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Bubblegum instead of Diabetic Shot I'll be ready

Here's a story I ran across while reading another blog this morning so I thought I'd share it with you.  Sounds like a great plan to me.


How many foods & recipe blogs do you subscribe to?

I've said before how much I love my google reader program.  Well, today I was adding some new food subscriptions when I thought I wonder just how many of these food and recipe blogs I subscribe to.  Turns out the answer is a whopping 1300!!  Yeah, I know that's even more than I thought was possible!

I guess that is why my google reader always has something new for me to read.  No matter what time of day or night I log on to it,  there's always a brand new recipe, story or adventure awaiting me.  I really adore food blogs and it has become my passion it seems.  I've always loved to cook and especially bake but now I truly enjoy reading about other people's enjoyment of baking and cooking too! 

That's why my google reader has stopped counting even though it is still working.  I guess when you reach 1000 it just says 1000+  headlines are ready and gives up counting.  No problem as long as I know I have something new to read I'll keep checking in as often as I can.  I suppose I should go and find more diabetic related blogs to subscribe to but there's just not that many of those around.  I do subscribe to many healthy food blogs. 

Now, I've been looking to subscribe to manufacturer's blogs as they let you know all the products that are coming out and any new specials that are around.   It never hurts to know about new things & I love being the first to hear about a brand new product on the market.  Maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to be chosen as a product tester or something cool like that. 

So now you know I love my google reader if you have a food blog you can list it here anytime you'd like.   How many subscriptions do you have on your google reader?   Are they mostly foods and recipe sites like me?
If you have a good way to find some of the new recipes let me know in the comments section.  Also, feel free to send in a guest post if you'd like from your food, diabetic or other blog.  We'd love to hear from you fellow foodies!

Taste Of Home Cookbooks Sale Healthy Choices Included Gifts Idea

Taste of Home's website is having a fantastic cookbook sale right now!  No, I'm not affiliated with it in any way just sharing a good deal.  Many of their cookbooks are on sale for only $5.00 each.  These would make exceptional gifts to stash back and put away in your gifts closet.  Lots of new learning cooks appreciate a cookbook and people who already know how to cook love them too.  It's never to late to learn a new cooking method or a new ingredient you haven't tried before.

 Look over their titles some of them are even geared towards healthier eating so they'd be friendly for diabetics to use too.  Of course with any cookbook you can make your changes and substitutions to a recipe to make it more health friendly.  Usually swapping out Splenda for sugar even in baking works fine.  Also sub unsweetened applesauce for part of the oil used in baking will give good results.   Not to mention the ease of swapping out white flour with whole wheat flour and other whole grains which are far healthier for us all.


New Dinner Tonight For Me Chili Cheese Fries

Yes I know everyone else on the planet has been eating this monstrosity for years but I'm slow getting on the train for covering my food with chili.  So, tonight is the night;  I'm going to have a normal serving size of french fried potatoes which we all know are not the healthiest choice on the planet and a small serving of chili on top with just a tiny bit of shredded cheese covering the top.  I'm letting me kids talk me into eating this as they think it's the best dinner ever made.  So I'm willing to give it a sample go round tonight for dinner.

 Guess I better fix some green beans to go with it or some fruit or something healthy for my side dish course.  It seems if I even out the playing field of my plate for supper I'll be able to keep my blood sugar level under control much easier.  It sure would be nice to be like my kids and just wolf down a huge platter of something without having to think about it again, but yeah that's not going to happen anytime soon now is it? 

Do you like Chili Cheese Fries?  Have you worked it into your diabetic meal plan?

Update:  Ok, dinner is over & I lived thru my Chili Cheese Fries Sampler Meal!  Actually I found it to be very good!  I didn't put as much cheese on mine as the kids do but it was very good.  Nice and hot and comforting to eat.  We used the Ore-Ida Texas Crispers french fries which are my favorite because they have more potatoe in them than all the rest.  They even have the skin on so they are nutritious.  Of course they were deep fried but aside from that, a really good enjoyable meal.  I did round it out with a slice of whole wheat toast and a 1/2 cup of fruit cocktail.

Register for a free sample of True Lemon

This true lemon packets are really nice.  I use them instead of buying a fresh lemon all the time.  It's a lot easier to just open a packet than zest and squeeze out an entire lemon and this one tastes better than the real lemon jars we are all used to.

Last week I used a package to add some zing to my son's kool-aid lemonade we'd made.  He thought it just tasted flat until I added this to the container.  It made the whole 2qt pitcher come to life.  I usually will add a packet to my cake mix and it really gives the cake a fresh citrus bursting taste!  Also, I add it to my pancake batter for the same reason.  Hmm, I'm thinking I use this stuff a lot more than I thought I did.  Get your free sample today it's easy & fast.

