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Diabetic Snacker 10 Things My Kids Would Miss Most If I Was Abducted By Aliens!

The Top 10 Things My Kids Would Miss Most
If I Was Abducted By Aliens From Mars!

This is a post written on behalf of SocialMoms and
Disney Movies and I am going to perhaps win a gift
card for Amazon for writing it. Go to the bottom of

this post to see how you can do it too! They are

accepting 100 participants this time so everyone has
a better chance!

What would my kids miss most of all? Here's the
top 10 list;

1.My home cooking!

2.My playing games with them all of the time.

3.My Bubbly Personality which they would really miss a lot.
I like to crack jokes and have a positive outlook on life
in general.

4.My taking the time to listen to them whenever they need me. I think they would really miss me for that the most.

5.For watching tv movies and making popcorn so we can snuggle up
with the blankets. Nothing says comfort like watching a movie with
the cozy warmth of a blanket and nice hot bowl of popcorn.
I hope we get to see this movie maybe before it's available and do a review.

6.Laundry they would definitely miss mom after 2 days of not having any clean laundry around the house. I'm a 2-3 large loads every single day kinda mom so that would be really devasting for them
to have to do it themselves-oh the horror!

7.They'd miss me the very first time they had to unload the dishwasher,load it back up and wash the few pieces by hand that always need washing. I don't think they've ever unloaded or loaded that dishwasher without me asking them too. Maybe I should go to Mars for a visit afterall.

8.When the ice cream trucks comes who the heck are they going to yell for to find some change? That would be a catastraphe
I can see them now with piggy banks in tow standing on the street corner watching the ice cream truck go by!

9.They'd really miss me getting them off to start the day and go to school. That means no one would be there to tell them to eat their breakfast which wouldn't be cooked if I was gone. Who else is goiung to yell when the bus drives by the house? I don't think they'd run to the next corner to catch it if I wasn't here to tell them to do it. I'm sure they'd just head right back to bed.

10.Hugs at bedtime. I don't know about the kids, but this
mom would miss that most of all. But, hey I always have
wanted to meet an Alien. I'm always convincing my kids that they
will someday find out that they really are "out there".
I don't know if they'll be green or not but I'm sure they
are truly around us.

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Facebook Mars Needs Moms

I wrote this blog post while participating in the

SocialMoms blogging program, for a gift card worth

$25. For more information on how you can participate;


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Diabetic Snacker Product Food Review California Olive Oil Company

Product Food Review California Olive Oil Company

About a month ago I received 2 generously huge bottles of a freshly made Olive Oil from the
California Olive Ranch and I have been trying them out ever since! I just knew
there had to be a better Olive Oil out their somewhere and I was
right. The folks at the California Olive Oil Company know
exactly what they are doing and they are packaging up the
best flavor you can find.

It's a much richer deeper flavor inside these lovely jars than what
I've been finding at my local grocery store. I would imagine the olive oil I am buying in the grocery store has sat on the
shelf for at least a few months before being purchased.
Well, I can see a big difference in the taste in all of
my recipes this last month. Each food I've made from
pizza dough to parmesan chicken has tasted better than usual
and my whole family agrees. So, we know it's the quality
of the olive oil making such a delightlful change.

Consumer's Blog
Chefs Blog
There products are heart healthy which I know we all

can appreciate. Since I became diabetic I have been

replacing all of my normal vegetable oils with olive

oil because it is more healthy of a product. You can
buy their products in consumer friendly sizes or Chef
size. They've even won awards for how great their

Olive Oil products are!
Winner of Olive Oils of the World Competition: LA

County Fair – 2007

Gold Medal – Miller's Blend
Silver Medal – Koroneiki

I just know it taste great especially when you put it

on a chunk of fresh baked bread and rub a little

garlic on it-it's definitely a Wow!
You know,I watch an insane amount of food television

shows and one of my favorites is the Barefoot

Contessa. She is always saying "use a good olive oil"

and I always wondered what the heck she meant by

that? Now, I know because I have stepped up and

found a better product-a truly good olive oil. I

think Ina Garten would be so proud!
California Olive Oil Recipes They even

have a whole page of recipes for you to look thru and

create some wonderful dishes.
Facebook California Olive

Twitter California Olive

California Olive Blog

Disclosure: I was sent complimentary products from The California Olive Oil Company in order to taste test and give my honest opinions about them. No other form of compensation was given and my thoughts are my own. Thanks to the company California Olive Oil Company for sending me these products.

