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Product Review Announcing TheraBreath Multi Symptom Probiotics The Bad Breath Fighter

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Product Review Announcing TheraBreath Multi
Symptom Probiotics The Bad Breath Fighter

Bad Breath is
a dirty word but it's
something we all worry about all of the time,right?
I mean you never know who's going to be on the other
side of the doorbell when you answer it. It just might
be the love of your life making it an appearance for all
you know! Now while I don't expect George Clooney to
show up at my door I still want to be prepared just in
case! So it's crucial that you have everything in your
daily arsenal that you can to fight bad breath and knock
it dead in it's tracks.

The innovative inventors of TheraBreath have created
a totally new product to help with this widespread
problem! It's a multi symptom probiotic that is a
really cool new product.

I was sent this new product to test and write my review
about it and they have actually helped a lot iwth the
bad breath problem. They come in long individual packets
so they are fresh and easy to use. Actually I was sent
a seven day supply so I have now used it up. My breath
did feel fresher while using it. Now that I am finished
I can really tell the difference. Here's what all this
product works to combat for you:

bad breath
sensitive teeth
gum problems
tooth stains
sore throats
ear aches

I wasn't sick at all while I was taking the problem so
maybe that was why. I know I'm usually sick about this
time of year because of all my allergies and hay fever
seaon, but so far so good. Please note I am not a doctor
and I am not saying this is a cure all. Here's

information about this product from the company itself:

"TheraBreath Oral Care Multi Symptom Probiotics -
• An all natural treatment used to help the body resist

a variety of oral cavity issues including Ear Ache, Sore

Throat, Cavities, Gum Sensitivity, formation of BioFilm

and Plaque, Tooth Staining, and Halitosis.

• The first probiotic strains (S. salivarius K12 and

M18) to be developed specifically for the oral cavity

from beneficial bacteria that already naturally occurs

in the oral cavity of a small percentage of children.

This handful of children showed a natural resistance to

the variety of oral cavity related illness listed above.
• Now available for the first time in the United States

exclusively from TheraBreath."

Sounds pretty impressive doesn't it? So if you do decide

to check it out let me know in the comments. I'd like to

hear your opinion about this new product.

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