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Diabetic Snacker Popcorners Chips Food Product Review Popcorn Taste

Popcorn Flavored Chips Popcorners Product
Review Food Fun

Popcorners The New Shape Of Popcorn
I received a huge box of treats from a company called

recently. I'm talking what looked like a 3 feet
long box which I was tickled to death to open. My family has been trying all of the

different flavors and we've decided we love them!

Here's the 5 flavors they come in;

White Cheddar
Cheesy Jalepeno
Sea Salt

I especially love the butter flavored chips because they

taste exactly like you are eating a bowl of popcorn. I

don't know how they do that, getting all of the popcorn

and butter taste into a thin crispy chip but I like it.

Plus they are low in fat and big on flavor. Each package

has it's own unique taste and they are awesome. I know

your family will love them too. I am so surprised that a
company can get this much flavor out of a chip. The sea

salt flavor my son didn't like but I think it's good. The

best flavor though is the butter flavored chips. I could
eat those all day that's how good they are. They have just the right amount of salt and are tender but crispy. They bring it all together in the snack bowl world. You really need to try these chips out.

You can also find Popcorners Chips now on all Jet Blue

flights! That seems like a very good place to be crunching

on some tasty popcorn while you're up in the clouds. They
have a handy zipcode locater on their site that will help
you find the retailer near you that carries them.

That's because the taste is heavenly with it's saltiness

and crunchy texture. You can also talk with Popcorners on

facebook or twitter;
Popcorners Facebook
Popcorners Twitter

One of the things I saw on their website says they have
Free Shipping on all US purchases! Wow that's a great

perk. They don't ship to p.o. boxes but other than that
you can save some money by having your chips delivered

right to your door. These chips would be great for anytime
snacking and for special events like Super Bowl or

birthday's. I'm so glad I got to try all five flavors.

Have you tried any Popcorners Chips yet?

Disclosure: I was sent many complimentary samples of this product in order to form my honest review. My opinions are my own and no
other form of compensation was given. Thanks to the company
Popcorners for this review opportunity.

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