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Product Review Total Fitness Walk Walking Dvds Quick Start, Intensity & 5 Day Fit Walk Exercise Dvds Diabetic Snacker

Total Fitness Product Review, Weight Loss Tips,
Walking Dvd Reviews,Fitness Review

3 Walking Dvds To Get You Started Working Out!

A great company called Total Fitness Sent me 3 dvds to review, all 3 are walking dvds which I do a lot of anyway. I'm trying to
get healthier and supposedly walking is the way to do just that.
It's working out good for me so far as at least I'm not gaining any more weight. I'll be glad when all this clicks together
and I start to lose a few pounds or inches along the way.
Total Fitness Dvd Walk For Fitness

It is rather boring just to walk inside your house for exercise like I have been doing as I don't like the heat here in Indiana this time of year. Now, with these dvds I can turn the tv on and use them to walk in place and get the same results without the boredom.

Here's what goodies Total Fitness sent:

Leslie Sansone Walk Away The Pounds 5 Day Fit Walk

Leslie Sansone Walk Away The pounds Intensity Walk

Debbie Rocker Quick Start Walking For Weight Loss

All 3 of the dvds are easy to follow. The more aggressive, intensity veriosn is for more experienced exercise gurus or people who want to kick it up a notch and lose weight faster. You won't get bored with the routines because there's no time for that! You have to be at the top of your game on this dvd as it challenges you to work harder,reach farther and is quite the challenge. I like challenges it keeps me in line and makes me be inspired to continue on. Which is always a good thing if you're trying to seriously lose a few pounds. There's no baby's here, you put in the work and you'll lose the weight. They guid you step by step thru the whole process.

I noticed that their website is very easy to navigate so you can order what you want quickly and securely. They have a lot of helpful tips on their site about exercising in general. Their prices are very low, I saw that most of these dvds are only $7.99
to $9.99 each! Now that's a real bargain. They also have free shipping available on a $19.99 order so that's a big economical savings right there. If you've been looking to get a dvd or two why not check them out?
Total Fitness Dvd Walk For Fitness

The Quick Start walking I really like Debbie Rocker has a real sense about her that lets you want to trust her to help you lose the pounds. I appreciate it when the exercise host is not "too full of herself" if you know what I mean. She's just right to keep you motivated without overworking your tired sore muscles.
I have arthritis and I was still able to keep up with this one with no pain afterwards,just a better feeling about myself. It's a 5 day fit walking program so the intensity or time of walking increases just a bit everyday. That way you're not overly drained or exhausted but you feel you're really accomplishing somthing good. Just for you and no one else something good. That's always a plus to me!

I had seen Leslie Sansone on tv shows before and had followed along with some of her workouts. She does a great job too of helping you to feel more comfortable with the task you are about to begin.
Debbie Rocker Quick Start Walking will keep you moving!
Leslie Sansone DVDs are fun to watch and take your mind
off what it is your'e doing. If you don't think of exercising as a chore it won't be a chore.
Total Fitness Dvd Walk For Fitness

Disclosure: I was sent 3 dvds from Total Fitness in order to try them out and give my opinions. No other compensation was given. Thank you Total Fitness for sending me these 3 special dvds.

Now get up, push the keyboard away just for a bit and start walking! Do like I do, make a long path I use from my front door to the back door it's about 30 feet I think. I walk this path briskly back and forth 10 times! Don't worry it will only take you about 10 minutes to do this. Try it for yourself and see, it's pretty simple. Also, go to the total fitness website and check out all these lovely dvds. They each hold the key inside to help you shred some pounds. Try them out I bet you'll love them!

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