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# CLOSED Giveaway 9/27/10 Mrs.Renfro's Foods, Gourmet Salsa's, Sauces Syrups Review Free Food! Groceries

Product Review and Giveaway! US Entries Only Please

Giveaway is at the end of review post
Ends 09/27/10 (long date,spreading them out)
Mrs.Renfro's Foods Free Groceries
Enter to Win Food

Gourmet Salsa's & More

I love their tagline, gourmet flavors at value prices,
that says a lot doesn't it?
Mrs. Renfro's was nice enough to let me choose 4 sauces
to review for my blog, they will
ship 4 to a Giveaway Winner too! I know you'll be happy
to try these sauces,salsa's and syrups.

Renfro Foods

Foods History

Twitter Mrs.

Mrs. Refro's Gourmet Foods

They are packaged very nice in a long box that reminds
of a bouquet of roses box so you know something good
is inside. The 4 jars are neatly packaged in this
gift worthy box. Each is safely nestled inside with
it's own special wrapping and plastic insert dividers.
The dividers are cute triangle shapes I think I'll be
using those in my next necklace crafts project.

Anyway, the bottles are large 16oz Jars of each of these
products and is a great presentation. Here's what
was inside:

bbq sauce
mild salsa
pure cane syrup
coutnry syrup made with molasses

Mrs.George Renfro and her husband
began their family food business
in 1940. Today,the Renfro family
name is synonymous with the taste
and quality of Texas flavor and

I've included some pictures from their website so you can
see they have a lot of different sauces,salsa's and
syrups. I also saw pineapple salsa and mango salsa which
would both be diabetic friendly since they are made with
fresh fruits. You can also go as hot as you'd like.

The Mild Salsa

is my oldest son's territory. My youngest
son and I neither one care for any salsa so I didn't
try it. I leave that to my eldest the Salsa Lover.
He loves Salsa on a lot of different foods. He just
started even eating Salsa a couple of years ago but
it's like an addiction now he has to try every new one
out on the market. He should have been a Salsa taste
tester for his career.

The Pure Cane Syrup

was like nothing I've ever tried
before! Have you ever had cane sugar? I had not but I
will say I am totally shocked by just how good it is.
The flavor is pure sugar sweetness and it's fairly
strong. I like the flavors of it but being diabetic
I will have to use this sparingly. This is a natural
product so it will be good in many diabetic friendly
recipes I make. This is the kind of jar you just want
to dip your finger down into and lick them! Yeah, I know
can't do that for bacteria reasons but If you could
that's what I'd do with this jar! It's fantabulous as
Mr.Big would say.

The Country Syrup

The ingredients in this are just molasses,
sugar,water and citric acid. That's nothing
but simple goodness right there in a jar
all bottled up and waiting for you. I tried
this on some waffles and it was fantastic! Since it does have sugar in it I had a smaller
than normal serving size so I wouldn't run up
my blood sugar. It says a serving size is
1/4 cup so I had 1/8 of a cup instead and I
was just fine. I love it when I get to taste "real" foods as I call it not just diabetic
friendly foods. A girl has got to have a variety in life you know. I adore molasses so this syrup did not disappoint me, it's chocked full of deepdark rich molasses flavor.

The Barbecue Sauce

I saved this one especially for last because it's our
favorite of all the 4 jars. I know I like all of them,
but this is still our favorite. That's because we frequently
eat at a great restaurant here in Indiana called Uno's
Pizza and we love their food. One of their barbecue sauces
is very similar to this barbecue sauce so it's a home-run
for us! So if I say it tastes similar to Uno's that means
it's a darn good bbq sauce.
Renfro Foods

As foodies, we are always looking for ways to create
our favorite restaurant meals at home but with the same
great taste and this barbecue sauce is a dead ringer
for Uno's. If you've ever eaten there you'll know exactly
what I'm talking about it. If not, well it's deep dark
and rich in flavor with a bold little kick at the end
of sweet heavenly goodness. You really need to try it
because you can taste the pure brown sugar in the
background and it is to die for. I'm so happy this
sauce is so close to it! I'll definitely be buying
some of these in the future. My kids were very pleased
with this jar of sauce as they think every single bite
of food that goes into your mouth must have it's
own special sauce. Really, I've seen them eat with 6
different sauces on their plates for one meal! I guess
they love their sauces and they are picky about which
ones they like and don't like. They like all of these
from Mrs. Renfro's so mom did good requesting these
samples. Look below how you can win your own set of these
wonderful 4 jars of sauces and syrups yourself!

Disclosure: I received free products from this company in order to write my honestform of compenation was given. Thank you to the company Mrs. Re opinions about them in a review. My opinions are my own and no other nfro's and InterStar PR,
for sending me these products, I apprecite it!

~~~~~~WIN IT~~~~~~~

Winner will receive: 4 bottles of Mrs. Renfro's fine
sauces,syrups and salsa products! Ends 9/27/10 US only.
Winner will receive all this!

Mild Salsa
Country Syrup
Barbecue Sauce
Cane Syrup

Winner will have 48 hours to reply to my email to claim
their prize! If they do not, another winner will be chosen.
All giveaways are chosen randomly by my sons who have
no affiliation with any bloggers.

They don't even look
at the blog or know any names of the entrants. I say give
me a lucky winning # between 1-65, or whatever the # of comments is
and they give me the winning number.
Then I count
them off and find that matching person and matching

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Renfro Foods

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Foods History

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