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Happy New Year! Diabetic Snacker

Happy New Year Bloggy Friends!

Just wanted to post real quick to wish everyone a very Happy New Year for 2011! It seems this year went by so much faster than ever before! Here in Indiana today the snow is all melted off
and everything is back to normal. I am planning on lining
up a bunch of wonderful giveaways for the new year so be sure
and keep checking in because you won't want to miss all of the goodies that I have in store for you this year!
If there is any particular giveaway product you would really like
to win just let me know and I'll see what I can do about
getting one to raffle off this year. I've already got a
ton of reviews I need to write so I'll be posting lots of those
this first couple of weeks of the new year. I'm going to try my best to get caught up and start fresh as soon as I can!

So HAppy Happy New Year!!!!!

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Book Review Almost Heaven Diabetic Snacker

Almost Heaven Book Review

by Chris Fabry

I've read a very nice book called Almost Heaven recently and thought I'd better get a review posted about it. I
haven't read his first two books in the series yet.

Chris Fabry is a radio personality who has now written a

loven book called Almost Heaven. This is the 3rd book in

his delightful Dogwood series. This book revolves around
Dogwood, West Virginia and a man's journey with his

spiritual life. An angel has been sent to watch over him

and show the impact a humble man can have when he believes

in God. You'll follow this man's musical path on this

journey. The story is told in two seperate versions so you

will have a chance to view every perspective involved.

The book will leave you with a message meant for everyone

"Life Has consequence". No matter how humble or huge you

are your life and what you do can effect many other lives.
This music radio personality will learn this valuable

lesson and so will you after reading this book. It will

also answer some questions you may have about faith and
spiritual well being in general.

Chris Fabry, the author of this book is the host of Chris

Fabry Live a spiritual encouragement radio program.

Glass Road PR

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book in order to read and form my own opinion about it in order to write this book review on diabetic snacker. My opinions are my own and thanks to Glass Road PR team and the author for sending me this book.

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#Progressive List FREE SAMPLES

Freebies for Birthday's

This new list is a progressive birthday freebie list! There are
just so many wonderful companies around that will reward you on your special day that I thought I'd corral them all together on one page for everyone. Feel free to leave any you know of in the comments to be added to the progressing list or email me and I'll get yours added right away! directorylanesuperstore(at)
Don't think you can't participate either just because you are diabetic; many of these restaurants and shops now have sugar free offerings available. Just ask and see they might have a lower sugar content available too.

My birthday is 2/03 so I plan on putting some of these to use myself! Nothing says you're special like a freebie!

Arby's Extra's Free Milkshake

Auntie Anne's
Pretzel Perks free pretzel

Baskin Robbins free
ice cream scoop

Culver's Club free sundae

free brownie sundae

Cold Stone
Creamery free ice cream creation of your own

Restaurants free bakery item

Ruby Tuesday's So
Connected Club free Burger!

Texas Roadhouse
Roadie free appetizer or ribs

Backyard Burgers
free burger

Bakers Square Restaurant free slice of

Ben & Jerry's free treat

Benihana's free $30.00
gift coupon

Spend your birthday week or month getting all of the freebies from each participating Sponsor that you can, hey it all adds up you know!
By the way, Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Disclosure: This information is provided for my readers and no compensation was given of any kind. Not a product, a payment or anything else. My opinions are my own.
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Diabetic Snacker New Purex Complete Crystals Softener Product Review Mom Insiders Program

Purex Complete Crystals Softener
Mom Ambassador Insiders Program

Yay! I've been selected to be a Purex Insider

Ambassador! As you know, I've been hoping to join
with more brands and companies and I have my first one
now! I'll get to try out their new products before they
land in the grocery and department stores. I'll be telling
you all about them and featuring them on my blog from
time to time.

My first package arrived just 2 days after I agreed to

join and it was simply awesome! This product is new to the
marketplace as of December 28th,2010 I was just a little
late signing up for the program. I like getting goodies
in the mail and this one did not disappoint. The package
arrived FedEx delivery and in a beautiful shimmering blue
box like a gift wrapped package! Inside was the brand
new Purex Softener called Complete Crystals to test out!
Purex Complete Crystals Softener

I have used several of Purex brand products over the years
so I know they have a great reputaion and an overall good
product. I have tested it out already thru one load and

the fragrance is a little overpowering. It smells nice and

clean and fresh but just too strong. I would love to see

this product come out in an unscented version.

The design of the bottle is gorgeous and it's easy to open
and close. Liquid fabric softeners can be so messy so I'm

enjoying how easy this is to use.

Here's the description from their website;

"Introducing a new kind of softener

A purer way to get laundry that smells clean & fresh for

weeks. Purex® Complete CrystalsTM Softener is a 92%

natural softener that is entirely new way to freshen your


Simply add the crystals with detergent at the start of the

wash, and the crystals infuse your fabrics throughout the


What scents are available?
• fresh spring watersTM
• lavender blossomTM
• tropical splashTM

Now available at Walmart!"

I think you'll really enjoy using this brand
new product for your everyday laundry needs.
What do you use now to keep your family
laundry clean and soft?

