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Special Request to My Blogging Friends I'm Wanting To Review This Type Of Products Need Help Diabetic Snacker Reviews

I want to review certain items

I need some help from a few fellow bloggers it seems. I am trying to get dvds, movies and tv programs to review
on my blog but can't seem to figure out how to
get them. I have no problem getting small products
to review but I need some tips, information or
a helping hand to obtain some sponsors for dvds, movies and tv shows.
Here's my email: directorylanesuperstore(AT)

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Even if you
could pass my web address on to the right place
I'd be happy. I would love to do kids,family movies
and tv shows since I watch a lot of tv programs.
I actually have over 65 season passes on my dvr
so I follow a lot of tv programs. I'm also a heavy
watcher/follower of cooking shows and would love
to receive more cookbooks to review all the time.
Even cooking show dvds would be especially welcomed.

One last thing I also want to expand to get "more books" to review. I see other bloggers posting 3 or
4 reviews a week for books but I am only getting maybe one book offer every couple of months right
now. I love to read and would love to be able to
more book reviews so if you are able to help me
out giving me any tips or who to ask I would love
that! Right now, I'm signed up with only two
book places; 1.booksneeze 2.litfuse I would really
like to know where else to get some free copies
of books to review. I don't like ebooks I prefer
to stretch out on the couch with a book and since
I don't have a laptop yet, that's out of the question.
Here's my email: directorylanesuperstore(AT)

Ok, one last request; I'd love to get a cellphone
for the first time and talk about it,using it,
learning how to use it,on my blog over the months.
If anyone has a connection for that I'd appreciate
a heads up. I never wanted a cellphone before but
have come to realize over time that it would be
nice to have for emergencies and light use.

So, there you have it, my wishlist, here's the summary now that i talked you all to death!

Wishlist need sponsors,info how to get sponsors:

2.dvds,movies,tv shows,blu-ray
4.cookbooks,cooking dvds cds
6.ps3 games

I know it's a lot to ask,but I just need some help to
get started with these type of products that I would
rahter be reviewing. I will of course keep anything you
tell me confidential. Maybe I just need a point in the
right direction.

I have setup several google alerts but it's not helping
much. I have these set up:
sponsorship requests
press contact
Here's my email: directorylanesuperstore(AT)

I'm not sure what it is I need to be searching for and I think I'm using the wrong google alert terms. This is a call/plea
for help from a fellow blogger! Thanks if you can provide
any tips,news for me!

Update: 9/08/10 I'm really surprised not one blogger
has emailed me about this post.

If you are a Sponsor looking for someone to review your
products please contact me, I'm easy to work with.

Also, enter some giveaways while you're here, the tab at the
top of every page has the entire list or go to the top
left of this page for some of the current giveaway links.
Enter to WIN!


  1. Hi,
    Thank-you for entering my giveaway. I am following your blog now. ou have a great blog. Dieabetes and gluten intolerance kind of go hand and hand. I am not diabetic but sugar really bothers me as well as gluten, so I stay away from both. I added your blog to my blog roll. You can e-mail the websites of the products that you want to review and tell them that you want write a review and giveaway on their product. Also click on my resources page towards the bottom, there are a couple social groups there that will tell you what companies that are looking for blogs to do reivews. One is called Pitch it to me and the other one is called the product review place. Check them out. I hope that helps.
    I am also on Bloggers Connection.
    Have a great week.

  2. I wanted to let you know that your feature is up!