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Diabetic chicken recipes are the #1 menu planning items for people wanting to eat fewer calories and eat healthier at the same time

Did you know that chicken is the single most searched for meat on the internet for recipe ideas? It's true everyone is trying to eat healthier so naturally chicken is the first menu item that pops into place. Chicken is versatile and can be made to have any flavor you want by changing the ingredients you use.

Poultry is the lowest calorie meat that there is. Way below pork products and beef and a lot healthier for you than eating ham and other fatty meats can be. If you learn to base almost all your meal planning ideas it will help you live a better, healthier diabetic lifestyle without trying too hard.

It's really a simple change to start including more chicken in your menu's. Sometimes we just forget how low fat and low calorie it can be. That's because there is virtually no fat on chicken. For chicken the method of cooking and the ingredients you add are what decides how it will taste. That rule also applies to how fattening your same piece of chicken will be.

If you deep fry it with flour and eggs and the whole nine yards it takes consider that you've automatically added on at least 400 calories just from this process of cooking. That means whenever you can don't deep fry it! You can slow roast it, bake it, steam it or grill it but don't deep fry it if you're trying to watch your calories or your carb count either one.

Even if you generally saut'e skinless boneless chicken pieces in a litttle olive oil it will be about a 50 calorie overall improvement than if you used vegetable oil instead. Leave the oil out together for a better calorie ridden meal. Leave off the cheeses, sauces and fattening calorie adders and start eating more plain dishes again. You can use basically any spices you want to add flavor without adding any extra calories. That's a big plus when it comes to keeping your diabeteic meals in check with your blood sugar levels.

For instance let's take tonight's meal. We all had chicken parmesan my family's favorite dinner. They all had the full meal deal laden with fat and cheeses and all the good stuff.
Mine was a simple chicken parmesan that was very good tasting but a lot less fattening so it fit more in line with my normal diabetic routine for planning my meals.

My chicken parmesan dinner

4 oz boness skinless breast
1/2 cup ragu
2 oz spaghetti
1 slice whole wheat toast with garlic powder & parmesan cheese

While there chicken was smothered and covered I left my chicken completely blank except for the spices of garlic, oregano and parmesan cheese. My sauce was on my spaghetti and my toast was much lighter than their meal. I'd say their meal had at least 600 more calories to it than mine counting they had huge portions compared to my diabetic serving sizes. My meals was still great!
So eat chicken as much as you can and prepare it in the least fattening way that you can to help ride yourself of excess carbs and calories at the same time. Your overall picture will look much brighter.

New cooking shows are cooking healthier food options even we diabetics can incorporate

I like to watch food network cooking shows, but I like them even more when they start cooking healthier foods. Well it looks like in May that's what they are going to do. It's like they had the diabetic population in mind when they themed these meals which can be easily incorporated into the diabetic meal planning.

If you don't regularly watch food network shows you should start. Sure many of the meals we could never make due to the fact they are calorie laden, but I watch each epiode of their cooking shows and thinking the entire time of how can I make that but it be healthier? You can do it too and it will give you lots of ideas to get you going.

I don't know about you but I've been hungry for some new cooking shows for awhile and the time is almost here finally! In May there will be some new episodes for the series Dear Food Network, here's the dates to mark on your tivo.

5/25 all access grill pass

5/26 all american style

5/27 grilling in paradise

5/28 grilling family bbq secrets

Now, like I said all those are just episodes of the Dear Food Network series not names of series.

Then on May 30th there's the ultimate burger bash of food network stars that should offer up some food fun and excitement for everybody. It's with the All Food Network Stars series they introduced a few years back.

Get your list ready for all the new episodes of cooking shows so next month you don't forget about them.


Diabetes almost crashed me this morning because I was too lazy to get out of bed

Have you ever just had one of those morning when you feel like you were lazy and just couldn't get out of bed to save your life?

I had that this morning. I went back asleep at 6am and woke back up at 8am feeling like I was in a downward diabetic crash! I knew better than to go back to sleep but I did it anyway. Pretty stupid I know. I had some of the glucose tablets lying by my bed so I took one of those and frantically went downstairs to grab some needed carbohydrates for breakfast. Of course as you know yourself with diabetic neuropathy in your feet and legs you're not able to get around too fast the way it is. But as fast as I could humanly muster.

I slapped a couple of pieces of toast down in the toaster and poured me a tall glass of milk and drank about half of it right away. As soon as the toast was done I ate it and didn't even think about taking the time to butter it or anything I just gobbled it up. It's pretty scary when you know you're close to your breaking point isn't it?

But at least I succeeded once again to stay concious and I took the time to fix me a couple of my smoked breakfast sausage links just to finish out my breakfast I'd already eaten. Then I ate half a tiny banana. Wow, I was glad when that little incident was over!

I know it sounds boring to read it but if you're a diabetic living with neuropathy, crashes and morning lows I know you know exactly what I'm talking about. No one but us diabetics can understand such a thing. I hope they never have to because it's really not much fun is it? Tomorrow's another day and I plan on getting my butt up and out of that bed on time because we know preventive actions are the best way to control our diabetes lifestyle and keep it intact. It's a challenge everyday.


Suprermarket tips that help diabetics get better service at the grocery store and better products for your snacks

Being a diabetic means for one thing you need a lot of healthy food snacks.

Here's some little tips about shopping for some of your diabetic goodies the

next time you go grocery shopping that might help you.

