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#Nutellaparty Diabetic Snacker Nutella, Original Hazelnut Spread My Home Party

#Nutellaparty Nutella, Original Hazelnut Spread My Home Party
Mom Select

I am a longtime lover of all things
Nutella so I was

thrilled to be chosen for a blogging campaign with them!

Because of Mom Select, I was able to hold my own Home
Nutella Party like the famous House Parties plan. I hope
everyone gets to do this because it is a barrel of fun
and good eats! It was
so easy and so delicious! We all had a wonderful time
trying Nutella on absolutely everything you could imagine!

About 7 of my guests had never tried the creamy hazelnut

spread before so were they ever in for a special treat. I
swear I know they could have eaten that whole huge 26

jar of Nutella by themselves if they had been alone

instead of at my party. :) One of them even admitted that

she would be able to do just that-that's how deliciously

and dreamy Nutella is.

Did you know it takes 50 hazelnuts to make one jar of

Nutella spread? That is so amazing, no wonder it tastes

so decadently sinful. Actually, it's not sinful at all
it's even a healthier diabetic friendly item! That's

because it's made with hazelnuts and skim milk so it has a

lot going for it.

You don't have to worry if you have a "peanut allergy"

because there are no peanuts in Nutella just hazelnuts.
So as long as you know which of the nut families you are

allergic to you'll be all set to enjoy this heavenly


We Sampled These;

1.fruits tray: canteloupe,watermelon,apple slices,orange

segments,banana chips,figs,coconut shavings,strawberries
green & red grapes,mango's.

2.Crackers Tray: ritz buttery crackers,whole wheat

crackers,regular saltines,club crackers,multigrain
sociables crackers.

3.Breads Tray: plain italian bread squares,toasted whole

wheat bread squares,plain breadsticks,peanut butter bread
,cinnamon bread twists.

I thought we had a huge assortment to do our dunking and

spreading with and we loved every single item we added the

Nutella too. There was nothing that anyone hated at all.

It was so much fun doing all of this taste testing it was
by far the most fun at a home party I've ever had!

As you can see from the picture I was sent plenty of

supplies for this event and we used them all. Everyone
had a fantastic party favor bag with all sorts of goodies
in it when they left. We had coupons, recipes on top of

recipes, trivia game questions,spreaders and the cutest

little sample containers of Nutella. One note on

those,they were very difficult to open plus they really

didn't hold very much Nutella at all.

The big 26 ounce jar was huge but between the 10 of us I

should have probably shopped and bought another one for

the party as it was empty quite quickly with that many

dippers going in. I'll know next time to buy an extra jar

just in case. We all used the stainless steel mugs for my
special hot cocoa and it kept it warm all night for us.

they are really fantastic tumblers and were super generous

of the company to send them!

The clear favorite item of the night that everyone was

amazed at was the pairing of canteloupe and Nutella it is

a perfectly suited match.

The Party Included;

party favor white bags
recipes,tips and ideas
stainless steel tumbers insulated
trivia note cards
nutella cute samples
nutella 26.5oz jar

We had a multitude of great eating and we really enjoyed

ourselves. Thank you Nutella and Mom Select for making

this happen. I did find out something interesting on the
trivia cards. It said Nutella has been in European

countries for over 40 years. It didn't make it's way here
to the US until after 1980! I know I found Nutella by

watching Gida De Lorentis on food network talk about it

being her favorite thing in the world. She was so

passionate about this product that it made me literally go

to the grocery store and find it that very day! Thanks

Gida! I love cooking shows you always learn something new
or a new food is introduced to you every time you watch.

You can get cool Nutella logo merchandise by sending in

your proofs of purchase from Nutella at this link;

Merchandise Rewards
For example the 16 oz tumbers

are only 4 proofs of purchase which is amaxing because

these stainless steel mugs would easily cost $10.00 a

piece or more.

Disclosure: I was sent a complimentary complete party in a

box from the company Nutella and Mom Select. All above

named supplies were for me and my guests at diabetic

snacker to enjoy and blog about with our own honest

feelings. My opinions are my own and no other form of

compensation was given. Thanks to Nutella and Mom Select

for providing this party kit.

Full Disclosure Policy

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1 comment:

  1. A friend of mine just got diagnosed with Type 1 and loved Nutella. I was doing a bit of research and found out that Nutella is made with 50% sugar. Is it really okay for diabetics? I was wanting to make him some homemade Nutella with no sugar for a "Sorry you have diabetes, but you still have Nutella and tasty foods" basket