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Sugar Free Ring Pops No Mess Fun Diabetic Friendly Treats For You & Your Kids

Photo courtesy of Ring Pops

Have you heard of Ring Pops? I bet your kids have been pointing them out to you already. They are not just for kids
either. Being a diabetic I eat one or two sugar free suckers
every day myself to help maintain my blood sugar levels. Yes
they are doctor recommended and much lower in calories than
normal food items would be. So these sound like a fun thing
to have. I'm so glad I'm going to get to try them out because
of Mom Fuse Pop! It will be my first alert if my entry is accepted so I'm super excited.
"Sugar Free Ring Pops Lollipops With No Mess &
they Are Fun To Eat For Kids & Adults

Sugar Free Ring Pops
Ring Pop, the classic candy you grew up with, now has a

sugarless, tooth-friendly version that’s ideal for

today’s active kids! We’re looking for bloggers to help

us get the word out about Sugar Free Ring Pop - now

available in Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, and Watermelon!

Kids love the long-lasting flavor of Sugar Free Ring

Pop, plus the fun plastic ring offers tons of bling to

fuel imaginations! While kids daydream, moms will rest

assured knowing that the plastic ring has another use:

it stays put on little hands to prevent messes, making

Sugar Free Ring Pop the perfect sweet for long summer

road trips, birthday parties, scavenger hunts, and more.

Moms also love Sugar Free Ring Pop because it is fat

free, won’t cause cavities, and only contains 30

calories per pop!

ids love long lasting flavor of Sugar Free Ring Pop,plus

moms love that they stay on little hands to prevent

Sugar Free Ring Pops!"
Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post but I am entering a contest to see if I can win some Sugar Free Ring Pops. Thanks to Ring Pops and Mose Fuse for this blog opportunity.
What do you think? I'd love to hear yourcomments. If you would like to write a guest post for any of my blogs email me at: directorylanesuperstore(at)
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Yoplait & Jeannie Mai Fashion, Beauty Tips For Spring and Summer Weddings For Every Woman

Photos courtesy of email

Yoplait & Jeannie Mai Offer Fashion & Beauty Tips For Spring & Summer Weddings for Women Everywhere

"Weddings on your calendar this spring and summer? Not to worry, celebrity stylist, host of the Style Network’s show "How Do I Look?"
Yoplait Light Two Week Tune Up spokesperson, Jeannie Mai, provides her expert advice on how to prep for a wedding this season.

Color and cuts: When it comes to being a guest at a wedding, think about the colors of celebration. Bright jeweled colors of turquoise, royal blue, purples, or even pinks are gorgeous, and create an inviting ambiance towards the family and friends around you. Because weddings can run long, and you're never sure how long you'll be standing or sitting, make sure what you're wearing is comfortable. Fashion forbid you wear anything that's going to have you fidgeting or adjusting and not focusing on the festivities!

Day vs. Night: Day weddings give you that perfect excuse to wear a fabulous frock. Think breezy, hemlines that end above, at, or below the knee - they can all be appropriate. The only day don't? Thick lycra or opaque tights. Unless you're a 9 year old girl hunting for Easter eggs. Night weddings are definitely a reason to vamp up your look. Dresses can be flirty and fun, but makeup should definitely be enhanced for the lights. Be brave with a bolder lip, play up those eyes with false lashes, dare to go there! A wedding is just another word for a party :).

Cooler/ Warmer weather: For cooler weather, think layers. If you're wearing a dress, it's essential to have accessory pieces to keep you warm like a cashmere wrap, shawl, capelet, or cardigan. Blazers look great over dresses with the sleeves rolled up, and leather jackets can totally play up a cute frock. For warmer weather, think open toed or strappy sandals to keep your look cool, and definitely wear your hair up. The worst is feeling your hair stick to beads of sweat running down your back. Ick!
Tune Up ahead of time: Everyone wants to look and feel their best before attending a wedding, so think a few weeks ahead to ensure you feel your best on the big day. For example, the Yoplait Light Two Week Tune Up plan a quick way you could lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks find more details on the plan at
for that added boost before attending any big event."
You can also find a coupon for Yoplait Light at

You can find more of Jeannie’s fashion tips at Facebook yoplait

Sisclosure: The above quoted text wass provided by and Jeannie Mai celebrity fitness guru. Thanks to Yoplait and Jeannie Mai for sending over this
helpful information for my diabetic snacker readers.