Disclosure: I was sent a complimentary product for being in the Purex Insiders Program as a mom Ambassador. My opinions are my own
and no other form of compensation was given. Thanks to the company
Purex for sending me this free product to use and test in order to write my review on diabetic snacker.
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TNT Series Falling Skies Alien Adventure Coming In June 2011 Speilberg Thriller

New TV Series Falling Skies
About Alien Invasion TNT

Now this sounds like a great new series coming in June,2011 to me! It's about alien invasions and what can happen. I couldn't get the video embed to work,sorry but here's all of the information about it. It sounds really exciting to me!

falling skies, steven spielberg, tnt, noah wylie, aliens, tvfalling skies, steven spielberg, tnt, noah wylie, aliens, tvfalling skies, steven spielberg, tnt, noah wylie, aliens, tv
Written by Paul Tobin and illustrated by Juan Ferreyra, the Falling Skies Web Comic will bridge the gap between the 12-page Falling Skies comic released at New York Comic Con. Be sure to check back every two weeks for a new chapter.

Paul Tobin is a writer from Portland, Oregon, who works on Marvel Comics titles such as Spider-Girl and Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man, among many others. In addition, Paul works for Dark Horse (Predators movie adaptation, Conan) and DC Comics, and has an upcoming graphic novel (Gingerbread Girl) from Top Shelf, created in collaboration with his wife, artist Colleen Coover. Paul is also very bald and works on novels.

Juan Ferreyra began drawing comics with Small Gods for Image, and then Emissary and Lazarus for Image's imprint Shadowline. He worked on Dark Horse's Rex Mundi while at the same time coloring Conan and the Midnight God and Solomon Kane: Death's Black Riders. Now he's working on a creator-owned book called La 6ème heure for French publisher Soleil. He lives in Argentina.

Andrew Dalhouse made his first appearance coloring comics with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre for Avatar Press. Andrew followed this macabre masterpiece with such books as Marvel Zombies: Evil Evolution, Lady Death, and Hack/Slash, to name but a few. Mr. Dalhouse's work currently can also be found in Disney's Darkwing Duck, Boom's The Incredibles, and Dark Horse Comics' The Occultist.

Nate Piekos, AKA Blambot, graduated with a BA in design from Rhode Island College. Since founding, he has lettered comic books for Marvel, DC, Oni Press, and Dark Horse. Nate's designs have also been featured worldwide in print, on television, and in feature films.

For more information visit
falling skies, steven spielberg, tnt, noah wylie, aliens, tvfalling skies, steven spielberg, tnt, noah wylie, aliens, tvfalling skies, steven spielberg, tnt, noah wylie, aliens, tv

Disclosure: I will be receiving a hard copy of this television series for posting this trailer on diabetic snacker. Thanks to TNT
for providing this opportunity. No other form of compensation was provided. All of the above information is from TNT's pr team.

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Diabetic Snacker Nutrisystem News For New Year Big Changes In Program

Nutrisystem News for 2011

Here's some information sent over from Nutrisystem about some big changes to their program!

"Nutrisystem Inc,
(NASDAQ: NTRI), the number one home delivery weight loss company, announced today that it is revamping its programs by incorporating its highest scoring, best tasting fresh frozen gourmet foods into all of its weight loss plans at the lowest price in the Company’s history. Part of Nutrisystem’s “Hooray You! New You Revolution” initiative is to empower and celebrate the success of its members, and with these significant changes it will make Nutrisystem® weight loss programs more accessible to a wider audience than ever before. The new Nutrisystem 28-day program will now include one-third frozen foods and two-thirds of pantry foods. Additionally, the program previously cost $399 per month and it will now cost $299, including an additional free week of pantry foods, a gourmet money back guarantee and free shipping. The New Nutrisystem® Select® Plan, available only in the Continental U.S., can be purchased by calling the Nutrisystem hotline 1-800-891-3215 or logging onto
“The launch of this program is a groundbreaking accomplishment for our team. Nutrisystem has now found a way to do what no other weight loss company had been able to do – and that is to provide home delivery of fresh-frozen foods at the lowest price in the category,” said Joe Redling, Chairman and CEO of Nutrisystem. “We spent the better part of the last year conducting extensive category research and, of course, listening to our own customers. The message we heard was clear and simple – they want great tasting, high quality foods at a low price with no gimmicks and no complicated plans. Through this system wide revamp I’m truly pleased that we’ll now be providing just that.”
Added Redling, “This winter season, many weight loss companies are launching new programs. We applaud those who are working hard in the fight to combat the national obesity epidemic but warn consumers to be wary of the newest fads and magic pill solutions. At Nutrisystem, our program is backed by the science of the low Glycemic Index and at a low price. We believe the solution to a healthier lifestyle can be just that simple.”
The New Nutrisystem Select
“Nutrisystem Select” offers gourmet, fresh frozen cuisine to every customer, delivered right to their doorstep. As part of the revamp of its food programs, Nutrisystem is adding new items to its menu including: Garden Vegetable Omelet, Margherita Pizza, Roasted Vegetable Pizza, Asian Style Beef, Roasted Turkey Medallions, and Orange Crème Bar.
The New Nutrisystem Select program includes:
· Free 24 hour, seven days a week phone access to nutrition support and counseling from the Nutrisystem team of registered dieticians as well as weight loss counselors
· Free membership and access to online tools, tips and community support on
· Savings of hundreds of dollars compared to other weight loss programs
· New – Gourmet Guarantee – money back if not completely satisfied
· New – First seven days free
· New – Transition plans to help keep you on track after reaching your goal weight
· Available for Women, Men, Silver and people with type 2 diabetes who want to lose weight via Nutrisystem D
· Nutrisystem is delivered right to the customer’s door, and free shipping is included with Auto Delivery – there’s never any center visits or calorie or carb counting required
“As the nation continues to spiral into an ever-worsening cycle of obesity, we’re taking action now that will make our weight loss programs more accessible to more Americans than ever before. When crafting this new program, we recognized that the barriers to dieting and the reasons why people fail often comes down to a matter of cost, convenience and eating foods that taste good,” said Dr. Bruce Daggy, Vice President of Research and Development of Nutrisystem. “Feedback from our members has always given the highest food ratings to our frozen foods, but cost has been a barrier. One of the most important aspects of our programs that will continue is our adherence to a balanced diet based on the low Glycemic Index. We recognize that weight loss and health is not just about counting calories. Our focus remains to support a sensible and sustainable approach to eating.”
To order the new Nutrisystem, visit Nutrisystem
or call 1-800-891-3215." Wow that is big news since I think their frozen fresh meals are the greatest!

