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New Movie 2012 (Immortals) Now Available On Blu-ray & Dvd Review Greek Gods War Destroying Mankind

Tags: Dvd Review, Blu-ray Review, Movie Review, 2012 Movie Review
Photos courtesy of 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

(Immortals) Review Now Available Via 3D
Blu-ray, Blu-ray and Dvd Formats Greek Mythology

Product Details

Special Features Blu-ray:
Alternate Opening
Young Theseus Story
Two Alternate Endings
1.This Is Our Last Embrace
2.Theseus Kills Hyperion
Behind the Scenes Featurettes
1.It’s No Myth
2.Caravaggio Meets Fight Club:Tarsem’s Vision
Deleted Scenes
Immortals: Gods & Heroes Graphic Novel
Two Alternate Endings

I recently received a screener's dvd
copy of a new film called
from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment Studios. It's
a story about
One brave warrior who has been touched by the
Gods so he can do what's needed to overcome
all odds to save mankind. This chosen one was
trained specifically by the great and powerful
God Zeus who was always my favorite story
telling character in High School Plays and
classroom theatric's but the film doesn't
focus much on this favorite God. Instead it's
about the War developing because of a greedy
powerful King. This time we are at the mercy
of a powerful tyrant who is a despicable to
say the least.
Immortals is directed by Tarsem Singh and
written by Charles Parlapanides and Vlas

Cast Includes:

1.Henry Cavill
2.Luke Evans
3.Kellan Lutz
4.Isabel Lucas
5.Freida Pinto
6.Stephen Dorff
7.John Hurt
8.Mickey Rourke

In this mystical tale of vengeance and
destiny there is a ruthless throne happy King
Hyperion who threatens to destroy humanity
just so he can have the ultimate weapon all to
himself! Yes he's a greedy you know what and
he's the kind of man that leaves a bad taste
in your mouth just from speaking to him. He
plays the role of King very well though so
you'll have to bear with him thru the movie.
So the King of Kings in his mind at least
feels he must bear arms to this most powerful
weapon of the Universe at all costs. The
weapon in question happens to be
the legendary Epirus Bow, the bow so precise
that it can control your fate in the matter of
an instant. The special bow that gives the
power to unleash war on both Heaven and Earth.
Now that is some powerful bow to take out
Heaven and Earth. Men and their power
tools/toys, see it started way back Centuries
ago with greedy monsterous Kings like this.
Enter Theseus (Cavill) into the picture, a
handsome and heroic young common villager
chosen by the Gods of Power themselves.
Theseus is there to stop this scornful King
Hyperion’s wickedness. Luckily he's not alone
in this plight to save the Heaven and Earth's.
He has supernatural help from the heavenly
creature Phaedra (Pinto). Now you've seen a
lot of action but it's about to be quadrupled
when he accepts this challenge from the Gods
and leads the fellow warriors to battle
against the mighty King. So the fighting
begins and seems it will never end with lots
of back and forth victory's for each team of
men. Who will triumph and be victorious? I
won't spoil it for you.

If you're a
design or costume movie buff there are quite a
few special features you'll enjoy seeing. I
just think the overall picture could have been
much better than it is. Near the end there is
a lot of fighting and bloody scenes to keep the guys
occupied, but as far
as the mythological story they don't do much
with i so it falls shortt.

The powerful Zeus trained the lead warrior and
that's about the only part of the film he's
even in. They should have had more elaborate
feasts food and overladen tables for this time
period. It just seems some things are missing
like that. I usually like watching deleted
scenes and finding gems that should have been
included, but not for this one. All of the
deleted scenes were rightly cut and not
missed. One thing this needed was more romance
it's the Greek Gods afterall.

The overall plot is confusing and just doesn't seem to come
together like it should in the wonderful style
of Hollywood cinema. The computer
graphics and beautiful custom costumes are
glorious if you like seeing those.

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Diabetic Snacker Reviews Disclosure:

I was sent a complimentary screener dvd copy for reviewing purposes from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. My opinions are my own and no other form of compensation was given. Thank you to Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
Studios for sending Diabetic Snacker Reviews this screener dvd for independent reviewing purposes.

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