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Our Ebay Store Directory Lane Superstore Diabetic Snacker

Hey, gals! Yes I know today's topic has nothing to do with diabetes but I've been busy listing all kinds of mixed lots on my ebay store for sale! I mean I'm exhausted I've listed about 10 different auction lots with a lot of stuff in them. There's something for everyone in these great lots! I've even went ahead and listed a lot of 18 new sports bras because so many have requested that I do. All our items are brand new and we ship the next day.


I have also today posted scrapbook lots, baby girl lots, baby boy gift baskets complete with party favors, women's 5x pajama's and nightgowns lot and a 6x pajama's lot too! I also created a lot of 4 of our great Americana baskets which everyone will want! I've never done that before for those such items but since they are our #1 selling item I thought I'd give it a shot. The sports bras go by your band size so if you normally wear a size 44 bra these will fit you perfectly! I hope you swing by and check out some of my new auction listings/lots as I've worked super hard the last 3 days creating, photographing, writing listings. blah blah blah. You get the picture but now I think I can finally see the living room again so I'll be back to my regular diabetes posting monday morning for sure. See ya on ebay!


I hate to give up my morning diet pepsi for the dreded diabetic A1c test people annoy me even more then my diabetic day that turned out horrible

Well today was a heap of fun in my diabetic world. I had to run in to the hospital to get my A1-C test or is it A1c test? I'm not sure how you write that out, I've never seen it written out before actually.

Anyway, I thought I was in for about a 10 minute visit only to sit in the waiting area for about 40 minutes. I get so annoyed when I'm having to wait for someone. Especially when you see 3 or 4 employees sitting there doing nothing or just chatting on their cellphones instead of taking care of a room full of patients.

I really hate it because you always know it's a private phone call because of course you can hear every word of the conversation. I don't believe people realize everyone in the room can hear you talking! This lady I'm referring to in particular was a diabetic and she was telling whomever she was talking to about the food she'd eaten the night before. She went on and on in such detail that I was sitting there starving listening to her!

I'd hoped to get my diabetes testing done and overwith long before my snack time at 1:30 but there it was 1:20 already so no such luck as that. While I know you're not supposed to eat or drink anything 10-12hours before taking the blood sugar glucose testing A1c test, I couldn't very well do that since my number kept dropping all day long. My doctor said to do the best that I could aka go as long as I could without eating before the test. It turned out I ate 3 grapes right at 1:30 when they called me in!

If they'd have waited another 5 minutes I'd have eaten my entire baggie full or I could have been passed out on the floor instead. Hmm, I wonder if I'd have gotten right in if that were the case? It makes you wonder doesn't it?

Since the emergency part of the hospital is in another building it stands to reason I'd probably still be lying on the floor if that had happened. Anyway, I got called in and they got it on the first try which is something my doctor's office can't do that's for sure. Why they had to have 6 tubes of my blood for that test I don't know. I felt like I was being used for a blood transfusion or something!

Anyway, it was done and over finally and I got up and walked out and realized I was pretty darn dizzy! In other words I was stumbling around all over the place similar to a drunk on the street! So I sat down and ate the rest of my baggie of grapes. More time wasted sitting there but oh well. So at least I think well my kids said we'd go out to eat.

Hey but guess what? They also were tired of sitting there waiting with me. Tired of my complaining (mentioning), why was it taking so long and my annoyances at the phone lady and said they'd changed their mind and just wanted to go home and eat there! Now isn't that a crock of you know what? By then my grapes had kicked in and my diabetic part of me was feeling better and I let them have an ear full to say the least!

These are grown kids by the way who get annoyed easily by mom and her new diabetic having to have a snack all the freaking time life! Like I'm not annoyed by it? Give me a break people! Someday when this happens to them being the greasy sugar eating everything has to be deep fried little punks thay've turned out to be I'm going to look them in the eye and say geez, I told you so!

What a day this has been. Of course I know part of the reason I had such a crappy day. It wasn't from the diabetes, or the blood sugars, the testings or anything else; it's because I couldn't have my morning diet pepsi because of the A1c test. That sucker got me into a lot of trouble today!

First thing I did when I got home was fix me a nice cold glass of diet pepsi and sit back and relax. What a disappointing day this turned out to be! Do you ever have one of the days like this?