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Diabetic Snacker Calling All PR Teams I'm Looking For Sponsors For Diabetic Snacker's 3 Year Blog Anniversary & Mother's Day

Calling All PR Teams,Business Owners,Ebay,
Etsy Store Shops,Fellow Bloggers,
Public Relations Seeking Sponsors

For: Easter,Mother's Day & my June 3year Blog Anniversary!

I wanted to g4t the word out that diabetic snacker is looking
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On June 24th,2011 I will be
celebrating 3 years of blogging! I'd love to have a big blowout
event of reviews and giveaways for my special readers who love
giveaways so much!

I've been getting requests for product reviews on this

blog. I wanted to clear the air on how I handle product

review requests and encourage you to submit products if

you’re interested in having me review your products.

I am very interested in learning about your product especially, if

it’s new,newly packaged, over the top, techy or something great and

appeals to a family friendly audience. I like to review household products, movies & all kinds of stuff.
I like to review products that are new to the marketplace
and especially if it can be purchased online as I am an
avid online shopper myself.

Here’s how you can submit your product for a
product review;

Please e-mail directorylanesuperstore(at) with

your product name & information.
Your product does not have to be unique to get a review..
I will then confirm if I'm interested in sampling or

testing your product or products. I adore all kitchen
items,movies,blu-ray,hd products are even better. I prefer full size
products to sample not trial size samples. I do not
return any review products. I keep all of the products
and I do disclose in every post. I hope to be hearing
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Diabetic Snacker 3 Year Blog Anniversary!!!!

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payments were made and all of the information is provided by myself the owner of this blog.
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Diabetic Snacker #CLOSED Giveaway Green Giant MyBlogSpark Prize Pack

Green Giant Veggies Prize Pack Giveaway
Giveaways is US entries only ends 3/06/11

The folks at Green Giant

and #Myblogspark sent me over a

prize pack and they are letting one reader of
diabetic snacker win a prize

pack too! I really like mine so I know you'll be
happy to win it.

In your prize pack you'll get all eco friendly

green & white bowl
hunter green insulated cooler bag
free product coupon for freezer item
kitchen spoon
pedometer for measuring walking

Doesn't that sound fantastic? To win just go to the

bottom of this post and leave your comments. Green Giant
is also now working with Weight Watcher's so that 29 of
their frozen meals are within their programs guidelines.
They have even more choices than that available so it's

easy to find something you would like to try.

I'm not a huge broccoli fan but I gave it a try once I

opened the box and prepared it. I'd never had this veggie
with cheese on it before and it was better than I thought
it would be. You know me,I'm not a veggie kind of gal.
I guess cheese has a way of making you try something new.
Right now I'm still on the Nutrisystem meal plan but I

might give Weight Watchers Points Plan a try when I get

off of this since people say it's easy and I still need
to lose more weight.