I'm sitting here right now eating a Strawberry Shortcake Yoplait and it is soo delicious! I wish they would
make a carrot cake one next. :)
What do you think? I'd love to hear yourcomments. If you would like to write a guest post for any of my blogs email me at: directorylanesuperstore(at)
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Holy Guacamole A Romantic Adventure For Foodies by Authors Dan and Denise Harmer

Photos courtesy of Glass Road Publications

Holy Guacamole-A Romantic Adventure For Foodies
Across The Universe

New to the book world Authors and husband and
wife, Dan and Denise Harmer
send a unique foodlover's adventure to life in Holy
Guacamole. They reside in California and with 4 children I don't know how they find time to write an adventurous book but they did. You'll learn quite a bit about life and a
little bit about cooking in
this romance filled book, like the difference in Mole
and Salsa is pointed out. I've never tried Mole but I
have seen it on numerous cooking shows.

Holy Guacamole takes you on a journey and will captivate
you at every turn. You'll uncover a hidden mystery
inside the covers that will have you flipping thru the pages
quickly to find the answer. The book is well written and with
the many local references included you'll get the
feeling you are there in this magical place yourself.
So bundle up and enjoy your foodie experience.

From the website:

"When Trace Domingo is accepted into Chef Bonnie
Miller's culinary boot camp, a life-threatening journey
into Bonnie's past unfolds. In a vulnerable moment,
Trace discovers part of Bonnie's closely-held secret.
She hasn't yet decided to trust the "bootie" when a
crisis makes the choice for her. The pair embark on a
race against the clock across southern California and
northern Baja in Mexico."

This book has many references of food and the surrounding events that will let you discover the cuisine
destinations you'll want to be finding yourself. The
local resources are fully loaded and will have the Chef
in you dying to find them so you can try them too.

This culinary duo also give back to the community and a
portion of every sale goes to the Ministry of Outside
the Bowl, I like it when Authors give back and support
the community.
You can learn more about the Author of this book here:
Joint Venture


I was sent a complimentary copy of this book for my
review purposes. My opinions are my own and no other
form of compensation was given. All quoted text was
provided by the publisher. Thanks to the Author
and Glass Road Publications for sending diabetic snacker
this book to review.

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It's not too late to enter your favorite contest,giveaway and win a cool household prize on diabetic snacker!

What do you think? I'd love to hear yourcomments. If you would like to write a guest post for any of my blogs email me at: directorylanesuperstore(at)
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Unplanned Documentary Dvd Review Parenthood Challenges Diabetic Snacker

Photo courtesy of United For Life

Product Review Unplanned Documentary Dvd

Unplanned is a documentary about one girl's struggle
for the life of her unborn child. It was made to help
women and young teens everywhere who are in need of
finding the right answer for them. You will join Abby
Johnson in her own personal campaign to save the life
of her unborn child. It's a long hard road to follow
and there are many turns along the way.

The Unplanned DVd is good for organizations worldwide
that help women face this challenging times in their
lives everyday. I think it's something every female
should see. It will help to answer any questions you
or someone close to you may have concerning pregnancy
and the right to life.

I like that 33% of each purchase of Unplanned, will go
to crisis pregnancy centers like CareNet, The National
Institute of Family & Life Advocates, and Heartbeat
Unplanned Buy
It Here

Connect with the Sponsor here:
Trailer Unplanned
United For
Life Blog


I received a complimentary dvd from this company in
order to write my honest opinions about it in a
review. My opinions are my own and no other form of
compenation was given. Thank you to the company United
For Life and Tyndale Books for sending
diabetic snacker this dvd.
Full Discloure Policy

Product Review Announcing TheraBreath Multi Symptom Probiotics The Bad Breath Fighter

Photos courtes of TheraBreath

Product Review Announcing TheraBreath Multi
Symptom Probiotics The Bad Breath Fighter

Bad Breath is
a dirty word but it's
something we all worry about all of the time,right?
I mean you never know who's going to be on the other
side of the doorbell when you answer it. It just might
be the love of your life making it an appearance for all
you know! Now while I don't expect George Clooney to
show up at my door I still want to be prepared just in
case! So it's crucial that you have everything in your
daily arsenal that you can to fight bad breath and knock
it dead in it's tracks.

The innovative inventors of TheraBreath have created
a totally new product to help with this widespread
problem! It's a multi symptom probiotic that is a
really cool new product.

I was sent this new product to test and write my review
about it and they have actually helped a lot iwth the
bad breath problem. They come in long individual packets
so they are fresh and easy to use. Actually I was sent
a seven day supply so I have now used it up. My breath
did feel fresher while using it. Now that I am finished
I can really tell the difference. Here's what all this
product works to combat for you:

bad breath
sensitive teeth
gum problems
tooth stains
sore throats
ear aches

I wasn't sick at all while I was taking the problem so
maybe that was why. I know I'm usually sick about this
time of year because of all my allergies and hay fever
seaon, but so far so good. Please note I am not a doctor
and I am not saying this is a cure all. Here's

information about this product from the company itself:

"TheraBreath Oral Care Multi Symptom Probiotics -
• An all natural treatment used to help the body resist

a variety of oral cavity issues including Ear Ache, Sore

Throat, Cavities, Gum Sensitivity, formation of BioFilm

and Plaque, Tooth Staining, and Halitosis.

