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CLOSED Due To Spam Control Mistakes SORRY! (Michelle's Sweet Shoppe Gourmet Popcorns) Product Review

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US Blog Giveaway
Photo courtesy of Michelle's Gourmet Popcorn
Ends 4/23/12 US

(Michelle's Sweet Shoppe Gourmet Popcorn)
Product Food Review & US Giveaway!

I have been munching on one of my
favorite snack time treats this past week of
popcorn. This time I tried a New Hampshire
online establishment called
Michelle's Sweet Shoppe
Gourmet Popcorn
I can tell you it is a great tasting popcorn too. With so
many ways to flavor popcorn I'm glad it's such a healthy
snack to begin with. They have four categories to select from with
each category having many flavor choices inside.

Categories Are:

white chocolate
milk chocolate
dark chocolate

buffalo supreme
garlic & rosemary
honey mesquite barbecue
salt & vinegar
cinnamon sugar
cajun bbq
white cheddar

chocolate caramel
chocolate coconut
peanut butter
dark chocolate mint
peanut butter cup
jack frost jumble

christmas crunch
caramel apples
caramel cappucino

One of the best best things I received was a
long pretzel stick dipped in caramel and
chocolate and covered with sprinles. It was
the first thing I put in my mouth and it was
overall the #1 thing I loved most and it was
all mine, I didn't even share a bite of it. I
saw on their website that you get six of those
for $13.00. What a steal that is!
Michelle's Gourmet Sweet Shoppe sent several
of their popped fresh and bagged varieties and
my family had a blast trying the different
flavors out. As soon as the huge box arrived
the kids tore into it and everyone was picking
out their favorite's. It was great tasting
gourmet style popcorn that was soft and
freshly packed.
I ate a new to me flavor of the Coconut
Chocolate first and it was quite an experience
being crunchy sweet and salty. I think
everyone loves that salty sweet combination in
their snack foods. I'd not had coconut
popcorn before but it's perfect together. The
chocolate mixed with the sweet coconut reminds
you of an Almond Joy candy bar when you're
eating it. It was the most awesome bites of
popcorn this gal has ever had!

My youngest son snatched up the peanut butter
cup popcorn next and he enjoyed it. He was
shocked you could even put that flavor combo
on a piece of popcorn but he was glad they
did. Once he'd devoured about 1/4 of the bag
of that one he moved on to his usual favorite
suspect- the caramel popcorn. He was right
back in heaven with his favorite flavoring of
caramel. He gave me a handful of it and said
say goodbye to this bag because it's all mine
and he went to watch tv with his prized
possesion. I thought it should have more caramel
flavoring on it myself to be perfect.

My oldest son is more of a hot and spicy snack
food lover which made this box perfect for the
three of us to share. Since his brother had
grabbed up most of the sweet offerings he
opened up the Nacho Cheese bag and the one
called Hot 'N spicy. He was saying as he was
opening it how it didn't sound right to put
this type of flavor seasonings on a kernel of
popcorn. That was funny to hear as we watched
him eat over half of the bag without hardly
taking a breath! Man
to be able to just eat what you want like that
would be nice to do again. Being diabetic I
have to pick and choose my sweet treats a
little more carefully than that. I did try
over a few days time all of the flavors that I
wanted too and was shocked that they all
tasted so precisely what they were supposed to
taste like.
I mean, it's just wonderful how modern
technology now lets yous turn a simple grain
of wholesome popcorn kernels into something
magical,delicious and unexpected too.
Michelle's also has Pumpkin Spice and
chocolate caramel. Yeah that's right it's like
eating a slice of warm pumpkin pie in the
fall. That would be a great snack treat to
have on your Thanksgiving table. It would be a
healthy alternative to those who love their
pumpkin pie but want to eat a little lighter.
I'm glad I got to experiment and try these
tasty treats and so were my kids. You should
check them out since you can order right
online and have them shipped popping fresh
right to your door. Great gift giving idea
too. With Mother's Day and Father's Day both
around the corner you'd be wise to stock up
with some heavenly gourmet popcorn treats. At
Michelle's you can find it in bags or handy
large tins, mine came in bags. I actually
collect popcorn tins they are so versatile a
product with so many uses for storage. I have
them scattered all over the house and each one
is being used for something.
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