Bake Quick & Easy Splenda Cinnamon Bites Recipe

Today I made something quick and easy that tastes pretty good!  They are little nibbles of heaven I'm calling Cinnamon Bites!  Here's the easy recipe:

Cinnamon Bites

(bread machine) Dough setting

3/4 cup warm skim milk
1 large egg beaten
4 tbls softened margarine cubed
2 tbsp vegetable shortening
1 tsp kosher salt
1&1/2 tsp active dry yeast
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 tbsp cinnamon
1/4 cup splenda
3 cups whole wheat flour

On the side:  bowl of splenda and cinnamon mixture.  About 1 cup splenda and 2 tbsp cinnamon.  You'll have a lot left over.

Just add all the ingredients into your bread maker's pan and set the dough cycle to do all the work for you.  Mine takes one hour and 30 minutes, then I put it in a sprayed bowl & covered with a damp towel for about 30 minutes.  Then spray your nonstick cookie sheet and roll out your dough into little bite size balls, like the size of a small meatball.  Now roll them around in some splenda & cinnamon mixture you have setting on the counter.  I always keep this made up at my house for little special treats all the time.

Place your little cookie balls on the cookie sheet and bake for about 5-7 minutes at 350 degrees.  Your house is going to smell so divine from the cinnamon flavor!   Eat them warm or cooled.  On some after they baked I smeared a teaspoon of sugar free jellies on the tops.  It made them shiny and beautiful and I'm sure it will make them taste even more heavenly! 

So see, it is possible to have a good homemade snack that's not terrible for you.  These should not run your blood sugars up at all since they are made with splenda and not sugar.  Switching the flour for whole wheat flour helps too.  I don't drink skim milk but I will bake with it as you can't taste the difference in the finished products you bake.  I might be diabetic but I'm not dead and to me flavor is everything!  These little bites taste pretty darn good if I do say so myself.   What do you think?  If you try them out let me know, I'd love to hear your comments.


Blogher network join up application wait list

Today I finally joined the   for women who blog all over the country.  I had been trying to figure out how bloggers get products to review free for their blog from featured sponsors.  I had visited many websites and blogs over the course of the last few weeks with no luck in sight. 

Then today, something magical happened unexpectantly!  I had left a comment on a great looking food blog called  This Eclectic Life (link it title will take you to it), and Shelly was kind enough to answer me back right away with an answer for me!  She told me how to be put on a waiting list at blog her in order to gain access in the future to their ad network.  So, I did just that leaving the information about my blog on the website.

I feel better knowing my blog is on the way to even possibly obtaining products for product reviews by sponsors.  I think that would be the most fun thing in the world to do, to write product reviews for all sorts of items.  Whether it be foods, snacks, cookbooks, kitchen tools or equipment or whatever... It would be like Christmas time to me!  I can only hope to be lucky enough to be someday added to the blog her publishing network and take my blog to the next level of success.  Thank you Shelly!  I really appreciate the help to a fellow blogger.


Breakfast failure chipped beef gravy on toast

Well today I made the most terrible tasting thing I've ever made I think.  I was trying to make a small 1 cup portion size of chipped beef gravy to serve on toast.  I had high hopes since I went to bed thinking about it.  The excution went perfectly and it should have tasted great but since I couldn't even swallow one bite of it down without gagging I'd say something went wrong somewhere!

I've narrowed it down after careful consideration;  it was because I used dry powdered skim milk mix and added water to it to make my "milk".  I should have known better, but it works great in baking things like cookies, muffins or cakes but for this gravy dish it was dreadful beyond dreadful!

So, lesson learned do not use skim milk powder anymore if you are going to directly taste it in the finished project.  Believe me, it's not worth it!  I wound up eating the other half of the package of Buddig chipped beef meat on my 2 slices of whole wheat toast.  I normally wouldn't eat that even but I was hungry and mad about wasting all this time making this gravy!  No more skim milk for me!


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Wow! Another all food cooking show Channel coming!

I was delighted to read that there will be an all new food network around soon! It's coming May 31st & it's called The Food Channel. The article said that it is replacing all programmin now on Fine Living Network. It named several celebrity chefs who already have joined up with them to launch a new cooking show! Some of the chefs already on board are Rachael Ray, Emeril Lagassee and Bobby Flay. Won't it be great to have even more great cooking shows to watch and learn from? I am always learning new tips and techniques from watching so many programs on The Food Network. I'm glad I'm not the only foodie around! I do wish they'd make a show geared towards our diabetic lifestyle and healthier eating that would be even better.

Campbell's Soup Is Cutting The Sodium For All Products

I saw where Campbells Soup Company is reducing the amount of sodium (salt) in all of their canned soup products in the future by as much as 40%. That's a substantial reduction and by doing so they will meed the FDA guidelines of a healthy soup product.

