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Kashi Review Bars Cookies Crackers Homemade Goodness Made Healthier

Kashi products was kind enough to send me a box of their products to sample last week. I've been having a blast going thru the box. It was like a surprise package with mystery goodies inside! Kashi was super generous and sent many different varieties of their great wholesome products. Click on the title of this blog to go visit their website where they have tons of nutrition data, serving sizes, recipes, ingredient lists and much more!

1. Oatmeal Raisin Flax Cookies

These were delicious! They were my favorite morning breakfast treat I'd had in a very long time. There are large chunks of toasted walnuts, plump juicy raisins and flax which I'd never ever tried before. This recipe is excellent & I highly recommend it to everyone. They are very thick & large but only 130 calories. One will fill you up so that & a glass of milk make for a good wholesome breakfast treat.
Who knew you could have cookies at breakfast if you wanted?

2. Snack Crackers

I love these whole grain snack crackers! They taste a bit cheesy and have a lot of special added seasonings on them. They are the perfect size for soup, dips or however you'd like to use them. I'll definitely be buying these in the future. Gosh, I just love trying out new products! These have 120 calories for 7 crackers which is a good snack size portion. Just right to fill you up a bit and not make you stuffed.

3. Party Crackers

Wowser! I can see why they call these Party Crackers now. It's because the taste is so fantastic that there is indeed a party it's inside your mouth! It says roasted garlic which is something I truly love to eat anytime. It also has the added essense of thyme. I've never really tried the spice of thyme before but these were so good I'm going to have to go buy me a bottle of it! You really have got to try these party crackers! Don't save them for a party either, you deserve to have your own party every day. I was a bit surprised to see that 4 of these crackers contained 130 calories but believe me they are worth every last one of them. You'll feel like you've had a lot more calories than that when you munch of these goodies.

4. Fruit & Grain Bars

These have a great taste but the texture is a little hard. Very chewy but manageable. It would definitely help if I wasn't a denture wearer. The flavor is very rich and sticky gooey tasting without the mess!

5. Almond Crunch Bars

These bars are roasted almonds so the flavor is really spectacular! Being a baker you know what roasting does to anything; well it doubles double duty with these snack bars. They are super crunchy which I happen to like.

6. Dark Chocolate Covered Coconut Bars (need I describe these?)

Wow my favorite of this box was definitely the dark chocolate covered coconut bar. It's a great sized portion with only 120 calories and tons of nutrition in it. It is made with all whole grain products so it doesn't spike your sugar levels up.

I've been going thru all the samplings everyday and I must say having a terrific time doing it! The flavors have all been delicious! The cookies remind me of the soft baked oatmeal cookies my mom used to bake when I was a child. Pepperidge Farms has nothing over on Kashi. It's even better that Kashi products are healthier for us all. They are made with only natural products, whole grains and can sugars which you know is a plus for everyone but especially for us diabetics. The cookies tasted great and they didn't spike my blood sugar count so I was very pleased with them. I could eat a healthy snack like that every day because it doesn't taste like a cardboard box like some of the other "healthier" brands do.

I say hat's off to Kashi for making some great healthier products that everyone will love to enjoy. I must admit I had my doubts because i have tried several other company's cookies & such and many of them leaves an awful aftertaste in your mouth! Kashi's products don't do that and you feel satisfied and not guilty because you know you're doing good for yourself and your family.

I hope in closing that you will all run out to your local grocery stores and pick up a few boxes of these Kashi snacking products. I'm sure you'll be very pleased with them! After you do, come back by here & drop me a comment, let me know how much you liked them so I can say I told you so! ha ha Just kidding I won't say that just stop by anyway!

Thanks again to the wonderful folks at Kashi who sent me these great samples to enjoy. I really appreciate it!

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Something Different- Fruit Cocktail Pie-REALLY

Ok today I had a big challenge handed to me. My sons had went to Gray Brothers Cafeteria awhile back and bought one of their frozen Cherry Pies. They brought it home and popped it in the freezer as it's ready to bake and eat. I've been dreading the day it would come out of the freezer since in reality I know I certainly don't need to eat a piece of it. It's way too decadent of a Cherry pie to even consider a slice when you're diabetic.