I bet if your kids think they don't like broccoli you

could give them this and they will gobble it up. I say
that because I am an adult "picky eater" so I know you
can do it if I can do it.

~~~~~~WIN IT~~~~~~~

Winner will receive: Green Giant Prize Pack which
green & white bowl
hunter green insulated cooler bag
free product coupon for freezer item
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pedometer for measuring walking

Thanks Green Giant!

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Diabetic Snacker Kroger Cartbuster Program To Save Money On Groceries

More Ways To Save Money On Grociers With
New Kroger Cartbuster Deals!

As you know I love to save money at the grocery store and am considered a Coupon Queen at my local Indiana Kroger Store.
Sometimes I think we are all so rushed that we forget about saving money. It needs to be done on a daily basis or weekly if
that is how you shop like I do. That's especially true when you're diabetic because the cost is much greater for all the food items you need to stock your pantry with because we're talking
fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy snacks. Well,
Kroger has got a new campaign coming up!
Kroger is starting
a whole new project for shoppers called Cartbusters that I think
everyone will enjoy.
About Kroger

Info from SocialMoms website;

"Kroger offers more value for the way you live. Check out for special offers, weekly savings, printable and digital coupons, and much more! Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kroger is one of the nation's largest grocery retailers. The Kroger Co. spans many states with store formats that include grocery and multi-department stores, convenience stores and mall jewelry stores. We operate under nearly two dozen banners, all of which share the same belief in building strong local ties and brand loyalty with our customers."
I've been a Kroger shopper for many years now and I know
all of their products are always fresh as can be. They
take a lot of pride in their store and it shows. That's
why I'll remain a regular customer.
So if you are wanting to get the best deals from the brands you love
is easier than ever at Kroger so go visit them today!

I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms Kroger CartBuster blogging program, for a gift card worth $50. For more information on how you can participate. SocialMoms

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Diabetic Snacker Food Product Review No Sugar Added Diabetic Friendly Product Review
Diabetic Friendly No Sugar Added Food

I recently received a FedEx package which was marked perishable which you know means something good is waiting inside for you.
It was my no sugar added Cheesecake from!
I had asked for a product review and they generously said they
would be sending me their new No Sugar Added diabetic friendly
model to taste test and write about.
It was certainly professionaly packaged with a stiff white

collar around the diameter so nothing could get squashed
or jiggled.

Packed with dry ice in a cooler so it was really fresh. It was packed so well it

was hard to remove it from the box but I finally got it.
It tasted wonderfully great! The texture is nice and

creamy and has a slight hint of lemon taste which is really
a plus. It's already

sliced and individually divided into the perfect portioned

sizes for you so you just have to eat and enjoy! It's the

first time I ever had a cheesecake that didn't have a

crust at all and I did miss that texture you get from the sweet
crunchy crust. It tasted good without it but would have been
great with it in my opinion. This was their no

sugar added cheesecake so it wasn't overly sweet like some
I've tasted in the past. This creamy cheesecake sells for $44.95 and

let me say-worth every penny of it.

I think the rest of the week as I am devouring this huge

special treat I will add some fruits each night to make it

taste even better like my own sampler pack. I'm going to start with peaches doesn't

that sound great peaches on top of an already good

cheesecake? I know I see on tv cooking shows a lot of

chefs put cherries on top so I'm going to try that out


This cheesecake came sliced in 14 pieces and I'm

going to try to make every slice taste different. Sounds

like a great plan. I love being able to experiment with

food ideas and change up recipes and desserts whenever I

can. This cheesecake is so good I may just have to have it

plain a couple of more times first you know,to make sure I

like it.

They offer so many wonderful flavor variations it's hard

to know which one to buy if you're shopping for one. Just

look at some of these choices;

brownie swirl
no sugar added
mini sampler-12 individual cheesecakes how cool is that?
triple chocolate
cookies 'n cream
vanilla bean
and more! would love to have you join them on all of the social media outlets;
Cheesecake Twitter

Cheesecake Facebook

Recipe Archive


My kids won't even try it so it's all mine! Aren't they stupid?

Wow, I put some coconut from Tropical Traditions on
top of a slice and that was marvelous! Now I'll have to toaste
me some coconut for tomorrow's piece. Do you like Cheesecake?
If you do,I'd highly recommend for you or for gift

Disclosure: I was sent a compliment no sugar added cheesecake upon my request in order to form my opinions and write this review for diabetic snacker. My honest opinions are my own and no other form of compensation was given. Thank you to the company for sending me this free product to sample.

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Diabetic Snacker Week 12 On The Nutrisystem D Meal Plan For Nation Bloggers #NSNation

