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About Me
am also a contributing writer/reviewer for
5 Minutes For
I like to partner with companies and brands so contact
me if you have a website, product or service you'd like to
have featured/promoted on diabetic
I'm open to any suggestions for partnerships, freelancing options,ambassador
programs,sponsorships... I would really like to become an ambassador for more brands that I like and trust.
As you know, mom influencers are great at getting the word
out about your pr campaigns. I'm also willing to work with
Etsy shop owners, Ebay stores, Specialty Boutiques,Fellow Bloggers
and other small/large Business's whether that is a
brick and mortar operation or an online store. I also run my
own ebay store so I do have experience with buyers,feedback,
shipping,wholesaling,advertising,public relations and product
movement in every way.

I am looking for business owners and companies who are interested in sponsoring giveaways and product reviews for their products. I am looking for a wide range of products and would love to feature YOU!

I do product reviews of all kinds of products/services especially kitchen
or food related.

I also will do sponsored posts paid by paypal or gift cards.

I do accept posts that you've written yourself at a lower paypal rate.

Yes I allow Sponsored Paid Content Posts.
Sponsored Posts are a great way for a brand to initiate
a meaningful conversation with my site's readers. Be it
one post or a series of posts, a brand gets the
opportunity to tell all the details about a product or
service and the readers get information on how
the product or service relates to them and how they live. It gives them a chance to examine everything about the product before trying it.
If you would like to submit a sponsored post or series of post let me know. If you have a price in mind send it along to get the negotiation started. I am easy to work with and as long as your proposal is fair I'm usually happy to abide by your offer.

Blog started June 24th, 2008

Stats Updated: April 10, 2012

Contact diabeticsnacker(at)

Barb Gary
Indianapolis, Indiana

I love reviewing new and classic products. I would love
to partner with companies and PR teams to provide my
readers with information on the best products and
services around.
I also want to provide quality giveaways and only will
accept family friendly products.

I prefer $25.00+ value)for a giveaway item. I do
require a review item along with a giveaway for my
time involvement and participation.
Where in the world is Diabetic Snacker is located in
Indianapolis, Indiana home of the Colts and Super Bowl
2012! Big football fans here, Reds baseball,IU College
Basketball too.
I am a mom with 2 sons, a full time homemaker who likes
to spend time blogging about foods, snacks, current events, product reviews, jewelry, fashion and new products on the marketplace. I'm always on the
internet. I enjoy doing test drives for companies, products from appliances to you name it-big or small, I would love to test it ALL. I do not do Ebooks but everything else is open. Of course if I had some of the new technology gadgets that might change.

I especially would like to do reviews for tech, gadget, movies, adult comedies ok, blu-ray, dvds, ps3 games, mens and
womens plus size clothing. All opportunities are welcome.
We love dvds and blu-ray rated G,PG-13 and R is great too.
I will post on any topic that I feel is a good fit for my readers. We need all the everyday normal items that most people buy.
I love helping to promote your brands and products and helping my
family budget at the same time.


92% are women, 8% male.
Most readers are in the 25-40 age rage (30%)
followed by 30-39 (29%), 50-75 (21%) and 18-25 (18%).

85% of my readers are parents.
15% of my readers are divorced parents like me.
23% of my readers are type 2 diabetics themselves.
46% of my readers have a diabetic in their family.
05% of my readers have a diabetic child.

Most of my readers have children who are young
adults (40%). Toddlers in the household (32%),Pretweens
(30%),Teens 20% and Infant-Babies(8%). They all love a
good sponsored giveaway and a chance to win!

Most of my readers reside:

South (26%)
Midwest (33%)
East (20%)
North (20%)

Work At Home Parents (50%)
Have Jobs Outside Home (50%)
62% of all my readers are fellow bloggers and moms like me.

Blog Statistics:

mozz rank is 4.75
google page rank 3
website grader 99
Rss Subscribers 50
Email Subscribers 55
Google Friend Connects 656
Networked Blogs Box 160
Twitter followers @dlsblogs 1264
Facebook following @barbaraga 210

I prefer to keep the product myself as my reward for doing the review. I
like to have the product/service in my hands in order
to do a proper review but I will also do a sponsored paid
review with no product given if you prefer. I do have a paypal
account to accept payments.

Online Website Critiques/Reviews

I will do an online website/blog review/critque for your company in exchange for a small monetary fee which you can
set I'm easy to work with. I will tell about all the operations of your site in
the review. This requires a monetary amount,gift card or some
token since there is no product being reviewed. I'll also
discuss your shipping options,facebook,twitter,newsletter,
blog and any other pertinent facts you want discussed.

