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Product Review True Lemon,Lime and Orange Flavors

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Product Review True Lemon,Orange and Lime Products

I was sent on my request a few samples of products from The True Lemon
company. I recieved true lemon, true lime and true orange flavors which
I had not been able to find in my stores here in Indianapolis. Yes we are
a slow town sometimes when it comes to getting new products in to try!

The true lemon I already knew I loved because I use it all the time to make
sugar free crystal light lemonade taste even better. It adds a touch of lemon
flavor like it's been fresh picked and squeezed right into the glass.
I've also now used it in baking and I must say those Lemom Mufins I made
with it were the best mufins I've ever made! They were sugar free made
with splenda and I added true lemon to them and it really made them Pop! in
your mouth. It was a refreshing treat.

So I thought since that worked out so well I might try it in some Orange
muffins the next week and I did and they were even better than the Lemom if
that's possible because they were pretty darn good. My whole family liked
the orange muffins so I'll be making these again soon.

The True Lime I'm not such a big fan of but I think that's just me. I just
don't like too many lime flavored products. I think it stems from a childhood
thing where I hated lime jello and it was the only kind school ever
served! So I'm sure this is a great product it's just not what I particularly
love. Maybe I'll sweeten it up a bit more and trick myself into tasting
it again.

With the True Lemon and the True Orange choices around that's all I'd need
anyway for all my recipes. Their website has a ton of recipes on it you
should go look around. It's at: True
I bet you'll find something sweet you want to try it in.

I'd like to thank the folks at True Lemom for sending me this generous
sample pack to try. I'm having a lot of fun trying them all out and I'm
not thru baking yet! I'll let you know on this post when I make
something else.


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  2. Thanks for the introduction to these products!
    Sound fantastic!