Anyway, today was that dreaded day when they were ready to have a fresh baked Cherry Pie. So I got it out and put it in the oven and set my oven timer for 1 hour and 40 minutes, yes I know that seems like a lifetime to cook a pie! At least that's what my 2 boys think since they've been in here checking in on quite often! They are so ready for this hunk of pie.

The box has all the nutrition facts on it but really, it makes my feet burn and tingle just to read it! 750 calories per slice! Ungodly amount of sugar is involved in this extravangant pie. That's if you get 6 servings out of it, 750 calories each!
So; you canimagine why I know I can't have any of this glorious pie!

Now so what I did to satisfy my craving for a slice of cherry pie is;

Drumroll..... Fruit Cocktail Pie! I refuse to take a picture of it because it's not the prettiest thing I ever made. But I already had a piece it was good! I had even added red food coloring to the whole mess to make it be pink and look a bit better!

Here's the directions:

Fruit Cocktail Pie


Entire 15oz can fruit cocktail & juice
3tbsp cornstarch
1 tsp lemon juice
orange zest 1 tsp
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp splenda
2 eggs beaten & tempered
1/4 cup orange juice

After you heat thru all the above to combine and thicken then in a seperate bowl I put 2 eggs & beat them. Then I tempered the eggs and put it all to back together in the saucepan and brought it up to a boil. After I turned off the heat I added about 4 drops of red food coloring because I didn't like the mushy color of it. Then I poured it into a prebaked whole wheat pice crust. Then I let it cool down completely in the fridge. When I was ready to try it I covered it with cool whip and it looked really pretty then!

So I've had my piece it was good and satisfying, something different. I would have made cherry pie for me but I was out of canned cherries and fresh cherries. So now I'm in here writing this post and my sons are in the kitchen finally devouring their beloved Cherry Pie. Let me know if you try this it does have a good taste it's nice and sweet from all the fruits in it. It's just not a beautiful sight to behold.
By the way they are reporting it is Excellent!

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They have all types and sizes to choose from. Entertainment cabinets, easy to assemble models and the prices seem reasonable so get your
Tv Stands right now. Great selection so go look it over.

We appreciate all our new sponsors. CSN Stores have a wide variety of household products. I saw everything from the cutest baking supplies to tv stands for every room of the house! I can't decide what I need first whether it's the silicone handles for my cast iron skillets or new dinner napkins for the table. I know I know,I really need some type of new Kitchen small appliance because let's face it, that's my thing!

What about a new less oil deep fryer? Sure that would be great since I have to cut some calories and I love food. Oh, so many choices, I'll keep you informed when I figure out what the review will include.

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A Simple Pancake Can Be A Diabetic's Best Treat Anytime Of The Day

If you're looking for a good wholesome breakfast that will leave you feeling satisfied for hours, I say you can't do better than with a simple Pancake. Sure you'll have to modify the calories a lot & change the way you normally cook them in heavy butter; but it can be done and the results are quite above satisfactory.

Here's my go to recipe for a simple pancake & the hundreds (really)of variations I use to make it different all the time. You literally could have pancakes everyday & not have the same type!

Here's how to lighten them up so you can one or two quite often.

Basic Pancakes
Use 1/4 cup for a good size portion for 1

1&1/2cups whole wheat flour
3tbsp splenda
1tbsp baking powder
1/2 tsp kosher salt
1&1/4 cups 2% milk or skim
1/4th stick of melted margarine low fat type
2 large eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract

Whisk together to combine but don't overbeat. Pour 1/4 cup into a heated sprayed nonstick skillet. I use canola spray for my pans. No need to put any butter in the pans. Top with sugar free pancake syrup or try some of these variations any time you want a change of pace.

Add 2 cups diced fruits All of these word fine!
apples,pineapple,bananas,watermelon,canteloupe,cherries,plums,coconut,pumpkin,mango.... I have not yet found a fruit that I didn't like in my pancake!

