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Diabetic Snacker Book Review Finding The Light Of Jesus By Cindy Tuttle Hamby Media

Book Review Finding The Light Of Jesus

by Cindy Tuttle

I was sent a spiritual book to review from the author
that I thought some of you might enjoy.
Author Cindy Tuttle begins her latest book,Finding The

Light Of Jesus with a funny story,a spin which lightens up

the religious tone of the book. She will take you on a
journey about the special bond between God and his

followers. She correlates singing of Church songs with
finding the spiritual light of Christianity.

There are eleven chapters in this book and she will begin
each chapter for you with a poem to help you come to an
inner peace with yourself. The stories within this book
are true devotionals that you will enjoy reading and


There are a few chapters that talk about your everyday
life,stress and the challenges we all face every day.

test your wisdom,your faith and your soul within these
pages. There are also insightful prayers included.

Cindy Tuttle has a website where you can learn more about
her works as she has written many books;
Cindy Tuttle
You can buy Finding the Light of Jesus on Amazon or Finding The Light Of Jesus

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book in order to
read it and write my own honest opinions about it in a review. My
opinions are my own and no other form of compensation was given.
Thanks to the Author Cindy Tuttle and Hamby Media for sending me this book.

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Diabetic Snacker My NFL Super Bowl Pick For A Contest Entry Go Recliners Leather Reclining Chairs and Ottomans

My Superbowl Winning Pick For A Contest
From Go Reclincers

This post today is because I'm entering a contest to
win a free recliner from
Go Recliners Leather Reclining Chairs
I saw the giveaway on a google alert but it's still going
on until Feb.5th,2011 if you too would like to participate.
All you have to do is write a blog post and link directly
to the contest on their website like this right here;

Go Recliners Leather Chair and Ottoman

I looked around and saw they have a lot of beautiful recliners
and I miss having a recliner around here. I could use one
in my family room to watch all of my tv series so I figured
why not go for it? Now, you do have to go post the link
to your blog post on their official contest page and make
sure the link is working so you can be eligible to win
for yourself.

Oh yeah, you also have to say who you think
is going to win the Super Bowl. Here's my picks, too bad the
Indianapolis Colts didn't make it.

I predict:

Green Bay Packers 28 to 24

Hey we're hosting
the Super Bowl here in Indianapolis
2012 so look out America because

THE COLTS ARE COMING BACK! Indianapols 2012!

I'm thinking a reclining chair would really spark up my family
room so I'd love to win one. Maybe I can get a review
on this blog if I don't win,you never know. They certainly
have a lot of different fabrics and colors/styles to
choose from. Hopefully I can win one and I'll be ready
for the Colts in 2012!

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this blog post.
I am being entered into a contest for the above named company
on their website. My opinions are my own and no form of
compensation was given. Thanks to GoRecliners for this
chance to win a great prize!

Note: I am currently looking for review products,giveaway
sponsorships/donations to giveaway to my readers,ambassador programs and writing opportunites.
You can reach me; directorylanesuperstore(at)
I also do sponsored posts,sponsored tweets and facebook
wall shout-outs for comapnies,brands and products. Let
me know if you'd like to be featured on diabetic snacker!

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Diabetic Snacker #NSNation Nutrisystem D Nation Blogging Program Week 10 TEN Diabetic Snacker Weight Loss Plan

Week 10 Ten 2011 My Diabetic Meal Plan Nutrisystem D
Blogger Nation Program #NSNation

Week 10 Nutrisystem Nation Blogging Program

Week 10 with

Nutrisystem D meal plan
and I can honestly
say I have "got it" now. I mean I have accepted the

new"habit" of eating better every day in order to try to

be a better you. It took me awhile to get into the swing

of things but now that I have it hammered into my brain I

think it will stick and I will continue to lose weight

even after I'm off the plan. I hope so because I am really

enjoying see the bathroom scales go down every week.

I started in at 196 or 197 pounds and I am down now to 184
pounds which is great for me. I know it's not as much as

others are losing but I've been overweight for a very long

time so I'm excited to see any changes come along. My

ideal weight would be 125 pounds which is what a person of

my height 5ft 2inches should be. I think that will take a

long time to happen but I'm going to keep plugging along

and make it happen. I will be down to 125 again someday!

