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My favorite book I refer to all the time for diabetic foods & snacks

I bought this book a few months back. I usually pop it into my purse before I head out to the doctor's office or anywhere else where I'll be sitting idly for a long time. It gives me something to read & I always find some new information in it. It has tons of tips & meal ideas. It list everything you need to know so I highly recommend it.

Tonight's dinner was good as usual my son has got this meal down pat. I had:

pork bbq sandwich with 1/2 tbsp sauce
green beans
10 bbq chips
2 tbsp coconut

Good combination and I like this sandwich alot as it doesn't "hurt" me anymore. We live it plain and I add my bbq sauce at the end so I don't have it drowning in bbq sauce like their meals are. It works for me as barbecue sauce is pretty high in sugar but in moderation it's possible to eat it as a diabetic.


  1. I think I'm gonna get some tips here. I came from a diabetic family...

  2. How does diabetic exchange work? I am a newly diagnosed type 1 and I have to accurately count each carb, and take one unit of insulin for every 15 grams of carbs I'm eating.

    Is it sort of the same thing?

    Oh, by the way, just found your blog... I run one too.