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How many foods & recipe blogs do you subscribe to?

I've said before how much I love my google reader program.  Well, today I was adding some new food subscriptions when I thought I wonder just how many of these food and recipe blogs I subscribe to.  Turns out the answer is a whopping 1300!!  Yeah, I know that's even more than I thought was possible!

I guess that is why my google reader always has something new for me to read.  No matter what time of day or night I log on to it,  there's always a brand new recipe, story or adventure awaiting me.  I really adore food blogs and it has become my passion it seems.  I've always loved to cook and especially bake but now I truly enjoy reading about other people's enjoyment of baking and cooking too! 

That's why my google reader has stopped counting even though it is still working.  I guess when you reach 1000 it just says 1000+  headlines are ready and gives up counting.  No problem as long as I know I have something new to read I'll keep checking in as often as I can.  I suppose I should go and find more diabetic related blogs to subscribe to but there's just not that many of those around.  I do subscribe to many healthy food blogs. 

Now, I've been looking to subscribe to manufacturer's blogs as they let you know all the products that are coming out and any new specials that are around.   It never hurts to know about new things & I love being the first to hear about a brand new product on the market.  Maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to be chosen as a product tester or something cool like that. 

So now you know I love my google reader if you have a food blog you can list it here anytime you'd like.   How many subscriptions do you have on your google reader?   Are they mostly foods and recipe sites like me?
If you have a good way to find some of the new recipes let me know in the comments section.  Also, feel free to send in a guest post if you'd like from your food, diabetic or other blog.  We'd love to hear from you fellow foodies!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Barb! So great to find your blog. I'm now following. My husband was diagnosed with diabetes back in November, so I'm interested in finding new recipes.

    I'd love for you stop by for my first Friday Favorites event!