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I just submitted this tip to Rachael Ray's website

I just submitted this to Rachael Ray's website. I figure she could come up with a lot of imaginative ways to use my favorite sweet snack the marshmallow if she tried! I look forward to seeing her ideas in the near future. Do you have a special way of fixing marshmallows like this you want to share? I'd love to see it!

Not a recipe just wondering why you've never done this on the show. I do it all the time since I'm diabetic it's a healthy low fat great tasting snack! Each large marshmallow is only 30 calories and 3 is a serving size. Taste like a million bucks just like the campfire days. You could also make your smores like this which I'm sure you do already. If I'm really craving sweets I'll put a tsp of smucker's sugar free caramel on top before toasting them! They also make chocolate so that & a graham cracker is my smore's treat. Pretty darn good for a very few calories for one.

Set the oven on broil. Put the marshmallows on a baking dish & broil until browness you want usually takes about 3 minutes total and you have warm gooey goodness with a bit of crunch. Add some nuts or coconut to fancy it up even more. Put a tbsp. of cherry pie filling underneath & you've got heaven. Hope you like these easy tips.


Alex's Day Off new Tv Series Food Network

Wow, did you see that huge breakfast layout on the new shown on Food Network? It's called Alex's day off and it aired Sunday & omg!

That's the 1st time I've seen a cooking show actually show an elaborate, country, old fashioned huge breakfasts like people really freaking eat! Well ok, like I used to be able to eat before I became a diabetic. It was scarry it had so much richness and goodness to it it would kill you to eat all that but I still enjoyed watching her create all her dishes that you could tell she loved.

While I've never fried doughnuts with a meal just usually by themselves it sounded very promising. Also she had absolutely 0 regard for anything being healthy which was a complete change from Food Network's usual programming. I for one, loved it! I mean come on, we know wtf we are supposed to eat but who the heck wants to see that? There's no fun, no excitement, no anticipation in watching greens cook or beans simmer. I loved how she extravagantly put cheese on top of those crispy potatoes. And, the brown sugar on the thick sliced bacon! Wow that looked really good. So I'll never get to recreate these recipes anymore now that we diabetics know that bacon fat is not our friend, but it was fun watching someone else who loves it as much as I do. I miss my bacon fat and bacon so much! Turkey bacon just doesn't get it no matter what I do to it but I'm eating it. I'm just not enjoying it or "inhaling it" like I would my beloved bacon slices.

So keep it up Alex, I loved your show but just a word of I've been there, enjoy it now because that's the same road I went down and now I have a ton of health issues. It was nice to have something new and interesting like "real food" for a change instead of healthy stuff. I swear my diabetic feet were burning just watching it but still great!


Recipe news & Tips for Diabetes

If you are wanting to save a few calories it's easy to coat chicken pieces with a lowfat plain yogurt and breadcrumbs and bake it in the oven. This is of course instead of the dreaded fried chicken we all love so much. It will still be nice and crispy and flavorful and will not have the oil & grease that goes along with ordinary fried chicken. Afterall, you won't be using any eggs, milk or fattening white flour at all.