Go on Wednesday's as that is their least most shopped day. You'll find less

lines,less cell phones blaring away and more stocked shelves than ever

before. Since we all need a lot of produce it's the best time to shop for

them when the store is less crowded.

If you hate long lines go at the peak times for the stores. That would be

before 8 am because basically people are either too lazy to get up or they

are already on their way to work. Or for 2nd choice shop after 9pm when the

stores are basically dead and exhausted. Now do know if you shop after 9pm

everything is going to be picked over and stock is going to be low. Most

stores restock in the middle of the night because there are not as many

customers around then to be in the way.

So the next time you're needing some ingredients to make yourself some healthy snacks up that fit your diabetic plan use these handy tips to get in and out of the store faster and with better quality foods.


Your risk of glaucoma eye disease is heightened when you're also a diabetic in poor health

I know that the national holiday for this disease has already passed but I thought I'd put a reminder on here for everyone to see. That way it will already be on here when next year it rolls around again.

National Glaucoma Day is on March 12th 2010 If you can make sure to go and

have your dilated eye exam performed to make sure you haven't developed this

deadly disease. If it's caught early your signt can be saved.

As you probably know, diabetics have twice the glaucoma risk than people

without diabetes. So take all the nescessary steps you can to make sure you

don't let it sneak in and rob you of your vision too.

Yuck, this banana pudding sugar free is horrible I need to change the flavor help needed

Well, if you've been coming to this blog for awhile you know that when I try a new to me product I like to let everyone know my opinion of it, whether it's good or bad.
Today's is a big I hate it dessert treat!

I finally tried a flavor of the jello sugar free pudding mix that I've had in my pantry stashed away for awhile. I'd been overlooking because I've been always making the chocolate which I love by the way. Oh my gosh, the banana is so horrible!
Now, if you really love love love the taste of bananas in every bit of food you put into your mouth you'll probably be happy with it. Me, I'm not happy with it all. They put way too much sugar in it.

It's overly sweetened, I don't think they took into consideration how sweet a banana naturally is when they made this stuff. It's just overkill being so sweet. While I know they used splenda to sweeten it and not sugar it tastes like it's got a mound of both mixed in. Yuck! That's the word that best suits it best. Run from the banana pudding!

Since I also hate to throw anything out since this took so much milk to make it I've decided to ration it out into other products this week that I plan on making. So tomorrow I might make myself some yellow cake mix muffins and I might use this pudding for part of the water it requires. Just a little bit. I don't want to taste it but I'm sure the richness of the pudding would make them better.

It's a good thing I used dry milk from a box for this because if I'd really wasted 3 cups of real milk I'd really be complaining. ha Wow, I am so cheap aren't I?
Do you have a idea or suggestion I could use this already made up banana pudding for? If som please leave it in the comments or use the contact us form to send me a message and let me know. I've got 3 cups of pudding to get rid of this week. I wonder if there would be any way to change the flavor from the banana to another flavor? I'm all ears gals put your diabetic snack ideas thinking caps on and let me know!


Seedless grapes are a great healthy low calorie snack for diabetic people to have for snacks

I'm finding that nice cold grapes are very tasty on a hot summer day like today here in Indiana. It's about 85 degrees outside and for some reason our indoor air conditioning is not making it feel much better than that. Wouldn't you know the first hot day of summer we have for the season and all hell breaks loose with the air conditioner?

Anyway, the grapes are really good for cooling you down and they're a good low calorie healthy snack for us diabetics. Actually they're about the lowest calorie snack so far I've been able to find. The ones I have are kind of small so it takes about 20 of them to equal one serving size but that's only about 50 calories so that's a win win situation.

If you've been looking for a new diabetic treat I highly suggest some seedless grapes. They're sweet, cold and very satisfying.


Part 2 Video Diabetic friendly heart healthy recipes cooking




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New Site Feature Part 1 Cooking Videos for heart healthy, diabetic friendly cooking recipes! Watch a video now, it's free

New feature for this blog! I thought everyone might enjoy some diabetic friendly
videos about cooking with recipes. They are all absolutely free of course. To
get started here's a series of videos for you. This one is part 1.

Series of videos' Heart healthy recipes for you as a diabetic. Easy to

follow, simple to prepare and I think you'll enjoy the entire series of

recipes. Watch these videos now and find the next best recipe you've been

looking for.

Part 1:




value="." />
name="allowfullscreen" value="true"/>

I'd love to see your comment about how you liked the video or what you didn't like about the video. Because of course if no one wants to see any of them I won't keep putting them on here. Thanks for your comments in advance!

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Free giveaway 4 fiber one granola bars chocolate mocha flavor (coffee taste)

I know this is kind of odd but today I'm offering up free 4 bars of fiber one cereal bars!
I normally love fiber one bars but I'll be honest, my son bought me this new flavor and I just don't like them at all. I hate to just throw them away and since I've already tossed the box I thought I'd just give them to whomever wants them!

The flavor is Chocolate Mocha, fiber one cereal bars. Now, let me just say to me they taste like coffee grounds. I mean it, they taste like a dark cup of coffee or something. While I know many millions of Americans enjoy a cup of coffee everyday, I am not one of them. As a matter of fact I hate the taste the coffee of any kind. I do like the aroma of fresh coffee brewing but I hate the taste, kinda weird,huh? Maybe that's because my mom was drinking 3 cups of coffee for breakfast from when she was 8 years old! That's right, I guess in Kentucky in the 1930's that's how they raised their kids,ha ha.

