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Product Review YumNuts Naturals Cashews & Goodies

Product Review For Delicious YumNuts Natural products!

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YumNuts Naturals was graciously sent me a couple of sample packs upon my request! The nuts were super fresh, the most freshest nuts I've ever tasted! I thought I was with a street vendor like you see on television they were so fresh!

YumNuts Naturals
They also have a fun, nutty blog you can subscribe to.

Specialty nuts, flavored nuts,plain nuts,cashews,peanuts.... they have a huge selection you really should go check them out! Try some fresh nuts for a change you'll never buy them at the supermarket again.

Sent for product review a sample pack of Cajun dry slow roasted cashews. I adore cashews but had never tried a flavored cashew! Well I was in for a treat! The light background flavor of the cajun spices comes thru perfectly as you eat these nuts. They are not hot & spicy they are just the right amount of seasonings to make you want some more of them! Light and fresh with a hint of spice. I'm glad someone thought of adding spices to nuts because I could get used to this!

The second package they sent was really "going all out" for me as it's;
Chocolate covered dry roast cashews! Wow I think this is my favorite new snack to have around the house all the time. You get the crunchy,salty taste of the cashews and the delicate aroma and taste of chocolate like candy all rolled into one bite! It really is a special combination! I'm not sharing this bag with the rest of the family,ha ha. They are not nut fans of any kind! Yeah, can you believe it? I wonder sometimes how those 2 could even possibly be mine and not like nuts of any kind!

They came in resealable bags which is nice so I can just nibble away at a few at a time and they'll stay fresh as can be. I alos love the fact that they are very crunchy nuts. Nice
and fresh and lightly salted with sea salt which I'd also never tasted but I extremely like. I love salt on nuts it gives it a whole new
dimension of flavor. So I guess chocolate is a good match to sprucc it up another whole notch, and it does! You really need to try both these varieties of nuts but I say at least go for the chocolate if you have to pick just one. I'm so glad they sent me the samples because I would have never tried these two new flavors if they hadn't!

they also have dozens of wonderful recipes on their website. In case you ever have
some extra nuts laying around. I saw some more flavors when I was looking
over their site that's I wish I could have tried!

Toasted Coconut

both of those would have been great as they are diabetic friendly ingredients1
Guess I'll have to go and buy some Yunnuts now.

I love this quote and facts from their website;

"We don't need artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners to make
our nuts taste great. Nor do we try to change the taste
of our cashews by roasting them in peanut oil. We think that’s
just nuts."

They are located at:

65 East Avenue | 3rd Floor
Norwalk | CT | 06851

You can order all of their products online isn't that great?

A big thanks out to YumNuts Naturals for my smaples so I could have the pleasure of writing about them. I love it when I get free snacks since I'm trying to control diabetes with food and exercise it helps the family budget a lot! 3 meals a day and 5 snacks a day is a lot of food! So thank you YumNuts!

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