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Trading Phrases Product Review Wall Decor Diabetic Snacker

Trading Phrases Wall Decals Lettering Designs Fun
Home Decor Easy DIY Projects

A few weeks ago I had asked a company called Trading
if I could work with on a blog campaign and they said yes! They were even so generous as to let me choose my designs, isn't that fantastic? I spent quite awhile looking around but the minute
I came across these colorful circles or dots of bright rainbow
colors, I knew I'd found exactly what I was looking for!
Trading Phrases Home Wall Decor For Every House or Business
I've always been a huge fan of bright colors as I've said before it's probably because I'm legally blind, that I find bright colors
to be the most special thing in the world. They just can't make
a color too bright in my opinion. I was given a $50.00 budget and believe me, that will get you a lot of goodies on their website!

I choose 3 different colors of dots/circles for my new bedroom makeover design. Reminded me of my "groovy chic" days back in the 70's, yeah I'll admit it I really thought everything had to go just that way. Anyway, these designs are even prettier in person
than they are on the website. It's given my bedroom a whole
new atmosphere of relaxation and comfort.

To add to the new look, I also had enough left over to buy some fall leaves and vines so it looks really good right over my bed.
I don't have a headboard and my son refuses to paint the boring
white walls so this was my way of getting some rainbow
colors into my bedroom once and for all! I am sorry that we can't get this digital camera to work I don't know what is wrong with it,
we've changed the batteries already! Once I get it going again I'll
be sure to add the picture to this post for you to see how good they look on the wall over my bed. I chose the multi color ones you see in the picture aren't they gorgeous?

Trading also goes the extra step by including a practice sheet in each box, isn't that nice? I didn't use mine but it's good to know that it is there if you wanted it. They carry over 3,000 designs in their online store and you are going to love plenty of them. They also do custom orders if you have an idea and want to put it into place on your wall. It's only up to your imagination!

I said they were permanently on my wall, but they really are removable if you want to take them down and change it
to another pattern,maybe something for the Holiday Season.
They ask a question on their website which says "What do your walls say about you?" Well, now my walls tell you that I am a fun color loving groovy gal!

These colorful dots and fall leaves brought my dull boring
bedroom to life and it only took a few minutes to get them
onto the wall. I was really surprised with how easy they were
to just stick on the wall like a giant sticker! They even
send along all of the instructions incase you need them and a
cute little tool to glide across the design to remove any air
bubbles. I let my son do that for me since I don't see very well
because I wanted them to look just right-and they do!

Even my "picky about his white walls" son said it makes the room look better than what it did. That's not easy for him to say since
around here mom is usually never right. Hey, but this time
I did get something right and it's a permanent fix to my room.
It really makes you feel special when you have bright colors
around and things you love.
I watch a lot of tivo'd programs in my bedroom so I am so
glad to liven it up a little bit. Brightness is always a good
thing. They have many wonderful and colorful themes and patterns
in several sizes. I bet they have just the thing for any room in the house you would like to add just the right touch to. I know
these wall decals and home decor items would make an unexpected welcome Christmas gift this year for the pickiest person on your list. Who wouldn't want to decorate their home and make it look
more inviting?
Trading Add Some Color and Dimension to your Life!

Just look at all the wonderful bright colors you can choose from!
Not every item is available in every color but you're going to find lots of options that you will enjoy for years! Also, don't think you can only put them in white walls, with all of the color choices they have you can build your own color palette around any
color scheme you already have.

Disclosure: I was sent complimentary products from the company Trading Phrases in order to test the products out and form my own
opinion about them. My opinions are my own and no other form of
compensation was given. Thanks Trading Phrases for sending
me these review items!

My Nutrisystem D Meal Plan
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5 Best Tips for Holiday Christmas Shopping for Tech Gifts Diabetic Snacker

My 5 Tips for Holiday Tech Shopping This Year

Want to hear my 5 best tips for finding the right techy
gifts for your special someone? I know holiday shopping can be
a real pain in the butt unless you have plans in place to make it easier. Today I am sharing my best tips with you I'd love if
you could add your own special tips in the comments section

There are many online merchants that you can visit and see
all the new tech gadgets,office supplies and more. One of
my favorite "go to" places to visit is
We have an ebay store and we get a lot of our copy paper
from Staples, but I noticed they have quite a few nice items
that would be great gift ideas this time of year. They
have great sales flyers that come out every Sunday in our
Indianapolis Star newspaper. That's another great place
to look for the best tech gifts and stocking stuffers
for Christmas-in the sales flyers! I know toysrus always
has a whole catalog chock full of tech goodies for every
age and hard to find gift ideas.

