would work for me. Of course you wouldn't want this to be one of your everyday snacks because the calories are a little high with only half of the hostess cupcake giving you 85 calories.

If you're like me you'll need to cut in half and put the second half in a sandwich bag before it's time for one of your snacks. That makes it easier not to eat the second half if the first half is all that's sitting there in front of you. It always helps to try to make it easier on yourself.

Diabetic Neuropathy Causes Pain Sometimes More Than Others

Tonight's meal is going to be extra good for me since my diabetic feet have been giving more trouble for some reason the last couple of days. I really don't think it matters what we eat as type 2 diabetics as far as the neuropathic nerve pain goes. I mean sometimes they just have more pain in them than others.

I haven't changed anything in my diet and I'm not eating any extra sugars so I can't explain why they are hurting more than usual. I know that with our diabetic neuropathy we are going to keep suffering foot pains in both tender feet, I'm just saying I'm wondering if any certain food or foods triggers such a condition and makes it hurt worse at certain times.

Have you noticed any corralation with what you eat and the foot pain common to all of us diabetics?


Diabetics need a support team of family members or friends

when you are a diabetic it's always good to know what your average blood sugar testing number actually is. You need to know this information about yourself so you will know when you are in trouble or not. If your glucose number is too low you ruin the risk of passing out which you definitely down't want to do. You also lose some of your focus and concentration the more r that your sugar level falls.

You should always have a good idea of what your normal to you blood testing number actually is. This information should be perhaps on the front of the fridge for family members to know in case of an emergency situation. Sometimes if your number falls too low you won't be able to think clearly for yourself so it's always good to have a backup person in place to help you out.

This family member or friend should know how many carbs you need to eat or drink in order to bring your blood sugars back up to this desired normal testing number. There is nothing wrong with getting diabetic help from a family member. Sometimes we just need a bit of extra support to get us thru the day.

Seedless grapes can be a diabetics friend for sweet snack treat to eat low calorie

Did you know that one of the lowest calorie sweets you can eat is seedless grapes? I've been eating quite a few of them lately since I'm trying to cut out some calories and fat. It seems they are only about 60 calories for around 20 large grapes.

That's a fairly good number I think for such a juicy sweet snack. I've been seeing on tv lately where Elle Kreger of food network tv fame, recommends them for a sweet healthy snack. She pops them in the freezer and eats them frozen. She said it's like eating candy when you do it like that.

Have you ever eaten a frozen grape? I haven't but I'll probably give it a try later this week as I think she's had some good ideas before.

A few days ago I was eating Cheerios and I was too lazy to get up for my spenda I had forgotten to put into my bowl and I used a few cut grapes instead as a sweetner and they turned out to be very good.


1st New Diabetic Meal Plan Index Card #1 Hot Dog Menu

1st New Diabetic Meal Plan Index Card:

Meal: Hot Dogs

1 hebrew national hot dog 1 carb 150 calories

1 wheat bun 29 carbs 140 calories

16 muncho chips 16 carbs 160 calories

1/2 cup jello sugar free chocolate pudding 7 calories (hmm may have to check that later I think the calories is wrong)

2 tbsp sugar free cool whip 3 carbs 20 calories

diet pepsi 0 carbs 0 calories

Meal Total: 46 Carbs 477 Calories

Come back tomorrow for more diabetic meal menu cards. I hope you will join me in this new plan which seems to make it easier on us all.

Food Recipes Diabetes daily tips.


Basic Diabetic Guidelines To Help You Determine Symptoms Of Diabetes,See If You Are It's Next Victim

Have you had some light symptoms lately that you are trying to figure out just what it means?
Concerned that you might be suffering from diabetes yourself?

Or are you a newly diagnosed diabetic patient? Here's some basic guidelines to help you make the decision you need in order to get treatment started and start to feel better.

If you've been suffering from any of these symptoms you may have diabetes
and should be seen by your doctor to judge that. Diabetic symptoms sometimes live within a persons body silently so you may be diabetic and not even realize it.

For myself, I had many problems with my feet which is how I found out I was diabetic. I went for diabetic blood sugar testing and they took blood samples from my arm and from a light finger prick. These sent to the lab gets the doctor the results he needs to determine you are diabetic.

In my case here were my symptoms which led me to be properly diagnosed with diabetes.

Dry chapped feet extremely dry all the time

Partially blue areas around the toes

Pain in both feet

Excessive thirst often

Excessing feet swelling and pain

Redness (bright red) feet

Hungry more and more each day

Difficulty walking

Feet feel like they are on fire, burning especially the toes

Tenderness to touch in both feet

Lost feeling in both legs

Sleeping feeling,tingly feet

Could not ell if water was hot or cold in the shower on my feet or legs

My specific diabetic diagnosis was diabetic neuropathy which is a very serious diabetic outcome affecting the nerves in the legs and feet.