One of the best variations is to add 1 whole diced orange & the orange zest or 2 tbsp of lemon juice & the zest of the lemon. Gives it a citrusy whow punch!

More variations?

2 thsp cinnamon my favorite!
3 tbsp coconut
top with honey instead of syrup
top with fruits instead of syrup
Add 1 cup oats
Add 1/2 cup pecans
pumpkin pie spice does wonders to the recipe
Want red velvet? Add 1/4 cup cocoa powder unsweetened & red food coloring!
Want just chocolate pancakes? Just add the cocoa powder. It's really so simple to make a humble pancake.

Now if you make them this way & moderately eat them one or two at a time your blood sugars should not spike. Just don't go overboard with the fruits in each serving and you shoud be great. I keep a bowl mixed up in the fridge usually once a week so I can just pour me out one whenever I want one for a treat.

I usually add all the fruits or ?ingredients to the bowl of batter that way I'm getting an equal portions of fruit & batter & not overloading myself on spikey carbs all at once. Everything in moderation but a pancake can make a good daily treat for one of your needed snacks whether it's the 3 a day meals or the 5 or 6 snacks you need as a diabetic person.

Have you any other ideas for additions to these pancakes? I'd love to hear them or if you like some of these let me know! I love reading your comments.

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Full Disclosure Policy Diabetic Snacker Product Reviews

Disclosure Policy Diabetic Snacker

I may receive cash compensation, prize compensation,products,food products,appliances,household goods,services or other forms of compensation from advertisers/sponsors of this blog. However, my opinions are my own honest true opinions. If I like something I'll tell the world about it on my blog. If I don't enjoy something I will also post that information on my blog. That's whether I obtained something for free or purchased it myself. I give honest fair reviews. Just because I get a product free in order to do a review, it does not guarantee that I will like your product.

I will always state if a post is a paid sponsored post
or if I received a product for free to write my review.

This blog would love the opportunity to work with PR for prize giveaways, food products,services, household products & any & all compensations. I would welcome doing an honest review on any products. I will include pictures that I take of your products & detailed information. I just love getting Freebies & Promotions whether in the form of products, free coupons or appliances. If it's free count me in & I will happy to talk about it for you.

Also don't think just because I'm diabetic I wouldn't want to try your full of fat or full of flavor products too, diabetes is all about moderation so I feel there is nothing that I cannot eat just because I'm diabetic. Besides I have 2 sons who love to eat!

eBay Store


Blog Spotlight Guest Blogger Post by Kristina Ridley

Today I want to welcome Kristina Ridley who has written this guest post to share with all of you.

The Lazy Man’s Way to Prevent Diabetes Trough Blood Glucose Test

About the Author - Kristina V. Ridley writes on diabetes meters .org , her personal hobby blog focused on helping people get free information to prevent diabetes and test blood glucose at home.
The American Diabetes Association has the duty of looking for information regarding this important medical condition. 23.6 million individuals living in America currently have diabetes, and because of this the country is seen as very unhealthy. Ninety percent ofglucose in your body, it could result in serious internal organ damage and affect one’s nervous system this figure has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Diabetes and the tendency to be overweight usually run in the family. If there is too much .