Would you like to lose weight and get healthy on

Nutrisystem too? Visit


today or call 888-853-4689.

Disclosure: This information was provided by Nutrisystem for the enjoyment of my readers. I am on the meal plan at no cost to me
for 5 months.
Full Disclosure Policy
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Increase Alexa Ranking Diabetic Snacker Blogging Tips Series Guest Blog Posts Etiquette Guidelines Alexa Page Ranking Diabetic Snacker

Free Blogging Etiquette Tips
For Guest Posting, New Bloggers

1.Be polite in your pitch they are doing you a favor if

they accept your proposal at all for a guest post.

2.Set a deadline that you will deliver the post to them by

and stick to it. Blogger's are busy people and they like

to keep everything running smoothly.

3.Read the guidelines for guest blogging posts on each

individual blog. Everyone has their own right way and

wrong way of how to do a guest post. They naturally want

to stay in a certain style that will coordinate with their


4.Do not Spam your post. It's ok to put a couple of

important links to your blog but don't go overboard with
more than 2. That's the top amount you can use without

looking like it's spammy reading.

5.Write it like you would if you were posting it on your

own blog aka do your best work. New hopeful site visitor's
may be reading this and remember a blog post stays up

forever so you never know what eyes might be reading your

post 2 years from now. Proofreading your work is

especially a good idea when you're writing a guest post.

6.Offer to return the favor. Many fellow bloggers will

take you up on writing a future guest post for you if you

just ask. It gives them another place to add their blog

link increasing their alexa rank and they don't have to

make the pitch to do it. It's a win-win situation.

7.Give your humble thanks to the host blogger! This is a

favor they did for you so be grateful and let them know

you are. Everybody loves some friendly blog lovin'.

8.If you've written a how to article or perhaps an seo

article where there may be questions subscribe to the

comments on that post yourself. That way you'll know when

the questions start coming in and you can feel free to go

back and reply to the readers.

9.Connect with the host blogger. By this I mean if you

have the time take a moment to follow them on facebook and

twitter social networks. They will most likely follow your

back sometime down the road when they are checking their

stats and see you are following them. It's just a small

appreciation that you can do.

10.Have fun, write it like you are talking to your

neighbor at the kitchen table. Be friendly and shine

because this is your spotlight-you made it happen, so do

something good with it.
Alexa Page Rank

Always include a small tidbit at the end of your guest
post telling a little something about you and include
your links there too like this:

Barb Gary, Diabetic Snacker
Diabetic Snacker Blog.

My eBay Store

Guest posts are always welcome on diabetic snacker email me at:

Here are some topics but you're welcome to name your own too.
Giveaways and Contests
Money Saving
Meal Plans
Menu Ideas

Disclosure: This post was not compensated in any form and is my own honest opinions.
Full Disclosure Policy

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Diabetic Snacker Upcoming Events Giveaways Review for the New Year

Upcoming Giveaway,Reviews and Events for the New Year on Diabetic Snacker

Just wanted to jot down a few things that will be going on around here for the new year!

1.continue with Nutrisystem meal plan

2.Upcoming Giveaway $45.00 Blog Designer Wacky Jacqui's!
This will be part of a major bloghop that I will be participating in which will start 02/02/11 and end 02/06/11! There are over 145
participating blogs so it's sure to be a whopping good time! The coordinator for this event is of course, Simply Stacie! I'm so glad that Wacky Jacqui has agreed to donate such a wonderful prize for you all to win!

3.California Olive upcoming product review!

4.I need an invitation to Mom Central Bloggers group so you can watch me try to figure out how to get that to happen.:) I'd also like to figure out how to be included in the Mom consulting network that I see on so many posts. I've been to their site and there isn't anywahere to join up with that.

5.I'm a Chiquita Mom Ambassador

6.I'm also a Purex Insider Mom Ambassador

7.I hope to become a part of more ambassador programs in this new year.

8.Now that we've all given up on google page rank every being updated again,it's my goal to increase my Alexa page ranking. I only
signed up and downloaded their tool bar yesterday so I have a lot to learn about that. Here's my results now which I'm not happy with;
Alexa traffic rank
US Ranking

9.I'll be starting a new feature article called Birthday Freebies where I will have a progressive list with clickable links to all of the free birthday goodies!