So, if you like the taste of coffee you are welcome to these brand new still sealed in the packages granola bars. Just email me using the contact us form and I'll ship them out to you, no charge, I'll pay the shipping. I really want to find out if anyone else in the world could actually like these things!

Once someone has asked for them I'll put a note on here as an update with the winner's first name and state only listed. Let the giveaway begin!


Have you tried a new food or product? Tell us about it!

If you've tried a new diabetes meter or new diabetic testing strips out or any new product we'd like to hear about it from you. I'd like for visitor's to let me know about new products if they've tried them or would like for me to try them and report on them.

Maybe there's a new diabetic friendly snack out that caught your eye? Let us know, share your story about it on this blog so we can all give something new a try. I think it's great to have a new product that helps us diabetics once in awhile.


English Muffins make a great healthy snack for diabetics

Today for a snack I had a tossted english muffin and I spread only 1 teapsoon of peanut butter on it. That's not a serving size. A serving size of peanut butter is 2 tablespoons so be sure you don't overdo it since that much peanut butter is a whopping 190 calories!

The muffin is only 100 calories so it should be a good healthy nutrious snack since a little peanut butter is good as far as the glycemic index goes. It's a good choice to eat a little bit at a time.


Submit A Guest Post Anytime On Diabetic Snacker

Guidelines For Submitting A Post To Diabetic Snacker

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Just email me: diabeticsnacker(at) to submit your guest post to this
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Yeah, I know I'm not a Diner I just like the way that sounded! :)

Diabetes and food serving sizes where even Pizza can be eaten in moderation

Finally tonight is Pizza night! I've waited weeks for this night to arrive when we're going to have my #1 favorite comfort food Gallagher's Pizza. Sure, I've finally figured out that if I only eat 2 pieces I'll be fine as far as my diabetes goes. It's been a long hard road getting it down to 2 pieces in my mind but I think tonight is finally it. I've realized it and I know I'll feel better for only eating 2 pieces. They slice the pizza into small squares so these pieces are only about 3" square, so it's not like I'm eating a huge slice of New York pizza or something.

At least it goes to prove that even though I'm a diabetic you can still eat any food items you want to but only in moderation. A correct serving size for all foods is an important thing to know. Make sure all your foods are the correct associated serving sizes in order to start feeling better everyday. It's a small change that will help in the long run.

I can remember a few years ago I wouldn't even think about eating 4 or 5 pieces of this great food without even thinking about it. Those days are long gone. By the way, I did a weigh in yesterday and I am back down a couple of pounds than goodness! So at least I'm back on the right track.


Ask your doctor for a 90 day generic prescription instead to save more money

If you're buying a box of test strips here and there all the time from your

local drugstore you can save a lot of money by having your doctor write your

prescription for 90 day supplies instead of 30 days worth.

Your insurance company also charges a lower co payment for a 90 day supply

prescription than it does for a 30 day prescription.
Be safe and save a little money too with your new prescriptions.


Have a plan in place for the event of a diabetic coma just incase

A diabetic coma if left untreated can become fatal. That's why it's always

important to not let a diabetic coma happen to you if at all possible.

During a diabetic's coma you are awake but your body cannot respond on it's

own like we are used too. It not only can be fatal but it can cause severe damage to your brain cells. You will be completely unresponsive to everything and everyone.

If you are in a diabetic coma here's what will happen to you.

You can't respond to sight

You can't respond to noises

You can't respond to any known stimulation

You will appear to be dead by people but you will be breathing. The same non

diabetic people who say, are in a car wreck and become comatose, that's what

you will be. Like a vegetable state. No mind control, no speeking, no

functioning of your brain or your body parts at all. I'm sure it would be a

very scary situation, so don't let it happen to you.

While you are in this comatose state your body will not be able to respond

to anything or to do virtually anything. You will just lay there and not be

able to move until someone helps you to come out of your diabetic coma.

Though thru the years and in hundreds of tv shows and movies they've made it

look like a diabetic coma just happens in the blink of an eye with no known

warning, that's just basically a lie.

There are many symptoms leading up to a diabetic coma so make sure you are a

ware of all of them and do your best not to let your guard down. Here's are

the symptoms for pre-comatose conditions. You can go into a diabetic coma

wherther your blood sugar is low or high so keep your body in balance.

Symptoms of Low Blood Sugar Coma Warning

■Shakiness, nervousness

■Tired,run down completely

■Sweaty,feverish symptoms

■Hungry,extreme hunger



Symptoms of Too High Blood Sugar Coma Warning

■Increased thirst that won't stop

■Frequent urination more than normal

■Extremely Dry mouth

■Nausea,upset stomach as in flu like symptoms


■Shortness of breath

Any of those symptoms combined means you need to immediately eat or drink

something high in carbs or high in sugar to get your number stabilized

instantly. Foods from the glycemic index would be best as they will level

your glucose level out more quickly and maintain it for a longer peiod of


Of course if that action is too late and a person has reached the unconscious state do not feed them anything at all, call for immediate help.

A diabetic coma may last for several days so seek help immediately. You may have grunting noises or your eyes could still be open but you are in a totally state of calmness that you can't come out of on your own.

You can buy your testing strips in bulk to lower diabetic costs

Did you know that in order to lower the cost to you of diabetes testing

strips you can order them in bulk? Yes, call your insurance provider and

tell them you need to order them in bulk to save money.

