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Book Review Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer Hatchette Book Group

Book Review Eating Animals
by jonathan Safran Foer

Hatchette Publishing Group

I recently was sent a book to review called
"Eating Animals."

This book, Eating Animals is a man's journey from
eating meat to becoming a vegetarian, It is a 3 year
adventure in how animals are raised,fed and groomed
to become a menu item on your dinner table. He'll

take you thru everything that happens and some of it

is not pretty. he skips around a lot in the book

starting one story and not finishing it before he

moves on to the next. That's a little irritating but
once you understand that is what's going on it's easier
to read.
Hachette Book Group
Find Hachette Book Group
on Twitter

I'm not a vegetarian but the book does bring up many
points that will make you think about the food that
you are eating and serving to your family. He will
let farmers,vegetarians and activists speak their

mind in this book so you feel you get the overall
picture of the situation.

I think too much gross detail is concentrated on

around the slaughterhouse and it's a bit gory. I

believe as a food activist he is getting the point
across of where our meat comes from but if you're

like me I think it's better to not know all the


I was raised on a farm so I know what goes into the

raising of animals for slaughter. I don't think

eating meat will ever be taken away from us but with
this book it will give you a reason to think about
it a lot harder in the future. I have found myself
thinking about it a lot while I'm eating which I don't
really want to do. Like when we had barbecued ribs
that really makes you think about it.

Disclosure: I was sent a complimentary copy of this book in order to write my honest opinions in a review. My opinions are my own and no other form of compensation was given. Thank you to the author and to Hachette Book Group for sending me this book.


Dvd Review (Fun For The Whole Family Hour) Music Comedy Adventure

Tags: Kids Movie Reviews,Childrens Dvd Review

Fun For The Whole Family Hour Dvd Review Childrens Dvd Review

This dvd really is fun for the whole family especially if
you are spiritually minded. It's an
hour filled with all types of different skits,music,
clips and much more. There is something in this dvd
for all family members.

Do you remember when you were a child the vactaion
bible study programs? I used to love attending those when
I was a child and young teen.

Well that's what this reminds me of except it's not just for the kids it's for you all to enjoy together. It's a fun
and educational experience for the entire family.
Thru clips and music they will explore the wonders

There's drama,mystery and comedy in this dvd boxed set,
so it
will keep kids motivated in faith so parents and
children will be able to discuss what they have seen
together. This is a very colorful story told to kids
and adults that I think every family could enjoy and
talk about it.

If you've been looking for a wholesome adventure for your family to watch together that is child friendly and mother approved, this is the one for you to enjoy with your entire family. Children love to watch stories unfold with their parents and talk about what they saw. Maybe you could start a weekly dvd night for you and your children. When my kids were young we always had dvd night once a week and because of that my sons now still love to get together with their mom and watch new movies and dvds every week. It's hard finding a movie that will be enjoyable for the entire family sometimes so I'm glad Fun For The Whole Family Hour has done such
a wonderful job of doing that. Watch films with your kids,they will appreciate it so much.

Disclosure: TBB Media Group sent me this complimentary dvd and I thank them so much for that. My opinions are my own and no other form of compensation was given.

Disclosure: Any links are affiliate links meaning I will make a small percentage when clicked thru or a purchase is made. I appreciate your support of Diabetic Snacker.

Fish Taco Night From Ortega Seasonings & Gorton's Seafood Party Time

Dinner Recipe Fish Taco's Hearty Meal For Entire Family
Gorton's Seafood & Ortega Make It Festive

You know I would have never thought to have put fish in my taco's if it hadn't been for Gorton's and Ortega Seasonings teaming up and asking me to do a review for them together. My family is a little slow getting behind taco's as we've just recently adventured out enough to try a chicken taco and we loved it. So, I guess a fish taco would be the next logical fishing adventure to go on.
Ortega's seasonings,spices and new taco shell kits can be found on their website;
Gorton's also have a popular website with many creative
recipes for their fish;
Gorton's Seafood
Ortega Goton's Promotion
Enter the promotion yourself and win a trip to Mexico!

I use a lot of Gorton's Seafood products usually for fish sandwiches for my lunch. A couple of those baked in the oven are really a great source of protein for you. Since I always use whole wheat buns the entire hearty fish sandwich weighs in at only 320 calories which is great for me. I love having crispy fish
fillets on my sandwich with just a pinch of Lawry's seasoned salt
on top of it. Yes I know the salt part is not good for me but it's a tiny tiny pitch just enough to know you have a hint of some seaoning on it. Delicious-that's what it is, I could eat this every day for my lunch with a tall glass of ice water.