10.I'll finally get around this year to adding all of those text links to my special Sponsor's page I created at the top of this page. It's a massive list and I hope it keeps growing as I love getting new things in the mail!

11.I will be removing posts I made for a certain Amway representative who I recommended and turned out to be a
not true to her word kind of gal instead aka she never paid
me for the sponsored posts I made. She also never sent the
winner of the giveaway their prize as promised. So I'm sorry
about that for anyone who visited her site. I have sent the
winner Cathy W. one of our hookless shower curtains from our ebay
store and I hope she is happy with that as her prize.

12.I'm open to any/all suggestions if anyone has ideas for the blog let me know at; directorylanesuperstore(at) I always
welcome guest posts too.

13.I'm now a AT&T Power Mom.

14.I'll be doing a monthly article for Not Quite Susie Homemaker blog in the new year!
Not Quite Susie Homemaker

15.Oh yeah! Look for a big Birthday Bash Celebration on feb.3rd for my 55th birthday party! I will try to have something fantastic to giveaway for you all!

16.Last finally but great is my 3rd year of blogging anniversary coming up on June 24th,2011! Yippee 3 years! I plan on pulling out all of the stops for this huge event celebration! So have your party hats ready it's going to be a Christmas Party in June!

Let me know if there is anything you'd like to see added to this blog.

Full Disclosure Policy
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Diabetic Snacker Week 7 Seven Nutrisystem 10lbs. Red Nutri Bear Weight Loss Nation Blogging Program

Week 7! My Diabetic Meal Plan Nutrisystem D
Blogger Nation Program

Wow wow wow! That's what I kept saying as I opened my Christmas
Surprise Boxes from Nutrisystem D! It was completely a
surprise that sent me 2 weeks worth of food as a bonus
the day before Christmas! I'm so glad to have so many choices
by having frozen meals,entrees,lunches and desserts added
to the meal plan.

I had a blast opening up these 2 huge coolers of food items. Thank
you Nutrisystem! Today I got another little surprise in the mail from them too-a cute red 10 pound weight loss BEAR!
He is just adorable and I'm giving him a permanent home right here next to my computer. He'll be my constant little reminder of how
I need to keep myself on track so I continue to lose more weight.
He's about 8-10 inches tall and he says Nutrisystem 10 right on him so I'm sure this will be a collector's item which I'm really happy about as I love to collect cute stuff.

So with all these new choices available here's what I've had to eat so far today;


multigrain o's cereal
8 ounces of fat free milk

Morning Snack

4 ounces of fat free milk


Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar
8 ounces of fat free milk
1 tsp. peanut butter
carmelized apples

After Lunch Snack

yoplait 100 calorie yogurt red velvet cake
1/2 banana


Tosted Cheese Sandwich

I'm as full as I could be and I've drank 5 glasses of water so far today so that's a great start to the day. I hope to get my weight back down tonight to 185 like it was one day earlier in the week. Christmas day created a little bit of a problem for me but I am back on track now and ready to roll. So last night I weighed
in at 186 pounds which is still my ten pound mark I just want
to lose as much weight as I possibly can while still on the plan.
I'd love to someday be bak down to 125 pounds like I was when I got
married many years ago. Yes I know it's a far stretch
but I think 10 pounds down is already a great start for this new beginning! Remember I was 206 last year, then I started the Nutrisystem D Nation Blogging Program checking in at 196
so I've really been working hard at doing this. I'm hoping
for a really great New Year!
Nutrisystem Meals