They can ship you a 100 pound box and you'll save hundreds of dollars over

the 100 ct boxes the pharmacy has been selling you.

The 100 pound bulk box has thousands of testing strips in it. Ask your

incsurance provider what you need to do in order to get them like that.

They'll provide the invormation you need to have your doctor fill out the

prescription correctly for you. It's a savings of hundreds of dollars per


Using blood sugar glucose testing tablets when your'e diabetic in your meal plan

I was wondering how many of you diabetic readers use the flavored glucose tablets to control your carbohydrate intake? I just tried one of the orange tablets today for the first time and it did shoot my blood sugar glucose number up rapidly to a whopping 141!

I didn't think it tasted all that bad, it reminded me of the flavor of a child's orange flavored baby aspirin. So the taste was ok, I'm thinking about trying to incorporate more of these into my daily diabetes plan. I could have them for a lot more snacks every day if I tried since they are only 15 calories each.

That 15 calories is a lot better than some of the 150,160 and 170 snacks I'm eating right now. I'm up to 196 pounds which is disgusting to me so I'm still trying to come up with some type of new idea for myself.

The problem with these glucose tablets is they say on them they 4 grams of carbohydrates is all so how come those helped me at all, when I'm used to have 20 carbs at snack time? I know the package says fast acting carbs and it was fast acting for me. I felt the difference in only a couple of minutes.

So, why are more people promoting these things is there something I'm not aware of about them? Let me know your opinion on these blood sugar gloucose tablets if you will. Are they a part of your everyday diabetic meal plan? How often do you use them and are there any flavors that are better tasting than others?


Rice Krispies Treats homemade are good for diabetic people too

br>Last night I was looking at a box of rice krispies that had been gathering dust in my pantry. I decided to use them and make some rice krispies treats. You know the bars we all use to make for all the neighborhood kids? Well at least I always made them at least twice a week when my kids were growing up. There was a lot of basketball playing then with tons of friends coming by and the kids would always ask for my sticky things and koolaid.

It's funny looking back I realize they didn't even know it was just cereal they were gobbling down. They probably thought I went to a bunch of trouble baking. These bars only take about 10 minutes to make and you're done! Of course they are pretty low in fat and they are pretty good on the carbs too making them a good overall diabetic snack you can enjoy when snack time hits around.

Sticky things recipe

13oz box rice krispies (I use kroger brand saves $3)

full bag marshmallows (also kroger brand saves $1.50

1/2 stick light margarine

Melt the margarine and the marshmallos in a large stockpot over medium heat. Once they are melted slowly stir in your entire box of cereal pieces. It's best to use
a nonstick spatula you've sprayed with cooking oil to do this as these will stick to anything they touch.

Once you think you have it all combined equally and covered all over pour out and pat it evenly on a cookie sheet. With your spatula pat it down to make sure they
connect with each other and form your treats. Let sit a few minutes cut and serve.

Wrap them individually with plastic wrap to have snacks for a few weeks whenever the need arises. There are dozens of variations on this recipe that we can make if you want, here's a few of them.


Instead of the margarine you can use a tub of cool whip fat free. They will be lighter and less caloric but will still stick because of the marsmallows.


Add 1/2 cup peanut butter


1/2 cup mini chocolate chips


a 1/2 cup coconut


after they are done spread the top with warmed sugar free jelly or sugar free ice cream toppings such as caramel. makes them extra delicious and you only want a very thin layer like a glaze not gobs.


while melting the ingredients add 1/4 cup oats to make them a bit healthier or 1/4 cup of any dried fruits such as raisins

There, now get in that kitchen today and make yourself some rice krispy treats! My kids who are grown are helping eat these. Hey, yeah, they still call them sticy things. I hadn't made these in over 15 years probably so that brought back a lot of good memories.


Easter meal planning can be difficult when you're diabetic sufferer

Happy Easter today if you celebrate this special occasion. I'm not really of the religious type so I don't really follow it by going to church or anything special. I did bake a cake today though, that was a special thing to do for me.

I made a boxed cake mix of a red velvet cake. We haven't eaten it yet but it looks to be pretty good. I know that cake is not what we need to try to have on the menu every day when we're planning our diabetic meals, but every once in a while I think we can fit some of it here and there.

According to the packaged box an ordinary serving size of cake is 1/12th a slice which is not large to say the least. That size of a serving with a thin coat of vanilla tub frosting which I used is 35 carbs so I should be ok to have it as one of my many diabetic snacks during some time of the day when I feel I need a snack.

Actualy, what I'm planning on doing is slicing my piece a little bit smaller so the carbs will be more close to 25 carbs if I can. I'm going to leave off the ice cream altogether since we already know the weight gain problem I've already got myself into over that deliciousness.

It's just a shame that everything that tastes so darn good has to be on our not good for you when your'e diabetic list. Not there is such a list in cyberspace but if there were, I'm sure cake and ice cream would both be on it.

At least I only used one tub of the frosting so it really is a very thin layer of icing to cake. I had a heck of a time getting it to even spread far enough to cover all the crevices of the cake that needed covered but it finally did.

So if you're enjoying your easter treats today from all the cute easter time baskets know I'm planning on enjoying a slice of this cake myself. Everyone needs a dessert treat now and then don't we?

Hmm, I wonder if they make sugarfree jellybeans yet? That might be a good thing for a little pop it in your mouth treat.


