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Indiana's Gray Brothers Cafeteria Is A Feast To Enjoy

Today we went to our annual Christmas traidition dinner at Gray Brother's Cafeteria. It was a great meal, well beyond what mere words could express. Today was like a special buffet feast for me since I am diabetic. I chose the absolutely huge enough for 3 people easily, breaded tenderloin pork as my entree. I swear it was at least 12" round!

Indiana is known for their Tenderloin sandwiches all deep fried & juicy good & this one did not fail. It was the best piece of meat I could have ever hoped for. Of course let's be realistic here, I knew when I purchased it I would not be eating the entire portion as it was just too too large. I actually aplit it into 3 portions & kept one for myself which looked like about a 5ounce portion which is a good size for me to eat & not have my blood sugar spike.

I also got their great mashed potatoes covered in white country gravy, their homemade bacon infused green beans & of course their soft yeast roll. I had a couple of bites of my son's sweet corn which was also delicious.

This meal is the best plate in Indiana to be found & I really challenge any State anywhere to beat it for taste. The crispness of the breading is light golden brown & just right, the country gravy is smooth & hot. The yeast rolls just melt in your mouth!

To top it off I was going to go with a sugar free piece of some type of pie because I've had them there before & they are very good. But, today I spotted my #1 favorite all time dessert anywhere; Carrot Cake with luscious cream cheese frosting. So naturally, that's what I chose knowing I would have to "portion" out it in a take home box. I was happy as could be with that! I ate my dinner loving every single bite & when finished I enjoyed 2 bites of my great carrot cake, which did not disappoint me in any way. It tasted as I would imagine the best thing on heaven would taste like.

Then, I packed it up & brought it home. I'm dividing it up into 2 more snack times for myself so I'll have a really special treat for 2 of my usual boring snack times. Sounds like a great plan to me. So I had all my favorite foods while out to eat & I ate good portion sizes of everything so I feel really good about myself. I definitely think a to go box upfront is the best way to go about portioning out your diabetic meal & not spiking your blood sugars while out.

If you haven't tried Gray Brother's Cafeteria in Moorseville, Indiana in awhile, I highly recommend you give it a try. Today it was still all lit up for the Christmas season so I truly loved my special visit. Don't think you can't enjoy a good quality meal out when you're diabetic because ou can. They have so many options you could seriously only eat healthy if you wanted to. I say go for it, it's a Indiana Tradition in our house.


Happy New Year & Diabetes Talk

I hope everyone has a nice Merry Christmas! I know how hard it can be when you have Diabetes. It seems everyone is trying to tell you what you can have & what you can't. I personally hate it when someone who knows nothing about Diabetes says "What are you doing? You can't eat that!". We know what we can eat & what we can't. Smaller portions allow us to eat any darn thing we please in moderation & with some common sense.

Anyway, I've been reading a lot of recipes lately. I've been searching for all kinds of new rss feeds to add to my google reader (love it). It's so great to have all the recipes, articles delivered right to your desktop for all my favorite sites. If you haven't gotten a free google reader yer you should try it!

Right now, I'm been enjoying looking up a lot of no bake recipes. I find those very nice & easy to do with no mess or trouble. I can make any recipe for any desserts I wish just substituting my splenda for the sugar called for in a recipe & my whole wheat flour for the all purpose flour required. Try it for yourself & see, it works on everything!

Earlier today I watched as Gida DeLorentis was baking a cake & she used only the egg whites in it thus making it a Fat Free, Angel Food consistency Cake! What a wonderful idea that is! That would be very helpful to all of us diabetics, fat free, sugar free cake is a great snack idea for the blood sugar testing!

She also left the eggs out completely for one baked goodies recipe of cake & she said that makes them cookies! So 2 great ideas to save calories & our health!


Baking Christmas Cookies For The Diabetic Family

It's easy to bake cookies this time of year. We know we still love to do & want to do it even though as diabetics we are not "allowed" to eat that many of them anymore. You can actually still have all the fun of baking your cookie trays just by making some simple changes to the cookie dough & to the frostings you use. Here's the tips I'm talking about.

Use any cookie recipe that you find but swap out these essential baking elements & it will still come out perfectly fine but you'll actually be able to have 1 or 2 without your blood sugar levels going crazy!


splenda for sugar

molasses for brown sugar

splenda in the food processor for powdered sugar

lower fat margarine for butter, shortening

1 egg & 1 egg white for 2 eggs

fat free cream cheese for cream cheese

fat free cream cheese & splenda & vanilla extra for vanilla frosting

fat free cream cheese, splenda & unsweetened cooca powder for chocolate frosting

You can still happily make all your cutesy designs, faces, trees & holiday themed cookies as the recipes call for if you use all the swap outs for all the recipes. Once you get the hang of doing it, it will be easy!

For the baking pans don't use butter or oils instead use butter flavored cooking spray or vegetable flavored cooking spray. They add virtually no calories, no sugar to the pan & the food will taste just as great.

I'm a big fan of jell-o sugar free chocolate pudding so use it in a variety of recipes to make some super holiday desserts. Make a trifle with the pudding & the fat free or sugar free cool whip which is so great!

Sugar free cherry or orange jell-o is always a big hit at holiday time, just put it in a special dish & voil'a instant dessert for you!

What are your holiday tricks & tips?

Diabetic Tips Helpful Suggestions For The Christmas Holiday Season

If you're looking for help for this time of year this may be the place to help you. Feel free to post your tips & helpful suggestions for other diabetics, to see what tricks & tips they use to get them thru the Christmas Holiday rush for foods & candy treats.

It's a really difficult time when you are diabetic & extra precaustions have to be taken everyday especially this time of the year.

Here's a list of some low calorie, low fat snacks & treats to keep made up, cut-up, & ready at a moment's notice to help you curb your appetitie for sweet treats.

1.toasted (broiled) marshmallows

2.sliced fresh oranges (keep in baggies)

3.seedless grapes (divine little sweet gems)

4.sugar free candies

5.sugar free gum, mints

6.sugar free smucker's jellies

7.sugar free fudge bites (recipe on site)

8.rice krispy treats (lowfat & deliciously satisfying)

9.mucho's potato crisps-chips (my favorite)

10. fill small bowls & have these setting around like candy but they are good for you; raisins,low salt nuts,your favorite healthy cereal (like a snack mix of 2 or 3 you love), pretzels.

If you're looking for some alternatives for snacking ideas try some of these:

turkey pepperoni slices

fat free cream cheese

whole wheat ritz cracker

Make your usual cheese ball but this year use the kraft fat free cream cheese. It will still be declicious. Use pretzels & dried fruits for dipping into the ball mixture.

Frozen yogurt is a great diabetic alternative snack & it's very satisfying too. 1/2 cup serving size will give you just the right amount of sweetness you are looking for without spiking your blood glucose levels.

One of my favorite things to do is roast my fruits, it really makes them taste so intense & rich in flavor. I use these fruits but you could probably do it to any fruit you'd like.

Put on a cookie sheet & put in oven a few minutes at 350 degrees & just let them cook. They'll be softer & the flavor will intensify in every bite you take.

1. pineapple

2. bananas

3. apples

4. grapes

5. oranges

6. cherries