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Diabetics need steady insulin control daily in their lives

Last night I watched the new epiode for the season of Celebrity Apprendice. It was interesting to me that one of the contestants this year is a type 1 diabetic and is playing for the American Diabetes Association. His name escapes me but we was from the singing group "Police" ages ago. Anyway, I found it interesting because they set up a diner for the opening challenge.

They had 3 hours to completely run everything from scratch themselves. The teams did a fantastic job but the most crucial part to me was when the previously mentioned guy got into trouble during their short 3 hour stunt. He was supposed to be serving a coca cola drink to a customer but instead right at his table he said I'm sorry but I'm diabetic and I'm going to have to drink this as I am going down fast! Then he proceeded to drink the customer's soft drink! I know myself this has happened to me many times as a diabetic and I think it's great that America finally gets to see some of the true annoying circustances that happen in our everyday lives when you are diabetic. It doesn't matter if you're type 1 or type 2 diabetic, the risk is still the same. You have to be able to conrtol your daily intake of sugars. He said he took 4 insulin injections a day and still had to wind up drinking some soda to pull him from going under?!! I'm thankful that I am not that bad off but I am glad that tv finally showed something real on a reality type show. I believe more tv series should show how a diabetic has to live with daily challenges and concerns. BTW, the men won the challenge with their $100 burgers so it was a good save.


  1. Bret Michaels from Poison is the guy! (They were my favorite hair band, haha.) I watched that episode as well. When my father was first diagnosed with diabetes (type 2) his doc gave him medication that ended up being too much. During the first few weeks when they were figuring it all out, his blood sugar dropped dangerously low a few times and it was so scary to see my steadfast, unshakeable dad about to pass out. Fortunately his diabetes can actually be controlled by his diet at this point but I agree with you that it's good they showed some of that reality!

    Here from the Lady Bloggers Society tea party, by the way! :)