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Safelite AutoGlass® Tips for Keeping Your Family Safe On Road Trips & my 10 Suggestions Too

Safelite AutoGlass® Tips for Keeping Your Family Safe On Road Trips & my 10 Suggestions Too

Safelite and SocialMoms have teamed up to make us all think about road safety this year. I know that is a big concern for all of us to face every day but especially on a road trip because you are chartering new waters. Below you will find quoted text which is
Safelite's recommendations and are all good points. Here's my ten tips
to add in for road safety awareness.

1.Most importantly be well rested. Have plenty of sleep so there is no chance of falling asleep at the wheel. Believe me,I've been in a vehicle a few times when the driver has fallen asleep and it is a frightening experience. You'll only have seconds to react so think about it ahead of time.
Make it a mental note to yourself to think out the actions
you would take if the very next car you were in, the driver would happen to fall sleep behind the wheel.

2.Take plenty of drinks along with you for everyone. Yes drinks. It will require you to make frequent pit stops which
will help keep you on the right track and allow you to clear your mind from the driving.

3.Stop and eat. Actually go in to a restaurant with your family and share a meal together. Don't worry about the time you are wasting. Consider the time spent eating as part of the travel adventure. Refueling with food helps your brain focus better and keeps your mind stead and alerted and ready for danger.

4.Have a rule in the car about passengers sleeping. Make it a rule that 2 people, the driver and at least 1 passenger must stay awake. You can rotate the passengers who want to catnap but the driver needs that ready and alert sidekick incase of an emergency. Never underestimate the power of your wingman. Make the wingman who is awake be in the up front passenger seat so they can have the option to save everyone's life.

5.Keep kids occupied so they are not arguing and distracting the driver. Take crayons,dvds,music,headphones,games... whatever it takes to keep idle hands happy and content.

6.Have a well prepared vehichle before you start any trip. Get any little and all major problems fixed. No matter how tiny a problem seems it will be 1000x magnified during your trip you can count on that. It always comes back to bite you in the rear end.

7.Have a well stocked trunk or compartment. I'm talking safety equipment,blankets,water bottles,supplies to last your family at least 3 days if you were stuck in a snowstorm. Sure, you think it won't happen but I'm here to tell you from experience that it does indeed happen. Be over prepared for "ANY" emergency you could possibly dream up. Think tv & movies. If you saw it happen in a movie it's probably really happened before to someone and it could very well happen to you.

8.Fill up the gas tank and put an empty gas container in the trunk of your car. No one thinks they could run out of gas but you do. You always do if you're not worried about it in the least.

9.Have medical assistance supplies in the glove box. For minor things like hangnails,bee stings,sunburn,tummy aches...
There's a lot of people in the car and germs are everywhere so be cautious and well stockedd in the medical department.

10.Lastly,Pay attention to other drivers. Most accidents don't happen because you made a mistake. They happen because another driver was not paying attention and made a mistake. They might not be as well rested as you. They may be using a cellphone yes, even though they are not supposed to. It's up to you to be prepared and alert. Think of your car as a tank and you have to carry all of the little soldiers to safety amid warfare.

I hope these ten tips will help keep your family safe.

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suspect damage, go to a trusted vendor who will inspect

the glass before performing work.

With many insurance companies, there is no deductible

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alternative to replacement, Safelite AutoGlass saves

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I wrote this blog post while participating in the
SocialMoms and Safelite blogging program, for a chance at
receiving a gift
card worth $30 to For more information on how you can
participate go here:
Social Moms. My opinions are my own & all quoted text above was provided from SocialMoms and Safelite. Thanks to Safelite and SocialMoms for this opportunity.

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