Ok, I know, I got off track in my "fish tales". For the Fish taco's
I baked my fish as normal, in the oven but this time I sprinkled
oretaga seasoning and spice mix on top of them on both sides and let them bake for 25 minutes at 350 degrees. They turned out very tasty and the flavor was even better than my usual seasoned salt I love so much. I use whole wheat soft tortilla shells for wrapping my fish and one of Gorton's fish fillets fits perfectly inside the totrilla shell. I know most people eat lettuce, tomatoes and onions on their taco's but not me-I'm a plain jane gal all the way, I just want my taco shell and my meat with seasoning and I'm good.

Of course you could have this meal also with deep fried fish from gorton's I just try to stay away from as much fat as I possibly can being a diabetic. I do think next time I make this I will add a slice of American Cheese around the fish I think that would even be more awesome!

We do enjoy Ortega beef taco's once a week in my house as everyone loves them. They are also a good meal for the entire family, team it with a few veggies and you've got a healthy meal and a great tasting one too. We prepare our regular beef tacos with less water than the mixes call for and they flavor is even stronger on the Ortega seasonings so i like that.

Have you ever tried a Fish Taco?

Product Review SmartShield Sunscreen SPF-30 Beauty Products

SmartShield Suncare Sunscreen Products Product Review

Recently I received a huge bottle of a product called
SmartShield Suncreen to test out with my family and write
a review about. The company shipped very quickly and used priority
mail to ship my complimentary product. They also went the
extra step I call it, to enclose the bottle in a ziploc type
container bag so there was no mess if it had accidentally
burst open or was smashed. Yes we know how good the post
office is at that sort of thing. Luckily, this bottle
made it thru the system nice and whole.

Find SmartShield sun protection products on facebook;

Or on their easy to navigate website;

They are also located on the othe social media site of twitter;

Free Shipping on orders of $50.00 of more so isn't that

From their website;
SmartShield is an oil-free, eco-friendly sunscreen

that you
can wear all-day. Our special formula is quickly

by your skin for serious, tough sun protection."

The company is located at;
Their products are also eco-friendly which I know is important
to a lot of us.

It's been pretty hot here in Indianapolis so sunscreen is a good thing to have on hand. I think we all know now how important a step
wearing sunscreen can be. Of course when I was younger I never hardly ever put on sunscreen! Those were the days playing basketball all day and well into the night. We never thought twice
about stopping to put on sunscreen.

Well today about 3 of my old basketball buddies have skin cancer and they say the excessive time spent in the sun for years and years didn't help it any. I've been lucky so far so now
I make sure myself and my kids wear sunscreen whenever they are going to be outside for an extended period of time. Now, it's like
a habit that you just do like putting on your seat belt. I think
everyone should wear a sunscreen to protect themselves as much as possible.

Tis SmartShield Sunscreen protection is working very nice on all of us. You just rub a little of it onto your skin and it lasts all day. That's good because I hate it when you have to keep re-applying things like that. I suppose if you were swimming you'd have to re-apply it as it would be washed off from the water.

It goes on easily and doesn't feel greasy at all which is very nice. It doesn't have an odor to it so I guess it's called fragrance free which I like. One thing I hate is how some of the sunscreens I've tried in the past smell like bug rellant spray. Now I ask you, who wants to smell like that? So this does not which is a very good thing.

Disclosure: I was sent a complimentary product in order to test and try this product and write my honest opinions of the product. My opinions are my own and no other form of compensation was given. Thanks to SmartShield for sending me their product to try.

Disclosure: Any links are affiliate links meaning I will make a small percentage when clicked thru or a purchase is made. I appreciate your support of Diabetic Snacker.

What Is Happening To Review Offers Working For Free On Your Blog Rant WAHM

It's RANT Time Overdue & Much Needed Pr Pitches Gone Wrong

Wow, I just really have to vent or rant here today,I apologize ahead of time. I hope I'm not being too unreasonable at least I think I'm doing a fair amount.

I've been thinking a lot today about a few of the latest pr pitches
that I have received. I'm not happy with them at all and I am starting to feel like an underappreciated slave! I know that's a sad comparison,but ok here's the point;

1.I received a pitch from a very well know large company yesterday and was so happy to receive it. She told me how they have so many great things going on, how busy they are and all that... Like I'm not busy too? Anyway, the pr pitch was for a product under $9.99 to be chosen by me. They only had one single product that was even under the 10.00 mark.

