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Diabetic Snacker Week 12 On The Nutrisystem D Meal Plan For Nation Bloggers #NSNation

Week 12 My Diabetic Meal Plan Nutrisystem D
Blogger Nation Program #NSNation

I've made it thru to week 12 on my meal plan yay! I have to say that yesterday was one of the hardest times I have faced
while following Nutrisystem. That's
because my kids had me help fix all of these goodies for them today. I think they are trying to kill me as they
are certainly testing my willpower.

1.Homemade Doughnuts with Glaze
2.Homemade Soft Pretzels with Salt
3.Homemade Jelly Filled & Iced Doughnuts
Extra Buttercream homemade frosting

See what I mean? It was fun making all of the goodies
but it was hard resisiting them all. I finally gave in &
ate one tiniest bite of a doughnut when all was said
and done. I was pretty darn proud of only eating that!
We made trays and trays of doughnuts and soft pretzels
so bite seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

While I shouldn't have taken it,I should have refrained-I
will say it was the best bite of food I've eaten in a
long long time! My kids were very happy with the results
we made too and they ate all of them up like there was
no tomorrow! You never have to worry about leftover goodies
going to waste around here with 2 grown boys to eat it up!
I spent an hour and a half cleaning up the kitchen after
the 3 of us made this colossal mess and I was pretty tired.
Between the soaking the pretzels in the baking soda water
and baking them and deep frying the doughnuts-I'm worn out!
I'm so glad all of my food on the Nutrisystem plan is already
prepared and they are easy to heat and serve.

The saddest thing is they didn't even gain an ounce from eating all that crap! Now that really makes me upset! They are still at ehe
age and physical activity level that they can have whatever
they want. That time passed for me ages ago. I know tonight
when I weigh in it will show 183.6 again as it has for
4 straight days. It seems I'm at a standstill frozen
in time and cannot get down to that elusive 182 pounds
mark for some reason.

I always say mostly it's because I can't get to that 7th &
8th glass of water everyday. That is the hardest thing
to do, to drink 8 glasses of water every single day. I
usually make it to 5 or 6 but I know it does make a
huge difference. Today for lunch I had turkey medallions,1/2 cup
sweet potato and mixed veggies. All of the food was
great so I'm hoping for better results tonight. I'm going
to have Salisbury Steak,green beans and a orange for dinner
doesn't that sound good? How do you drink 8 glasses of water
a day? I need some water drinking tips and tricks!

Monday night
they are going to have Pasquale's Stromboli Sandwiches,one
of my top 5 eat out places, so
I'm going to have one of my Cheese Ravioli Meals so that
shouldn't be a temptaion. I love Nutrisystem's frozen
ravioli as it is very tender and full of mozzarella
flavor. The sauce for it is great too.

Today I am going to hit that 8 glass mark
so stay tuned! It's now 6pm & I'm on gladd #6 so hopefully
I make it thru glass number 8 tongiht! I just had a great
dinner,a chocolate peanut butter bar that I love because
it's sweet crunchy and has a lot of caramel in it. I also had
a glass of milk and grapes so I'm doing really good
today after yesterday's mishap.

Note/Update: I did hit the 8 glasses of water last night
so I'll let you know in a few days if that helped when I weigh
in again this week. At least my diabetic feet are more under control
now without all of the swelling and tenderness & most importantly the pain.

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Disclosure: I am receiving Nutrisystem D meal plans free for the next 5 months in order to write my honest opinions about
the products on my blog. My opinions are my own and no other form
of compensation was given other than the free food products. Thanks to Nutrisystem D Nation Blogging Program. Thanks Nutrisystem for letting me participate in this opportunity. Thanks also to NorhShore Care Supply for my weight & food scales I am using for this 5 month campaign.
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  1. Good job only taking the one bite! I couldn't have done that! I find it easier to get 8+ glasses of water by keeping 25oz water bottles filled in the fridge and drinking out of those all day. I drink at least 3 a day which is just over 9 glasses of water. Stainless steel water bottles help keep it cold longer, and sometimes I put ice in them too.

  2. Congratulations on making through a tough week!!

    I'm stuck too, I know I have to add exercise at this point but I'm not looking forward to it.

    Hang in there, we can do it!

  3. You can do it Barb!! We are so proud of you and all you have achieved:) . Here's to a great week!!