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More of my daily diabetic diet planning ideas forr you to lower blood sugar levels

Today was another good day with my new diabetic diet meal planning menu and I lost another 1/2 lb when I weighed in this afternoon! I really am so excited to finally have a meal planning come together for me!

Here's what I had today incase you want to follow my diabetes meal plan yourself:

Friday June 13th,2009


7:30 am

1 cup corn flakes cereal

8 oz 2% milk

9:30 am

1&1/4 cups watermelon (finally back in season)

11:30 am lunch

2oz turkey

1/2 cup green beans

1 whole wheat bun


applesauce 1/2 cup

3:30 pm dinner

2 slices bologna

6 saltine crackers

10 potato chips munchos

diet pepsi

6pm snack

1 & 1/4 cup canteloupe

8:30 pm snack

sorbees sugar free sucker strawberry

11pm bedtime snack

2 rice krispy treats

1 tbsp sugar free cool whip (new but different)

All in all today was very good for me! The only time I had trouble keeping my brain functioning was after the cereal. For some reason Cheerios keeps my brain cells working while plain old corn flakes does not! So I had about an hour this morning of dumbfoundness but I was ok after I had the midmorning snack. Which leads me to believe that I just may as well mix in the whole box of corn flakes with the cheerios already in my huge tin can I am always referring to. I think a mixture of them will taste ok and there will be enough cheerios in there to keep my brain working until the morning snack at least that way.

Let me know if you try this meal day and if it gives you a good result or not. My blood level glucose number has remained low all week during this experimental testing so that's a positive sign. I even had about 3 of the super mini tootsie rolls during the day today and I've still managed to lose another 1/2 lb. so yippee it's working! It's nice to have full brain power back for most of the day now again!

Also don't forget to do your daily walking! I sometimes may forget to mention it but I am getting off the computer regularly and walking even if it is only for about 10 minutes at a time. I do that about 6 times per day at least so that is helping I feel like and it doesn't make me work up a sweat that way at all!

I usually have to get up to go to the bathroom anyway and you should have to do that too if you're still continuing to drink the water like we are supposed to! I really have found that I detest drinking so much water but since something in the plan is working or a combination of all the stuff is working so I am planning to keep doing it. I do drink a glass of sugar free lemonade with lunch and it helps break up the monotomy of water.

Wyler's has a good brand for that if you want to try it. We carry that brand here at our local Kroger grocery store and also Hostess bread store has it for just a $1 a box so that's a big savings since there's 3 tubs in the box and each makes 2 quarts of lemonade for you. Try it and see if you don't like it. So far I've only wound up drinking about 4 glasses of actual water per day and the other 2 liquids are my diet pepsi in the morning and the one I have with dinner. I know there not as healthy as drinking water but at least the doctor did say they count as water!


A daily diet of 1200 calories for the diabetic planning meal menus is hard to do

Yesterday we wrote down my entire's week worth of food to eat on my new diabetic diet meal plan . The meals consist of a total daily intake of 1200 calories which sounds like a low amount but I'm finding if I eat the proper allotted amounts of fruits I'm able to be not hungry.

I'm following my doctor's new plan and this is the 2nd of it and I've not been hungry yet at least! My son did help me reconstruct me plan so it would better suit my personal needs. I need more carbs in the morning than what the plan calls for so we decided to switch the breakfast meals with the lunch meals for this week and see how that works out for me.

That's a real plus in my favor since I wasn't getting any freaking breakfast meats for my morning meal and you all know how much I love all my favorite breakfast meats! Well now I'm able to work those in a bit a few days a week making me a much happier diet diabetic gal in the first place.

Here's what I've eaten so far today:


2 toast (allowed only 1 if this was breakfast!)

2 turkey bacon (cook in the microwave crispy it's better)

4 oz 2% milk

My breakfasts thru the week are at 7:30. Then at 9:30 I have a fruits snack which today was a small banana. That carried me over carbwise until lunchtime where I had 1/2 a cinnamon raisin bagel. This is the first time I've ever eaten a bagel and I found that I love them! It's kind of chewy like a soft pretzel yet filling like a piece of toast is plus of course it has a bit of saltiness to it that I just love!

We bought several flavors last night hoping I would like them so that's a good thing! I bought sourdough ones and whole wheat ones too since they were out of plain ones at the store.

Then at 1:30 I had my official mid day fruits snack. This time I picked some canteloupe and fresh strawberries and I put a little cool whip on them. Sugar free cool whip is a free diabetic freindly food item and I can't keep enough of it in the house! The strawberries mixed in with the cool whip was delicious and since I'd put the canteloupe on the bottom of the bowl it was especially great since it'd soaked up some of the strawberry juices!