I think that is pretty cheap myself as I feel in order to write a good post for a major company I should at least be entitled to a value closer to $20.00 or more. So, I already felt a little shorted by it from the staart. Then, they want to add a giveaway to it on top of that. Come on I know we all know how much work is involved with running a giveaway! I guess they think you just slap one up quickly and you're done with it. That's not the case at all. There is a ton of work involved with running a giveaway and even more after the giveaway has ended!

So I politely turned down this offer and told her why and she actually seem offened that I would turn her down! I thought I should be the one that was offended since she was trying to get me to work for her for basically NOTHING!
Ok, that was one example and that's not even the worst one.

2.Today, I received another pr pitch from a small company I've never heard of telling me how excited they are for me to try their
products and write a review and to host a giveaway. Then, a 2nd email saying they'll have to hold off on the giveaway and would it be okay just to send a 1 ounce sample of candy product for me to write the review about?!! I mean, come people, what is a one ounce
sample of candy=50 cents?! or under that?

I also send her back a reply saying sorry I usually get closer to $20.00 or more in products to write my reviews.

She immediately replied back saying; then I bet you only do one review a year as we have plenty of other bloggers who would love to work with us!

So, again I offended another pr rep. OMG! 50 cents? Really?!

I didn't bother to reply back and tell her what I thought of her remark I figured it would be falling on deaf ears anyway.

Now, granted that's just the last 2 days but it seems that I am
constantly getting these types of pitches. I clearly have my minimums spelled out on my publicly posted pr page but I guess
they are not taking the time to even read that.

Now she has me wonering are there really some bloggers out there are working for 50 cents a post? I hope not,because it's way below what you deserve. Our time is money and important just like
their time is important. Don't let people belittle you into accepting a lower pay rate than you deserve. Your blog is your
business so stand up for yourself!

Notice I haven't named any names or any companies so I won't
be blasted all over the internet for ruining anyone. This is my own
personal rant which I have every right to do since it's my blog.

I wish I'd sit down and write myself an eloquent letter for rejection to send the next time this happens but you know that takes more time so I haven't done that yet. I guess since I will be only getting one pitch a year I'll have plenty of time coming up.

I'd love to hear other's thoughts on this type of thing in the comments. What's the least you've been offered to write a post for?

3.Well today I have another one,maybe I'll make this my progressive
rant list! Today, just to review a book they wanted me to do all of this: & post on my blog on 5 other sites aka amazon... the review it on twitter,facebook,...
Who has time to post a review on 5 other websites besides your own? Furthermore why on earth would you even want to do that anyway? It makes no sense to login to 5 different sites and post the same article on them. That takes away any google ranking you'd ever get on that article in the first place.

I deleted this email very quickly and didn't even bother with a response. I barely can find time to write one review let alone running around all over the internet to post it everywhere else on top of that. Sure, I can see putting it on facebook & twitter and that's fine but when it comes to other sites I'm out.

Disclosure: Any links are affiliate links meaning I will make a small percentage when clicked thru or a purchase is made. I appreciate your support of Diabetic Snacker.


New WINNERS List *10* Winners!!!! Giveaways Winners

Closed Giveaways! Here's the New Winners List!

Diabetic Snacker Winners of Giveaways!
Some are new winners and as you can see some are
redrawn winners!

Radius Toothbrushes
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Smiley Cookies
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Dharma Glass Straws
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Executive Gifts Football
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Roadkill Tshirt
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Reading Glass Shoppe
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Kardea Snacks
39 comments #38 amanda

Redraw Winners Giveaways

MaraNatha Nut Butters-1st winner did not respond
21 comments #7 emily n.
no email shown or in profile but I'll give here the 48
hours like it says and hope she's a reader of this blog!

Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce- Redraw winner

forfeited her prize so somene else could win!
27 comments #21

Newly ended winner:

Sweaty Bands
38 comments #11 Sam

That's all of the winners! Thanks to everyone who participated in my giveaways! All of you winners, I will be emailing you in a minute and then you will have 48 hours to reply back and claim your prize! If I don't hear from a winner a new winner will be
chosen. Thanks, now go enter some more giveaways!