almond biscotti
apple cinnamon oatmeal
apple granola bar
apple strudel bar
apple strudel scone
banana nut muffin
bbq sauce over beef beans and rice
bbq sauce with pork wrap
bbq soy chips
beans and ham soup
beef and noodles in teriyaki sauce
beef and noodles with stroganoff sauce
beef taco
berries and multigrain flakes
black bean tortilla soup
blueberry flavoured pancake mix
blueberry lemon bar
blueberry muffin
buffalo chicken wrap
buffalo wing pretzel sticks
cajun style chicken and sausage with rice
caramel popcorn
carrot cake
cheese and spinach ravioli with meat sauce
cheese puffs
cheese ravioli with basil tomato sauce
cheese tortellini
cheesy homestyle potatoes
chewy chocolate chip granola bar
chicken a la king
chicken and noodles in lemon butter sauce
chicken and pasta in cacciatore sauce
chicken noodle soup
chicken pasta parmesan
chicken salad
chicken tortilla soup
chicken with almonds rice and vegetables
chicken with barley and vegetables in sauce
chicken with dumplings
chili with beans
chocolate cake
chocolate caramel dessert bar
chocolate chip cookie
chocolate chip pancake mix
chocolate chip scone
chocolate chocolate chip pudding
chocolate crunch bar
chocolate fudge bar
chocolate macadamia nut biscotti
chocolate nougat bar
chocolate peanut butter dessert bar
chocolate peanut butter lunch bar
chocolate rainbow delights
chocolate raspberry bar
cinnamon bun
cinnamon bun bar
cinnamon swirl granola bar
coconut almond bar
cranberry granola bar
cranberry orange pastry
cream of broccoli soup
creamy caesar salad dressing with diced chicken
creamy tomato soup
crispy rice cereal
dairy/protein ideas
double chocolate almond cookie
double chocolate caramel bar
double chocolate muffin
egg frittata
fettuccine alfredo
flame broiled beef patty
flex meals
florentine sauce with chicken fettuccine
fruit ideas
fudge brownie
fudge graham bar
golden pound cake
granola cereal
grilled chicken breast
harvest nut bar
hearty beef stew
hearty minestrone soup
homestyle beef with mashed potatoes and gravy
homestyle chicken noodles with gravy
honey mustard pretzel sticks
italian herb flatbread pizza
lasagna with meat sauce
macaroni and cheese
macaroni and cheese with beef
maple brown sugar oatmeal
meatloaf and tomato sauce with mashed potatoes
microwave chocolate cake mix
milk chocolatey delight bar
mint chocolate crunch bar
mushroom risotto
nacho crisps
noodles with chicken and vegetables
nutricinnamon squares cereal
nutrifrosted crunch cereal
oatmeal raisin cookie
orange chicken breast with vegetables and rice
oriental steak with green peppers and noodles
pancake mix
pasta fagioli
pasta parmesan with broccoli
pasta with beef
peanut butter cookie
peanut butter granola bar
penne pasta with chicken in alfredo sauce
peppermint cookie patty
red beans and rice with sausage
rice beef and vegetables in teriyaki sauce
rotini with meatballs and tomato sauce
salisbury steak with rice and mushroom gravy
scrambled eggs
scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese
scrambled eggs with peppers and mushrooms
sloppy joe mix
sour cream and onion soy chips
sourdough pizza with cheese
southwest style chicken with sauce
southwest style chicken wrap
spaghetti with meat sauce
split pea soup
strawberry shortcake bar
swedish style meatballs with pasta in sauce
sweet and sour chicken with noodles
sweetened o cereal
tender beef with vegetables
thai style noodles with peanut sauce and tofu
thick crust pizza
thin mint crisp bar
three cheese pasta with chicken dinner
three cheese pasta with chicken lunch
tomato and corn chowder
trail mix bar
tuna salad
turkey hot dog
turkey tetrazzini
vegetable beef soup
vegetable fajita
vegetable ideas
vegetable lasagna with basil tomato sauce
vegetarian chili
walnut chocolate chip cookies
weekly weigh in
whipped sweet potatoes with cheese
white cheddar soy chips
white chocolate chunk cookie
whole grain o cereal
Happy New Year to everyone and thanks again to the wonderful people at Nutrisystem for making this opportunity possible for me!
My weight scale;
NorthShore Care Supply

Nutrisystem D website where you can get 3 weeks free right now if you'd like to try the plan out for yourself!
Nutrisystem D Nation Blogger Program

Journal List of All Nutrisystem D Posts

Would you like to lose weight and get healthy on

Nutrisystem too? Visit


today or call 888-853-4689.

Disclosure: I am receiving Nutrisystem D meal plans free for the next 5 months in order to write my honest opinions about
the products on my blog. My opinions are my own and no other form
of compensation was given other than the free food products. Thanks to Nutrisystem D Nation Blogging Program. Thanks Nutrisystem for letting me participate in this opportunity. Thanks also to NorhShore Care Supply for my weight & food scales I am using for this 5 month campaign.
Full Disclosure Policy
Full Disclosure Policy
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REPOSTING We Have Two Winners on Diabetic Snacker Come See If It's You

Update: I have not heard from either of these 2 winners yet.
However since it was just Christmas I am going to give them
2 extra bonus days to contact me & claim their prizes!
I will be emailing them again today and this will be their last
chance before I have to pick new winners.
Ended Giveaways! Here's 2 winners one for my pillow pets

and the 2nd one is from the $25.00 Safeway Gift Card

giveaway held by me. Thanks to everybody who entered!

I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday Season and a very Merry Christmas this year!

~~~~~~~~~~~The First Winner is ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Pillow Pets Magical Unicorn
84 comments winner #14 Brittany! Congratulations!

According to her blogger profile she has a lot of blogs

like me! You can visit her blogs here:

A Mom With A

I Spy A Deal

he Chambers Living Our Happily Forever After

Chambers These Are Our Moments

~~~~~~And the 2nd Giveaway Winner is~~~~~~~~~~

Yay! Update! This winner has claimed her prize!
Judith VanAlphen of AZ! Thanks!

GFC $25.00 Safeway Gift Card

76 comments winner is: #53 sodahoney! Congratulations!

According to her profile this is her blog;

Both winners have 48 hours once I send them an email to

reply back with name & address to claim their prizes. If

you happen to see this before I send you an email, go

ahead & email me first at:


Congrats to both of you! Thanks so much to everyone who


There are still some giveaways going on under the giveaway tab at the top of every page so check them out and make this new year your wining one!

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Diabetic Snacker GelPro Mats Kitchen Essential Helper Product Review

GelPro Mats Comfort While Standing Everyday
Product Review Kitchen,Home,Business

Recently, a company called GelPro sent me over
a very large kitchen mat to test out in my kitchen! I've been using this mat every day now for about a month and I love it every time
I step onto it even more. The kids have also remarked how nice and soft it feels when you're on it. I like going barefoot inside the house so this is wonderful in front of my kitchen sink. I do spend a lot of time at the sink preparing meals,washing dishes and prepping fruits. Now, I make sure when I'm just going to be cutting up some fruits to stand on this mat while doing it. It gives your feet a little spa break of their very own. It came in very handy
over Christmas break for all of the baking that was going on. Everybody wanted to stand on the mat while they worked. It was like musical chairs with the mat!
GelPro Mats You know that great feeling you get when you try on a new pair of shoes that you slipped a new gel insole into? Yes, that one-comfort all the way that's what you get with these mats!