A Diabetic Life

Healthy living can be the best way to treat Type 2 diabetes. The things that healthy people do on a regular basis can have a huge effect on diabetics. This includes actions that are as simple as exercising and eating good, healthy foods.
Those who have diabetes may be able to avoid health complications by doing their best to keep the glucose levels in their blood within the recommended range. One of the most common ways to check blood glucose is to use a finger prick test. However, many physicians have indicated that these tests are as sufficient for tracking glucose fluctuations over time as the HbA1c test.
The percentage of glycated hemoglobin in the blood is gauged by the HbA1c test and can show when glucose levels are particularly high. Tests have shown that diabetics should usually maintain less than a 7% level according to the A1c. According to the CDC, the risks of many types of diseases would reduce by up to 40% if people would reduce their a1c levels to 7 percent.
Too Much Control
One of these studies, conducted at the Lancet and Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, has found that people who have median levels may be at a far greater risk of death, especially for those taking insulin. However, other tests have indicated that A1c levels of 7 percent is still perfectly healthy. Matt Davies, An accredited Endocrinologist, has stated that maintaining a 7% A1c level is healthy according to recent studies, but that physicians should always take the individual patient's history into account prior to planning treatment.
One of the main parts of the body that is affected by Type 2 diabetes is the pancreas. Many people eat foods that contain high doses of sugar, which turns into glucose in the blood stream. When glucose enters the blood cells, insulin is released by the pancreas so that the glucose becomes a type of fuel for the body to run on. For a person who is living with Type 2 diabetes, all of this makes it difficult for the body to produce the insulin it needs and to use what little is produced. At this point, there is plenty of glucose to be used as fuel for the body, but the cells are not able to find it.

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Welcome to my blog via The Ultimate Blog Party!

I realize I'm a little late joining the Ultimate Blog Party but I guess better late than never! I haven't been able to get their cute logo to load but I'm working on it. The Ultimate Blog Party is hosted by 5 minutes for mom & the title will take you to her blog where all the participating blogs are listed. There are 1000's of them listed now!

My name is Barb Gary and I've been blogging for about a year & a half now. I divorced after 25 years of marriage & I haven't looked back! I'm enjoying being unattached again! I also am a Powerseller on ebay (link at left) where we have a lot of household items at lower prices. Come visit our (sons & me) ebay store. I named this blog Diabetic Snacker because I'm now on a hypoglycemic type daily meal plan of 1200 calories with 3 meals & about 6 snacks a day to keep my blood sugar levels steady. It's working great but I'm snacking all of the time! So the diabetic snacker.

I have many health related issues which I've discussed on this blog before but the main one that is food blog related; type 2 diabetes.

So this foodie blog is all about food just like all the other blogs only I have to try to healthify up some of my recipes. It's a bit more challenging but thank goodness they invented Splenda! It's my substitue sugar of choice because it tastes great & has no calories! Sugar free cupcakes here I come!

If you're new here I'd love to have more followers, email or rss subscribers so feel free to sign up. I'm new to twitter & facebook & haven't quite worked out the system yet but I did join so that's a start.

Oh yeah, just so readers know I don't think I've mentioned it but I am legally blind. That's right I have very low vision completely blind in one eye & the other is 2/200. I say this because it's the main reason I don't have many pictures on my blog. I love pictures but it's rather difficult for me to take them & make them great. So a lot of times I post hints, tips or recipes without a picture or using a stock photo. With all the wonderful blogs out there in cyberspace I could never take a picture that would compare to those!

I love food blogging! I'm an "oldie" (53), with 2 grown boys and one of them has now become our full time cook here at home. The meals have improved a lot! I'm sort of his soux chef now so I don't have much to do in the kitchen anymore execpt make my diabetes friendly snacks and desserts which I love doing!

I worked at RCA for 14 years and all my life before that. I'm retired now and I love just visiting other food blog websites and leaving comments. I've been entering a lot of contests lately but I haven't won a thing yet!

Anyway, that's my story & I hope you'll come back and visit sometime. I'd love to have ya! I'm also accepting guest posts so if you have a mom blog, money saving blog,food blog or diabetes blog email me! Also if you have a food blog go to my McLinky page and submit your blog to my blogroll! I suscribe now to over 1600 food blogs in my rss google reader & I love reading all the new updated food news every day.

***Here's the list of the prizes I'd love to win any of! The list is pretty long because there's a ton of great prizes!

Toshiba Satellite Laptop! OMG Prize of the century!

#39 Hilton Hotel stay if it's good in Indiana would be sweet!

Scrubbing Bubbles Gift Basket
Gift Basket

Retro Pedal Cars

Rocking horse



Amazon $50!


OMG, so many cool prizes!

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Diabetic Snacker Asks Organic food why does it have to cost more?