• The first probiotic strains (S. salivarius K12 and

M18) to be developed specifically for the oral cavity

from beneficial bacteria that already naturally occurs

in the oral cavity of a small percentage of children.

This handful of children showed a natural resistance to

the variety of oral cavity related illness listed above.
• Now available for the first time in the United States

exclusively from TheraBreath."

Sounds pretty impressive doesn't it? So if you do decide

to check it out let me know in the comments. I'd like to

hear your opinion about this new product.

Connect with the Sponsor here:

Facebook TheraBreath
Twitter TheraBreath

New Redrawn Redraw 1 Winner For Therabreath Mouthwash Giveaway! Is It You?

Redraw Giveaway Winner!

Here's the new re-drawan winner for the Therabreath
Mouthwash Giveaway!

Eclaire comment entry #1
Her email is:

I have just emailed the winner & I am giving her 72 hours
instead of 48 because of the Memorial Day Holiday
to claim her prize. Be sure and enter all of the six
giveaways underway using the tab at the top that
says Giveaways or the left sidebar where all giveaways
can also be found. Or heck just click this link right
here to go straight to the six current giveaways!
Diabetic Snacker Giveaways Currently Running

A big thank you to everyone who takes the time to enter giveaways on diabetic snacker!
I hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day Weekend! Here in Indy right now we are listening to the greatest spectacle in racing-yes-the-Indy 500 Mile Race! Who Hoo!
It's such a shame that Indiana is so cheap that they won't let the live race be broadcast for us, but oh well what the heck the radio will just have to do. Go Danica Patrick!
I'd love to see a woman finally win this race!

Who Wants A 15% Code For Katz Bakery? I Have ! 1st Person To Email Me Gets It Hurry!

Photo courtesy Katz Bakery

Katz Bakery Want A 15% Off Discount Ecode?

Their items are gluten free and still delicious as I've pointed out in earlier reviews. So if you want just ask!

Does anyone need a 15% off order code for
Katz Bakery?
I had ordered my free $50.00 gifts from them that I had won about 6 months ago & they send this code over with my order. So I thought someone might be planning on placing an order.

So if you want the 15% off code email me:

Once the code has been taken I will update this post.
I believe they also give free shipping on a certain dollar
amount of order so this 15% off could make a good deal
even better! I highly recommend the sugar cookies with
sprinkles myself and the vanilla cupcakes.

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Food Review Weight Loss Tips New Updated List Of All #NSNation Nutrisystem Meal Plan Bloggers

Photo courtesy of Nutrisystem

New Complete List Of All NSNation Nutrisystem Bloggers

NSNation Bloggers & Twitter Handles
Name of Blog Link Twitter Handle

Here's the new updated list so we can all go and visit each other's blogs and give each other the support we need on the Program.


My Life With Rats &


Saving Bucks


Crazy Simple Life

The Undomestic




Mamma Loves


Happily Blended


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Product Girl

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Moms Review 4 you
Mom's Review 4 You





Little BGCG
Little BGCG


Self Employed




Real Mom Real


Crystal and


Saturday Mornings Blog


Familylicious Reviews &



Bella Savvy



Free Sample


A Time Out For

atimeout4mommy lunasavings

Coupon Deals


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Travels With


Addicted Mommy


Living On
Love and Cents


Girl Gone Mom

Friendly Frugality


Our Kids Mom

The Bragging Mommy
The Bragging


Kidz Born 2 Impress


Inspiring You
2 Save


My Silly">My Silly

Media Mum

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Keenly Kristin



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TThe Make-up Girl
LianneFarbes themakeupgirl


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Sippy Cup


Fun Saving Money


Ace and Friends

mistischindele or entertainista

Beauty 411Beauty 411

Real Mom Reviews

Mama B My

Copper Brick Road


One 2 Try

s Of A Social Esquire

roriffic; socialesquire

As They Grow Up


Search Puzzle Dreams


One Savvy Mom


Coupon Mommy


Survey Junkie

Tatums Reviews

6 Daily


Makeup Files TrishaAtMF

Thanks Mail

A Day In


Wow what an impressive list of bloggers! I'm pretty darn proud to be among them myself! I'm sure we all give
a big thank you to Nutrisystem for doing these blog
campaigns with us. Also thank you for the list, I would
have never been able to find this list myself.

Disclosure: I was sent the above information from Nutrisystem to post. I did add my own html & any opinions expressed are my own. Thanks to Nutrisystem for providing this information.