Their mat arrived in a super long box so I was really surprised
at how large this handy mat is once you roll it out! I thought for
sure since it came rolled up it would hold wrinkles but it doesn't, it's just perfectly smooth all over. Gelpro mats makes all kinds
of handy kitchen,home and business mats for your every need.
Their site is easy to navigate and the prices are reasonable. If
you want to treat your feet right you'll get one for your home too.
If you have small kids they are going to use it to play on because it's just so soft and comforting.

Here's some of their sizes with prices

18"x24" : $69.95
20"x36" : $99.95
20"x72" : $199.95


28"x48" : $224.95
28"x72" : $324.95
28"x108" : $524.95
28"x144" : $699.95
36"x48" : $324.95
36"x72" : $449.95
36"x108" : $674.95
36"x144" : $899.95

They also have an onsite promotion going on right now, if

you buy 2 or more standard size mats you'll get 15^ off
your total purchase price! How's that a New Year's savings

Event? I know we're all looking for more ways to save

money this year. This offer expires on 12/31/10.

You wouldn't believe how many colors these mats come in!

Te folks at gelpro mats have even put an interactive

kitchen right on their website so you can get a feel for

the exact color that would work for you. It's a pretty

cool thing to use you should try it. So,not only can you

choose your color you can actually choose the background

of how your design will look too! They have all of these
beautiful styles available:

Trellis NEW
Wicker NEW

I love it when company's let us do our own choosing of

styles,colors and designs! I'm a blue gal with lots of

blue in my kitchen so I was happy to choose blue for my

mat. It's a beautiful ocean blue color and I love it. If I had another one I'd go for red as I'm trying to

incorporate more bright red into the room. I think nothing

says come enjoy some food and relax like red does.

I am always happy to showcase products made in the USA

especially and these products are designed and assembled

right in the USA. That means a lot to a small town Indiana

girl like me.

GelPro also designs mats for medical teams of surgeons all

across the country and Spa mats for other workers who are

on their feet all day long like beauty salons,haircutting

shops and many other industries. It really is a smarter

way to stand like they say on their site. Even if I am

just peeling potatoes now I make sure to stand on my mat

while doing it. With arthritis so bad I take any comfort I

can get when I can. One of these days I might have to get

me another one of these mats for in front of the stove

since it seems I'm always standing there. They are

certainly an innovative company I just noticed on their

site they have a revolutionary new product-a heated dish
rack! How awesome would that be? My son is always

complaining here about me using a towel to air dry the

dishes and how it stinks if you leave it laying there all

day. I might have to check in to one of those too later.
GelPro Mats

Full Disclosure Policy
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Diabetic Snacker Hasbro SuperCharge Christmas Day Event Fun Activities SuperCharge Fun & Activities
For Christmas Program

This info is from Hasbro that I received in an email & wanted
to share with you;

"Happy Holidays!

We hope you're enjoying a happy and healthy holiday season. I wanted to let you know about another Hasbro holiday program that might be of interest to you and your readers!

Just because the holiday season will soon be over, it doesn't mean the spirit of holiday giving has to end, too! Thanks to Hasbro, the cheer will last a little longer with the "Supercharge Your Gift Card and Cash Too" program.

With "Supercharge Your Gift Card and Cash Too," Hasbro is rewarding consumers who spend $20 or more in gift cards (or cash) on select Hasbro toys and games with one of more than twenty FREE Hasbro toys and games valued at $10 or more. The promotion begins on 12/25/10 and runs through 1/31/11. No matter what your kids are into, they're sure to love receiving a little something extra from one of these popular Hasbro brands:

- FurReal Friends
- G.I. Joe
- Hasbro Card Games
- Iron Man 2
- Littlest Pet Shop
- My Little Pony
- Spider-Man
- Strawberry Shortcake
- Tonka
- Tonka CHUCK & Friends
- Transformers
- Weebles

To participate in "Supercharge Your Gift Card and Cash Too" or to receive more details;Hasbro SuperCharge"

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Diabetic Snacker Turner Network New Tv Shows & Series for the New Year

Have you filled up your Tivo yet with all the great shows coming up this year? Well I hope you included these 2 series in the lineup because they are some don't want to miss episodes.

Season 2 of the Ice Cube-produced family sitcom ‘Are We There Yet?’ premiers January 5th on TBS. You can find more information including video and pictures on our asset page at Are We There Yet? Season 2 on TBS

I've been following this wonderful police family drama since the
beginning and I am really in love with this show. If you haven't
watched it yet you really should be. It shows all the different
aspects involved in a crime and is fun to watch this action packed
adventure unfold every week.
Season 3 of the critically acclaimed police drama ‘SouthLAnd’ will premiere on January 4th on TNT. You can find more information including video and pictures on our asset page at
Seson3 Soutland

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Udderly Smooth Skincare Skin Help Moisture Rich Cow Products Product Review

Udderly Smooth Lotions Beauty Products
Product Review Rich Moisture Natural Ingredients

Have you heard of the Udderly Smooth beauty products
before? I just found out about them and I can tell you
I love the packaging they use with the cow graphics all
over them! I was a cow collector for a long time until
my kids made me quit the habit. I had quite a collection
going and I still have a few strays here and there around
the house.
Udderly Smooth Cream

Well Udderly Smooth has been in business for over 30 years
and their products are made right here in the USA! They
have many wonderful moistureizers and even have one good
for diabetic foot care. I really have a problem with my
feet being dray and cracked so I was happy to try out

their products in order to write this review.

