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Pentel Retractable Writing Pens RSVP RT Product Review

pentel pens writing insturments
Photos courtesy of Pentel

Pentel Retractable Writing Pens RSVP RT
Product Review-Just Write It Down!

A company called sent me a 3
pack of their retractable writing pens to test out and base my review on. The pens sent were from their RSVP RT line of writing instruments. They have a large area of the pens covered
with soft grips for your comfort when writing. For people like college kids who are constantly writing that is an important factor in choosing the right pen. The pens
work really nicely on the first try which is really
important when you need something to work on the spot. You
won't be doodling figure 8's to get these pens to start
either they work right from the gate.

Pentel pens come in three colors blue, red and black. The
black is a true dark black which I like especially being
legally blind I hate it when a pen writes so light of a
color I have to struggle to see it. The red is bold and
bright and could easily become my favorite pen to use. The
blue is the color of royal blue so i really like it. It
looks decorative on the page without doing anything
special. These pens are considered to be medium ink flow
line, I noticed on my pack that they come in 8 different
colors so you will have plenty of choices the next time
you are ready to write.
so if you are wanting a fine tip pen this is not the pack
for you,but they do have fine tip products right on their

They also carry dry erase markers which I would love to
try because being diabetic I'm finding I'm forgetting way
too much stuff. So it helps if I can write things down
every day on my dry erase board to remind me of important
things I need to do like taking medications and snack
times which is a constant struggle for diabetics.


comfort zone grip
fine tip
medium tip
art supplies
dry erase markers
office supplies
stainless steel tips
50% recyclable materials so eco friendly
8 brilliant colors

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  1. I tend to get a callous if I write for very long so I really appreciate that rubber grip!

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