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What Is Happening To Review Offers Working For Free On Your Blog Rant WAHM

It's RANT Time Overdue & Much Needed Pr Pitches Gone Wrong

Wow, I just really have to vent or rant here today,I apologize ahead of time. I hope I'm not being too unreasonable at least I think I'm doing a fair amount.

I've been thinking a lot today about a few of the latest pr pitches
that I have received. I'm not happy with them at all and I am starting to feel like an underappreciated slave! I know that's a sad comparison,but ok here's the point;

1.I received a pitch from a very well know large company yesterday and was so happy to receive it. She told me how they have so many great things going on, how busy they are and all that... Like I'm not busy too? Anyway, the pr pitch was for a product under $9.99 to be chosen by me. They only had one single product that was even under the 10.00 mark.

I think that is pretty cheap myself as I feel in order to write a good post for a major company I should at least be entitled to a value closer to $20.00 or more. So, I already felt a little shorted by it from the staart. Then, they want to add a giveaway to it on top of that. Come on I know we all know how much work is involved with running a giveaway! I guess they think you just slap one up quickly and you're done with it. That's not the case at all. There is a ton of work involved with running a giveaway and even more after the giveaway has ended!

So I politely turned down this offer and told her why and she actually seem offened that I would turn her down! I thought I should be the one that was offended since she was trying to get me to work for her for basically NOTHING!
Ok, that was one example and that's not even the worst one.

2.Today, I received another pr pitch from a small company I've never heard of telling me how excited they are for me to try their
products and write a review and to host a giveaway. Then, a 2nd email saying they'll have to hold off on the giveaway and would it be okay just to send a 1 ounce sample of candy product for me to write the review about?!! I mean, come people, what is a one ounce
sample of candy=50 cents?! or under that?

I also send her back a reply saying sorry I usually get closer to $20.00 or more in products to write my reviews.

She immediately replied back saying; then I bet you only do one review a year as we have plenty of other bloggers who would love to work with us!

So, again I offended another pr rep. OMG! 50 cents? Really?!

I didn't bother to reply back and tell her what I thought of her remark I figured it would be falling on deaf ears anyway.

Now, granted that's just the last 2 days but it seems that I am
constantly getting these types of pitches. I clearly have my minimums spelled out on my publicly posted pr page but I guess
they are not taking the time to even read that.

Now she has me wonering are there really some bloggers out there are working for 50 cents a post? I hope not,because it's way below what you deserve. Our time is money and important just like
their time is important. Don't let people belittle you into accepting a lower pay rate than you deserve. Your blog is your
business so stand up for yourself!

Notice I haven't named any names or any companies so I won't
be blasted all over the internet for ruining anyone. This is my own
personal rant which I have every right to do since it's my blog.

I wish I'd sit down and write myself an eloquent letter for rejection to send the next time this happens but you know that takes more time so I haven't done that yet. I guess since I will be only getting one pitch a year I'll have plenty of time coming up.

I'd love to hear other's thoughts on this type of thing in the comments. What's the least you've been offered to write a post for?

3.Well today I have another one,maybe I'll make this my progressive
rant list! Today, just to review a book they wanted me to do all of this: & post on my blog on 5 other sites aka amazon... the review it on twitter,facebook,...
Who has time to post a review on 5 other websites besides your own? Furthermore why on earth would you even want to do that anyway? It makes no sense to login to 5 different sites and post the same article on them. That takes away any google ranking you'd ever get on that article in the first place.

I deleted this email very quickly and didn't even bother with a response. I barely can find time to write one review let alone running around all over the internet to post it everywhere else on top of that. Sure, I can see putting it on facebook & twitter and that's fine but when it comes to other sites I'm out.

Disclosure: Any links are affiliate links meaning I will make a small percentage when clicked thru or a purchase is made. I appreciate your support of Diabetic Snacker.


  1. I'm with you on this rant. I had one pr rep email me and wanting me to do a giveaway for a small item that she choose, wasn't but 9.00 with shipping and she had a list of things that were mandatory for the winner to do, I can understand visiting the site or even signing up for a newsletter as ONE mandatory entry, but there were 5 mandatory entries for this small product.
    I emailed her back and told her that if she wanted to lower the mandatory entries to just one, or up the product value { i.e. better product} that I would gladly host the giveaway FREE of charge, otherwise I would need to charge her a small fee for my time it would take to post the giveaway.
    Needless to say, I got a very rude email back saying that i was giving lots of other bloggers a bad name and that if I continued doing things the way i was that i would never get another review again.
    I think that some pr reps don't understand exactly how much time we take out of our days to write up a review and then do a giveaway, the linking alone is tedious, especially with three kids wanting your attention!!
    Sorry to have ranted in your comments, just wanted you to know that you weren't the only one out there:)

  2. Ok, this is an interesting topic to me. I'd love to hear more stories like this.
    I'm also curious if you can reveal what type of item the one item under $10 was w/out revealing the company.
    It seems to me that a company should be thankful to give out $40 or $50 worth of product (which actually costs them LESS then that since profit is added onto the retail price)to get targeted marketing to a few hundred consumers that will be directed to their website. Far better then spending thousands and hoping for the best.