I love how they are just lightly scented so it's not an

overpowering fragrance, it's very nice and a fresh fragrance I think everyone will like. They sent me over all types of
their products so I've been having a grand time using them
every day. They have worked very well to rid my dry cracked
skin even in this dry winter weather.

They sent hand,face and body creams and lotions so there
was something to cover every area of your body as needed. I am also
impressed with the nongreasy feel of these lotions. They
go on smooth as silk and don't leave an after grease laden
feeling. I've been using these products over the last few months and completely forgot to write the review about them! I guess I should have left one by my computer to help remind me but I didn't.

Anyway, if you haven't tried these wonderful skin products you really should. The Utterdly website is very easy to navigate and they have helpful products for every skin problem you may have.
They'd also be great for gift ideas with Valentine's Day coming up fast. What Valentine wouldn't want to be moo'ed? Ok, I had to say it I love the cow packaging.

Udderly Smooth has been in business for over 30 years so they must be doing everything right. It's made in the USA
and they do ship to the United States,Canada and some
International Countries.

Udderly Smooth® can be used on Dry Skin, Cracked Skin, for Diabetes Foot Care, as a Facial Moisturizer, as a General Moisturizing Lotion and many other uses. I suffer with diabetic neuropathy in my feet and legs and this has really helped with the chafing and dead skin on my feet. As a diabetic you have to take special care to keep your feet and legs moisturized since your feet can become very dry and chapped and are easily infected from cuts. So a daily ritual of moisturizing them will help your overall diabetes outlook.

Udderly Smooth Cream

You can order Udderly Smooth Creams right online on their website or they have a handy list of all the department stores they are now located in here;
Udderly Smooth Where To Buy List

Disclosure: I was sent complimentary products from Udderly Smooth so I could take the time to use them and write my own honest opinions about them in this review. My opinions are my own and no other form of compensation was given. Thanks to Udderly Smooth for sending over these wonderful skincare products!

a href="" target="_blank">
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Diabetic Snacker Lose Weight Week 6 Already Nutrisystem D Nation Blogging Program Weigh In

Week 6 My Diabetic Meal Plan Nutrisystem D
Blogger Nation Program Weigh In & Chat

I can't believe that I'm on week 6 already for my mela
plan with Nutrisystem! The time is really going quickly.
I started at 196-197 pounds and I'm now at 188.4 pounds
so that is still good since I'm not gaining weight! It

seems I'm at a frozen spot as I can't seem to get it down

to the 187 mark but I'm still working on it. I do believe

that age has a lot to do with losing since I'm 54 and not

as active as I should be I guess that does play a major

part in my results.

I'm still walking but only for about 30 minutes a day, I

know I need to increas that I just have'nt done it.
I've been doing good with avoiding the usual Christmas

culprits this year of baked goodies all around. My sons

even brought a dozen hot Krispy Kreme doughnuts in a

couple of days ago and I never touched them! I was so

proud of myself for that since normally I would have eaten
at least one of them! I even sat at the same table with

them while they ate them like ravenous pigs and had my

wonderful Nurisystem D Carrot Cake with cream cheese

frosting. I was completely satisfied because I love this
carrot cake! Still I shocked my kids by not trying to take

even a bite of their doughnuts!

Yesterday my son asked me an interesting question. He

asked What was I going to do once I'm off the Nutrisystem

Nation Blogging Program? Hmm, I hadn't even thought about

that but I have been thinking about it ever since. The

best scenario I can come up with in order to keep feeling

better like I am now with so much less feet pain is this:

1.Keep drinking 6-8 glasses of water every day

2. Keep walking every single day

3.Make me a bunch of whole wheat sugar free treats and
snacks in proper portions and freeze them all so I can

pull out one small treat per day like I have now.

4.I will only eat whole wheat carbs when I do eat them and

the amounts will be 1/8th of what I was eating before

since I know now that is the "culprit" that causes the

diabetic neuropathy pain to be worse.

5.I will abide by portion control on each & every plate

with healthy choices being on there.

6.I will only grill or bake my lean meats and in the

correct recommended serving sizes.

7.I will try to continue to eat 7-10 fresh fruits and

vegetables every day as I know they are vital to

maintaining weight.

8.I won't go back to eating what my kids scarf down which

deep fried everything I won't go back to deep fried foods

I miss them but it's just not worth it to me to suffer

with the pain I had before. I will let some potatoes back

in but only in very small amounts and if cooked without

all of the butter and fat in them.

9.I'll stick with my diet pepsi's as my drink of choice 2

times a day because it has zero calories so I can never go

back to a regular pepsi with 39 grams of sugar per 12

ounce can. I'll still try to make my kids do this switch

but I'm telling you-that's an impossible dream.

10.I will use smaller plates at each meal just like I am

doing now with Nutrisystem. It really does make you feel

like you have more food than you do.