Dinner is going to be:

2oz burger grilled

bit on fresh onions

5 texas crisper french fries

whole wheat small bun

I think this new plan worked out good for today. I had only one 15 minute period when I was "loopy" as my kids call it, meaning no brain function at the moment.

Well now that dinner is overwith I must say it was very good! Incase you're wondering just how big a 2oz hamburger is I'll tell you it's not big enough! ha ha
It's about the size of a White Castle's hamburger to put it in prospective for you which is very small and about as thin. It's the smallest size of meat I've ever tried to eat and be satisfied with, that's for sure. I still was a little bit hungry after dinner but I did wait it out for my 6pm snack of whcih I had an orange.

Now, here at bedtime tonight I'm having 3 grahman crackers 2&1/2" squares each. Funny how I use to count the entire long unbroken squares as 1 but not anymore. I'm tired of feeling bad from this diabetic neuropathy and diabetes and I'm really going to do all I can to lose this weight once and for all if it's the last thing I ever do!

I could of course have had a vegetable for dinner as I should have but since I'm limited by what I'll actually eat to green beans or sauerkraut, I just couldn't look at either one of them again so I just skipped the vegetable tonight. Have you ever eaten a vegetable every day until you got sick of it and didn't want to see it even on the plate anymore? That's the way I'm feeling about green beans tonight. This being diabetic really stinks doesn't it?


Day 2 Of My Diabetic Meal Planning Daily Meals Menu Included Help Your Mind Stay Focused

Well today is day two! Last night went good but I was starving. I was so glad that my bedtime snack included a rice krispy treat and a glass of milk! Without it I surely would have failed to complete day one! Here's today's meal planning ideas and menu planning meal for you to follow along. I'm happy to report though I didn't want to get on the scales already but my son made me; I've already lost an entire pound! That was some great news as I know I'm at least taking the step in the right direction. Now if I could do that every single day I'd be perfectly happy wouldn't you?

This new diet plan is going to work this time for me. You know how I know it's going to work? My adult son & I went to my doctor together yesterday and sat down and made up this new meal plan for my diabetic eating habits!
This is the first time my son has gotten on board with me to help me lose this weight in hopes I could start feeling better from my diabetes and from diabetic neuropathy pain. I've tried everything else so now I'm ready to do this. I really want to lose the weight now because my son is 33 and I've been fat ever since he was born! Just once I'd like to look like before I had him when I was a mere 110lbs.!! Yeah, right you say! Yeah, I know highly unlikely but I'd be happy with a 149lbs. weigh in! I don't expect to ever see the other side of 110 again!
Ok, on to today's meal lineup.

So now you have to walk everyday and drink lots of water and follow this dieting plan approved by my family doctor. It's nice to know I've got 2 guys backing me! The calorie count they've put me on is a strict 1200 calorie diet!

Breakfst 8:30 am

1/2 cup cereal cheerios

8 oz milk 2%

10:45 am

canteloupe and strawberries mixed 1 cupp (that's really a lot of fruit!)


2oz beef patty

bit on onions grilled

1 whole wheat bun

1/2 cup sauerkraut

1 tbsp walnuts



2oz turkey

whole wheat bun

5 garlic potato wedges baked

1/2 cup green beans

1tbsp pecans

Dinner was very filling, I remember thinking 1 tablespoon of pecans is actually a lot of pecans! Of course since I'm drinking water a lot thru out the day as the doctor said it helps keep you full all the time a little more.
My bedtime snack was really good, it was a combonation of foods I'd never tried together before but I did find they tasted very good together and I'll have them again!

Bedtime Snack

3 cups popcorn unbuttered

1 cup hot sugar free cocoa

I felt like I was a campfire like in my brownie scout days! Man that was about 45 years ago! Isn't it funny how food can trigger an old vintage memory? I think it's great!

(I'll fill in later)


New Doctor visit, new menu plan for this diabetic neuropathy patient to follow daily menus with

Ok, gals today was my first start of my brand new doctor advised meal plan! I'm so excited about it since I went to the doctor yesterday and he finally took me off the meal plan hea had me on for my diabetes. As you know if you've been here before I've picked up 20 pounds recently with his carbohydrate changes in my daily meal plan. Well no more! He's finally put an end to that sorry plan once and for all!

Today, starts the new steps of my I'm going to lose this weight diabetic meal plan. Here's what I've had today for this doctor approved 1200 calorie meal plan. I'm going to post everyday my menu, my meals and any diabetic recipes if there is one. Since my carb count drops when I don't eat I won't be doing as much cooking as I formerly did. This plan is spacing out my food a bit more and at 1200 calories there's not a lot of food to prepare anyway!