I was sent to a neurologists and had tests run and this doctor said I've probably been diabetic for at least 2 years and didn't even know it. I had been seeing my general practioneering doctor regularly and he didn't notice anything either.

That seems kind of odd since diabetes disease does run in my family. So I guess you just don't know when you first develop diabetes. I have many aunts and uncles who are now diabetic, both of my parents are also diabetic and at least 3 of my 4 brothers also. So this is a disease that runs in the genes.

Now, after one year they finally have me on a medication that helps with some of my foot pains. It's called tramadol and I take it 3x a day, 2 tablets each time. It helps with most of the pain so if you are still feeling the 24 hour constant pain from neuropathy I suggest you ask your doctor to let you try this one instead for awhile.

I'm also on amitriptylene at nightime too which makes me extremely sleepy in the morning hours. It's strange that I take it at bedtime but it doesn't make you sleepy until the next morning.

I also still use a prescription called Laclotion which is 12% strength but does help some with the burning pain feeling in my feet so often. This antibiotic lotion helps tremendously with the dryness of the feet which is also associated with a patients diabetic symptoms that stay with you forever once you have it.

Of course I have a lot of other health issues which is probably why I'm diabetic in the first place since obesity seems to be the leading culprit in the diabetic senario, high blood pressure and many other things play a contributing factor.

So have yourself and your loved one checked out for diabetes so maybe you can catch it early. The suffering is not as bad if you can catch it early on they say. I don't think enough is being said about the treatment of diabetes concerns in this nation. Scientists need to focus more on finding a real diabetic cure that will help us all.


Website Glossary Terms Used On This Site About Diabetes

This page will be an ongoing list of the terms, with their definitions of words used on this diabetes website. I've also included several phrases that I'm accoustomed to saying to help you find out what I'm talking about.

A1-C Test
Borderline Diabetic
Diabetes Doctor
Diabetes High Blood Sugar Levels
Diabetes Low Blood Sugar

Diabetes Low Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes Testing
Diabetic Child

Diabetic Crash
Diabetic Crashing
Diabetic Doctor
Diabetic Friendly Healthy Snack
Diabetic Friendly Snack
Diabetics Health
Diabetic History
Diabetic Kids
Diabetic Monitor
Diabetic Monitoring
Diabetic Neuopathy
Diabetic Snack
Diabetic Spike
Early Diabetes Diagnosis
Feet Temperatures
Foot Pain
Glucose Tablets
Glucose Test
Glucose Testing
Healthy Diabetic Friendly Snack
Healthy Diabetic Snack
Healthy Snack
High Test Number
Low Test Number
Meal Plans
Meal Planning
Weekly Meal Plans
Weekly Meal Planning
Hypoglycemic Index
Nerve Pain
Premature Diabetes


Keeping your diabetic blood sugar testing level up is hard in the mornings

I'm surprised to find out there are only 50 calories in a 1/2 cup serving of lite peaches. The del monte brand I tried today were pretty good but they really were quite tart. So if sour peaches is what you like anyway you will be good to go.

I guess I could ass just a bit of spenda to them to make them a little sweeter next time. While the 1/2 cup is s recommended serving size in order to have enough carbs for your daily diabetic snack time you will need to eat 2 full servings which equals one whole cup of peaches.

That's really just a little bit more of these sour tasting things that I can possibly eat at one time. So, I decided to eat the one serving of peaches at 12 carbs per serving and a couple of pretzel rods so I should be all set for this snack.

Mid morning snacks for me are the toughtest because I have trouble keeping my blood sugar testing number elevated to 140 in the morning hours. It seems to start dropping the moment my feet hit the floor and continue dropping almost to dinner time.

Do you have this problme with your diabetic sugar health? Let me know in the comments.

Sleep is helpful for diabetics especially so get plenty of it

Want better sleep than you are getting right now? Diabetics can use a little more sleep than others so make sure you get plenty of it. Here's a few helpful tips to guide you along the way. Most of these you should already be doing since you are a diabetic person.

Avoid Caffeine at least 2 hours before bedtime

Shut your television set off

Avoid Alcohol after 8pm or better yet entirely since you're diabetic

Don't stuff yourself at dinner or after with too many carbs

Don't go to bed hungry always eat a small low carb snack to help your blood sugar stay even

Turn your computer off if it's in your bedroom as it will let you rest better knowing it's off

Keep a notebook by your bedside. Any time you think of anything write it down to clear your mind. This helps control anxiety issues and let's your mind rest more peacefully.

Useful diabetic blood sugar tips.


New headline news everyday about diabetic studies and findings

Diabetes health is nothing to dismiss. It's a lifelong illness that needs treatment and a physicians care as soon as the diabetic symptoms appear. If you know someone with diabetes disease help them make better choices for their lives to be more easily managed. It's difficult to always know what's best when your mind starts suffering from diabetes too.