Week 12 My Diabetic Meal Plan Nutrisystem D
Blogger Nation Program #NSNation

I've made it thru to week 12 on my meal plan yay! I have to say that yesterday was one of the hardest times I have faced
while following Nutrisystem. That's
because my kids had me help fix all of these goodies for them today. I think they are trying to kill me as they
are certainly testing my willpower.

1.Homemade Doughnuts with Glaze
2.Homemade Soft Pretzels with Salt
3.Homemade Jelly Filled & Iced Doughnuts
Extra Buttercream homemade frosting

See what I mean? It was fun making all of the goodies
but it was hard resisiting them all. I finally gave in &
ate one tiniest bite of a doughnut when all was said
and done. I was pretty darn proud of only eating that!
We made trays and trays of doughnuts and soft pretzels
so bite seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

While I shouldn't have taken it,I should have refrained-I
will say it was the best bite of food I've eaten in a
long long time! My kids were very happy with the results
we made too and they ate all of them up like there was
no tomorrow! You never have to worry about leftover goodies
going to waste around here with 2 grown boys to eat it up!
I spent an hour and a half cleaning up the kitchen after
the 3 of us made this colossal mess and I was pretty tired.
Between the soaking the pretzels in the baking soda water
and baking them and deep frying the doughnuts-I'm worn out!
I'm so glad all of my food on the Nutrisystem plan is already
prepared and they are easy to heat and serve.

The saddest thing is they didn't even gain an ounce from eating all that crap! Now that really makes me upset! They are still at ehe
age and physical activity level that they can have whatever
they want. That time passed for me ages ago. I know tonight
when I weigh in it will show 183.6 again as it has for
4 straight days. It seems I'm at a standstill frozen
in time and cannot get down to that elusive 182 pounds
mark for some reason.

I always say mostly it's because I can't get to that 7th &
8th glass of water everyday. That is the hardest thing
to do, to drink 8 glasses of water every single day. I
usually make it to 5 or 6 but I know it does make a
huge difference. Today for lunch I had turkey medallions,1/2 cup
sweet potato and mixed veggies. All of the food was
great so I'm hoping for better results tonight. I'm going
to have Salisbury Steak,green beans and a orange for dinner
doesn't that sound good? How do you drink 8 glasses of water
a day? I need some water drinking tips and tricks!

Monday night
they are going to have Pasquale's Stromboli Sandwiches,one
of my top 5 eat out places, so
I'm going to have one of my Cheese Ravioli Meals so that
shouldn't be a temptaion. I love Nutrisystem's frozen
ravioli as it is very tender and full of mozzarella
flavor. The sauce for it is great too.

Today I am going to hit that 8 glass mark
so stay tuned! It's now 6pm & I'm on gladd #6 so hopefully
I make it thru glass number 8 tongiht! I just had a great
dinner,a chocolate peanut butter bar that I love because
it's sweet crunchy and has a lot of caramel in it. I also had
a glass of milk and grapes so I'm doing really good
today after yesterday's mishap.

Note/Update: I did hit the 8 glasses of water last night
so I'll let you know in a few days if that helped when I weigh
in again this week. At least my diabetic feet are more under control
now without all of the swelling and tenderness & most importantly the pain.

My weight scale;
a href="">NorthShore Care Supply

Nutrisystem D website;
Nutrisystem D Nation Blogger Program

Journal List of All Nutrisystem D Posts

Would you like to lose weight and get healthy on

Nutrisystem too? Visit


today or call 888-853-4689.

Disclosure: I am receiving Nutrisystem D meal plans free for the next 5 months in order to write my honest opinions about
the products on my blog. My opinions are my own and no other form
of compensation was given other than the free food products. Thanks to Nutrisystem D Nation Blogging Program. Thanks Nutrisystem for letting me participate in this opportunity. Thanks also to NorhShore Care Supply for my weight & food scales I am using for this 5 month campaign.
Full Disclosure Policy>

Full Disclosure Policy
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Diabetic Snacker New Announcement Winners List Winner's Names Is It You? *8* Giveaways Ended Closed!

New Announcement Winners List 8 Winner's Listed!
Three Giveaways Still Open Enter To Win Prizes!

Closed Giveaways Winners List!
Winning list for many (8) giveaways is here!

Ready? Here goes the 8 eight winners are.......

MyBlogSpark Cheerios Multigrain Giveaway!

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Wacky Jacqui's Handmade With Love Blog Tour Giveaway!

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Stellarocco Women's Top!

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Progresso Souper MyBlogSpark Giveaway!

winner 37 comments #5 The New Mommies Blend
The New Mommies Blend

Glade Sense & Spray Automatic Giveaway!

winner 31 comments #16 BethElderton

Chiquita Banana Kit

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Blook On My Shoes

tropical traditions coconut peanut butter giveaway!

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Katz Bakery Giveaway!

winner 41 comments #9 Sable Smith
At Lmuzik Fanzinc

Worlds Best Oragami Book Giveaway!

winner 31 comments #01 jhitomi

That's all of them thanks so much to everyone who entered and of course to the Sponsors for providing these prizes! I will be emailing each winner shortly and you will have 48 hours to reply back to that email and confirm your prizes. I'll need your name
