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# CLOSED Product Review & Giveaway #8 3 pairs SmartKnit Kids Socks US Thru 7/18/10

Product Review & Giveaway For SmartKnit KIDS Socks!

A couple of weeks ago I received a great sample pack from
a company called SmartKnit Kids! I had requestied
information about their diabetic socks line since as
my readers know I have a lot of trouble finding a pair
of comfortable socks because of foot swelling and pain
due to diabetic neuropathy. They are
located at: SmartKn
it Socks
They carry a huge variety and styles of
scoks and they are not just for kids!

Well this pair of white diabetic socks they sent out
worked perfectly on my sore swollen feet! They don't
have any seams on them anywhere so they are nice
even stretch and fit all over. No annoying seams to
hurt your sore toes! I really have enjoyed wearing this
pair of socks around the house and out and about. I normally
can't keep a pair of socks on my feet for over a couple
of hours as the burning and soreness just worsens with
the constraint of the socks, but these didn't bother me.
I actually wore them a whole 6 hours one day with no problems.
I'll definitely be adding some of these to my
sock drawer soon. They have a variety of colors which
I love my bright colors.

From their website;

"Completely free of seams, these patented socks are
designed to increase athletic performance by helping
to prevent painful skin blisters. Innovative
form-fitting seam-free technology removes all blister
causing seams, ridges, and pressure points. High-tech
CoolMax® fibers wick-away moisture from the feet
ensuring a dry sock environment. The anti-microbial
action helps kill odor and infection causing bacteria."

Now on to some really great news You get to try
a pair out too!

Content: Combination CoolMax® and spandex, machine washable.

For the winner, 3 (Three) Pairs of socks!

they can chose their color and size preference
and we will ship it directly to them US only

They also were sweet enough to send me a pair that said
they were for kids one in black and one in hotpink. I've
tried them both on and they stretched perfectly to
fit my size 9 big feet! Also no seams they were very
comfortable. I highly recommend you give this company
a try and stock up on some great socks for the entire family.

SmartKnit Socks has also agreed to host a Giveaway
for one lucky Diabetic Snacker reader! So if you'd
like to win 3 pairs of their socks just leave a comment
below to win! Winner gets to choose the style and color
of socks you want!

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Visit my sponsor, SmartKn
it Socks
Tell me something you learned or a product
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  1. We can always use extra socks around this house. I like winning things you have to buy anyway. I learned that they use all natural fabrics I like that. Glenda adnela(at)yahoo(dot)com

  2. it says the athletic ones help with odor!
    not that my hubby has stinky feet, but i would like to keep it that way!
    these would be perfect for when he has PT (he is in the army!)
    jumpin.beans09 at

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  4. I would like to try the smartknitEnergy Trouser Socks

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  9. Love that there are no seams for the kids to complain about.

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  15. This Giveaway is now closed! I will be drawing a winner shortly! Thank you to everyone who entered I appreciate it.