Recipe Diabetic Friendly Krispy Cinnamon Raisin Bars

I've been wanting some of my favorite snack bars lately but was tired of paying the high price for them so I decided to make them myself. They turned out very good! I love the South Beach brand of cinnamon raisin bars. Have you tried them yet? They are addicting they are so good! These are a good naturally sweet treat for all us diabetics to eat whenever we need to get our carb count up to a normal level. Here's the quick and easy recipe for making your own diabetic friendly cinnamon raisin treats. After you try them let me know how you like them?

Diabetic friendly recipe south beach copycat
cinnamon raisin bars

Make your frosting first and set it aside. I put 1/4 cup splenda in a bowl and mix it with 1/2 tsp vanilla extract,1/4 tsp cinnamon,1 tbsp powdered sugar and 1 tsp of orange juice. Stir until it's smooth.
In a saucepan melt 1/2 stick lower fat margarine and 1 bag of reduced fat mini marshmallows. When it's melted together add 1 tsp of vanilla extract and 1 tsp of splenda sugar substitue. Add in 1/2 cup raisins now and 1 tsp cinnamon and stir. Once that's blended in add your 14 oz box of crispy rice cereal or any type of cereal you like will work too. Turn off the heat and stir with a nonstick spatula trying to coat all the pieces of toasted rice cereal.

This recipe takes a bit of elbow grease to get the ingredients all distributed evenly but the whole recipe is done in under 10 minutes. Pour into a sprayed casserole dish 13x9" and drizzle with your frosting you made. Let them cool and they'll be easier to slice. Once cooled cut into long thin strips to form your bars.

These are going to be the best cereal bars you ever make for yourself.


Found diabetic suckers lollipops today at amazon, they look & sound so goog that I just ordered my case

These diabetic suckers might be my new found answer to my constantly growing problem of trying to lose weight while still keeping my carbs up. We know as diabetics we have to keep our carb count up or put ourselves in jeopardy. I went thru and read all of the reviews about this product and I just placed my order! Thought you might want to follow along with me because it's a pretty sweet deal! They each have 18 grams of carbohydrates so that's good for diabetics to have. They're made with splenda sugar substitute so we know they'll taste pretty good. Not like some of those artificial tasting sweeteners we've all tried before.

Anyway, the main thing is besides having some needed carbs is they have only 35 calories each! That's very good for calories. That's even much lower than some of the healthy pieces of fruits I'm eating right now to keep my carb count steady. Let's face it, a gal can only eat so many pieces of fruit before we're sick of them, right? So this healthier version of a sweet candy might just be the way to go for all of us diabetics. The amazon reviews all gave a glowing comment for them so they must be pretty good. I think there was over 20 of them, I read them all till my eyes were about to pop out.

So 35 calories, 18 carbs are you in? Let me know your opinion in the comments section. Especially if you know of another product that's lower calorie but still contains carbohydrates. Hey, I forget to mention it doesn't say how many lollipops you get for the money but it's a 5lb box! That should be a lot of suckers.


Healthier tips to make small changes in your diabetic healh with your menu & meal plans

Healthier tips to make small changes in your diabetic healh with your menu & meal plans

Have you been watching your weight go up and up a little bit at a time with all the blood testing and all the snack eating we diabetics have to live with? Well, here's some tips to help get you back on the right track with your snacks.
If you have diabetes and find it hard on a daily basis to make your meal plans work for you try these heart healthy tips!

Choose a balanced breakfast that can be thrown together the night before, such as a hearty trail mix made with whole grain cereal, nuts of your choice and dried fruits bits,yogurt parfaits. You'll enjoy them and they're healthier for you.

Use whole wheat tortillas with low fat beans or mini pizza's made with whole wheat english muffins, turkey pepperoni and low fat mozzerella cheese. You won't believe how good thos can taste and still be lowfat.

Don't bring so many high sugar snacks into the house to tempt yourself with. It defeats your purpose. Stock the house with tasty, quick healthier fiber rich choices.
Maybe you like frozen fruit pops? Or other frozen fruit or vegetable offerings? If the really bad stuff is not in there you can't eat it, right? Sure your kids will cry about it for awhile but once they know they can still find ways outside of the house to get their sugar fixes they'll be alright with your new plan. Don't let the sugary sweets keep you from following your diabetic healthier eating plan.


