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A Simple Pancake Can Be A Diabetic's Best Treat Anytime Of The Day

If you're looking for a good wholesome breakfast that will leave you feeling satisfied for hours, I say you can't do better than with a simple Pancake. Sure you'll have to modify the calories a lot & change the way you normally cook them in heavy butter; but it can be done and the results are quite above satisfactory.

Here's my go to recipe for a simple pancake & the hundreds (really)of variations I use to make it different all the time. You literally could have pancakes everyday & not have the same type!

Here's how to lighten them up so you can one or two quite often.

Basic Pancakes
Use 1/4 cup for a good size portion for 1

1&1/2cups whole wheat flour
3tbsp splenda
1tbsp baking powder
1/2 tsp kosher salt
1&1/4 cups 2% milk or skim
1/4th stick of melted margarine low fat type
2 large eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract

Whisk together to combine but don't overbeat. Pour 1/4 cup into a heated sprayed nonstick skillet. I use canola spray for my pans. No need to put any butter in the pans. Top with sugar free pancake syrup or try some of these variations any time you want a change of pace.

Add 2 cups diced fruits All of these word fine!
apples,pineapple,bananas,watermelon,canteloupe,cherries,plums,coconut,pumpkin,mango.... I have not yet found a fruit that I didn't like in my pancake!

One of the best variations is to add 1 whole diced orange & the orange zest or 2 tbsp of lemon juice & the zest of the lemon. Gives it a citrusy whow punch!

More variations?

2 thsp cinnamon my favorite!
3 tbsp coconut
top with honey instead of syrup
top with fruits instead of syrup
Add 1 cup oats
Add 1/2 cup pecans
pumpkin pie spice does wonders to the recipe
Want red velvet? Add 1/4 cup cocoa powder unsweetened & red food coloring!
Want just chocolate pancakes? Just add the cocoa powder. It's really so simple to make a humble pancake.

Now if you make them this way & moderately eat them one or two at a time your blood sugars should not spike. Just don't go overboard with the fruits in each serving and you shoud be great. I keep a bowl mixed up in the fridge usually once a week so I can just pour me out one whenever I want one for a treat.

I usually add all the fruits or ?ingredients to the bowl of batter that way I'm getting an equal portions of fruit & batter & not overloading myself on spikey carbs all at once. Everything in moderation but a pancake can make a good daily treat for one of your needed snacks whether it's the 3 a day meals or the 5 or 6 snacks you need as a diabetic person.

Have you any other ideas for additions to these pancakes? I'd love to hear them or if you like some of these let me know! I love reading your comments.

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  1. A healthful pancake? Now, that's the perfect way to wake up to any morning.

  2. Nice! I'm returning your visit from the Ultimate Blog Party! Thanks for stopping by!

    My father in law has type 2 diabetes and my brother in law was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 27! I'll be passing this blog along to them!