Diabetic neuropathy can hinder your daily tasks like showering with it's diabolical symptons

I feel it's important to show the information again for the symptoms and conditions of diabetic neuropathy. I don't think people who are not affected by it understanding how troublesome it can be. It's a bother to your daily health all the time, not just a few minutes a day and you take tylenol and it's gone kind of thing. I say this because today after I got out of the shower I complained to my son how I had always before loved taking a shower it was the highlight of my day.

But, now it's not. Because your feet and legs when you're suffering from neuropathy play tricks on you. It seems your feet will still have the heavy numbing sensations to them even though the pain has diminished a lot due to the tramadol medication. I know daily shower is just one of my day to day tasks that have changed.

For one thing, you sometimes because of your feet's reactions now tell when the water is hot or cold because you've lost the sensations in your feet and legs. Your feet might be sliding and you could be in danger and you might not even feel it. That's never a good thing. It's important to make sure you have a good gripping bath mat so it can help prevent you from actually falling.

It's like your feet are actually working against you in the overall plan of things. Some of the time you can feel the cold water hit them and sometimes you can't. Same way with the hot water sometimes you can feel the temperature of the water and sometimes you just can't. See how that could be dangerous? Always
check your shower's water temperature with your hands before stepping into the shower tub. You'll be a lot safer.

I personally don't have any feelings in my legs as many other diabetic neuropathic victims do, so I do have to be extra careful in the shower. I don't do simple tasks like shaving my legs in the shower anymore. I instead do them sitting down in the bathroom because since you don't have feelings in your legs it'd be easy to cut yourself shaving and not even know it except for the blood that would be pouring out. So take it easy and be careful. I personally have bought myself a mans flathead smooth shaver to use instead as it's much safer and easier for me to use with this diabetic extra condition.

Always hold on to something when getting in and out of the tub like a nearby towel bar or whatever. It will help to balance you since your feet are no longer doing this for you. If you already have the neuropathic illness I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Safety first will help you in the long run.


Diabetes information is on the internet and helpful to us suffering with diabetes symptoms

If you are looking for diabetic information on the internet, you've come to a good place to start. This site lists many features that will help you find the info you need.

Whether you're trying to find out what the actual diabeticc symptoms to first appear are, or just a basic prediabetic scale, it's all on this blog.

There are dozens of frames of special web tools to help you find all the diabetic information you are looking for right now. Because I know you want it when you're looking for it because you don't have a lot of time.

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Keep your health in check by coming back here everyday and getting the newest headline information about diabetic issues. Whether you're looking for diabetic supplies or just a new diabetic friendly recipe you can find hundreds of them on this site in the left sidebars.

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My eating healthy green beans habit has ended

Yesterday I made a new decision. I'm going to cut back on eating green

beans. As you know if you've been reading this blog I eat green beans

practically every night for dinner! Mostly because it's the only green

vegetable I will eat.

Well guess what? After a whole year of eating them I'm sick & tired of them

& I can't take another green bean right now. If I see one I'm going to throw

up & I'm serious.

So I've decided to have them maybe once a week instead. I'm going to try to

substitute a piece of fruit for my green beans. Not a banana but anything

else is good. My kids love the idea of cutting back on them because they

literally hate the smell of a green bean. Everyday it's a constant

complaining session when I put them on the table! They claim it makes the

whole meal smell like green beans. So, there's no love lost there from them. I guess I'll just eat more fruits instead of the green beans. I know it's not part of my diabetic meal plan but it will work for now. I may have to let them come back in later on.

I know it's a huge change for me but I just cannot eat another one. Have you

ever just gotten sick of eating something you should be eating?


Will the entire diabetes condition go away if you lose 50 pounds of weight?

Will the entire diabetes condition go away if you lose 50 pounds of weight?

Many people who are not diabetic think if you lose the weight it will make it all go away magically.

Sorry, but the answer is no. Many people do indeed lose some of their weight

when they are first diagnosed with diabetic symptoms. But that's because you

are consiously making a lifestyle change. You are changing probably

completely the foods you eat every day and most likely the way you prepare

the foods that you eat.

It's no easy task and some of your diabetic symptoms will lessen if you lose

enough weight but the diabetes will not go away. It's a lifetime commitment

that you got without asking for it. All you can do is try your best to keep

your blood sugar level where your doctor says it needs to be at for a normal a1c

testing number.

Sure, obesity does affect most diabetics but if you lose the obesity you
are still going to always be a diabetic. You feel healthier and your blood

pressure will come down along with other bad health conditions but diabetes

never goes away. Losing the weight would definitely help the cholesterol

numbers come down quite a bit. Most of us who are diabetic usually seem to

have all these conditions as they are all similarly related to being obese.

You have got to set your mind to beat diabetes. Make it like a game so that

you can come out on top of the game. Winning means eating right and

exercising so you feel better and with less diabetic symptoms. The more

possible diabetes symptoms you can lessen the better off you will feel

overall. It's a challeging mind over matter. You or the Diabetes. Can you

beat it? I hope so but it's going to take a lot of effort on your part.

Cinnamon Toast Diabetic Recipe Breakfast Treat

This morning I decided to fix me something a little different for breakfast. It was cinnamon toast but I didn't fry it up in a skillet like it usually calls for. I popped a piece of wheat bread down in the toaster and when it popped up I spread it with a thin layer of margarine and then I put a 1/2 tsp of my splenda/cinnamon spice mix on it.

It was very good! Actually I think I like it even better than making it in the skillet. It has to be heathier this way too as it was just a scant hint of margarine on it rather than what it takes to coat it in skillet.