Here's our current fundraiser for our diabetic Indy group, it's thru Current products, I'd appreciate if you'd take a look


I know I usually don't try to sell you anything but today I've started a new fundraiser agreement with Current Inc. they offer a great line of
household and everyday products everyone can use.

I'm having a fundraising for my diabetic group here in Indiana. You can help

me reach my goal by ordering online from Current Fundraiser.
It's easy to do, you can choose from lots of fun and practical products, and

50% of your total purchase goes directly to my fundraising group!

Just follow these easy steps:

Log on to the Internet at:

Current Fundraiser

Shop to your heart's content. You can choose from loads of reasonably priced

cards, gift wrap, gifts, candy and treats, even magazine subscriptions.
Look for special fundraiser Internet offers, too. You can order any product they have on their entire site!

When you check out, select:

State: Indiana Organization: Directory Lane Superstore

Participant #: 123456

Submit your secure order (using your credit card for payment).
Your purchase will be shipped directly to you from the Current warehouse.

Enjoy your top-quality household products, while you help my group meet our

fundraising goal.

Thanks for helping and come back soon to our ebay store!

Barb Gary (DLS)


Should you purchase diabetic special oriented shoes for about $300? I'll tell you why you shoudn't

Diabetic Neuropathy & Daily Shoe Wearing

Just because you're diabetic it doesn't mean you need to buy a special pair of diabetic only shoes. Your feet are not going to do any better by having a $300 pair of shoes than a good ordinary $60 pair of shoes. Just make sure you get the right type of shoe for your daily care. That means shoes with rounded toes not no toes or pointed toes. Shoes need to have a low heel about 1 inch or 3/4 inch is best. The soles should be comfortable and sturdy. This is not the time for a pair of flimsy shoes or high heeels. Diabetics should also not wear sandles or those flip flop sytle shoes as you can be prone to infections in your feet more than an ordinary person who is not suffering from diabetes.

It's more convenient for a diabetic person if their shoes do not have ties to mess with. Save yourself the extra strain of bending over to tie your shoe laces. Buy a good sturdy shoe with a velcro strap across the top of the foot. This lets you adjust the shoe to fit your foot for swelling problems that occur every day when your'e diabetic inclined.

While a velcro hard soled shoe might not be the most fashionable choice, it's the one that's going to let you carry on your daily life without extra problems added to it. Isn't that important to you? Let alone the fact that if you buy it right from the shoe store you'll save about $250 over buying it special order from a diabetic supply company. You don't need their services. They are a ripoff. I know because I had a special pair of these shoes and they did me no better than the $40 pair of casual shoes I purchased myself.

Now diabetic socks are another thing. Those can be helpful since they allow for swelling of the legs with little moisture holes allowing your leg to breathe when it needs to. They are also supposed to be lighter weight on the top of the foot which does help a lot. Myself, I only wear them when I'm leaving the house or having company as my feet are still totally irritated by socks on my hurting diabetic feet. If you have diabetic neuropathy go ahead and buy the diabetic socks as long as they are the kind that have open holdes in the tops so swelling has somewhere to go.

Diabetic shoes have nothing to do with fashion or the hottest sexiest color out right now. They are just a staple you need to live as normally as you can. With diabetic neuropathy you can't really live a normal life but you can try with just a few little changes to help you out along the way.


Exercise,regular diabetes testing,checkups can all have a hand in lowering your high blood sugar levels when your'e diabetic

If you're looking for diabetes related articles full of information, you've come to the right blog. In our archives (left sidebar), we've got tons of posts about low blood sugar, levels of blood sugar,what you're eating as a diabetic, posts about reducing sugar in your snacks and much more.

With the dreaded diabetes condition the more you know the more you'll need to know. There's always something new to learn about the disease and how it affects you and your well being. Blood pressure can also be affected by what snacks you eat in your diabetic daily diet. You must be careful to maintain the fitness goal for blood sugar that you and your doctor decided would work for you.

High blood sugar over time can be more deadly than high blood pressure is. It's not uncommon to have periods where your blood sugar runs higher than normal for no reason. Many times your emotions can make your blood sugar be higher than they should be. That's why it's important to keep yourself calm and on a regular daily routine so as not to interrupt the natural flow of things.

Since we know that little things in your daily life can affect normal blood sugar levels it's easy to see why a simple plan of diet and exercise is the best practice for a diabetics daily care. Veer off the chosen path and you nay find your blood sugar skyrocketing like never before.