Suggestions for a healthier diabetic meal plan to follow

Here are a few listed tips to help you as a diabetic keep your meals in check a little more easily. Follow these tips to stay on top of the diabetic game.

Cut back on eating out

Focus on serving sizes

Look up nutrition guidelines to make better choices

Stop eating mamonth portions

Use smaller glasses at the table

Use smaller bowls at the table to cut 20% of calories

Swap your serving spoons out for smaller sized serving spoons

Eat more fruits

Eat more vegetables

Eat only whole grain breads

Eat whole grain cereals

Test your blood sugar as you need to


This diabetes blog helps me stay focused every day and have something to do that I enjoy

With your diabetes in full swing what do you do to help you stay focused each day?

I like to use this blog to stay focused myself. I try to only start a post if I'm sure my brain cell levels are where they should be so if I feel my memory drifting I'll wait and eat my diabetic friendly snack. That way I have less a chance of writing something totally off the wall.

Staying focused is actually pretty difficult to do isn't it? I mean we have so many things that demand our focus and attention each and every day, it's hard to know which one to focus on sometimes.

As long as I can keep my snack intake up to 2&1/2 hours I'm pretty much good to go. I can feel my train of thoughts sneaking away if I wait too long after that. How about you?

Ask website owners to start including diabetic recipes for us all

Today I just wanted to write a post about how far we've come with
diabetes. The internet has opened up a lot of reading for all of us.. I love visiting all the food websites that I can but especially when they have their whole site or a section at least about diabetic recipes.

I wish all the recipe sites would put a little special section on their site to let us all enjoy more diabetic friendly recipes. It wouldn't take but a few extra minutes so maybe we can all start requesting that they do that when you are on a site of recipes drop them an email and ask them to include some diabetic recipes sometime.

The more we build our diabetic community the better off we all will be. This disease affects millions of people everyday. Having help in finding a good healthier diabetic recipe to follow is sometimes hard to do, but locating them on the internet has helped us all a lot. I think a lot of websites and blogs would do this for us if we ask. Many just probably haven't realized that there is such a need.

I'd love some diabetic recipes listed on this site too if anyone has some to submit feel free to do so. I'd love to have this site be huge with tons of recipes that are healthier and diabetic friendly. Take a minute and submit your free recipe to us.


Free Pancake Turner Spatula To All If You Hurry!

What a cool freebie! Weber gas grills is giving away 7,000 spatulas is what they call them. In my house we call them a pancake turner. Hurry and get yours it only takes a second to fill out the form.
Free Spatula/Pancake Turner.

I thought you guys and gals might like this freebie for your kitchen since we all use turners a lot for cooking so many diabetic meals and snacks, right. Hurry though weber grills is only giving away to the first 7,000 visitors so they may be close to that already, I don't know.

It said worldwide so be sure and get yours today!

Making brown gravy homemade after 20 years ago messing it up could be a diabetic disaster

Today we are slow roasting a roast beef round for a pot roaste dinner which is healthy for diabetics to eat as the process calls for no fat to be added to the pan during cooking. The beef broth is fat free that we'll be using to make our gravy with from the natural juices using cornstarch.

I know this sounds pretty stupid since I'm 53 years old but I don't think I've even tried to make homemade meat drippings gravy for at leaste 20 years.

I normally buy the mccormick's brown gravy instead but today my son wants us to try to make it homemade again so I guess that's what we'll do. We won't be using fattening flour products at least so that's a plus. It makes it a little more heart friendly.

We are going to let the meat roast for about 3 hours so it should give up a good amount of juices for us to use as pan drippings. I have a can of beef stock on hand in case we need more. I also have a package of our favorite gravy mix ready as a backup plan. It's always good to have a backup isn't it? Do you make homemade gravy or do you always buy the packages?


I just wanted to post that the gravy turned out remarkably good! We were all 3 surprised that we were able to make a homemade brown gravy ourselves that we all liked the taste of as we are usually very picky people. ha

Food Recipes Diabetes daily diabetic news, information and blood glucose tips.


Pork Chop Meal Dinner for the diabetic lifestyle good eating

Tonite's dinner was a lot of fruits for me as I'm trying to balance out and eat more fruits with my diabetic health plan.
I'm finding it hard to get the just right amount of carbs on a plate to equal 70 carbs total for the dinner meal. It seems like an ungodly amount of food. I guess when you eat healthier foods you can really eat more food.

Of course the food has got to be good for you. You can't just grab any old things like a big juicy steak and 3 orders of fries or something. Boy, that would do us in would'nt it?

