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Product Review On The Way & Future Giveaways For Diabetic Snacker

"Enter a great giveaway for a Wüsthof serrated bread knife and birch cutting board set at A Bluebonnet in Beantown." This is a giveaway I'm hoping to win! BlueBonnet In Beantown

Diabetic Snacker Food
Helping everyone to eat healthier. Type 2 diabetic who loves to cook. Food,recipes, snacks,healthy eating tips keep blood sugar glucose levels intact. New Snacking Products, Food and nonfood. General household and food product reviews,PR Friendly. Useful tips from a wahm who loves product samples,reviews and giveaways.
PR Requests Welcome
I am looking for businesses who are interested in sponsoring a giveaway for Blogmania or any other events. My theme is very flexible for the Diabetic Snacker food blog. I am looking for a wide range of products and would love to feature YOU

I am finally starting to get some sponsors willing to send me products for a product review! I've been working on this for quite awhile now so I'm glad it's finally taking hold. This page is going to be more of a reference page for myself than anything else. It will show me all the products I have received so I won't leave a sponsor out! I'll be posting product reviews in the future for all of these sponsors and more! I don't receive any money compensation for a product review but I do get a free product to use and try out in order to do the review properly. However, my opinions are always my own no matter if I purchased the item myself or I got it free I always say what I mean about a product!

Upcoming List Of Product Reviews for diabetic snacker

As you can see it's a growing list! I'm always open to doing a product review so feel free to send me your food/nonfood/household product anytime. Use this temporary email address as my main one right now has gone haywire!
Use: (my ebay store name).

The folks at Healthy Balance are sending me some samples to try out & do a product review about.

The great people over at sent me a whopper of a surprise box which I love! I've been baking away & using some of the products here & there so I'll be talking about them soon. The box of goodies they sent me had a receipt in the box with the estimated value at $100.00 so I really appreciate them taking the time to send me all of the great products to try.

True Lemon Products are going to send me a sample pack to do a review with.

I received a new book in the mail titled 10 Minutes From Home from Read It Forward which I'm going to have to read soon because I'm dying to know what happens.

A great family oriented website called is sending me a set of mini bowls I believe to do a product review. I love new products for my kitchen in all colors so I can't wait to get that!

Another nice company I found is called I received a package from them yesterday 6/7/10 so I'll be doing their product review very soon.

Another family friendly website called Isn't that the most clever name? I can't wait to get their healthy snack alternatives to try. they are sending samples & are going to host a giveaway! They are going to have 2 winners in this giveaway so stay tuned for that! is sending me a pack of regular adult socks & a pair of diabetic adult socks to try & see how I like them. I love getting new clothes to check out! They offer color choices so I really love that! They have also agreen to host a giveaway for one of my lucky readers! Things are starting to look up around here aren't they?

The great folks over at Food Should Taste Good are sending me a full size bag of their Chips to try & are sending along some free coupons for a special giveaway to one lucky reader! These chips can be found at Kroger sometimes & Super Target stores that I know of.

I'm going to recieve 2 special cookbooks to do a product review and a giveaway with! One is Diabetes Cooking For Everyone & the other is The Low Gi Cookbook. Not sure which one is mine & which is the giveaway one until I receive them I guess.

Kardea Nutrition Bars is sending me out a box of thier nutritious snack bars to try out & do a product review for them & a giveaway for my lucky readers! has said they would love to send me out a couple of products for a product review and to hold a giveaway for my readers. I'm not sure yet what the giveaway items will include but I know thy'll be great since it's Hanes! is sending me a beautiful free tote bag in order to do a product review for you with the fda's food pyramid on it which is a great fit for my blog. They are also going to give one of the same tote bags to a lucky reader of Diabetic Snacker so come back for details!

Kashi Foods Sent: full size box of packages, crackers,cookies,granola bars, cereal=Very Generous! They don't do giveaways.

Tropical Traditions Sent: Huge 32oz bottle of Gold Label Coconut Oil.

Delgrossos Sent: Coupon for a full size jar of their homedmade Pasta Sauce.

MyBlogSpark & Kroger sent: $30 Kroger Gift Cards to purchase General Mills Products needed to do a product review & are also offering a giveaway to one reader.

The good folks over at Play It Forward Sent: A new advance copy book Ten Minutes From Home to review. I love getting advance copies of books so I'm hoping to do this very soon.

A new program I joined called BookSneeze Sent: A brand new book titled Mind Your Own Mortgage by Robert Bernabé to review.

Healthy Balance beverage company Sent: Free product coupons to do a product review for which I haven't received yet. They are actually wanting other diabetic bloggers if you know someone!

The folks over at Bonefish Grill Sent: Portfolio of menus, wine list, facts & history sheets & a $25.00 gift card to try their restaurant & do a product review! I'm going this thursday so that's coming up pretty soon!

My sons & I also have an eBay Store so drop by anytime!!


  1. Hey Barb! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I do a lot of food giveaways! BTW - I love Kashi. My father is a diabetic and I just received samples of this corn-free chip called Beanitos and he liked them a lot.

    Well, I'm your latest Google Connect friend. It's a pleasure connecting with you!

  2. PS I will be looking forward to your Bonefish Grill review!!!

  3. Hello,

    I wanted to let you know that I am following you from MBC, "New Bloggers Looking For New Followers" group. I am hoping when you get a chance you can follow me back at and Also, I would love to place a link to your site on my blog if you want to do the same with my blog on yours. Please let me know by sending me an email regarding this and it has been nice meeting you via the web.

    Thanks, Tracey

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by, Barb! I can tell you've been working hard on your blog and it looks great - congrats on all of these fun upcoming reviews! I definitely would enter your fun Kroger giveaway... but unfortunately we don't have any Kroger stores anywhere near me!

    I should mention also that if you're looking to grow your blog with more followers, come back over to my site tonight at 11 EST or all day tomorrow for Friendly Friday, a weekly link-up to find new blogs and gain followers. It's a fun and easy way to boost your numbers and meet great bloggers. :)