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Book Review Enchanting, Lumby On The Air by Gail Fraser

Book Review Lumby On The Air
by Gail Fraser
Illustrations: Art Poulin

As you may know if you've been reading this blog for awhile,
I've been trying to reach out to obtain more books to
read and review. Well, a few weeks ago I was happy to
make a connection with the Penquin Books Group.
Lumby Books
Penquin Books Group sent me a copy of the new
book to review called
Lumby On The Air.

Gail Fraser's Lumby on the Air is a lovely story about
a couple's 25 year wedding anniversary and renewing
of vows ceremony. There are a lot of surprises that
can occur doing such a reunion so fasten your seat belts
you're in for a ride with Lumby On The Air. It's a magical
place to visit and you won't soon forget it.

This book brought back some nice memories for me as I was
supposed to have my 25th wedding anniversary by renewing
our vows too, but I opted to go for a divorce instead. Long
story I won't bore you with, but it's nice to see the
other side of the coin toss.

adventure carried me back and let me see what could have
awaited me if I had stayed in the marriage. Sometimes
it's a good thing that a single book can whisk you
away to a happier gentler place. I love reading sure
now it's old fashioned to be a book reader but I highly
recommend it. A book can bring back so many glorious
fun memories that it's always worth the trip.

The colorful illustrations in this book are by Fraser's husband,
Art Poulin and are beautiful works of art in their own
right. This is the first book of it's kind that I have
read that has a reader's section with lots of recipes,
tips and cooking information.

You can find Gail Fraser's books on her website here:
Lumby Books It sounds
like she is building her own private Lumby destination,
how enchanting is that? With her and her husband working
together it sets a romantic background for this book that
will make you feel so good inside.
Or you can also locate the series on my favorite shopping place online.

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