The main important factor in this for me being diabetic is

to feel better and I am feeling great! I now have none of

the neuropathy pain in my feet! It has continued to go

down a little more each week as the swelling in my feet

subsided. It is so great to be able to stand up again and

actually feel the floor underneath your feet! Many people

don't realize it but when your feet are outrageously

swollen like mine were you do not have the power to feel

anything that your feet come into contact with. Then, you

only feel the pain from the inside. So I'm glad to be rid

of that pain thanks to Nutrisystem D!

They have several meal plans available,you can even sign
up your entire family and save even more money. Right now
they are featuring a Rollback Sales Event – join

Nutrisystem in 2011 at 2003’s prices! Plus,
I thought I'd post my sample day for yesterday's menu
so you can see how much food you can eat. Just look at

what I had yesterday following the plan;


blueberry muffin large & full of blueberries
fat free milk 8 ounces

morning snack

1 ounce turkey


chocolate peanut butter bar (my favorite like a
candy bar treat)
1 tsp. peanut butter
4 ounces of fat free milk

2pm afternoon snack

yoplait yogurt


flatbread pizza (favorite dinner item) you make it

parmesan cheese

evening snack

walnut chocolate chip cookies
(you get 7 or 8 mini cookies in the bag & you get to eat

them all)!
These taste delicious a little too crunchy but still

excellent snacking.
2 ounces of fat free milk (I have to have milk with
my cookies).

So see, I'm never hungry and I feel great and I love

watching my son drool whenever I have my ice cream

sandwiches from the plan! They see what I am eating every
day and they are always surprised when I step on the

scale! I get to have a tasty sugar free sucker every

night too that I order from in the 5

pound bag So I'm perfectly content with the food on the

Nutrisystem D plan
as they have taught me how to eat the right portions of

Nutrisystem Meal Plans Plus this weekend I received another
surprise package from them again! It was the 4 new products
they added to their menu that I had mentioned last week!
They really keep you stocked up with their food and I can't wait
to try this new Nutrisystem POPCORN!
Are you eating
that much food everyday and losing weight?

NorthShore Care Supply

Nutrisystem D Nation Blogger Program

Journal List of All Nutrisystem D Posts

Would you like to lose weight and get healthy on

Nutrisystem too? Visit


today or call 888-853-4689.

Disclosure: I am receiving Nutrisystem D Select meal plans free for the next 5 months in order to write my honest opinions about
the products on diabetic snacker. My opinions are my own and no other form
of compensation was given other than the free food products. Thanks to Nutrisystem D Nation Blogging Program. Thanks Nutrisystem for letting me participate in this opportunity. Thanks also to NorhShore Care Supply for my weight & food scales I am using for this 5 month campaign.
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Diabetic Snacker Popcorners Chips Food Product Review Popcorn Taste

Popcorn Flavored Chips Popcorners Product
Review Food Fun

Popcorners The New Shape Of Popcorn
I received a huge box of treats from a company called

recently. I'm talking what looked like a 3 feet
long box which I was tickled to death to open. My family has been trying all of the

different flavors and we've decided we love them!

Here's the 5 flavors they come in;

White Cheddar
Cheesy Jalepeno
Sea Salt

I especially love the butter flavored chips because they

taste exactly like you are eating a bowl of popcorn. I

don't know how they do that, getting all of the popcorn

and butter taste into a thin crispy chip but I like it.

Plus they are low in fat and big on flavor. Each package

has it's own unique taste and they are awesome. I know

your family will love them too. I am so surprised that a
company can get this much flavor out of a chip. The sea

salt flavor my son didn't like but I think it's good. The

best flavor though is the butter flavored chips. I could
eat those all day that's how good they are. They have just the right amount of salt and are tender but crispy. They bring it all together in the snack bowl world. You really need to try these chips out.

You can also find Popcorners Chips now on all Jet Blue

flights! That seems like a very good place to be crunching

on some tasty popcorn while you're up in the clouds. They
have a handy zipcode locater on their site that will help
you find the retailer near you that carries them.