So here's what diabetic meal plan I came up with tonigte to equal my 70 carbs. I hope I didn't mess up sometimes I get confused if I've waited too close to meal time to actually proportion my sizes for food items. Does anyone else have this problem besides me? My brain just seems to deteroiate a few minutes right before mealtime every day. It's really depressing as that's the time I need to be at my best but I feel I'm usually not.

Dinner Diabetic Meal Plan Menu

4oz pork chop saueted in 1 tsp olive oil s&p

1/2 cup potatoes cooked in same skillet bit of garlic powder

1/2 peach slices

15 grapes

1 slice whole wheat bread lite

It turned out to be pretty good as I was really hungry by the time we sat down to eat. I did eat most of my grapes while I was cooking and I felt it helped me stay more focused. Maybe that's a trick I should keep for everyday use. They're at least not fattening like some of the other treats.

Food Recipes Diabetes daily diabetic news, information and blood glucose tips.

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Fat Free Orange Sherbet from kroger is really good tasting for us diabetics to have a treat

Today I tried a new dessert treat for myself. It was kroger deluxe orange sherbet fat free. I was surprised but it was really pretty good. Of course we as diabetics shouldn't be having even fat free sherbet but probably once a week so I'm ok with that. Give it a try I think you'll find it to be very refreshing for a change from the sugar free garbage we diabetics usually have to eat.

A 1/2 cup serving has 27 carbohydrates, 0 fat and 110 calories I believe so not too bad right? Have you tried this brand of ice cream yet? It came in the cute little pint containers that I like because you always see everyone on tv shows eating ice cream like that. I know that sounds silly but it just seems like it taste better when it comes in a cute little container with a lid.

Food Recipes Diabetes daily diabetic news, information and blood glucose tips.

New Diabetic Healthier Snacks Plan Menu Suggestion Ideas

Here's my newest diabetic snacks list as promised yesterday. I'm so disgusted with myself today because I am back up to 190lbs.!! That is the reasoning behind these newer healthier diabetic eating options. I'd love to know what other snack foods you guys eat for your diabetes situation? Let me know in the comments or if you'd like to write a post about it submit it using our contact us form and I'll be happy to post it for you. We all need to be sharing what we're eating to make our diabetes life run smoother.

Healthier Diabetic Snack Suggestions:

Applesauce natural 1/2 cup
Banana 1/2 medium
Fruit Cocktail lite 1/2 cup
Instant flavored oatmeal 1 packet serving
Orange whole medium size
Orange Juice 7oz glass
Peaches canned lite 1/2 cup
Pineapple 1/2 cup
Pretzels 12 small
Raisins 1/4 cup
Tomato Soup 1/2 cup

Occasional Diabetic Snack Suggestions:

Cheetos Crunchy Puffs 17pcs
Cupcake plain boxed mix make 24ct per box small no frosting
Ice Cream vanilla original 1/2 cup
Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pie 1
Peanut Butter 1tbsp & 3 ritz crackers
Poptart 1/2 originals

I'd love to add to this list if you would like to give your suggestions in the comments.

Good Luck to all of us!

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Drop 10lbs By Grilling Instead Of Frying Baking Meats

Did you know if you started today using your indoor grill for all your meats the rest of the year you'd automatically drop about 10 pounds without trying? It works, try it out for yourself.

Just that simple change of grilling instead of frying all your beef, pork and chicken could make a huge difference in your weight. You don't need all that extra fat and grilling your beef products will make your meals much healthier for you and you'll love how good it actually tastes.

So start trying today to grill all your meals from now on and see if you don't drop a few excess pounds off by the end of the year. It's just a small change that can make your life better.

Grill Your Beef,pork and chicken The Rest Of The Year To Drop 10 Pounds Easily Without Trying
It's an easy change over that you'll like the results from in the end.

Food Recipes Diabetes daily diabetic news, information and blood glucose tips.


I'm re-evaluating my diabetic snack intake mine is too high in fat but low in carbs changes to come friday with a list

My son helped me last night to look over our pantry and help me find some better food choices for me. I've been concentrating mostly on the carb count only and calories but not so much about the fat content. He helped me realize I need to make some smarter choices for my snack options everyday.

So today, was the first day of my eating better lower fat snacks items. Since we need 6 snacks a day when you're a diabetic it's hard to let all the snacks tempt you as long as the carb count is on target. But, since I'm complaining how I've put back on 5 lbs. in the last 2 weeks he decided to take charge and help me out.

It seems since my focus or brain cells are out of focus most of the freaking time so I've not been very good with my math skills on figuring out what to eat. I've been a lot more ice cream but I now realize that it contains way too much fat to have it every day and get away with it without gaining extra weight.

So in my next post I'm going to put the snacks I've chosen to make be included in my "6 diabetic snacks" everyday and which snacks are going to be ok but fatty and have to go to my every 3rd day list option. Yeah, it's a lot more work but since he's agreed to help me out I think I can do.