1.Look around at Deep I love this site and I think dvds are just one
of the best gifts you can give. This site, DDD is chock
full of low priced bargains in their dvd choices. You won't be
able to find a dvd for a lower price anywhere on the planet-
yes-not even our favorite go to site Amazon!

2.Search google for the hottest new dvd releases so you know
what they are and exactly when they will become available
for you to purchase. Look for new titles like this and you'll
be on top of the dvd-movie game this year. Google will bring you
the top new movies right to your fingertips and then
you'll just have to go to deep discount dvd's to buy them.

3.Before you start giving out dvds to your gift recipents,
I feel it's best if you find out whether they have upgraded
their tv watching to include a blu-ray player or not, because
believe me, if they have they don't want just a plain
ordinary dvd anymore - it has to be the real thing=
blu-ray with all it's technological new features!

4.If you're stumped on which tech gifts to get anyone, just
go to and
start skimming over their user reviews. You'll get quite
a few tech related Christmas gift ideas there. People will
be talking about smart phones,ipads,iphones,new dvds,new
tv series being released on dvds and any other new techy
electronic related gifts will be there.

5.Get free shipping! Wherever you shop for the Holiday season
it only makes perfect sense to shop where you can get free
shipping! Check their faq pages to make sure you're still
on time for before Christmas delivery and you should be good to go!
Once the dvds and other tech gadgets you purchased start
arriving you'll be all set for the Holiday parties to begin.

6.One more thing, when giving a dvd or boxed set series to someone
go the extra step and use clear cellophane bags to put the dvds in inside the box. Tied with a festive red ribbon and a gift card it's a beautiful presentaion they will cherish forever. We have
an ebay store where we sell dozens of new dvds and tv series and
I love to gift wrap them for customers when they ask. I also
include a small gift card and I think that is really appreciated.

Afterall, it's the little things we do in life that deliver
the best rewards. Merry Christmas to everyone and have a Happy

Did you know you can find Staples on twitter now?
Staples Twitter
They are also on other social media outlets like facebook;
Staples Facebook
Staples website has tons of tech products,office products
and other household needs all of the time!

I wrote this blog post while participating in the

TwitterMoms and Staples blogging program, making me

eligible for a $50 gift card. For more information on how

you can participate go here;

Holiday Twitter Moms Project
Hurry this contest is only for the first 50 people to do it. Thanks TwitterMoms and Staples
for this great opportunity. I have a chance of receiving
a $50.00 Staples gift card for writing this post,there were
only 23 of 50 contestants listed when I posted so I should be

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Hasbro Boys Toys Action Figures Spiderman 3 Transformers Product Review Diabetic Snacker

Christmas Gifts for Boys Have You Stumped This Year?
Hasbro Super Heroes, Action Figures to the Rescue!

I've seen a lot of Hasbro Star Wars toys in my day,

that's because I have 4 brothers! They always had the

latest greatest action figures and super hero's around
when I was growing up. They also never let me play with
them I seem to remember because they were quite stingy. Yes they were very selfish little

I received 2 action figures in a beautiful gift box
packaging! It was a white box with a huge red bow on it,
well made into the package but still very adorable! I love
packages that look so Christmasy!

Who knew now with all of grown up that these Super
Hero toys and action figures of their favorite character, would be
back in style again? Plus they would make a wonderful
Christmas Stocking Stuffer.

My oldest brother still has his collection of all his

hundreds of super hero's which I called boy dolls back in

the day. That was just because he would'nt let me play

with them. Hasbro has been so kind as to send me some of

these wonderful super heroes in order to write a review

about them. These are so much more substantial than I

remember the vintage ones being. These are heavy pieces
and are detailed like works of art. My brother already
came and confiscated all of mine to add to his collection

which I wasn't aware that he was still hoarding them, so

that's a good thing to find out. Now I will know what to

get hime for Christmas every year, something to do with

his Hasbro action figures.

I can't believe it's been 30 years since the original Star

Wars movies, toys and memorabilia came out. I feel so

ancient since I was around for the first calling of them.
I guess boys know their toys since they are still

appealing and popular today for the young kids. If you go

to the Hasbro website you'll see dozens of kid's toys that

your child would love to have to spark his or her


The Hasbro

website is very easy to navigate. You can search

using any of these categories;


Isn't that neat that they have so many ways to search

their site? That way you can surely find exactly the

right toy for your children or whomever you are buying a

gift for. Men like I said, still love action figures too

so don't leave them out. This vintage Star Wars Action

Collection of figures and accessories is really something

to brag about.


Superhero is ready to take on his opponents in any

situation to fight crime. This action figure can take on

any day or night missions, he is prepared for any new

adventures that may arise. He'll move with precision speed

to end all of the disasters that await.