I am open to all types of product reviews and/or giveaways;
including paid reviews. I will disclose that it is a paid
review for my readers. I disclose in every single post also.
If you ship me more than one flavor/color of your product
I'll do a product review for each you send. I love vibrant, rainbow colors & I love
surpises, packages and boxes in the mail.

Giveaways: Offering a product,gift basket, book,dvd,
service or gift card is the GREATEST way to create a
buzz about your product. Consumers love to read about
new products and services on fellow mom bloggers pages. My
readers enjoy entering giveaways in the hopes
of winning a fabulous prize, service or gift card.
Giveaways are free of charge when combined with a Product

Giveaways without a Product Review may be subject to a
small fee as they
are time consuming.
Email barb;

I'm happy to add your company's button or text link to
my blog permanently at the time of the review or giveaway
for permanent placement. You'll also be added to my permanent
Sponsors List
I appreciate my button placed on your website/blog but it's
not required. A text link is also nice but again, not required.
I do all the leg
work for the giveaway all you have to do is hold on to
the prize until I email you a winner's address. Then
you ship it to the winner, It's as easy as that.

Special Campaigns & Promotions:

If you have a special campaign or promotion you want
promoted on this blog I'll be happy to do that for you.
My readers love discounts, specials, budget saving means
any way that they can get them.
I post specials, discounts
and giveaways for you. If you have a special sweepstakes
I'll be happy to list that for you on this blog.

Promoting Giveaways

I promote all giveaways I
visit other blogger's websites and leave a
comment with a link back directly to the giveaway.
I post them on several blogger Mclinky's for giveaways
around the blogasphere.
I also make sure I do enter them at and Online



IAmbassadors For

TNT Influencers
AT&T Moms
Chiquita Moms
Warner Brothers
Purex Insiders
Toy Review network
Veggie Tales
Heely Shoes

Groups/Programs I Belong To
(partial list)

Pitch It To Me
Night Owl Reviews
5 Minutes For Mom
Rita Reviews
Moms Meet
Healthy Blogging Network
Mom Impact
Lady Blogger Society
Mommy Faves
Social Spark
Moms Audience
Clever 1000 Girls
Clever Girls Collective Bias
Circle Of Moms
Family Review Network
Bit Moms
Moms Select
Lady Bloggers Society
Mom Central
Pitch It To Me
Picket Fence Moms
Food Blogs Network
My Blog Spark
Top Mommy Blogs
Kraft First Taste
Blogger Connections
She Blogs
Business 2 Business
Moms views
My Colts
Ebay Store Owner
Bloggy Moms
Role Mommy A List
Hip Mamma's Place
Says Her
She Blogs
The Pitch It List
The A List
Kraft Delicious Bytes
House Party Perks
Social Moms


I am accepting advertising on my blog so make me an offer I am very
easy to work with. .

Travel & Local Events:

We are in the land of The Indianapolis
Colts and proud of it. Also home of the 2012 NFL Super Bowl!
I would love to be able to attend some events and parties surrounding
that. I would like to review Indiana Restaurants and events.
My eBay Store

I have several blogs, if you feel one of them is a better fit for your product, let me know. Diabetic Snacker is my main blog and that's what this demographic information is about. I have not yet compiled any demographics for any other blogs as I don't post on them as often.

Diabetic Snacker
Movies & Crap
Beauty Reviews
Sponsors 4 Bloggers

Disclosure Policy

I do disclose on every single post. I also have a Mom Blogger's Club full disclosure policy in place. If you can't locate it let me know. Thanks to all my wonderful Sponsors for supporting diabetic
snacker food blog.
Full Disclosure Policy
Don't forget to enter a giveaway while you're here no one said a pr person can't have some winning fun too. Of course not on your own items. Diabetic Snacker always has some going on at;
Diabetic Snacker Giveaways List
Absolutely anyone and everyone can feel free to enter and there
are no limitations on winning prizes. If you win you can enter
the next one as often as you want.

Want to see what Sponsor's I have worked with? They are listed here in
alphabetical order:
Sponsor List

Contact diabeticsnacker(at)
Ebaytre_W0QQ_nkwZQQ_armrsZ1QQfromZQQ_mdoZ">My Ebay Store
Indianapolis, Indiana Blogger Mom who loves to review products,
full size products,events,restaurants and more.

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