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Diabetic Snacker Week 7 Seven Nutrisystem 10lbs. Red Nutri Bear Weight Loss Nation Blogging Program

Week 7! My Diabetic Meal Plan Nutrisystem D
Blogger Nation Program

Wow wow wow! That's what I kept saying as I opened my Christmas
Surprise Boxes from Nutrisystem D! It was completely a
surprise that sent me 2 weeks worth of food as a bonus
the day before Christmas! I'm so glad to have so many choices
by having frozen meals,entrees,lunches and desserts added
to the meal plan.

I had a blast opening up these 2 huge coolers of food items. Thank
you Nutrisystem! Today I got another little surprise in the mail from them too-a cute red 10 pound weight loss BEAR!
He is just adorable and I'm giving him a permanent home right here next to my computer. He'll be my constant little reminder of how
I need to keep myself on track so I continue to lose more weight.
He's about 8-10 inches tall and he says Nutrisystem 10 right on him so I'm sure this will be a collector's item which I'm really happy about as I love to collect cute stuff.

So with all these new choices available here's what I've had to eat so far today;


multigrain o's cereal
8 ounces of fat free milk

Morning Snack

4 ounces of fat free milk


Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar
8 ounces of fat free milk
1 tsp. peanut butter
carmelized apples

After Lunch Snack

yoplait 100 calorie yogurt red velvet cake
1/2 banana


Tosted Cheese Sandwich

I'm as full as I could be and I've drank 5 glasses of water so far today so that's a great start to the day. I hope to get my weight back down tonight to 185 like it was one day earlier in the week. Christmas day created a little bit of a problem for me but I am back on track now and ready to roll. So last night I weighed
in at 186 pounds which is still my ten pound mark I just want
to lose as much weight as I possibly can while still on the plan.
I'd love to someday be bak down to 125 pounds like I was when I got
married many years ago. Yes I know it's a far stretch
but I think 10 pounds down is already a great start for this new beginning! Remember I was 206 last year, then I started the Nutrisystem D Nation Blogging Program checking in at 196
so I've really been working hard at doing this. I'm hoping
for a really great New Year!
Nutrisystem Meals

almond biscotti
apple cinnamon oatmeal
apple granola bar
apple strudel bar
apple strudel scone
banana nut muffin
bbq sauce over beef beans and rice
bbq sauce with pork wrap
bbq soy chips
beans and ham soup
beef and noodles in teriyaki sauce
beef and noodles with stroganoff sauce
beef taco
berries and multigrain flakes
black bean tortilla soup
blueberry flavoured pancake mix
blueberry lemon bar
blueberry muffin
buffalo chicken wrap
buffalo wing pretzel sticks
cajun style chicken and sausage with rice
caramel popcorn
carrot cake
cheese and spinach ravioli with meat sauce
cheese puffs
cheese ravioli with basil tomato sauce
cheese tortellini
cheesy homestyle potatoes
chewy chocolate chip granola bar
chicken a la king
chicken and noodles in lemon butter sauce
chicken and pasta in cacciatore sauce
chicken noodle soup
chicken pasta parmesan
chicken salad
chicken tortilla soup
chicken with almonds rice and vegetables
chicken with barley and vegetables in sauce
chicken with dumplings
chili with beans
chocolate cake
chocolate caramel dessert bar
chocolate chip cookie
chocolate chip pancake mix
chocolate chip scone
chocolate chocolate chip pudding
chocolate crunch bar
chocolate fudge bar
chocolate macadamia nut biscotti
chocolate nougat bar
chocolate peanut butter dessert bar
chocolate peanut butter lunch bar
chocolate rainbow delights
chocolate raspberry bar
cinnamon bun
cinnamon bun bar
cinnamon swirl granola bar
coconut almond bar
cranberry granola bar
cranberry orange pastry
cream of broccoli soup
creamy caesar salad dressing with diced chicken
creamy tomato soup
crispy rice cereal
dairy/protein ideas
double chocolate almond cookie
double chocolate caramel bar
double chocolate muffin
egg frittata
fettuccine alfredo
flame broiled beef patty
flex meals
florentine sauce with chicken fettuccine
fruit ideas
fudge brownie
fudge graham bar
golden pound cake
granola cereal
grilled chicken breast
harvest nut bar
hearty beef stew
hearty minestrone soup
homestyle beef with mashed potatoes and gravy
homestyle chicken noodles with gravy
honey mustard pretzel sticks
italian herb flatbread pizza
lasagna with meat sauce
macaroni and cheese
macaroni and cheese with beef
maple brown sugar oatmeal
meatloaf and tomato sauce with mashed potatoes
microwave chocolate cake mix
milk chocolatey delight bar
mint chocolate crunch bar
mushroom risotto
nacho crisps
noodles with chicken and vegetables
nutricinnamon squares cereal
nutrifrosted crunch cereal
oatmeal raisin cookie
orange chicken breast with vegetables and rice
oriental steak with green peppers and noodles
pancake mix
pasta fagioli
pasta parmesan with broccoli
pasta with beef
peanut butter cookie
peanut butter granola bar
penne pasta with chicken in alfredo sauce
peppermint cookie patty
red beans and rice with sausage
rice beef and vegetables in teriyaki sauce
rotini with meatballs and tomato sauce
salisbury steak with rice and mushroom gravy
scrambled eggs
scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese
scrambled eggs with peppers and mushrooms
sloppy joe mix
sour cream and onion soy chips
sourdough pizza with cheese
southwest style chicken with sauce
southwest style chicken wrap
spaghetti with meat sauce
split pea soup
strawberry shortcake bar
swedish style meatballs with pasta in sauce
sweet and sour chicken with noodles
sweetened o cereal
tender beef with vegetables
thai style noodles with peanut sauce and tofu
thick crust pizza
thin mint crisp bar
three cheese pasta with chicken dinner
three cheese pasta with chicken lunch
tomato and corn chowder
trail mix bar
tuna salad
turkey hot dog
turkey tetrazzini
vegetable beef soup
vegetable fajita
vegetable ideas
vegetable lasagna with basil tomato sauce
vegetarian chili
walnut chocolate chip cookies
weekly weigh in
whipped sweet potatoes with cheese
white cheddar soy chips
white chocolate chunk cookie
whole grain o cereal
Happy New Year to everyone and thanks again to the wonderful people at Nutrisystem for making this opportunity possible for me!
My weight scale;
NorthShore Care Supply

Nutrisystem D website where you can get 3 weeks free right now if you'd like to try the plan out for yourself!
Nutrisystem D Nation Blogger Program

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Nutrisystem too? Visit


today or call 888-853-4689.

Disclosure: I am receiving Nutrisystem D meal plans free for the next 5 months in order to write my honest opinions about
the products on my blog. My opinions are my own and no other form
of compensation was given other than the free food products. Thanks to Nutrisystem D Nation Blogging Program. Thanks Nutrisystem for letting me participate in this opportunity. Thanks also to NorhShore Care Supply for my weight & food scales I am using for this 5 month campaign.
Full Disclosure Policy
Full Disclosure Policy
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1 comment:

  1. Barb ~

    You are doing awesome! I am so proud of you. :) So glad you are enjoying your Nutribear too! Here's to a great 2011!

    Hugs Meredith