I'll post this tomorrow so come back for your best options to lower fat, low carb diabetic foods/snacks options. I'll have the complete list on here for you.

Recipes Diabetes daily diabetic news, information and blood glucose tips.

What's for dinner tonight? Smoked Sausage & Leftover Vegetable Sides

Dinner tonight is one of my all time favorite dishes; smoked sausage. It does have a high sodium content but I just love it.
I'm going to slow roast it in my big crockpot which usually gives it an extra special flavor when it's done. I just sit in the pot and let is simmer away on the lowest setting and it turns out pretty good. I know I'm not the typical diatbetic dieter but I do what I can. Since I hate most vegetables this is good for me to have.

My son likes his to be brown and in slices so I take his out and slice it while placing it ina skillet over medium heat and let each side brown up a little. Well they look a little blackened but that's how he has come to like them over the years so I still do it. Since I don't need the extra fat from the skillet I just leave mine in the crockpot until time to eat.

These eckrich smoked sausages only containe 4 grams of carbohydrates per a 4oz serving so that's really pretty good. Here's the rest of what I'm having tonight. It's my clean out the fridge night for leftovers so this is it. My kids of course are having their usual deep fried french fries that I so miss.

Smoked Sausage 4oz

1/2 cup whole kernel corn

1/2 cup sweet potatoes

1 tsp barbecue sauce

1/2 cup apple sauce

1 slice whole wheat bread

That's what's for dinner tonight.

Food Recipes Diabetes daily diabetic news, information and blood glucose tips.


What do you drink now that you are a diabetic

What to drink when your'e diabetic

I know we talk a lot about food when we're diabetic. But it's just as important to know what you can and can't drink when you are suffering from diabetes. Of course we all know the very best drink for diabetics to consume would be water. Yeah, that's right good old fashioned water.

I can take water on a few times a day myself but no where near that 8 glasses a day we should all be drinking for a healthier diet plan. Water contains a lot of needed by our body nutrients but I just can't seem to make myself take the plunge and drink it too often.

I'm good with a couple of glasses a day but the rest I have to find my water fix somehow other than drinking plain water. It just seems so routine to me to try to force some water down. I mean it's just plain water who wants to drink that? There's no carbs in water so I think it couldn't help me that much could it?

I do like thos country light sugar free tubs that you put into your water bottle and shake and it becomes a soft drink for you. Those are kind of fun and I like watching the color change so I will drink those occasionally.

Sugar free tang still tastes fairly good to me if you make it and get it super cold. I can usually handle 1 glass of that per day without a problem.
I do miss having a glass of milk whenever I want one. But, since my cholesteral number was tripled what it should have been that's pretty much out of the question right now. I do take a couple of times per day to just drink 4 oounces at a time of cold 2% milk. There are 12 grams of carbs in an 8 ounce glass so it's fairly easy to drink if you want it.

I do enjoy a good cup of hot cocoa but I don't think I'd want to have it every single day. That's especially good when it's cold or chilly outside.

Diet soft drinks such as diet pepsi or diet coke have a big showing in the drink department for diabetics. Since there are no carbs in diet soda and there are 41 carbs in a 12 ounce soda can I guess you know which one you need to be drinking to stay your best?

I do drink the diet pepsi max occasionally in the morning as it has 3x the caffeine as regular diet pepsi does. Still no carbs so I feel it's the best of both worlds. Only now my sons have got on the we don't think you need that much caffeine wagaon! I'm only drinking one of those max a day and the other times I drink either diet pepsi or water. I've cut it back to one max every other day so they'll stop harping on me about it. Yeah, yeah, I know they are starting to show proof that diabetics caffeiene consumption might play a role in diabetes. I guess we'll see.

Hmm I suppose coffee has no carbs but I haven't checked into that because I don't like coffee. Never have and I'm 53. I always drank pepsi as my picker upper my whole life. But, I guess I'll add coffee to the list since so many people do drink it.

Ok, I'm still sitting here thinking about it and I can't think of anything else that we drink that I could drink I mean. That's not many choices if you ask me. I'm sure we can have some juices as part of our much needed diabtic snacks but that usually only gets you about a 3ounce serving which is not that much if you're really thirsty.

Well that's it, 2 I don't like so not many choices in the drinks department.
Maybe some manufacturer cna get busy real fast and make us some new diabetic friendly diabetic nutritional drinks that taste good too.

What do you drink everyday now that you are diabetic? You can answer either
with the comments to this post or add this to your blog.

Ok, so far I've named all these drinks:

sugr free tang

sugar free country time lemonade

sugar free hot cocoa

Milk 2%

Diet Pepsi

Coffee (I don't like)

Tea (I don't like)

Food Recipes Diabetes daily diabetic news, information and blood glucose tips.


How long will scientists take to find a cure for diabetes? 100 years or more?