I Get Free Amazon Gift Cards With Swagbucks You Can Too!
Full Disclosure Policy target="_blank">src="
B9176D6ABB2074D5274563F42F5.png" style="border: 0
!important; background: transparent;"/>

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TVTopTen As Seen On Tv Products Featuring Nutrisystem Meal Plan Food Items

Photos courtesy of TVTopTen As Seen On Tv

Food Product Review TVTopTen "As Seen On TV" Products
Nutrisystem Foods

is an innovative company that helps moms and dads all
over the world find the best products for their household
and gift giving needs. They have thousands of different
products something for everyone.
Some of TVTopTen's best sellers are Nutrisystem Foods,
Bare Minerals Cosmetics, Snuggie, and Proactiv Acne
Solution Products. They also have Slap Chop,Foodsver
and the line of Ronco products. I've watched tons of their
informercials over the years,I bet you have too. All of
the products are voted on based on customer reviews and
testing so you can feel confident buying from them because
they have been tested by parents like you.

They have a ranking system which allows parents to help rank
the top ten products on the marketplace at any given time.
Isn't that cool? Your opinion matters at TVTopTen. That
is always nice to know.

For my review I received from TVTopTen, five food products
from the Nutrisystem
to taste test and try. Yes,I love my blogging
opportunities it's what I live for, to try
new products. Anyway, the box I received was in great
shape in a priority mailer strong cardboard box. Here's

what was inside:

Chicken Noodle Soup
Cinnamon Bun
Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal
Beef & Noodles in Teriyaki Sauce

I have tried all of the five foods and of course me
being a sweet freak you can guess what my favorite was?
Yes the Cinnamon bun! It was very delicious it even had a
bit of cream cheese frosting on it and you could actually
see the cinnamon inside the layers. I was totally
surprised at how good it did taste. It wasn't at all like
you would expect a diet dessert to taste.

The Chickne Noodle Soup was pretty good with thick long
noodles and a good amount of chicken broth. It was a lunch
item but would really be good anytime of the day.

The pretzels were covered with a zesty spice mixture and
they were very good. They definitely had a ton of crunch
to them which always makes a snack better to me. I'm a got
to hear that crunch kind of gal and these pretzels did not
disappoint me.

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal was warm and comforting. You just

pop it in to the microwave and you're all set. That was
super easy and gave a great flavor explosion. Plus the
cinnamon cooking the microwave made the house smell like
fresh baked cinnamon rolls for hours. My son actually came
downstairs searching for some cinnamon rolls later! I
don't think he ever believed it was just a bowl of
oatmeal, what did he think I baked them & ate them all?
It was kind of funny.

Now for this Beef & Noodles in Teriyaki Sauce, dinner
entree I was not pleased with it. I'm sure if you like
Chinese food in general you'd like this. I had really
never actually tried any Chinese type foods before
(anywhere) and I just didn't care for it myself. Something
about the soy sauce on the noodles the texture, but hey if
you like that sort of thing you'll love this one. Yes I
know I live a sheltered life.

Getting back to TVTopTen,
You can see from the huge list of categories that they
have every family friendly product you might be looking
Product Categories

Beauty & Grooming
Health & Nutrition
Money & Business
Pet Supplies
Sports & Fitness
Tools & Hardware
Toys & Entertainment
Clearance (my favorite)

See,I told you they have everything. I noticed they have a
lot of dvds which would make wonderful gifts year round. I
know around here we can never have enough tv shows &
movies to watch. Now that we have hd and a blu-ray player
it's even better to find new sources for movies on the

My favorite category of TVTopTen is their clearance
option. I mean it's perfect because you are already
getting a great discounted deal just by shopping with them
and you are a getting an added special bonus since it's on
clearance or low in stock! It's the best way to shop
online or in a brick and mortar store,finding the
clearance items. You might be surprised at the goodies you
can find drastically marked down if you just take the time
to really look.

TVTopTen has a forum that everyone can use to talk about
how a product works for them or how it didn't live up to
their standards. It's sort of like Consumer Opinions but
it doesn't cost you anything to join.

From their website:

"TVTopTen currently offers over 1000 of the Top As Seen on
TV Infomercial products with the latest offers. Not only
is TVTopTen a growing online shopping site for As Seen on
TV products, but it is also a growing community of
shoppers, sharing experiences and reviews of the hottest
TV products.
At TVTopTen we are committed to bringing you the best As
Seen On TV products, at the most reasonable prices and
along with the best customer service we can provide."
You can connect with the Sponsor here:Facebook TVTopTen
Twitter TvTopTen

Go and check out TVTopTen and I know you'll find some
amazing products you wanted to own too. I don't know which of us
watches more tv infomercials myself or my grown son. I have always
found them good entertainment especially the cooking segments
as I am a passionate baker and love to cook.

I received five complimentary Nutrisystem items from this
company in order to write my honest opinions about them in
a review. My opinions are my own and no other form of
compenation was given. Thank you to the company TVTopTen products for sending
diabetic snacker these products to review.
Full Discloure Policy

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