Well now, I think that is a pretty good meal plan to use

to keep my weight going down a little bit at a time. As

long as it's not going up I'll be happy. The main most

important thing to me though is to not mess up so much

that I let that horrible foot pain come back by eating

wrong. That's what this meal plan experiment has taught me

most of all and I would say it's a valuable lesson

learned. I'm so grateful that Nutrisystem D has allowed me

to test this meal plan because otherwise I would have

never seen that it really is what you eat that makes you

feel bad when you're a diabetic especially.

Wow, I just noticed this is reading like I'm at the end of

my plan but I'm not. I won't be finished I think until

March 31st,2011 so I still have time to lose some more

weight hopefully and to keep feeling better! It's so nice

to not have your feet be so swollen that you can hardly

walk so I would recommend their meal plans for anyone
who is looking to lose weight or just wants to start eating
healthier. By the way, the chocolate chip granola bar of
their's I had for breakfast was great!

My weight scale which we are loving;
a href="">NorthShore Care Supply

Nutrisystem D website;
Nutrisystem D Nation Blogger Program

Journal List of All Nutrisystem D Posts

Would you like to lose weight and get healthy on

Nutrisystem too? Visit


today or call 888-853-4689.

Disclosure: I am receiving Nutrisystem D meal plans free for the next 5 months in order to write my honest opinions about
the products on my blog. My opinions are my own and no other form
of compensation was given other than the free food products. Thanks to Nutrisystem D Nation Blogging Program. Thanks Nutrisystem for letting me participate in this opportunity. Thanks also to NorhShore Care Supply for my weight & food scales I am using for this 5 month campaign.
Full Disclosure Policy

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# Closed Diabetic Snacker Giveaway $25 01/10/11 Worldwide Castle Baths Spa Products Product Review

Castle Baths Spa Products Specialty Bath Faux Food
Soaps Review Cake & Ice Cream,Bon Bon Cookies Soap

Note: Giveaway is at end of post is open to Worldwide!
Thanks to the Sponsor!

A few weeks ago I received one of the cutes most
adorable packages in the mail that I had ever gotten! Yes,
I know I do get boxes shipped to me all of the time and I

so love it! But, this box was a real winner-it's from
Castle Baths Spa Products!
They sent me some adorable bath and pampering items that look like real food and I just love them so

much. Yes I know, I'm supposed to be impartial but just

look at these little beauties! You can't help but love them!

Fresh vanilla ice cream in scoops and a slab of chocolate

cake what could be better? Well, how about some Winter

white specialty BonBon Cookies that are actually Soaps?

See what I mean about them being outrageously gorgeous?!

I can't help but be excited. On their website I saw this;
"Free Shipping Today and Guaranteed delivery by Christmas"
So you may still be able to get the perfect gift from them.
on all US orders! How great is that?!
Buy All Natural Handmade Bath and Spa Products
Low Everyday Shipping with 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

All natural and organic ingredients
Environmentally responsible
Never tested on animals
Made with no harmful chemicals
Pet Products for your furry friends

They have a really nice

fragrance to them too I know you'll enjoy these. Oh, did I

forget to mention at the end of this post is a giveaway?

That's right so you can win your own wonderful set of bath

soaps and goodies from Castle Baths Spa Products! Before

we get to that though, you should check out their websites

and see all of the bath and spa products they have waiting

for you. I know it's a little late to be thinking of

Christmas gifts but Valentine's Day is right around the

corner. Wouldn't your sweetie love some specialty soaps

and candles just for her? Make this the year that you

start out right by buying your gifts for each special

event early, you know like you always say you are going to do. They
carry all types of bath and body products.
Bath Products
Spa Gift Baskets


Bath and Body Spa Products

Castle Baths Spa Products
Castle Baths Specialties

The official names

of the items I received are;
Lavender, Mixed Bon Bon Soap Cookies $14.49
Ice cream Scoops Chocolate Cake Natural SOAP $17.95

I think they are reasonably priced for what you really get

which is a beauty to behold. Each of the bon Bon Cookies

is formulated for one bath and will soften up all of your

dry skin areas. I never thought I'd be having cookies

around in the bathtub. They contain oil to help moisturize

your skin. They even have some lemon/cherry in them to aid

in cleansing. You can either rub it over your dry skin

areas like heels and elbows or just drop the Bon Bon bomb

in the bath for a complete Spa experience.

The giveaway is worldwide and the winner will receive a

$25.00 gift certificate to choose your own personal bath

items from Castle Baths Spa Products!

I do Sponsored Tweets so should you

Disclosure: I was sent complimentary bath and spa soaps in order to use them and form my own opinions about them for this review. My opinions are my own and no other form of compensation was given. Thanks to the company Castle Bath Spa Products for the review products and for providing the winner of diabetic snacker with a $25.00 prize. Prize will be shipped by the company.
Full Disclosure Policy

~~~~~~WIN IT~~~~~~~

Winner will receive: $25.00 from Castle Baths and Spa Products!
There's lots of goodies for you to choose from!

Winner will have 48 hours to reply to my email to claim
their prize! If they do not, another winner will be chosen.
All giveaways are chosend randomly by my sons who have
no affiliation with any bloggers.

Mandatory: Must do or other entries won't count! Go to

Castle Bath's Store and tell me what you might buy with

your $25.00 if you are the winner. Leave a comment naming
the items.
Castle Baths

Bonus Entry Methods For This Giveaway

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comment saying so for the entries!

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