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Product Review Yellowstone Bees Beauty Body Foot Hand Care Cosmetics For Health & Beauty

Product Review


Today I want to talk about a company called Yellowstone They have a wide variety of helpful products for your health and
beauty needs. They sent me some complimentary products to test
out and write my opinions on them. I've been using these
products for the last couple of weeks and I have found them to
be a good choice in cosmetics.

Here's what I was sent:

vanilla lip balm
fragrance free hand & foot balm
tea tree peppermint hand & body cream
lavender aroma mist
tea tree peppermint soap bar
hand & foot ball tea tree peppermint

They shipped their products fast and they used a large
manilla bubble envelope so everything arrived intact and
unopened as it should. The peppermint smell is very evident
when you open the envelope.

The vanilla lip balm is one of my favorite products it makes you think of a good vanilla sugar cookie every time you put it
on your lips. It has helped my dry chapped lips a lot so I really
like it plus it's a handy pocket size tube which I really appreciate.

Yellowstone Bees can also be located on Facebook;

They have a huge list of ingredients so you'll know all the
natural ingredients used in your products right here;
Yellowstone Bees Library

Fragrance Free Hand & Body Cream
The lavender mist spray called Aroma Mist is awesome as I love the smell of lavender and this is so sweet and flowery smelling. I've set it in the bathroom and everyday I just spray a little
mist of it in there and it makes the whole bathroom smell
super fresh. I love it when you can make a room smell good without
going thru the hassle of cleaning it. Besides, when you
have company I think it's important to have your bath area
smell nice.

I've been using the hand & foot balm in peppermint on my feet and it leaves them feeling smooth and less dry and cracked. I like the faint smell of peppermint but I'm not a big fan of a strong fragrance of it. So since I don't want to smell it that much I haven't been using it on my hands just my feet. I think this
tea tree peppermint scent can be overpowering.

The tea tree soap bar is extremely potent with the smell. I know a lot of people love that smell but I'm personally not a big fan of it. I did use it in the shower and it lathers really nicely
I just don't love the fragrance of it.

Another one of my favorite items sent was the fragrance free hand
& foot balm. Now, that I have been using on my hands and elbows
which are prone to dryness. I like it when a product has no
smell at all. I like to smell fresh and clean without being overpowering so this is the perfect kind of product for someone
like me. I saw on their site they even have Jasmine! That's my
personal favorite of all time.

I do love the containers they use for their things. The little tins are so cute and the lids come off easily which I like since I have arthritis. I hate it when you have to struggle with a lid to get it off. Their labels on the tins stay in place nicely and they
have a great graphic design on them of a flower basket which
I found to be really adorable.

All in all, I love their products except for the tee tree
fragrance ones but to each his own. If you love tea tree peppermint
you'll enjoy using all of these products. They also have
many bath and spa items and a huge variety of gift options.

Disclosure: I was sent complimentary items to test and try. My opinions are my own and no other form of compensation was given. Thank you to the company Yellowstonebees for sending me these products.
Full Disclosure Policy

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Current Giveaways


# CLOSED Giveaway 9/27/10 Mrs.Renfro's Foods, Gourmet Salsa's, Sauces Syrups Review Free Food! Groceries

Product Review and Giveaway! US Entries Only Please

Giveaway is at the end of review post
Ends 09/27/10 (long date,spreading them out)
Mrs.Renfro's Foods Free Groceries
Enter to Win Food

Gourmet Salsa's & More

I love their tagline, gourmet flavors at value prices,
that says a lot doesn't it?
Mrs. Renfro's was nice enough to let me choose 4 sauces
to review for my blog, they will
ship 4 to a Giveaway Winner too! I know you'll be happy
to try these sauces,salsa's and syrups.

Renfro Foods

Foods History

Twitter Mrs.

Mrs. Refro's Gourmet Foods

They are packaged very nice in a long box that reminds
of a bouquet of roses box so you know something good
is inside. The 4 jars are neatly packaged in this
gift worthy box. Each is safely nestled inside with
it's own special wrapping and plastic insert dividers.
The dividers are cute triangle shapes I think I'll be
using those in my next necklace crafts project.

Anyway, the bottles are large 16oz Jars of each of these
products and is a great presentation. Here's what
was inside:

bbq sauce
mild salsa
pure cane syrup
coutnry syrup made with molasses

Mrs.George Renfro and her husband
began their family food business
in 1940. Today,the Renfro family
name is synonymous with the taste
and quality of Texas flavor and

I've included some pictures from their website so you can
see they have a lot of different sauces,salsa's and
syrups. I also saw pineapple salsa and mango salsa which
would both be diabetic friendly since they are made with
fresh fruits. You can also go as hot as you'd like.