I wonder how much the taste will be effected by such a drastic change but I guess we'll have to wait and see. I know we need to cut the salt intake especially because we are diabetic so it's going to help naturally. Here's hoping it won't make them taste totally bad.


Food Sandwich Product Review Wendy's Fish Filet Cod

We had not been to Wendy's food chain for over a year, but decided to give it a try yesterday. I ordered the fresh deep fried cod filet sandwich and a small order of fries along with of course a diet coke.

I was surprised overall with the food I was served. Not only was the fish indeed fresh looking and tasting, the crispness of the panko breadcrumbs was spot on. It reminded me of a coating that surrounds a great hush puppy. It was very good and well seasoned too. The bun was so also delicious with it's sesame seeds all over the top and it was warm making the fish sandwich even better. I was very pleased with this sandwich and it only had 400 calories! I thought that was very impressive for anything deep fried and extremely large as it was.

My kids on the other hand had the triple baconater's which should have killed them. They said they really liked the sandwiches. I think their sandwich was around 1200 calories but they didn't care even with their huge order of fries and regular coke drinks which they said were good. I'm more of a pepsi gal but at least the coke was fresh and tasted well made.

They came around quite often offering refills on your drinks which was nice even though we didn't a refill because the glasses are so huge already but, hey it's nice to be offered it anyway.

So overall I would give this Wendy's night out meal an A+ as the establishment was clean and tidy, not too crowed and the food was very tasty and warm too. I would highly recommend Wendy's even for us diabetics as like I said you can get the fish sandwich for only 400 calories and it's very filling. They also now have mandarin oranges on the children's menu so I'm sure you could ask for those for yourself. Most restaurants will work with you on anything as long as they are offering it on the menu somewhere. I do wish they'd make some yogurt based more friendly frosty's because I sure miss having one of those frosty's when I go to Wendy's.

What do you think of Wendy's food? Have you tried the Fish Filet Sandwich yet?


Pillsbury free 2010 Calender

Here's a link to get a Pillsbury brand new 2010 calender mailed to you free of charge. They are known to include high value coupons for many of their products so get one fast as they will go quickly!


Too much peanut butter for the diabetic? I think not!

In my neverending search for the perfect 100 calorie bedtime snack; I have a bad habit on getting stuck on one food & not moving on to any other's. My son does the grocery shopping now so he think's he shouldn't have to keep buying the same food products over & over again all the time. So gee whiz, I went thru almost a whole jar of peanut butter in 3 weeks!? It's only an 18 ounce jar for goodness sakes!

I know peanut butter is not the healthiest snack on the block especially when you're diabetic. But, in my defense, it's not the worst snack possible either. I have returned time & time again to my favorite snack I guess far too many times. I use one teaspoon of peanut butter & 6 saltine crackers to make my own "hint" of peanut butter crackers for a great tasty snack. So now I guess this week I'm going to have to figure out something else to eat. Any ideas would be appreciated. Around 100 calories is best for my night time snack to fit into my daily calorie budget. Please nothing to do with fruit since with my daily menu I do have fruits included in all my other snack times. Man, who knew eating every 2 & 1/2 hours could be so hard to find the perfect snacks everyday? 3 meals a day & about 6 snacks on top of that mostly fruit, is what that boils down too. It's a lot of food to try to keep under 1200 calories a day!


We will sample your products for a review

All Products Reviewed A-Z, dvds,cooking,books,products,household....

I am always looking for new products to review and feature on my blog. I will sample your products so send all the different flavors and colors you would like to have featured and reviewed on this site. Diabetics can actually eat any foods even with sugar in moderation so don't feel your product has to be sugar free in order to qualify. Serving sizes are very important to diabetics in order to keep their blood glucose level stable.

We eat a mixture of sugar free foods and sugar laden foods every single day in our daily quest to eat 3 healthier meals and 6 healthy snacks everyday. That's a lot of snacks and food items every day! Remember too there are many children with diabetes if you have products especially geared for children. It's a challenge, so we are always on the hunt for new snacks and food products. All items are fine sweet or not. Also cookbooks for healthy meals are wanted.

All samples and free products should be sent to:

barb gary

1818 brassica lane

Indpls,IN 46217-7094

Your products will be featured and reviewed with an honest opinion and much appreciated.

We can also host a giveaway promotion if you want to send more than one in order to give one product away to the readers of this blog. We do all the work during the giveaway all you do is ship the prize to the winner when it's done!

Email me: directorylanesuperstore(AT)


Watch this Video Super Bowl Snack Built Stadium All Out Of FOOD

I thought this was really cute! They made this video of building an entire Super Bowl Stadium completely out of snack food items! Very clever & really makes you want a snack! It says it's about 37,000 or so calories when it's all consumed.

I love watching Cake Boss & Ace Of Cakes build their colossal cakes so this is about the same concept just with all snack food items instead. Watch it & enjoy!