and address to relay to the Sponsor for you. The Sponsor's will
ship the prizes directly to you. Most will contact you before they

If you are a winner and I didn't list your blog send me the address & I'll be happy to add it in. If you are a Sponsor and would like
to donate a prize for a giveaway I am actively seeking Sponsors!
You can have reviews and/or giveaways. Email me (barb) at directorylanesuperstore(at)


Go enter these fantastic giveaways so we can keep getting some
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Be sure and enter these current open giveaways on diabetic

snacker today. You can't win if you don't enter.


thland-giveaway-tnt-dvd.html">DVD Southland 1st Season


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t-code-edenfantasys.html">$55 EdenFantasys From Me!

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Diabetic Snacker Beauty Product Review Skin MD Natural Face & Body Lotion Skin Care Products

Product Review Skin MD Natural Shielding Face & Body
Lotion Non Greasy Silky Smooth Softness

Last month I had received a priority package in the

mail from a company called
Skin MD Natural Skin Care

and I've been
using it every day like clockwork. It's like my new "go

to" face lotion-FINALLY! Yay, I wish I could afford a case
of it kind of loving it!
It took me quite awhile to find a good one but I think

this is finally the ONE. If you remember,I had been upset

about Dove dropping their face lotion line so I'm glad
to have tried this one out with the other 17 I've tried

It says on their website it's soft as silk and never
greasy and they are absolutely right about that! I'm a
big fan of the type of lid they have on the bottle since
it's very easy to open and close and would be hard to
spill out. You can even open it with one hand so that's
always great for a mom since we need 3 hands just to

I also really love the fragrance to this Skin MD Natural
lotion even

though I haven't quite pinpointed what it smells like.
It is fresh smelling and reminds me of a retro Jergens
product my mom used to use when I was a child. It's very
soothing so I am so happy they sent me this bottle of face
and body lotion. It's actually called the #1 shielding

lotion because it helps protect your skin but
they make many other products too such as;

face lotions
body lotions
spf 16 sunscreens
sample size packets
by the gallon
by the case

From their website;

"How Does a Shielding Lotion Work to Prevent Dry Skin?

Shielding lotion is a new scientific approach to dry skin

care based on improving the skin's natural functions.

Shampoos, antibacterial soaps, cosmetics, fragrances,

colorants and other irritants bombard and penetrate the

skin. These harsh chemicals and irritants can break down

the skin's natural protective ability. Some strip away

moisture, while others lodge in the pores where they cause

irritation and other negative reactions.

Skin MD Natural™ is a state-of-the-art shielding lotion

designed to duplicate the skin's own protective barrier

helping to protect skin against damaging irritants while

providing hours of non-greasy moisture. This makes Skin MD

Natural the ideal choice for dry skin treatment over other

lotions for dry skin.

Conventional dry skin lotions don't protect against the

causes of dry skin and have only one basic goal – to make

up for the moisture that our bodies are losing by adding

an artificial source of moisture. Replace your old dry

skin lotion with Skin MD Natural lotion for naturally

healthy skin."

Skin MD Natural is also
Eco Friendly, Cruelty Free and Vegan so you have

covered in your skin care. Also they make an all natural product since
the name is Skin MD Naturals.

So if you like your skin to be really soft and vibrant
I'd say go visit their site and order you some of this
great lotion because you are going to love it!
You can order right from their website on this page;
Order Skin MD Natural Skin Care or use their handy store locator to find
a store near you. I did see one special promotion going on

too, if you buy 5 bottles you get a bottle of SPF

Sunscreen free a $25.00 value. That would be great for
the upcoming summer months. They also have gift

certificates if you're thinking of planning ahead this

Full Disclosure Policy

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Diabetic Snacker Tomoson Lets Bloggers Down Again How Cheap Can They Go?

Miessence skin care How Much Cheaper Can
Tomoson Go For Bloggers?

Recently I know everyone has heard about how is not keeping their bloggers in mind when accepting
companies to work with them. It looks like they don't think
very highly of their bloggers since they are allowing companies
to get away with sending meaningless crap for doing a review.

We've seen in it several
cases that I personally know of. One was the Bryton Picks
campaign where they sent you the blogger a free sample of their product worth a total of maybe $5.00 at the most on a good day. the second opportunity was the invisible rowbike everyone knows that one.

But now they have a company who is actually saying all she is going to send you is a tiny free sample not full sized products for writing the review! Well I hit submit a question on that and I can't find the actual post I sent her but it was something to the effect of this;

I think it's unfair that you would only offer a free sample in return for writing a full blog post for you.
There is a lot of time and work that goes into writing
a blog post for a company so I hope new bloggers won't be