That's because the taste is heavenly with it's saltiness

and crunchy texture. You can also talk with Popcorners on

facebook or twitter;
Popcorners Facebook
Popcorners Twitter

One of the things I saw on their website says they have
Free Shipping on all US purchases! Wow that's a great

perk. They don't ship to p.o. boxes but other than that
you can save some money by having your chips delivered

right to your door. These chips would be great for anytime
snacking and for special events like Super Bowl or

birthday's. I'm so glad I got to try all five flavors.

Have you tried any Popcorners Chips yet?

Disclosure: I was sent many complimentary samples of this product in order to form my honest review. My opinions are my own and no
other form of compensation was given. Thanks to the company
Popcorners for this review opportunity.

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Diabetic Snacker CSN Stores Top Ten Valentine's Day Gifts Under $50.00

CSN Stores Great Last Minute Valentine Gifts Under $50!

CSN Stores just sent over
their new Top Ten Gift Ideas under $50.00 for everyone,
including pets. So if you are looking for a special Valentine's Gift
you might want to start with CSN Stores. They offer low
shipping rates and they do ship very fast as I've received a
few things from them. Their website is easy to navigate
and with over 200 stores they really do have something for

or see the feature on our site at
CSN Stores

Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way for this post. My affiliate link is included in the above mentioned post. Thanks to
CSN Stores and Shareasale for the information.

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Diabetic Snacker Sharri's Berries Product Review Gourmet Chocolate Covered Strawberries Gift Boxed

Sherri's Berries Product Food Review Chocolate Decadence

Recently I received a box from Sherri's Berries. They

Sent me 6 Huge Chocolate Covered & Gift Box Decorated

Sugar Free Strawberries
Well padded in their own cute gift basket type box. The

strawberries fit snugly down inside their strawberry

shaped box with cute pockets.
They even have each one laying on a decorative wax paper

to look like a doily,so adorable. The green leafy tops

are even still on the berries so they look so fresh. The

white chocolate and dark chocolate coatings are draped

over the berries like a tuxedo would be. These were a

beautiful presentaion and I loved opening up this

delightful box so much! Thank you so much Sherri's

Berries for sending me a sample box over to try.

They have dozens of styles and chocolatly decorations

Gourmet King Sized Berries
Cheesecake Berry Pops
Swizzled Chocolate Berries
Brownie Cakepops
Wedding tuexdo shaped berries
hand dipped strawberry roses
Sports berries baseballs,footballs,basketballs
football super bowl berries my kids would love these!
Cookies and Cakes
Valentine Cupckaes with Sprinkles

They really have so many wonderful choices that I hope I

get to try out another one sometime. It's nice when a

treat is fruit based because it makes it more diabetic

friendly that way. Afterall,diabetes is about everything

in moderation so I may have to order me some later with

all these adorable choices!

I even saw they baby items you can buy that are so sweet like a plush lamb and baby blanket set. I just love seeing how creative people can be with these and Sharri's Berries has went way out with their beautiful items. They really are like masterpieces.

The first one I tried was the white chocolate enrobed

strawberry and it is magnificent! The chocolate has formed
a shell like a candy coating and is really sweet and

tasty. The berry is so huge that you can't eat these

treats in one bite,you're definitely going to have to

savor the wonderful flavors slowly. I think they actually

take at least 6-8 bites to eat one that's how large they

really are! Some of them have went for a roll in nuts

which is always a good snack idea. I am so happy that they
make sugar free options too for people like me with type
2 diabetes.

They are securely packaged in 2 boxes with white satin

ribbon and a bow making for a very romantic presentation.

Sugar Free Strawberries Just so you know, of course they have regular not sugar free creations too,but really when these
taste so great why wouldn't you go with them and save all of the
calories! You don't have to diabetic to enjoy sugar free goodies
year round.

These strawberries are full of flavor and juiciness like
you would get in the summer at their peak of freshness.

The chocolates are smooth and creamy tasting so combined

they are a decadent dessert treat. I'd highly recommend

them for any gift occasion especially Valentine's Day,

Mother's Day and Birthday's. Speaking of birthday's I'm
turning the big 55 Feb.3rd so I'll have to start dropping
some hints to my kids for a gift box of strawberries this year!
Have you tried chocolate covered strawberries?

Disclosure: I was sent 6 Decorated Berries from Sharri's Berries and no other form of compensation was given. My opinions are my own. Thanks to Sharri's Berries for this campaign.