Diabetes Management How Long Before A Cure Is Found

Did you know that in the early days of discovering diabetes it was called having sugar? That sounds so silly doesn't it? I don't know how people come up with some of these explanations but I do recall when I was a little girl that is what my grandpa called it when they heard of someone suffering from the diabetes disease.

Of course back in those early times of diabetic discovery they also didn't know much about what caused it. They didn't have the research that scientists have available now.

I just don't understand with all the modern day technology that we have accumulated so far why we cannot find a diabetic cure. Ok, so maybe not even a cure for diabetes but it would be helpful to millions of people around the world if we could even find a half of a cure.

I'm sure 100 years from now someone bright is going to come up with all the answers about how to stop diabetes from ever forming inside a persons body. It won't be in my lifetime and maybe not in yours either. All we can do is hope that science and technology can soon fight thru the barriers and form a common cure that will work to aid diabetics around the world.

We need such a plan to be in place because the diabetic epidemic is growing stronger everyday. People need to work on finding those answers more and more because diabetes has already tripled in just the last 10 years! One hundred years from now when they maybe finally find the cure for it I hope the entire world has not been taken over by diabetes already.

At the rapid rate that diabetes is increasing it could very well become the #1 killer amount people in general even though it's 3rd right now it is moving far faster than heart disease or cancer is.

If you know someone with diabetes help them with their diabetes management as much as you can because they do need your help. We can't let the sugar beat us all. They always say there are powers in numbers, well diabetes is plenty powerful then.

Food Recipes Diabetes daily diabetic news, information and blood glucose tips.

Diabetics should eat 300 carbs a day to maintain their blood sugar glucose levels says the american diabetes association facts

The American Association for Diabetes diabetic diet
tells us we should eat about 300 total carbs a day in order to maintain our diabetes lifestyle properly. As I've said before I'm doing 2 meals at 70 carbs each and 6 snacks at 15-20 carbs each as recommended by my physician. That totals up to only
260 total carbs.

I guess I need to step up my snacking carbs to 22 grams of carbohydrates in order to hit the 300 safety mark. The ADA sets the standards that all the doctors follow. So if I eat 2 meals at 70 carbs each and 6 snacks at about 22 carbs each day I'll be right on target at about 302 carbs.

I suppose that small a change would be fairly easy. Since I do find myself many times before snack is due feeling low on blood sugar. This might make it be easier to increase my carb levels to help keep my blood sugar level at a more comfortable spot.

How many carbs a day do you eat to control your diabetes nutrition? Diabetes management is the key to successfully controlling this disease.

Food Recipes Diabetes daily diabetic news, information and blood glucose tips.

Ice Cream as a diabetic snack is only 15 carbs for 1/2 cup serving size

Remember how I said I was walking around outside for some of my diabetic snacks every day? Well, let me tell you that if it's cold outside like it is today here in Indiana it's not the greatest of ideas. ha I mean it's about 50 here today but I chose a 1/2 cup of ice cream for my snact time as it only contains 15 carbs which is good.

I know it only took me about 10 or 15 minutes to eat my ice cream walking in circles but I thought I was going to freeze before I got done. Actually my hands were what was cold from holding the ice cream bow.

So if you're considering that for one of your walk to get exercise while your'e snacking I'd choose something else. On a pretty warm day that would be the perfect little diabetic type snack.

Food Recipes Diabetes daily diabetic news, information and blood glucose tips.

Prediabetes Symptoms Checklist Are You Pre-Diabetic?

Did you know that 1 in 4 americans are prediabetic and might not even kno

w it? Staggering isn't it?

The early show on cbs this morning said that alarming statistic. They also said some of the earliest signs may be these:

1.tired all the time
2.more than 20 lbs. overweight
3.don't get 7&1/2 hours or more sleep
4.tired all the time energy at all ever

That sounds about right to me as I have had all those symptoms for a really long time.

So if you even think you may be diabetic get your blood sugar tested and see if your glucose level is high or normal. The first step to feeling better is finding out if you do diabetes or not.

If you do try to maintain a constant lifestyle and it will help you i

n the long run.

Try to get enough sleep. Try to eat healthier fod choices. Eat small portions more often. Drink more water.

All of these steps may help ou feel a little bit better overall.

Food Recipes Diabetes daily diabetic news, information and blood glucose tips.


Diabetic Meal Plan Menu For Dinner Tonight

Well tonight's dinner menu plan fell thru. We were supposed to have pork tenderloin sandwiches but I had set the meat in the fridge and it looked and smelled bad. It was all gray colored and didn't smell good at all so we tossed it rather than be sick later from it.

I'd been ready for that pork tenderloin sandwich too! I guess it was my fault as that made it 2 days the meat was in the fridge. I thought it would okay to have meat in the fridge for 2 days and it not go bad. I mean it wasn't ground meat or anything. But I guess I was wrong. It could have been that the meat wasn't as fresh as we usually buy.