The Mild Salsa

is my oldest son's territory. My youngest
son and I neither one care for any salsa so I didn't
try it. I leave that to my eldest the Salsa Lover.
He loves Salsa on a lot of different foods. He just
started even eating Salsa a couple of years ago but
it's like an addiction now he has to try every new one
out on the market. He should have been a Salsa taste
tester for his career.

The Pure Cane Syrup

was like nothing I've ever tried
before! Have you ever had cane sugar? I had not but I
will say I am totally shocked by just how good it is.
The flavor is pure sugar sweetness and it's fairly
strong. I like the flavors of it but being diabetic
I will have to use this sparingly. This is a natural
product so it will be good in many diabetic friendly
recipes I make. This is the kind of jar you just want
to dip your finger down into and lick them! Yeah, I know
can't do that for bacteria reasons but If you could
that's what I'd do with this jar! It's fantabulous as
Mr.Big would say.

The Country Syrup

The ingredients in this are just molasses,
sugar,water and citric acid. That's nothing
but simple goodness right there in a jar
all bottled up and waiting for you. I tried
this on some waffles and it was fantastic! Since it does have sugar in it I had a smaller
than normal serving size so I wouldn't run up
my blood sugar. It says a serving size is
1/4 cup so I had 1/8 of a cup instead and I
was just fine. I love it when I get to taste "real" foods as I call it not just diabetic
friendly foods. A girl has got to have a variety in life you know. I adore molasses so this syrup did not disappoint me, it's chocked full of deepdark rich molasses flavor.

The Barbecue Sauce

I saved this one especially for last because it's our
favorite of all the 4 jars. I know I like all of them,
but this is still our favorite. That's because we frequently
eat at a great restaurant here in Indiana called Uno's
Pizza and we love their food. One of their barbecue sauces
is very similar to this barbecue sauce so it's a home-run
for us! So if I say it tastes similar to Uno's that means
it's a darn good bbq sauce.
Renfro Foods

As foodies, we are always looking for ways to create
our favorite restaurant meals at home but with the same
great taste and this barbecue sauce is a dead ringer
for Uno's. If you've ever eaten there you'll know exactly
what I'm talking about it. If not, well it's deep dark
and rich in flavor with a bold little kick at the end
of sweet heavenly goodness. You really need to try it
because you can taste the pure brown sugar in the
background and it is to die for. I'm so happy this
sauce is so close to it! I'll definitely be buying
some of these in the future. My kids were very pleased
with this jar of sauce as they think every single bite
of food that goes into your mouth must have it's
own special sauce. Really, I've seen them eat with 6
different sauces on their plates for one meal! I guess
they love their sauces and they are picky about which
ones they like and don't like. They like all of these
from Mrs. Renfro's so mom did good requesting these
samples. Look below how you can win your own set of these
wonderful 4 jars of sauces and syrups yourself!

Disclosure: I received free products from this company in order to write my honestform of compenation was given. Thank you to the company Mrs. Re opinions about them in a review. My opinions are my own and no other nfro's and InterStar PR,
for sending me these products, I apprecite it!

~~~~~~WIN IT~~~~~~~

Winner will receive: 4 bottles of Mrs. Renfro's fine
sauces,syrups and salsa products! Ends 9/27/10 US only.
Winner will receive all this!

Mild Salsa
Country Syrup
Barbecue Sauce
Cane Syrup

Winner will have 48 hours to reply to my email to claim
their prize! If they do not, another winner will be chosen.
All giveaways are chosen randomly by my sons who have
no affiliation with any bloggers.

They don't even look
at the blog or know any names of the entrants. I say give
me a lucky winning # between 1-65, or whatever the # of comments is
and they give me the winning number.
Then I count
them off and find that matching person and matching

Mandatory Entry! (Must Do for bonus entries to count)!

Mandatory: Visit Sponsor's Website and leave a message something you learned
or a product you'd like to try & the price of it.

Renfro Foods

Visit their Family History Page here; Tell me something
interesting you saw! (2 entries)
Foods History

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Mrs. Refro's Gourmet Foods

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SoftLips Product Review and Giveaway 9/03/10

specified date which is: 9/27/10 US Entries Only!

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