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# CLOSED Giveaway Prize Pack Diabetic Snacker Progresso Souper MyBlogSpark

Giveaway at end of review post

Enter To Win Progresso Souper You Prizes Gift Pack

As you know, I'm on the Nutrisystem D meal plan which

also lets me still incorporate some of my own fresh

ingredients into the meals whenever I need to. So in comes
a great promotional box from
MyBlogSpark and Progresso Soup

Soup that I was very excited to get! I had never tried

this brand of soup before so I was
anxious to sample it. I love that they included 5 large

cans with a good variety so I'd be able to try more

flavors out. They were securley wrapped in bubble wrap too so
they were safe and sound. This kit is loaded with goodies it's like
opening a Christmas box of wonderful surprises yet all

will help me in my weight management plan that I am

already doing! I've lost 11 pounds now by the way using

the Nutrisystem D plan-YAY!

Here's what was in this huge box;

water bottle
yoga mat
5 cans of soup
set of aerobic bands

I'd say that's a great package for trying to be healthier!
They shipped it here using FedEx so it only took 2 days to

arrive which is amazing in itself! Progresso soup makes
40 different varities of soups so there is something for

every tastebud. I especially like these 100 calorie soups

because they have a full serving of vegetables in them.

Since on my plan I need to eat 7-10 fresh fruits and

veggies every day this is a welcome add-in to my lunches.

I am really enjoying trying this scrumptious soup every

day just a little at a time. They are full of flavor and

contain just the right amount of spices. To think, I've

been a lifetime fan of another brand out of habit and had

not ever tried these soups before! You know how it is, you

buy the same thing your mom bought-that's how it usually

works. I'm going to have to start looking for the

Progresso Soup options in my store now. I'm not saying

what flavors I tried because I want you to visit their

website to find your favorite flavor you'd like to try in

my giveaway below.

Progresso is also having a contest where one lucky person

can win a trip to New York for a makeover! Wouldn't that
be wonderful to win?

What do the winners get?

3 grand prize winners will be awarded a trip for two to

New York City from May 20th-22nd,2011. The prize includes

roundtrip airfare, two-night stay in a NYC hotel, a full

makeover, a guided wardrobe shopping spree with a personal

consultation at a New York City department store, and

$1,000 in spending money! Wow what an awesome prize


You can enter right on facebook but be prepared,you'll

have to submit an essay and a photo; Soup Makeover Contest


Where you can see all of the latest hottest

trends in fashion!

Video 1: How Do I Look? Souper New You Quick Tip: Dating Look

Video 2: How Do I Look? Souper New You Quick Tip: Celebrity Inspiration

Video 3: How Do I Look? Souper New You Quick Tip: Eat Right with Progresso

If you want a $1/4 coupon to print off (also provided by Progresso), you can go
Progresso Soup Coupons

Now if you want to win your own Progresso Soup Prize Pack
similar to the one I received
on this blog now you can! Here's what is included in this

great prize package for one lucky diabetic snacker reader!

VIP coupon for a free can of Progresso soup
yoga mat
water bottle
set of aerobic bands
sport headband
two sport wristbands

Whoo Hoo! That's a nice prize pack with lots of healthy
inspiration to get you moving.
Thanks so much MyBlogSpark and Progresso Soup!

Disclosure: Please note that the products, prize pack,

information, online coupon info and giveaway were all provided

by Progresso through MyBlogSpark. My opinions are also

included in this post but no compensation was given.

Diabetic Snacker did receive a complimentary prize pack
in order to use to write this review. Thanks to the

Sponsors Progresso Soup and MyBlogSpark for this

opportunity. Prize Pack fullfillment will be sent by
Progresso Soup Company upon my delivering the winners

information to them at the close of this giveaway.
Video content was provided by Progresso, and the Style Network who I thank also..
Full Discloure Policy

~~~~~~WIN IT~~~~~~~

Winner will receive: One Prize Pack as mentioned above!
Mandatory: Visit the Progresso Soup website and let me

know which flavor you would like most to try!
Progresso Soup Light They have classics,
light,low sodium and many other varieties of soup to find your
favorite flavor from.
Leave a

comment below with your answer. Mandatory Entry!
Bonus Entry Methods

Follow Sponsor on Facebook (2 entries) Leave 2 comments.
Soup Facebook

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Good Luck!