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Diabetic Snacker Asks Organic food why does it have to cost more?

I've been doing a lot of visiting food websites over the last few weeks. One trend I've noticed is more and more people are starting to eat organic. I know research has shown that organic food is higher in nutrients than normal foods. I've just never tried actual grown organic foods in the marketplace . Even the produce of organic fruits and vegetables is supposed to contain more vitamin c than normal nonorganic foods.

Sure I know that organic grown foods contain less toxins that harm nerve and brain cells but what bothers me most is the cost. I don't think it should cost more to eat organic foods. That's the way we should have always been eating so why do we have to pay extra now just to do it? I understand that going organic will reduce your cancer risk too and that's a good thing.

Organic products require less pesticides which is always good and makes it cheaper to produce so why do we have to pay more for it? What do you think about going organic?

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I think going organic is wonderful! It is more expensive, which is so wrong, but for our family, we decided our health was worth it. :)

    Take care!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I want to do more organic too but just can't afford it all - especially the meat. I LOVE Trader Joe's and we dont have one around here. I can't wait to visit one again in a few weeks when we are traveling.

  3. I guess that some people profit of the rising success of organic food and want to make profit...



  4. Hi Barb! Thanks for visiting frugal challenge! :) I have been going more organic too, a little at a time! I especially buy whatever organic is on sale weekly, it is usually seasonal and something I can find a way to use. Organic can be more expensive for farmers to produce, mostly because they are not the huge, government backed, mass produced (and quickly, thanks to pesticides, hormones and chemical additives)food items, I think. I'm currently looking into a local food share program with a local farmer (there are several) and the possibility of an organic co-op. Now is the time to try to grow your favorite veggie! Why start big and try to garden a huge area if you have never done it? Try a small container garden of tomatoes or peppers, or cukes, or whatever you buy alot of. I don't know, I'm with all of you, it IS expensive, and thus, not something we buy exclusively. I'm glad we are all at least aware and trying! :) Thanks again Barb, your blog is very interesting!

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    About Organic foods,I have seen the movie Food Inc.,that clearly explains why Organic is so costly.You should watch the movie if you get a chance.I also posted about it few months back :D