1/2 cup cereal cheerios

8 oz 2% milk

raisins 1/4 cup


2oz turkey,br>
1 whole wheat round bun,br>
small orange

1/2 cup sauerkraut

diet pepsi


2 oz burger plain grilled

1/2 cup mashed potatoes

1/2 cup green beans

1 tbsp brown gravy fat free

15 medium size grapes

diet pepsi

This new plan calls for only 1200 calories a day total which is quite a difference in what he did have me on before making me gain the 20lbs.

Late night Snack:

1/2 cup orange sherbet ice cream

Total 1195 calories! I did it!

My thoughts:

Breakfast was pretty good but left me really hungry since I'd been accoustomed to having a full cup of cereal! It seems I barely got started eating and the bowl was over and breakfast was finished! The raisins for breakfast I'm not really a big fan of.

It seems they taste more like a shoe leather early in the morning for some reason. Tomorrow I think I'll try an orange instead if I'm able to properly cut it without hurting myself since the early morning is usually a clumsy diabetic time for me. I was famished by the time lunch rolled around and scarfed it down within 10 minutes! Good thing the table is attached somewhere or I could have eaten it too!

Dinner seemed like a test more than a meal as I sat at the table looking at my grown sons platters piled high with beef manhattans like a mountain peak. My plate had a lot smaller portions and it seemed kind of unfair to me.

But, it tasted good and I stayed within my calorie take zone so that's a good thing I suppose. To add insult to injury my youngest son got up when he was finished and brought a chocolate hostess cupcake back to the table with him to eat! I could have licked that darn cupcake all over watching him it eat and a tall glass of milk!

My bedtime snack was the best thing I had all day for sure since orange sherbet ice cream is one of the best foods on the entire planet!

Hear the bird's chirping?
This end to the day made the whole day's measley meals seem worth it and I forgot all about it relishing in the fact that I was getting to eat my glorious orange sherbet once again!

Come back tomorrow for another day's new menu on my new 1200 calorie diabetic meal plan!


Baking a turkey for future meals is an economical way to keep diabetes in check

Today I decided to bake me a healthy turkey breast to put aside for meals for myself. We had bought the breast this week while Kroger had them marked at a low $1.39 a lb. I baked it differently than normal as I was trying to not have it be calorie laden. That would defeat the purpose of having it in the first place wouldn't it? No one else here likes turkey breast like I do so it's all for me! Yum!

I washed it and placed it on a nonstick turkey v rack and let it roast until it was done which roughly took about 2 hours and a half. Fummy how long it takes a cute little turkey to cook. Instead of covering the whole thing with a stick of butter like I ususally do I sprayed the whole thing with olive oil spray and put just a little bit of salt and pepper on it. I baked it and let it rest before slicing. It was certainly moist and juicy and very good. So tonight I had a turkey taco with it as my first beef alterntive meal. My kids were having tacos so I had a completely healthy meal instead!

My meal:

4oz roasted turkey breast

1/4 cup green beans

1/4 cup corn (I cleaned out the fridge)

whole wheat taco shell

1/2 cup peaches

So I did actually succeed in having a good for you diabetic meal! I'm so proud of myself! Hey, it's a start. It's a new small step in the right direction, right? Earlier today I drank 3 glasses of water before dinner so I was already full when I got to the table so that helped me a lot. Believe me when I say looking at my grown kids plates I did eat healthy!ha ha They had nacho's and about 6 fully loaded tacos each plus chips! See, I told you I ate healthy!

If you've ever read my meals before I usually have cheeto's with my taco's so the fresh fruit was a good change of pace. I think that's all we need to do with our diabetic meal plan is to plan a change of pace everyday. Sure my feet are still burning like they're on fire even though I'm eating healthier everyday. I'm hoping that will stop magically one day as the pills don't help all the time just partially to control my diabetic neuropathy pains.

I packaged the turkey up in 4oz portions for myself and wrapped each serving in aluminum foil to protect it from the freezer. Then I slip each down into a zipper freezer bag and I mark turkey on the outside. That way the next time the kids are having say fried chicken strips & fries I can pull me out a serving of turkey instead and it's already cooked! Isn't that a genius idea? The turkey we bought made 8 portions counting the one I ate tonight. So for $9.00 we got 8 servings of turkey a good healthier protein which we all should be eating more of.

Tomorrow is my regular visit time for my doctor. That means a 3 hour waiting room visit if I'm lucky at all. By that I mean it's never went to 4 hours yet thank goodness but you never know with them. My A1c blood sugar test came back with a 95 last week so at least that's good. This time though my son said he's going in with me to talk to the doctor so that doesn't sound good. Especially since he wants to bring up how I can't remember anything and other equally important things that are going on around here. Well, I hope I'm coming back home at least, ha ha!

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