Give it a try! My splenda mix I use is 1tsp cinnamon to 2 tbsp splenda but you can make your own mix up to your liking. We know diabetics are supposed to eat cinnamon everyday to help our condition so I think I've finally found a way to do just that!


Exercise is very import to the diabetic health overall plan

Start an easy exercise plan for yourself today and do it. Not tomorrow, not

someday, but today.

The reason is that's one of the leading helpers in

beating your diabetes. The symptoms lessen with exercise. The diabetic

neuropathy pain lessens with exercise, you force the nerve endings to be

busy and if they are busy they can't be bothering you with pain now can


You need to keep busy so you don't have time for pain. Sure I know

you'll still have lots of pain, it can't be helped. But, it's going to be

easier to get thru your pains if you are concentrating on other things.


it and see if it doesn't help eleviate some of the horrible pains you feel

in your legs and feet especially. The more small steps of exercise you can

take to make it become a lifelong daily habit the more some of your pain

will go away.

It's a mind over matter game where you need to take control

instead of letting the diabetes have control.


Side effects of diabetes can be harmful to your health and well being

There are many side effects of being diabetic. By that I mean there

basically dozens of things that can start going wrong simply because you are


It can start to affect your eyes and you may develop diabetic

retinopathy. Your kidneys can be affected and stop functioning at all. Both

of these are extreme things that can happen. They usually though will only

happen if you let your diabetes go and don't take of yourself for years.


what you are supposed to do by proper eating and exercising and you should

be able to avoid this from ever happening to you.


When your'e living a diabetic lifestyle certain changes must be made for safety's sake

If you are diabetic you are going to need to build yourself a support group

to help you overcome the day to day pitfalls that can come with it. It would

be nice to include as many family members as you can.

You want people who are eager to help you not people who will satatoge your

diabetes at every turn. Trusting people will help a lot in controlling your


Make up daily, weekly and monthly menus for you and the entire family to


Have the family members take over the grocery shopping and the

handling of money. Sure, you can still have some control of the finances but

now that you are diabetic there is going to be times when you are not fully

charged we'll say.

Your mind is going to wander more than it used to. Your'e

going to be in rooms and wonder what the heck did I come in here for? Simple

daily tasks you've done your entire life are going to be more of a struggle

to complete now.

Sometimes you will be just find and you can carry on your life as normal.

But there will be times everyday when you don't really feel like yourself.

When you're blood sugar is low and you're mind is confused about things.

It's going to happen several times a day not just once most likely. It's a

scary feeling knowing you are not in control of your thoughts anymore, but

that's the way it is.

You can avoid most of those times by always having your carbohydrates with

you to eat or drink at a moments notice when it's time. It's best to not try

to cut yourself a fresh orange when it's time for your diabetic snack.

That's because your thought process is weakened and you might cut yourself a

lot more easily than normal. So I would guesstimate you should only use a

knife for anything if you've had a full carb snack like you and your doctor

agreed upon and about 10 minutes has gone by. Then if you feel good you

should be good to go and use your proper kitchen utensils as normal.


snack carb number is 20 grams of carbohydrates. So I never try to cut up

anything unless I've just finished a snack. This just means if you want

that orange, you cut it right after your needed snack and you set it aside

until your next snack time comes around. It will be fairly soon. My snack

time meter is every 2 and a half hours for 20 carbs.

It's important to keep yourself safe during this diabetic period of your

life. So have family members help you with all the diabetic meal planning,

the grocery shopping and the making of your daily snacks.

That will all turn

out to be a big help to you. Make up as many snack items as you can for the

week and put them in individual tupperware type bowls with lids or in

baggies to stay fresh. Label them if need be and set yourself up a little

pantry for all your diabetic preferred needed snacks. One thing you don't

need to be doing when your'e 5 minutes out from needing your carb fix is to

be making or assembling a snack for yourself. All that making needs to be

done in advance so there's no chance of you hurting yourself in any way.

Build your own diabetic team maybe online to help too. There are dozens of

forums about the subject of diabetes you can read and interact with others

who have the same diabetic problems you have.

List of complex carbs carbohydrates and nutritious calories in foods

Here's a list of a lot of lower carb foods and their calorie count to help you see what you are eating more easily.