inticed by your ungenerous freebie and will turn it down
like I am going to.

So, that's close to what I had said but now I received this reply message in rebuttal and I'm really not very
happy with it at all. See what you think and let's hear your opinions. I feel as may as well start speaking up for
myself and bloggers everywhere who need a fair shake. I do know that I was not mean at all in the asking of my question I was just stating a point. I also never said anything about blogging to get free stuff as she mentions below. I feel a full size product or two is an even exchange for writing a post but apparently,here's another company who doesn't feel that way.

Her reply

" Hi Barb,
thanks for your input. I am not the product manufacturer and I am buying products at 20% to 30% discount from retail when I send them out to bloggers for review. Believe me I totally get this, I have had reviews from a paragraph with no key words, no reviews after sending products to bloggers, no follow up, links to the wrong site, etc, etc... there is no way for me to predict how good or how bad of a job a blogger will do when they review the products I sell and send to them.... all bloggers are not created equal, and just because they have a blog does not mean they are my target market.

There is no one forcing you to review my products, either you apply for the offer or you don't. You can make the assumptions you want about your blog writing, but I'm not saying anything about that from my offer for samples. I am just checking out Tomoson because they contacted me and asked me to register, so far from what I have seen, this does not really meet my target market for where I would send full size products for review. My market is organic savvy customers, my product is expensive and not everyone is going to buy it, if your goal in blogging is to get free stuff from companies then that's great. I'm looking for partnerships with people who really care about what I have and are willing to work with me in educating people about the dangers of chemicals in the environment. I'm testing the water here but so far I have not seen that this site is going to work for me.

good luck with your writing and getting free stuff.


I don't know about you, but this really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I'm mad at Tomoson for letting a company devalue our opinions so much and secondly I'm mad at this company for admitting her products are expensive in fact so expensive that she won't even bother sending out one to a blogger in return for a review for her company. That says a lot about this company to me and I for one,want no part of it. I would have put a link to her website but I didn't want to give her any free advertising since she thinks we are not worthy of her company.

Furthermore, I don't really care what a company like this thinks is their "market to be reached". Any person with a brain will
tell you free advertising from a mom blogger is going to benefit your company in the long run. So what do you think about this?

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Diabetic Snacker Old Orchard Juices Lower Sugar Diabetic Friendly Healthy Products

Phot courtesy of

Old Orchard Juices Natural Sweetness Diabetic
Friendly Great For The Whole Family

A company called Old Orchard Juices sent me 2 of

their huge bottles of juice after I had requested a

review. They certainly shipped out quickly and they were
well packaged. The ones they sent me were;

original cranberry Juice Naturals reduced sugar
cranberry Rasberry Juice Naturals reduced sugar

These juices taste fresh and I love the flavor in them

both! It's so great that a company can make a great

tasting juice product and reduce the sugar at the same

time. As a matter of fact,they'ved reduced the sugar by
a whopping 40%! how cool is that? As you know being a
diabetic,I am always looking for more products that

contain as little sugar as possible to try. That's because
I don't like to spike my blood sugar up if I don't have

to. Well it's great to be able to have a serving of juice
and enjoy it.

The flavors of these products taste like they are fresh

from the tree. It will make you think you're in Michigan

standing in the middle of a fruit orchard. Actually, these
juices are good for everyone not just diabetics. both my
sons love this drink and they are not diabetic. They

usually drink the most sugary drinks they can find with

soda having 30 grams of sugar! So I'm glad to see they
gave this a try and are drinking it just because they
like the taste. These juices contain only about 16 grams

of sugar per serving so that's great.

Old Orchard Juices has been in business since 1985 so they
must be doing everything right. I tell you, as a mom I am
also looking for money saving items especially in the

grocery department and this juice rings in at $2.99 for
a 64 ounce bottle! I don't know how they can do that but
they are. They use no articial colors,flavors or

preservatives in their juices so you get a good wholesome
product that your family will love.

Naturally,whenever you cut the sugar in anything you're

also going to lower the calories which is always a plus.
This juice rings in at 70 calories per serving so anyone
can work that in to their daily schedule even me.

Old Orchard

Disclosure: I was sent complimentary products to taste test and write my honest opinions about in this food review. My opinions are my own and no other form of compensation was given. Thanks to the
company Old Orchard Juices for providing these products.
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