So keep your daily routine in check. Follow the guidelines set by you and your doctor. Eat around the same time every day even try to eat your snacks around the same time. Get proper bed rest and plenty of exercise. If no other exercise can be done by you for health reasons walk as often as you can. It will do your body and soul good.

Do you know how much time you spend eating in general? It varies by the region you live in oddly enough

Here's a little eye opener for us all. We as diabetics know we have to have

more snacks than a normal person so our number is probably up in the 45%

rate for how long we spend each day actually eating,right? No wonder we're

all heavier than we should be. We have to eat more often so we're spending

half of our daily time eating!

Here's how the chart looks for the rest of the world of normal eaters. These

are not nesscessarily diabetics or obesity patients, just people in general.
I know different cultures have different food items but maybe the amount of

time we spend enjoying a meal is important to weight loss.

How long we spend eating per day

United States 35%

Mexico 30%

United Kingdom 25%

Australia 22%

Canada 20%

Korean 8%

Japan 5%

Want a free sample diabetes test kit?

Here's a new free sample for blood glucose sugar testing! Fill out their

form and they'll send you a free testing kit. The site says it's painless so

it might be worth trying. I'm all about getting rid of the pain.
Unistik3 Free Lancet Tester


Diabetic neuropathy pain calls for carrying pain medication with you at all times

Today we left to go to a favorite fast food restaurant, Arby's when I realized after we backed out of the driveway I had forgotten to take my tramadol that I should have taken 10 minutes earlier. I didn't want to wait an extra hour when we got back so we had to go thru all the hassle of opening back up the garage door, unlocking the small garage door and heading into the kitchen just to take a couple of pain pills. I

If you're like me though, and have the horrible pains in your feet or legs from diabetic neuropathy you'll know exactly why I went to all the trouble to do just that,right? It hurts, it hurts really bad. Since the mediciation wears off an hour before it's time to take it again I really didn't have any excuse for forgetting to take it. Well, wecept for the fact I was trying to get myself ready to go. Which for me means the hardest part, remembering to put a snack in my purse just in case of a problem arising from the diabetes. Now, I know I shouldn't have a problem just going to a restaurant and eating but sometimes things like that just do cause a problem as all diabetics know from experience at one time or another.

Besides, the reason I do take a long one or two snacks is sometimes my kids decide we need to go somewhere else once we've eaten. Needless to say I don't want to cause a diabetic commontion 2 hours later when I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere without a snack. That's why I always pack one for myself.

So now today, when I got home (we didn't go anywhere else of course), I put a tupperware midget in my purse with some tramadol tablets inside and I marked the bottle with masking tape and a permanent marker. So now, never again will I have to worry about being out and about and not having my pain medication. Believe me, you don't want to be around me if I haven't had my pain pills. It keeps my pain just manageable enough that I can stand it. It doesn't mask the pain completely away just partially. But as you know with this neuropathic pain if it masks it all it's a lot better than the suffering that comes with it.

So, put your extra pain pills in your purse and a snack. That's my lecture (tip),for the day. It can avoid you having to hear a lecture later on for why didn't you do that from everyone.

If you know someone diabetic suffering from neuropathy pain don't give them lectures help them get their snacks fixed up and their medications in order. It's important and it only takes a few minutes. We need some help sometimes.


Here's a new top 12 list of Super Foods when you're eating healthy or diabetic

The top twelve foods that are healthy for diabetics but I never plan on eating them. At least I did honestly give each of them a try, some of them more than once but I just can't see America's fascination with any of these foods.




4.blueberries (ok, I like these IF they're in a recipe)

5.fava beans






11.fresh oregano


While I realize I'm a diabetic and I need to make myself eat some of these, I just cannot do it. I love olive oil but I hate olives. I don't like any color of a pepper whether it's red, yellow or green. I like dried oregano a lot but I just can't see how people can throw some green looking grassy stuff on their plate and call it a plan for dinner. It's just beyond me.
Anyway, if you like some of the superfoods above you should try to incorporate them more into your daily diabetes plan for meals.