carbs and calories


Low fat (2%) milk 12 121

Yogurt (frozen, low fat) (1 cup) 34 220


Navy beans (1 cup) 48 259

Pinto beans (1 cup) 44 235

Refried beans (1/2 cup) 26 142

White beans (1 cup) 45 249


Apple (1 medium) 21 81

Apple juice (1 cup) 28 111

Applesauce (1 cup) 60 232

Banana (1) 27 105

Cantaloupe (1 cup) 14 57

Dates (dried)(10) 61 228

Grapes (1 cup) 28 114

Grape Juice (1 cup) 23 96

Orange (1) 16 65

Orange Juice (1 cup) 26 112
Pineapple (1 cup) 19 77

Prunes (dried)(10) 53 201

Raisins (1/2 cup) 79 302

Raspberries (1 cup) 14 61

Strawberries (1 cup) 11 45

Watermelon (1 cup) 12 50


Carrot (1 medium) 8 31

Corn (1/2 cup) 21 89

Beans, Lima (1/2 cup cooked) 20 108

Peas, green (1/2 cup) 12 63

Potato (1 large, baked, plain) 50 220

Sweet Potato (1 large) 28 118


Bagel (1) 31 165

Biscuit (1) 13 103

Breadsticks (2 sticks) 15 77

Bread (white)(1 slice) 12 61

Bread (whole wheat)(1 slice) 11 55

Cereal, ready to eat (1 cup) 24 110

Cookie (oatmeal raisin)(1) 9 62

Cornbread (1 square) 28 178

English Muffin 25 130

Fig Bar (1) 10 50

Graham crackers (2 squares) 11 60

Granola bar (honey and oats) (1 ounce) 19 125

Hamburger bun (1) 21 119

Hot dog bun (1) 21 119

Noodles (spaghetti)(1 cup) 34 159

Oatmeal (1/2 cup) 12 66

Oatmeal, Quaker instant, flavored (1 packet) 25 110

Pancake (4 inch diameter) 10 41

Pizza (cheese)(1 slice) 39 290

Popcorn, plain (1 cup, popped) 6 26

Pretzels (1 ounce) 21 106

Rice, white (1 cup) 50 223

Rice, brown (1 cup) 50 232

Saltines (5 crackers) 10 60

Tortilla, flour (1) 15 85

Waffles (2, 3.5" x 5.5") 17 130


Join me, I'm starting a new diabetic meal plan to lose weight Monday I need help and advice too I've gained 10 lbs!

New cut the fat out diabetic meal plan starts monday help me and yourself lose as much weight as we can in one month!

Well this is it! I've had it with this eating so many snacks and carbs because of diabetes like my doctor recommended. I've been doing that faithfully for an entire month and guess what it got me?

An extra 10lbx. that's what!! I am so disappointed and mad I can't see straight. Tonight I'm going to think over all this eating and diabetic meals and carbs and start tomorrow fresh with a new plan.

The problem is as you've probably guessed, I haven't got a new plan made out yet. I'm going to have to think long and hard about this. I cannot keep doing what he said as I resuse to gain yet another pound. I've been eating the 2 meals and 6 snacks a day like he said but that obviously has got to stop. I don't care if I'm not coherent part of the time I absolutely refuse to gain any more freakin weight!

I go back to the doctor the first week of next month so I'm going to try to figure out a way to lose as much weight as I can between now and then without killing myself and of course while trying to keep my blood sugar levels under control.

Why in the heck would my doctor put me on so many snacks that it could possibly gain that much weight I don't know. I've been trying to make most all of those snacks low calories but mainly I've been only concentrating on the actual carbs. I guess that was a mistake to do.

So tomorrow is going to be my brand new diabetic meal plan that's going to give me some weight control back, are you with me on this? Want to join with me and let's see how much weight we can drop in 4 weeks time? Let me know in the comments section if you're in. Also do you have any helpful tips on how we should get started? I'm at a lost at the moment.

Update: 3/07/09 I just weighed in and I've 3 of those dreaded pounds thank goodness. I've been trying harder.

Some helpful guidelines to improve your diabetic diet and meal planning ideas

If you're new to a diabetes way of life here's a few tips that might help

you carry out your diabetic plan for meals.

Try to not eat white foods anymore than you have too.< br>
white to brown rice for example.

Less processed foods.

High fiber foods.

Lower fat foods.

Check your dishes and make sure you're only eating the correct serving size.

for most fruits and vegetables - 1/2 cup. It's not much, but many people eat

a cup of stuff without thinking about it.
Use only dishes that you know

they'll equal the right portions for you.< br>

Try to include some protein and a little fat with each meal you eat.

Salads slow down digestions so try to eat a salad with each meal.
(I don't

eat salads so this is my "I can't do it".)

Eat right after you get up so your body doesn't have a chance to start

making sugar itself which will in turn raise your blood sugar levels up.

Low soldium.

More raw foods will help a lot.

Look at the juices you are drinking and check the carbs count on them to

make sure you're drinking the right serving size.

Make fruit servings be your dessert from now on. Once you get used to eating

more fruits it can be fun. You can mix many fruits into different

combinations to change the taste. Also some fruits taste great with a

mixture of spenda and cinnamon on them so try that.

white bread to whole wheat bread or multi grain breads.

Smaller portions make you have more control.

Aim for colored foods which are higher in fiber.

Your body will do better fighting diabetes if you can get 8 hours or close

of sleep.
I can usually 6 at a time, then eat and then nap a couple more

hours. Try that and see if it doesn't work better for you too.

Try to eat a 1/2 tsp of cinnamon every day in anything you want. It's been

shown to be a boost for the diabetics immune system so it can't hurt you.

Try cinnamon toast using spenda it's great.
Start experimenting with your cooking and spice up some of your dishes with

extra spices. They are actually good for you and they'll add a ton of new

flavor combinations for you.


Cooking with Olive Oil instead is a healthy cooking alternative for diabetic people with menu planning concerns

Cooking healthier dishes with olive oil as your fat

This healthier ways of cooking video is definitely worth watching if you are a diabetic trying to live a healthy life. Menu planning for diabetic people is hard to do. Cutting calories and fats helps our overall health and keeps our heart working better.

If you know someone who is a diabetic have them watch these informative cooking videos and see the changes they could be making to their life with little or no effort.

Walking regularly will lessen the diabetics neuropathy pain in feet and legs

You don't see too many heavy ducks waddling around town do you?

If you are a longtime type 2 diabetic sufferer who also has diabetic neuropathy in your feet and legs you probably already know this, but if not this info is for you.