I've been doing a lot of visiting food websites over the last few weeks. One trend I've noticed is more and more people are starting to eat organic. I know research has shown that organic food is higher in nutrients than normal foods. I've just never tried actual grown organic foods in the marketplace . Even the produce of organic fruits and vegetables is supposed to contain more vitamin c than normal nonorganic foods.

Sure I know that organic grown foods contain less toxins that harm nerve and brain cells but what bothers me most is the cost. I don't think it should cost more to eat organic foods. That's the way we should have always been eating so why do we have to pay extra now just to do it? I understand that going organic will reduce your cancer risk too and that's a good thing.

Organic products require less pesticides which is always good and makes it cheaper to produce so why do we have to pay more for it? What do you think about going organic?

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Spices can change dishes entrees & your food memories quickly

Tonight for dinner I tried something totally new to me. It was a simple change made with a few spices and it turned out to be really good!

I had orange chicken by just putting some fresh orange juice & zest on a chicken breast & baking it at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes. It tasted fresh and fruitty and was good. No salt or anything else was needed so that's a good thing for me. For my side dish I diced a potato and sprinkled a bit of salt, garlic powder and rosemary all over them. I put a tsp of olive oil and baked them right along with my chicken. It was an easy satisfying meal!
I had never ever used rosemary on anything before. I only used it today because I found a 4ounce bottle in the back of my spice cabinet!

Did you know there are a million little steps you can do to enhance your meals? Small pinches of spices can make any entree or side dish take on a whole new flavor. We eat with our eyes first so seeing spices on dishes lets your brain know ahead of time that your mouth is going to love it.

Adding just 1 tsp of ground oregano to a can of cream of tomato soup can really make it much more special tasting. Many people use basil instead for a really unique flavor twist.

Thyme added to chicken noodle soup can make it feel like a gourmet soup cooked up by Wolfgang Puck himself. Small bits of flavorings can make a difference in your tastebuds.

I sometimes add 1 tablespoon of molasses to a can of pork & beans to make them have a heartier taste. Add 1 teaspoon of onion powder & 1/2 teaspoon of garlic powder and you have the best beans around anywhere.

I also enjoy our favorite Ragu sauce much more if I doctor it up a bit with a 1/2 tsp of oregano. Of course we always add parmesan cheese to it at the table but that little hint of oregano really brings out all the flavors as they should be.

I have a lot of spices just sitting in my cabinets and it seems some of them never get used. I think this week I'll start a new daily taste test with them. I'm going to fry an egg for lunch (in nonstick spray), and sprinkle a different herb or spice on them every day. That way I can see which ones I like and which ones I don't care for at all. That will make it easier to use them up if I remember what it is they taste like. I figure an egg is an inexpensive way to test them out!

One thing I've found I like on potatoes now is just 1 tsp of olive oil and some garlic powder and chives. Some days I switch to parsley or oregano but having potatoes in many different ways leaves me never getting tired of them.

Another small thing I like to do is when I'm boiling hot dogs I add 1 tsp of garlic powder to the water. The hot dogs will absorb the garlic taste and you'll feel like your'e eating a polish sausage which is better, instead.

For meatballs one of my favorite sauces is the old time standard apricot jelly & chili sauce mixed together in a saucepan. I have found however that when I add a mere 1/2 tsp of cinnamon to the mixture everyone loves them a bit more. It's like hmm, what is in there? Cinnamon in my book makes anything better!

I've decided my new favorite trick of green beans is to add 1 tsp of garlic powder while they are cooking. I like my beans well done cooked a long time. At the table if you add just a sprinkle of parmesan cheese they will taste like heaven.

I hope some of these little tips will get you looking into the back of your spice cabinets! I've found I have jars and jars of stuff in there to use. Each time you use a different spice you are creating a new dish, a new taste and a new memory.
You never know which taste you'll like best unless you try them all.

What about you? Do you have a special little spice that makes something taste more special? Let me know in the comments.

Our Hookless Shower Curtains Are Back!!