This paricular meat came from our greenwood Hampton's Market whom I love to go to because of their old time butcher shop and the meat is usually much better than normal grocery store meat purchases.

So, no for my big diabetic meal plan dinner it's going to be something totally different but workable.

Pancakes & Bacon! Yeah, I know another breakfast for dinner thing but you know since I messed this meal up and everything else is frozen I think that this is the best choice.

I'm going to try to incorporate some healthy fruits into my pancake servings. I also am going to fix me turkey bacon and the kids their real bacon. I might even add a boiled egg to the side of my plate that doesn't sound too bad does it?

So, here's the diabetic meal I'll be having

2 whole wheat pancakes
1/2 cup sugar free cary's syrup
4 peach slices lite
1 large hardboiled egg
2 slices turkey bacon
1 slice real honest to goodness I love it bacon

That should be okay for me for my dinner time meal.

Here's my trick to boiling the perfect eggs every time.

Cover the eggs with cold water in a pot and put a lid on it. Turn it to medium high. Once it comes to a full boiling point immediately shut the stove off and leave the lid on.

In about 12 minutes you'll have the perfect boiled eggs you remember from your childhood. No green rings, no rubber pieces. Just nice and soft and great boiled eggs. I hope you give them a try and let me know how you liked them.

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My new walking plan! Walk every time you eat a snack so 6 snacks equals 6 times of walking every bit helps

filed under: Diabetic Exercise

Today I had a "lightbulb" idea! It was 1:30pm & it was time for one of my daily diabetic snacks. I used to sit at my computer and have my daily snacks but the kids got onto me about that because they claim wherever I went I was leaving too many crumbs of whatever I ate. Ok, they actually went as far as to call me a slob. Ouch! That hurts!

Anyway, nowadays I've been sitting at the kitchen table instead to have all my daily diabetes snacks under control. I wanted to eat them while I was watching my tivo shows since I have so many of them programmed all the time. But, again come to find out it seems I leave a mess that way too. So, it's been back to the kitchen table for snacks for me. Which is kind of boring I think.

Well anyway, back to the lightbulb idea I had today. I got myself a 1/2 cup of vanilla ice cream out and thought, hmm, it's nice out today here in Indiana so why not eat it outside? So, I headed out the door only to remember that we got rid of the horrible rusty looking yard gliders that we had last summer. So now we are here without any type of lawn chair or yard anything to sit on.

Then, it hit me! Walk you idiot! You see people everyday on television walking at the parks and on the sidewalks of every city eating ice cream while they walk along. So, I decided to do just that. We've got a half or so of a full size basketball court poured from cement out there which takes up the entire back yard, so I thought I'll just walk slowly around on that while I eat my ice cream!

So, I did do just that and it was actually kind of relaxing. I'm totally shocked! I went around the huge cement spot about 14 times so I guess I could call those my laps and I was tired by the time I finished my ice cream goodness but it felt pretty darn good!

So, I've got a new plan now. I'm going to try to start walking each time when I have a snack like this! Since I have to have a snack 6 times a day that would be a little bit of exercise 6 times a day for me. My doctor would be so proud.

I really think it only took me about 10 minutes to eat the ice cream walking around so that's not bad. So 6 times a day at 10 minutes each that would be a total combined walking time of ONE whole Hour!! Yippee!

I'm sure if the neighbors look out and see me walking around my yard in circles they will think I've gone crazy but I guess that's ok. I know people that go to the gym just to walk and do the very same thing for about $50 a month so at least my new method is free. It also helps you clear your mind and helps with your overall mood. I don't know what it is but I do feel better after walking around a bit. I guess it's a good thing we have a privacy fence.

Why in the heck didn't I think of this before now? I can do it, I know I need to do it so this is going to be it. Maybe I won't be afraid to step on the scales if I start walking. It would have to help, right?

What do you think of my lightbulb idea? Let me know in the comments. Oh yeah, and I invite you to try this too. Walk around the yard or ? whenever you have your diabetic snack break.

Food Recipes Diabetes daily diabetic news, information and blood glucose tips.

Making Diabetic Childrens Cupcakes Healthier

Are you sick of the children's parties at school sending in loaded with sugar cupcakes and tons of frostings? Take some action to make them healthier for your kids sake and other's in the future.

For all you parents with small school age children that are diabetics I understand some of your problems you must face every day. It would be extremely hard I think to make a child understand what foods he must eat and which ones he can have only a little bit of and no more.

I was sitting here thinking how especially hard that must be for the school birthday parties that are so popular every year around the nation. I think it would be nice if the school's had a special list made up of certain snacks that could be brought in and how many carbs were in each one. That way everyone could help a little bit more to make everything better for your diabetic son or diabetic daughter.