Walking can help with your diabetic neuropathy pain. Even if you walk only a few minutes it can help you to feel better. When you walk you make the nerve endings in your legs and feet react. They do this by moving with you as you walk letting the blood flow thru your legs and feet as they should.

It increases the circulation within your body's structure but especially it helps the targeted areas you are using, your feet and your legs. The same place where your pain is coming from. So walking has a way of keeping your nerve tendons occupied so as you walk your brain is getting the message that you are using all your vital organs and don't have time for pain to be associated with you.

It sends a sort of message to your brain that you are exercising even if you are only walking very slowly so your body doesn't have time for pain. Even if you walk only 10 minutes at a time it will be ten minutes where you probably will be suffering with less pain from your diabetic neuropathy.

Staying on top of the diabetic game is how you can beat it. So walk a little bit everyday to help control your body's blood sugar levels. Walking can be fun and rewarding for you.


A low cost meal like spaghetti can be made diabetic friendly for your meal plan

I know we all right now are struggling a little more than usual in this

economy. Not only do we have to try to keep our diabetes in check we have to try to trim costs at the same time. It's hard enough being diabetic and trying to follow a healthy eating meal plan without trying to bring your meal costs down even more. But, we all usually have to do just that.

That usually means part of the grocery budget is the first thing to

be cut down some. If you have a fully stocked pantry you'll be okay by doing

that but if not you may need to resort to some frugal kitchen habits to make

it thru. You can also chop up some crisp turkey bacon to add to it and it makes it pretty filling if you're tired of ground beef.

what is your #1 meal you go to when you're trying to save on grocery costs and you're diabetic?

Mine is definitely spaghetti. It's very cost effective and everyone likes

it plus it's still a meal that fits in well with our diabetic meal plan as long as we're careful about it.

A serving of spaghetti is 2 ounces which is really quite a large serving and will fill you up. Most of the store bought sauces have a serving size of 1/2 cup which is a small amount I think to the amount of pasta you get to have. I find if I stir my sauce in and mix it all together with my spaghetti I'll have a little hint of a taste of pasta with every strand of spaghetti I eat. I don't like to pour my little bit of sauce in the center and eat it that way because I'm usually left with a bunch of spaghetti with no sauce.

I bet a lot of people's choice will be a good old fashion spaghetti meal.


Do you have a favorite diabetic friendly snack to tell us about?

Do you have a favorite one or two diabetic friendly snacks you like to go to? I'd love to hear what they are! You can tell us in the comments section or use our handy contact us form to submit your story to us. You may also send in your story on any other diabetic health related topics such as; neuropathy,blood sugar levels,glucose testing or more. There's always something to talk about with diabetic illnesses' around.

If you have a low carb or lowfat dessert or salty snack treat let us know.

Diabetic Meal Planning Takes Some Time and extra work but it's worth it

If you are looking for a high protein food item to use with your higher carb side dishes, boneless skinless chicken breasts fits the bill. It's cheaper to buy chickens on the bone and more flavorful too. If you don't like carving up bone in chickens go boneless and you'll still have a good protein to center your diabetic meals around.

When you're eating healthy chicken is very low fat so you can have up to 5 ounces of it at one sitting. If you compare that to your normal 3 ounce portion of beef and porks whicken looks even better.

It's low card, high protein and tastes great as long as you keep it diabetic friendly it's a great meal starter recommendation for you.

Since that is a large amount of chicken you may want to cut it down and round out the meal more evenly to suit your diabetic meal plan. But, at least it's nice to know there is one real meat you can
eat without throwing your diabetes meal plan all out of whack.

Thighs are more economical if you like the flavor of them (which I personally don't). So if you're trying to save money on your meal planning you might want to give chicken thighs a try. Buying in bulk also helps lower costs as you can package up your own family's portion sizes accordingly and fill your freezer.

Having a well stocked pantry and freezer will help you to make better choices when you're trying to figure your diabetic plans for the week ahead.

New 5 ingredient cooking show might offer some healthy eating meal recipes for us diabetics

There's a new television series to watch on food network this week. If you're like me you are always looking to cut corners in the kitchen but still come up with a healthier diabetic meal or snack right? Well, maybe this show will help us diabetic out some.
It takes a lot of ingredients to make a good diet friendly meal when you're battling diabetic illness. Nutrition if a must for all diabetics. Healthy ingredients purchased in bulk help with the budget too.

Sure, it's not geared just for diabetic people. But it's called 5 ingredient fix and you guessed it will feature easy recipes that only take 5 ingredients.

This could be a big help for anyone in the kitchen. I think we all should give it a try and see if we can incorporate some our healthy eating habits in with whatever she offers.

It can't be too hard or it wouldn't only take 5 simple ingredients to make them. I'm planning on watching it. I already always have a tivo season pass set up for all day food network saturday and sunday anyway. That way I never miss a new episode of any of the cooking programs. Maybe you should do the same if you like cooking programs.

This setup enables me to catch all the new ones that pop up unexpectedly and any old classics I wouldn't mind seeing again. You can always fast forward thru any of the repeats you don't want to watch. April is going to be a big month of new episodes for food network according to the commercials I've been viewing.

Remember, most of these 5 ingredient shows don't count salt or pepper as an ingredient so you'll be allowed to add those as a no count item when you're making a 5 ingredient recipe.

It's too bad there's no simple recipe or favorite ingredient to fix our diabetic neuropathy pain problem, right? Now that to me would be a true recipe for success that I'd like to watch happen soon.