This toy will let your son feel like he’s part of the

popular Transformers action and adventure series. This

2-pack includes one Scout scale Transformers figure, which

features both a robot and vehicle mode, one Mini-Con scale

figure with four modes;
robot weapon
vehicle weapon
Power-up Armor

At $9.99 it will be the hit of your gift giving season!
Hunter PR

Disclosure: I received two complimentary products in order

to form my own honest opinions about the products. My

opinions are my own and no other form of compensation was

given. Thank you Hasbro Toys and HunterPR for providing me

with the free products.

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Winner's List Announcement 2 Winners Diabetic Snacker Winner

Newly closed giveaways

Here's the 2 winners from these giveaways

Snapware Cupcake Taker
Del Monte Fruits Gift Certificate

Snapware Cupcake Carrier
winner #198 out of 204 comments is; Julie Laws

The 2nd winner is; Update: This has been claimed!

Del Monte Giveaway $25.00 Fruit Gifts Certificate!
winner #84 out of 106 comments is; Judy

Beach Bird 2 Blog

Congratulations to both the lucky winners! I'll be emailing you tonight & you'll have 48 hours to reply back with your name & address. Thanks to everyone who entered also I appreciate all the time it takes to enter my giveaways!

Thanks also to the wonderful sponsors for hosting these great prizes on diabetic snacker!

Here's the list of current giveaways if anyone wants to try their luck again! Repeat winners are always welcome too!

12/19/10 GoGo Squeez Applesauce 2 Fun Multiple Packs!
GoGo Squeez Applesauce Packs

12/10/10 Giveaway GFC Follower $25.00 Safeway Gift Card!
$25.00 Safeway Gift Card Free Food

Chronicle Books $1,000 Giveaway!
Chronicle Books $1,0000 Books

12/31/10 Tropical Traditions Coconut Chips Giveaway!
Tropical Traditions Coconut Chips

Tropical Traditions Raw Honey Giveaway
Tropical Traditions Raw Honey

12/07/10 Magical Unicorn Giveaway My Pillow Pets!
My Pillow Pets Unicorn

12/28/10 Bar Soap & Foamy Soap Tropical Traditions
Tropical Traditions Bath Soaps Products

My Nutrisystem D Meal Plan
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Diabetic Snacker Freeze-Dried Fruits Brothers International Disney All Natural Fruit Crisps Product Review

Product Review Brothers International All
Natural Fruit Crisps Freeze-Dried
Diabetic Friendly Disney Approved!

I received a box of goodies a few weeks ago from a company
called Brothers International. They make a whole line of fruits
and juice products which are wholesome and healthy for your entire family! They sent me a huge box of these special packages
of treats and I have been having so much eating them every day.
They are diabetic friendly sweets and all natural so they are
even good to be included in my Nutrisystem D weight loss plan
Brothers All Natural Fruits Kids Fun Packs!

I'm really glad for that since on the plan
you do have to furnish your own fruits and veggies every day. Actually about 7-10 servings of those a day so it can add up quickly
on your grocery bill. That's way I'm glad I received so many of
these Brothers International goodies to try out.

They should have called these the perfect fruit treats because that's what they are. Each package has only 40-60 calories total for the whole serving size! That means you can eat the whole package of dried fruit crisps without feeling like you cheated on your diet plan. They really are a healthy alternative to any meal plan.
They would be great for children too and they are not messy so pack some in the car for a quick pick me up while you're out
doing that Christmas Shopping!

The packaging says "A Healthy Snack, the One Mother Nature Would Eat" These freeze dried snacks have no added sugars which is why they are nice for a diabetic friendly meal plan. I like
products that give me 100% fruit and none of the artifical sweeteners so they taste great!

Here's the varieties I tried of their Fruit Crisps;

fuji apple & cinnamon
sliced pears
sliced apples
pineapple chunks
sliced peaches
strawberries & bananas
asian pears
bananas sliced

My son was pretty tickled with this box too since he's been doing the grocery shopping. With all of these fruit crisps in the house he was able to bypass the fresh fruits stand at the store and make his trip in and out even faster. I like how these have that little bit of crunchiness to them so you feel like you are eating a real piece of fruit. The taste is terrific too, I've like all of them except for the pear. I'm just not a pear kind of girl but it does taste just like a fresh pear.

You can shop right online from their colorful fun website if you'd like. I would highly recommend these healthy fruit crisp snacks for everyone.
Brothers All Natural Fruits
Free FedEx home delivery what more could you want? That
is so fast you just wouldn't believe it!
they also have now partnered up with Disney and have
all kinds of new kid friendly designs like Toy Store,
making it easier than ever to get your kids to eat some

Disclosure: I was sent complimentary items to test and try. My opinions are my own and no other form of compensation was given. Thank you to the company Brothers Internationals for sending me these products to try for myself!
Full Disclosure Policy

Product Reviews


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