Diabetic friendly baked onion ring vegetable side dish low caloire

I have a new recipe for Onion Rings you might want to try. It makes
them a lot less calorie laden than normal onion rings would have.
That's because they're baked. No deep frying involved anywhere.
Here's the recipe;

Baked Onion Rings

Peel & Slice 1 Large Onion



baked potato chips


1 egg


buttermilk powder

Slice your onion into your rings and seperate them on a platter.
In a shallow dish add breadcrumbs and crushed baked chips (food processor)
them. In another shallow dish add the buttermilk powder, the egg beaten with a fork,salt,pepper, and enough water to form
a consistency like a pancake batter. Mix well all the wet ingredients.

Spray nonstick spray on a cookie sheet. Take the onion slice thru
the wet then to the dry mixture then to the baking sheet. Spray
the tops with the spray. Bake at 450 degrees for about 20 minutes
or until you think they're done. Don't cook these at a lower temp
or they won't be crispy like you want them to be.

These are really low calorie so you can eat at least 6 or 7 of them
with no guilt! Finally a diabetic friendly onion ring recipe I
can live with.


New Healthy Recipe Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Carmelized Onions

I just thought of the greatest new recipe for a couple of my favorite healthy foods. It's Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Carmelized Onions. Doesn't that sound good? I think they sound delicious! I know I like all the ingredients so I'm going to make these and add them to my healthier eating diabetic meal plan tomorrow.

Here's how I'm going to prepare them incase you want to try them yourself. If you do, let me know in the comments how they turned out.

Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Carmelized Onions Recipe


2 sweet potatoes

1 red onion

2 tbsp. olive oil

1 tbsp. kosher salt

1 tsp. nutmeg

1/2 tsp. black pepper

1 tbsp. margarine

Peel and dice 2 sweet potatoes
place on a sprayed cookie sheet
sprinkle with salt & pepper,nutmeg & 1 tbsp olive oil

Roast them in oven at 450 degrees for 30 minutes or until done.
Set aside when done. For the onion; saute in the margarine & the other
1 tbsp. olive oil until light brown and caramelized color over
medium heat. Usually will take about 15 minutes or so.

Pour the sweet potatoes & the juices from the tray into a large serving
bowl, then add the carmelized onions and stir together. Taste for
seasoning, it might need a bit more salt or pepper.

Enjoy a nice healthy side dish that's low in sugar and low in calories
too! Serving size is 1/2 cup so this should probably make you
4 servings depending on the size of the potatoes you used. We know as
diabetics onions are a good vegetable for our diet plans. Sweet
Potatoes are also good since they don't spike your blood sugar levels
like white potatoes can. So it's a win win situation having 2 veggies


Early Mother's Day Pizza Celebration even when your'e a diabetic is nice

Today is one of my favorite days because I get to order in my personal favorite meal in lieu of Mother's Day. Yes I was too lazy to think about going out for a meal and since we have a lot of tivo watching to catch up on this gives me the chance to do that by staying home. My favorite meal we're having is Gallagher's Pizza delivered to the door!

When you're diabetic I know you might think pizza is off limits but it's not. That's because as I've said many times before there is no food that you cannot have just because you are a diabetic sufferer. It just has to be the right serving sizes for you because portion control is what diabetes is all about.

2 small slices will do me just fine and my number won't go up it will stay right in my normal range. Granted before I was diagnosed with diabetes I would have easily like anyone else on the planet ate at least 3 or 4 small pieces without batting an eye. But, know I know better than that, right? Right.

So when you look at your diabetic meal plan that way it seems within reason to have 2 small pieces of pizza. You can still have a serving of fruit which is usually 1/2 cup and still be right on target. That will fill you up too since the fruit is so healthy for you anyway but in this case it will serve as your dessert. I like having dessert with my dinner especially on Mother's Day celebrating which yes I know is Sunday. My kids are here today though so that's why we are having our little dinner today instead.

So treat yourself to something nice this sunday for Mother's Day. You know all of us moms deserve a little extra pampering on our special day. Even if you have to do the special touches yourself you'll feel better for having taken part in the celebration.
Afterall, you don't stop living just because you have a diabetic disease. It just poses a few problems and workarounds, especially in your eating plan.


List of helpful diabetic guidelines to help keep your diabetes under control

Here's a list I just formed to help me keep my diabetic life under control a little better.

I thought it might help others too to remind them of some of the daily important tasks we need to take care of.


walk as often as you think you should not when you want to.

Doctor Appts.

keep regular doctor appointments.


fix your snacks up ahead and put them in your snack basket or fridge.

try a new snack item today.

make a easy snack for tomorrow that you've never tried before.


limit your high carbohydrate foods and drinks.


drink more water.


get more sleep.


take your medicine on time.