It would'nt take much to make up this list to have on hand as a reference guide for nutritional benefits and hazards.
They should include a variety of snacks on the list since some parents send entirely different snacks that the rest of us.
Make the parents list the carbohydrates in each of the serving sizes. It won't kill them to do it and it won't take but an extra couple of minutes. Let's face it, we all use boxed cake mixes nowadays so it's much simpler to find all the information you need right on the side of the boxes.

Here's an example list the school should get started on:

cupcakes carb per serving size





other snack items

Now then here's my other suggestion to healthier snacks for children's school parties. Make a frosting using fat free cream cheese,vanilla extract,food coloring,bit of milk,tiny bit splenda.

That's all you'd need to make it completely healthier for everyone not just the diabetic child. Stop all the craziness of the sugar feast of icing in this country. The frostings have went out of control! Either serve them all plain yes, they are still quite good plain. Or make the cream cheese frosting for your cupcakes.

Food Recipes Diabetes daily diabetic news, information and blood glucose tips.


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Food Recipes Diabetes daily diabetic news, information and blood glucose tips.

The power of leftovers still good & they save you a lot of money

I'm one of the mindset that there is absolutely nothing wrong about eating leftovers. Of course the better the dish was the first time around, naturally the better it will taste the 2nd time,right?

Everybody had their own little leftover meals tonight, we all had different entrees and it worked out good for us.

One of us had leftover pizza from our local pizza delivery service. His meal looked better than anyone else's so he considered himself to be the winner of the dinner competition menu.

My other son, had his tyson hot chicken wing pieces baked in the oven this time since he's trying to go a little heathier and he normally fries anything that can be deep fried. They both had some chips or pretzels and a chocolate chip cookie for dessert. Yeah, I know, not a very good for you meal is it? But, hey it got the leftovers out of the fridge and no one cried about it so it's a winner.

My meal was

1 cup homemade chicken & noodles

1 leftover dinner roll

1/2 cup applesauce

At least mine was a pretty well balanced meal as the chicken and noodles is broth based and the dinner rolls I make are my usual ones which the recipe is on this site for already.

All in all mine was pretty darn good. I added just a bit of water to my bowl and set it in the oven to cook with everyone else's food and it turned out surprising good and hot too.

The roll I just wrapped in foil with a sprinkling of water and laid on top of the stove where our back burner lets the heat of the oven come out. It tasted really good and soft and warm.

All in all a good meal for us all and didn't cost a thing.

Food Recipes Diabetes daily diabetic news, information and blood glucose tips.

Staying up late when your'e diabetic & getting up early when you're diabetic can form problems

Another good start to a diabetic today this morning. I had no problem in getting my cereal fixed in time to sit down and eat before I started feeling bad again. That's always a plus isn't it?,beating our time clock inside our bodies.

Even though for years when I was working at Rca I was an extremely early riser,4am, I just can't quite get the hang of it again for some reason. I'm setting the alarm now for 5:30 in the morning so I can get up and make myself eat something anything is ok at that ungodly hour. I'm just so darn sleepy I just can't back into the routine of it. I'm sure i'll come around eventually but this is killing me right now. I'm so exhausted in the mornings that i can't think straight as my mom would say. God I hated that when she said it. It's so sad to grow old especially when you have a lifelong illness such as diabetes is.

Probably next week my body will be more accustomed to getting up early again. Of course I'm sure it would help my diabetic day if I'd just go to stinken bed at night! Well I think you know how unlikely that is. I have got myself into the bad habit of staying up until about 1 am lately. I know, I knew better than to do that didn't I?

Last night I laid down at 11pm and tried to just fall asleep with the news still playing low on the tv set in my bedroom. I just couldn't seem to do it. Finally about 12:30 in the morning I got up and shut it off and went to sleep. Shame on me for starting up such a bad habit in the last few months.

I know sleep is an important factor in the general overall picture of diabetic health so I plan on trying to get myself back on track as soon as possible.

Are you an early riser or a late stayer upper diabetic person?

Food Recipes Diabetes daily diabetic news, information and blood glucose tips.


Chicken & Noodles Is Comfort Food for this cold Indiana day

tonight's menu is a classic comfort food meal. My kid's picked these sides because that's the way they remember this meal from the school cafeteria service. What is the country coming to with this high carb fest?


Chicken & Noodles


Mashed Potatoes

Dinner Roll

For me of course I'll try to have a bit of everything so here's my diabetic menu.

1/2 cup chicken & noodles (with more broth).

1/2 cup mashed potatoes

1/4 cup corn yes I know I shouldn't but I just hate watching everybody else have corn knowing I can't with this many carbs already on the plate so I'll just have a tiny bit.

1 small dinner roll but it's a good healthier recipe at least.

Food Recipes Diabetes daily diabetic news, information and blood glucose tips.