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Diabetic Snacker Tomoson Lets Bloggers Down Again How Cheap Can They Go?

Miessence skin care How Much Cheaper Can
Tomoson Go For Bloggers?

Recently I know everyone has heard about how is not keeping their bloggers in mind when accepting
companies to work with them. It looks like they don't think
very highly of their bloggers since they are allowing companies
to get away with sending meaningless crap for doing a review.

We've seen in it several
cases that I personally know of. One was the Bryton Picks
campaign where they sent you the blogger a free sample of their product worth a total of maybe $5.00 at the most on a good day. the second opportunity was the invisible rowbike everyone knows that one.

But now they have a company who is actually saying all she is going to send you is a tiny free sample not full sized products for writing the review! Well I hit submit a question on that and I can't find the actual post I sent her but it was something to the effect of this;

I think it's unfair that you would only offer a free sample in return for writing a full blog post for you.
There is a lot of time and work that goes into writing
a blog post for a company so I hope new bloggers won't be
inticed by your ungenerous freebie and will turn it down
like I am going to.

So, that's close to what I had said but now I received this reply message in rebuttal and I'm really not very
happy with it at all. See what you think and let's hear your opinions. I feel as may as well start speaking up for
myself and bloggers everywhere who need a fair shake. I do know that I was not mean at all in the asking of my question I was just stating a point. I also never said anything about blogging to get free stuff as she mentions below. I feel a full size product or two is an even exchange for writing a post but apparently,here's another company who doesn't feel that way.

Her reply

" Hi Barb,
thanks for your input. I am not the product manufacturer and I am buying products at 20% to 30% discount from retail when I send them out to bloggers for review. Believe me I totally get this, I have had reviews from a paragraph with no key words, no reviews after sending products to bloggers, no follow up, links to the wrong site, etc, etc... there is no way for me to predict how good or how bad of a job a blogger will do when they review the products I sell and send to them.... all bloggers are not created equal, and just because they have a blog does not mean they are my target market.

There is no one forcing you to review my products, either you apply for the offer or you don't. You can make the assumptions you want about your blog writing, but I'm not saying anything about that from my offer for samples. I am just checking out Tomoson because they contacted me and asked me to register, so far from what I have seen, this does not really meet my target market for where I would send full size products for review. My market is organic savvy customers, my product is expensive and not everyone is going to buy it, if your goal in blogging is to get free stuff from companies then that's great. I'm looking for partnerships with people who really care about what I have and are willing to work with me in educating people about the dangers of chemicals in the environment. I'm testing the water here but so far I have not seen that this site is going to work for me.

good luck with your writing and getting free stuff.


I don't know about you, but this really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I'm mad at Tomoson for letting a company devalue our opinions so much and secondly I'm mad at this company for admitting her products are expensive in fact so expensive that she won't even bother sending out one to a blogger in return for a review for her company. That says a lot about this company to me and I for one,want no part of it. I would have put a link to her website but I didn't want to give her any free advertising since she thinks we are not worthy of her company.

Furthermore, I don't really care what a company like this thinks is their "market to be reached". Any person with a brain will
tell you free advertising from a mom blogger is going to benefit your company in the long run. So what do you think about this?

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1 comment:

  1. aww. i dont like how that erin replied. she really does not value bloggers as promoters. she does not even know how blogging as promotion works. ive seen many bloggers promote products, and the company really does send them the actual item regardless of how expensive it maybe plus the shipping. the company sends them products from time to time for a review and it is actually more of like a partnership, better than advertising because many consumers actually read product reviews. tsk too bad. ive seen many people like this at tomoson too :(