Diabetic Testing

test if you should, it matters.

Low Carb Foods

eat lower carb food equally distributed thruout the day to feel your best.

eat an actual serving size of foods not what you think should be a serving


Here's some guide to what & where you can find some diabetic items on this site incase you are having problems

Wondering where to start on this super large site?

I decided there is so much information on this blog I'd map out a

guide to help you find something you may be needing a little quicker.

If you need the pages translated go to the very bottom of the page.

###########Want more diabetes related posts, articles or stories?###############

There are hundreds listed at the bottom of the 2nd post on every page.

Or go to the left sidebar for the blog's archive to find a post by month.

Want to subscribe to our feed? In the left sidebar.

All down the left sidebar clear down to the bottom of the pages are constantly updating news about blood pressure,diabetic neuropathy,medical journal information, the latest diabetes news and numberous diabetic gadgets & tests to try all free.

Healthy recipes in the sidebar to the left.

Weight watcher recipe links in the sidebar to the left.

Diabetic testing videos sidebar to the left.

As you can see most of the content that updates automatically like recipes,
nutrition stats,blood pressure daily news are all in the sidebars.

Read thru some of my other posts to find handy diabetic snack tips for yourself anytime. I've got hundreds of them!


Diabetic meal plan can earn you a little regular chocolate pudding treat

I just had a 1/2 cup serving of Kroger brand chocolate instant pudding and let me tell you it was excellent. This time I decided not to buy the sugar free type but opted for the full flavor deal instead so I could have it be one of my diabet snack time treats.

The pudding is the kind you mix with milk and make it yourself in the fridge. It was about 89 cents cheaper than the jello brand which was a big plus for me. I hate paying extra for snacks if I can find them at a more reasonable price.

This pudding has 90 calories and 22 carbs per 1/2 cup serving so it fits pretty well in my snack plan. If you haven't given pudding a try in years I think you should because it really is smooth and creamy and good tasting. As a matter of fact it was worthy of licking your bowl and your spoon! I love having new treats that I can have with my diabetic meal plan and still be well under the radar as far as the bad for you foods go.

Remember what I always say you can eat anything in the world that you want when you're a diabetic just it has to be in moderation. I did make mine using the instant powdered skim milk but you can't tell the difference between that and real 2% milk once it's cold.


The American Diabetes Association's website can provide a lot of good information about diabetes health,menu planning and portion control

Tips on diabetic lifestyles and menu planning where to find it

Sometimes when you are trying to do the right thing with your diabetes life

it's hard to know the sugar level of every food you consume. One site to

give a lot of helpful information for that is the American Diabetes

Association website. I't located here ADA

Foods that are lower in blood sugar is what you'll be searching for.

You'll find several recipes on their site that have low sugar

content so they are also healthier choices for diabetics to eat. If you look

around their site a long time you'll notice many recipes for cookies, cakes

and pies too. While most people think that diabetes means having to stop

eating those heavier types of desserts it really does not mean that at all.

Even though you are now a diabetic patient you can eat anything in

the world you want to eat! The simple plan to remember is you have to eat

just a small portion of anything you want to eat. You can have your cake and

eat it too as the saying goes. You just have to eat a tiny piece of that

cake in order to not make yourself sicker by making your blood sugar or

glucose levels as they are called rise. The more times you eat badly the

more you will be making your blood sugar levels rise. Rising of blood glucose sugar levels is not a good

thing for a dibatic to have happen all the time.

Over time constant rising

will lead to many more complications of the diabetes disease even death if

it goes on long enough.

Moderation is the key point to remember in this simple life menu planning.

You have to accept the fact that no matter what food you want you can only

eat a certain amount of it. Portion control is the best way to aid yourself

in helping your diabetic life stay intact and keeping your blood sugar

levels as normal as you can make them.

The more meals you plan with your diabetes in mind and carry out using the

right portion controlled amounts for your servings the better off you'll be.

You should start right away limiting your food intake to regular normal

sized portions not what the restaurants serve you or what you are used to

eating at home.

We in America have become so comfortable with eating large portions of food

that we just stopped noticing how much we are eating. So let's get that back in our own control and eat normal size portions of all the foods we eat and it will benefit our diabetes health in the long run.