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Product Review Bars,Trail Mix & Shakes

Attention readers! There's a contest coming soon! I'll be announcing the details Thursday for this contest. It's to win an entire box of YouBars products that you can pick yourself so stay tuned!

The company was kind enough to send me a sample box of their fine products. I'm going to give my honest opinion of all the products they shipped me. No money was exchanged, only free samples which are much appreciated.

Tonight I tried my first sample bar. It was the date chocolate cereal bar. It is super delicious & really moist. It reminded me of a very good chewy brownie! I really enjoyed it & it was only 150 calories. It tasted like it was much more fattening than that. That's the best kind of snack I think. It did not raise my blood sugar up so I was very happy with this bar. I'll keep adding right here each day to this post as I sample the goodies they so kindly sent! Thanks youbars! I'll be adding to this page everyday as I try my new snacks out & posting a full review for each different product in the line they have sent. They shipped them priority mail so they were still nice & fresh well packaged.

Being diabetic means many many snack times during the day & night to keep your glucose level steady & accurate. Keepting a number of healthier snacks in the house is a struggle to our budget & very time consuming. You have got to make the right choices in order to feel good when you have diabetes. One wrong snack can set you back for days. So get some healthy snacks & keep the pantry & fridge loaded up with so they are ready at a moment's notice. has a huge variety of items to choose from. The winner of our giveaway is going to have a tough time of narrowing down what they want with so many offerings. You can get custom made energy bars, protein shakes, large cookies, trail mix and much more right from their website!

I even noticed they have high protein cereals included too. Breakfast bars and all types of cereal bars are available. They even have a unique option to let you completely customize your entire order to suit your nutritional needs! You can actually build your own cereal, your own cookie flavor, your own cereal bars...anything you want, any flavor you could imagine is now possible with youbars! They even have a handy number available in case you run in to trouble building your own flavors. It's 323 931-0098

You choose your base flavor, your protein powder, nuts/seeds,dried fruits, the sweetener of your choice such as; agave nectar, rice syrup, honey... The possibilities are endless with youbars custom fixings bar! These quality bars are packed with all the good things for you so you don't have to worry about what the heck you are eating! I know how hard it is as a diabetic to find snacks that are on the healthy side that don't taste like crap. These bars offer flavor in every single bite you take. They are chewy, flavorful and gooey all in one!
It's like having a candy bar that is good for you.

You can even go so far as to say I like it not so sweet, I want it as sweet as you can make it or however you wish. You may even choose whether or not you care to have chocolate or carob powder in them. Cinnamon ginger,coffee cyrstals, unsweetened cooa,.... So many options to choose from! How does a person decide? The choice is all yours at!

You'll notice on their website all the nutrition information is included on each package so you'll know exactly what you are getting. You'll know how much of the bar to eat if it's time for your diabetic snack of 150 calories or less. It's easy to break apart and eat small portions of which makes it ideal for diabetics. There are many times thruout the day when we have to have just a few carbs to get our blood sugar up & a piece of these youbars could be just the right thing to help you over the hump. Having these bars around will help you in your daily quest to find the perfect low calorie healthy snack for yourself. Send a box to someone you love, I'm sure they will appreciate the gesture because a good nutritionally charged snack is a hard thing to find.

All their cookies are handmade to order & fresh. Hmm, they didn't send me a cookie I'll have to order some of those soon. They sent me shake mixes, bars of about 4 varieites, trail mixes in a couple of different packages. All of them look so great! The cookies come packaged in a silver gift tin container perfect for storing them in or giving as a gift.

Actually their products say guaranteed delicious & handmade. Now how's that for quality control?
I noticed one of their options is called Our Most Popular Bars Package. It sells for $32.37 for 13 large bars, so you are definitely getting a great deal with this free giveaway! Anything you want on the site one item shipped free to you! Have you ever tried youbars yourself? I'd love to hear your comments on their products.

Are you hungry yet? Buy yourself a box to try while you're waiting for the contest to end!

They also sell gift certificates which would make an excellent gift for anyone. People love to recieve food gifts! What an awesome way to show someone you care by letting them choose their own bars, cookies & snacks with all the spices, fruits,nuts and choices they choose. It doesn't get any better than that fellow foodies!

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  1. Wonderful recommendation for diabetics!
    Thanks for sharing!