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Diabetic Snacker Freeze-Dried Fruits Brothers International Disney All Natural Fruit Crisps Product Review

Product Review Brothers International All
Natural Fruit Crisps Freeze-Dried
Diabetic Friendly Disney Approved!

I received a box of goodies a few weeks ago from a company
called Brothers International. They make a whole line of fruits
and juice products which are wholesome and healthy for your entire family! They sent me a huge box of these special packages
of treats and I have been having so much eating them every day.
They are diabetic friendly sweets and all natural so they are
even good to be included in my Nutrisystem D weight loss plan
Brothers All Natural Fruits Kids Fun Packs!

I'm really glad for that since on the plan
you do have to furnish your own fruits and veggies every day. Actually about 7-10 servings of those a day so it can add up quickly
on your grocery bill. That's way I'm glad I received so many of
these Brothers International goodies to try out.

They should have called these the perfect fruit treats because that's what they are. Each package has only 40-60 calories total for the whole serving size! That means you can eat the whole package of dried fruit crisps without feeling like you cheated on your diet plan. They really are a healthy alternative to any meal plan.
They would be great for children too and they are not messy so pack some in the car for a quick pick me up while you're out
doing that Christmas Shopping!

The packaging says "A Healthy Snack, the One Mother Nature Would Eat" These freeze dried snacks have no added sugars which is why they are nice for a diabetic friendly meal plan. I like
products that give me 100% fruit and none of the artifical sweeteners so they taste great!

Here's the varieties I tried of their Fruit Crisps;

fuji apple & cinnamon
sliced pears
sliced apples
pineapple chunks
sliced peaches
strawberries & bananas
asian pears
bananas sliced

My son was pretty tickled with this box too since he's been doing the grocery shopping. With all of these fruit crisps in the house he was able to bypass the fresh fruits stand at the store and make his trip in and out even faster. I like how these have that little bit of crunchiness to them so you feel like you are eating a real piece of fruit. The taste is terrific too, I've like all of them except for the pear. I'm just not a pear kind of girl but it does taste just like a fresh pear.

You can shop right online from their colorful fun website if you'd like. I would highly recommend these healthy fruit crisp snacks for everyone.
Brothers All Natural Fruits
Free FedEx home delivery what more could you want? That
is so fast you just wouldn't believe it!
they also have now partnered up with Disney and have
all kinds of new kid friendly designs like Toy Store,
making it easier than ever to get your kids to eat some

Disclosure: I was sent complimentary items to test and try. My opinions are my own and no other form of compensation was given. Thank you to the company Brothers Internationals for sending me these products to try for myself!
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1 comment:

  1. I'd like to try this product for my kid's lunch boxes. One of my kids won't eat fresh fruit, but she will eat dried fruit. Wonder if they sell this at Whole Foods.
    arobimom at gmail dot com