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Cupcakes are still possible when you're diabetic splenda frosting

People might think that just because you're diabetic that you just have to give up cupcakes. Well I for one am here to say that is not true! I make cupcakes all the time & it's not raising my blood sugars, you just have to do it right & in moderation as with everything else in our diabetic way of life.

I usually use the boxed cake mixes for my cupcake adventures. Make them small sized so you can have a better portion control. Actually it's fun to see just how many cupcakes I can get out one boxed cake mix. I usually get 30 small but good portioned size out of 1 single box of cake mix. That's 30 servings!

Freeze some of the extra's and save yourself one cupcake for every day of the week from your mini bunch of cupcake goodness!

Now, the key to not running your blood sugar up while eating a cupcake is using the right frosting that you can make up yourself. It tastes every bit as fantastic as a real buttercream frosting but is a lot better for you!

To make a small batch of frosting for yourself; Beat with mixer 1/2 stick softened margarine, 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract, package of fat free cream cheese softened, 1 tbsp milk & 1 cup splenda that you've pulverized in your food processor to make your own powdered sugar. Mix all that & taste it---good huh? Rich tasting & buttery creamy! If it's not quite sweet enough add a little 1 tbsp of powdered sugar to the mix. Now frost your cupcakes as desired with your bowl of frosting & voil'a you have some heavenly little cupcakes. As long as you eat only one cupcake per serving you should be fine.

I highly recommend eating a cupcake every now & then with no frosting, it still tastes great & gives you just that little bit of sweet goodness you're after without hurting yourself at all, give it a try. Plain cupcakes are pretty darn good.

Another flavor treat I like to do for these mini cupcake treats is; Add any of these to one:

tsp of coconut

smucker's sugar free caramel topping

smucker's sugar free jelly spread on a cupcake

mix splenda with unsweented cocoa powder & dust the tops with it.

powdered sugar all by itself just a little bit.

my favorite: cinnamon & spenda mixture on top is fantastic!

I hope these ideas help you as a fellow diabetic feel you can really have a cupcake whenever you'd like!


Free samples of food on other blogs

I've been wondering how dozens & dozens of food bloggers get those free products, free gift samples & free gift baskets all the time? It seems everyday when I do my regular check in on many blogs they are always talking about how a company sent them so & so & great boxes of goodies!

Wouldn't that be divine to be included on that list? I mean I love getting freebies in the mail & free products would be like a Christmas gift package to me. I know the bloggers are big time & must have a huge following of commenters I suppose to get to such a great happening, I'm just saying it would certainly be nice to be able to receive products & write about them after using them to make some great recipes. I am always buying new products as I love to try new tastes & new ways to doing ordinary dishes.

I'm PR friendly, public relations friendly and would like to do product reviews for food, non food products, cleaning products,cookbooks, kitchen tools, kitchen gadgets, appliances and a zillion other things. I'd put a link back to the company website and a permanent link also back on my featured sponsors page for any sponsor, product review, sample or giveaway sponsored on this blog. You can even choos your keywords if you'd like. I'm open to all pr suggestions & promotions.


Would like to have some dessert recipes safe for diabetes using fresh oranges

Would like to have some dessert recipes safe for diabetes using fresh oranges.

I love oranges especially when they are fresh, in season. The juice from a fresh orange has such a bright citrus taste compared to the store bought oranges that are usually half dried up when you cut into them.

I'm in need of some new recipes using my favorite fruit. So if you have any ideas, feel free to post them or email them to me using the contact us form on this site.

P.S. Yah! The Indianapolis Colts are on their way to the Super Bowl AGAIN!!!!!!!

Diabetic Snacker Follow Me Back Tuesday GFC BlogHop Come Join In

BlogHop Follow Me Back Tuesday Come Join In

Ok, I'm finally giving in and I'm going to be joining

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Hungry Girl is a great leader to follow for snack ideas

If you haven't ever visited you should! I love her website & I've been reading it for a long time now. She offers just the best tips on all snacks, meals, dieting tips that you'll ever want.

She's been making the rounds now as I've seen her on Rachael Ray, Martha Stewart.... everywhere you turn.

Really, check her out, her ideas are a tremendous help to all of us diabetic sufferers who need snacks on a daily basis. She literally shows you a better more healthy choice for every single food item there is out there! Go & see for yourself. My favorite brand right now that she recommended is Brummel & Brown margarine spread. It tastes 100% better thn the spread I was substituting with & half the calories & fat. A great find!

I Am so Sick Of Bananas Anymore I Could Scream

Things are going fairly well around here. I've got my meal plan in order & am sticking it to it really well. My son wrote up the calories & meal charts for me & it has turned out to be very helpful with my daily snack rountines.

I am as all of us diabetics are, sick of eating certain foods but other than that, all is good.

Have you ever just got so totally sick of a banana that you just gagged when you saw one? I mean it, I can't even look at one anymore without feeling sickly! I'm going to stop buying those for awhile & see if that helps.

What foods or snacks are you sick of in your daily routine of meals & snacks for your diabetes?


New Year New You When Your'e Diabetic

Sounds good, doesn't it? New you in the New Year even when your'e diabetic? It can happen!
Think of the brand New Year as a fresh new start with each day bringing in a new chance to eat right, exercise a little bit more & make better choices thru out the day.
I know it's hard, but we can do it. It just takes a few simple steps & the will to want to suceed.

Make sure you start with your breakfast. If you can eat one healthy meal at a time, the battle is going to be won.

Think about all the snacks we have to eat in order to keep our blood sugar levels on target. Make sure you have a lot of prepared healthy snack choices waiting for you every single day. They can be cold snacks right at front in the fridge so it's the first foods that catch your eye.
It can be healthy snack choices in the pantry. Leave only helathy snack choices on the kitchen countertops. If you don't see something you are not supposed to eat, you'll be less inclined to cheat & eat it.
Make it easier on yourself everyday by making sure you prepare ahead of time all your snacks. Put them where you can see them so you will quickly grab them instead of making a new one which is not as helathy for you. Your'e saving time & your health. Swap out all the bad carbs & fats that you can this year. It starts a day at a time, one simple meal at a time. You can do it & so can I so let's do it. Eat healthier, do a little more exercise & feel good about ourselves.