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Dvd Review Pilot Episode CW Tv Series (Emily Owens M.D.) Doctors Hospitals Drama Love Triangles & High School It's All Here

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Television Series Reviews

Photos courtesy of CW Network

Dvd Review Pilot Episode CW Emily Owens M.D. Drama

There's a new television series to watch this
fall and I was tickled shades of pink to receive a pilot
screener dvd to watch! It's called:

(Emily Owens M.D.),
with an upcoming actress Mamie Gummer and
for all of you Grey's Anatomy fans like myself
your world is about to be rocked all over
again like they did back at the beginning.

Let's face it McSteamy is planning to
leave the show anyway so all you'll have left
is McDreamy. Which leaves you plenty of room
for a new tv series about doctors, hospitals
and every dirty little secret that goes on
between those hospital walls.
Emily Owens is the main character and she has
finally made it thru High School and has
graduated from medical school. She is now a
1st year intern at Denver Memorial Hospital
with lots to learn and many obstacles to face.
She'll be working closely with her medical
school wanna be crush, Will Rider is also an
intern to Emily's satisfaction.
Sadly though like it always happens life has
to throw you some nasty curve balls.

Emily's High School nemesis Cassandra Kopelson
(Aja Naomi King) is also just starting out at
Denver Memorial. Now isn't that the way it
always goes? You think you can escape these
horrible obsessive people but they have a bad
habit of showing up everywhere like a bad
penny stuck to the sole of your shoe. I bet
we'll find out in future episodes that this
penny showed up on purpose by folling her
there but we'll have to wait and see. I only
received the pilot but it's great. It's got my
curiousity peaked so I'm all in.

So now she's got a lot on her plate to handle.
so it becomes more like High School than she
had anticipated. Luckily, she has a friend at
the Hospital,another young intern named Tyra
Granger. She seems friendly enough for the
Hospital Chief's daughter and warns Emily that
the patterns for these young doctors and
nurses and socializing is already set in
motion. Just like High School you've got
boundaries of territory you can't cross.


1. Handsome sporty guys have become orthopedic
2. mean girls are in plastic surgeries
3. Wild & crazy popular people are in the ER
emergency room area
4. Stoners anesthetics

Which leaves her wondering where in the heck
she will possibly fit in. It's devastingly
like High School again where teams are grouped
together and don't want any outside
interference from the likes of someone new.

Emily is indeed unfortuneately, the new kid on
the block. This time around she will have to
balance the 2 Worlds even better than she did
before because lives are at stake here. Real
human life's people. With the personal and
emotional avanlance of social rights and
wrongs with important medical decisions. Some
with only a mere moment to pick and choose
which way to go. She's certainly going to have
her hands full and if if her hated Nemisis has
anything to say about her hands won't be full
of Will. It's time to face the reality. She's
tossed away the sweats and easy going flip
flops and it's time to get hard core serious
with intern friendly fashions and rock hard
solid comforrtable shoes. It's time to take a
stance and stand above the crowd so she can be
the great doctor she wants the World to see.
Everyone deserves a fresh start on this planet
and it's time for Emily to make her vision

There are way too many annoying voice overs in
the episode but I tried my best to overlook
them. Mostly it's Emily's inner self speaking
to her trying to tell her what to do. I just
think it's uneeded is all. We are smart enough
to figure out what's she's thinking without
hearing her say it out loud. The pilot does
work 3 cases at once so you have quite a bit
of facts and medical scenario's to keep track
of. I think it shows exactly what it's really
like for a busy Hospital every day. It's unreal
the amount of work and watching suffering they have
to go thru daily. They do a
fine job of the filming as it seems very real
with the cold walls and long corridors.
I was happy to see some former CW actors,
Michael Rady and Justin Hartley show up in the
plot but I do wish they had bigger parts. They
are easy on the eyes and I hope they keep
showing up more often in later episodes.

The only bad thing I'll say about this pilot
is the over usage of the term "like High
School". It gets said at least what seems
like a hundred times. I mean ok we get the
point we don't have to have it hammered into
our brains by everyone to understand it. Other
than that, I think it's a possibly to be
charming love adventure somewhere between Grey's
Anatomy and Hart of Dixie. I follow both those
series so yes I have room for one more. I say
give it a shot you may enjoy it. Maybe you'll
get to see someone get even with their
Nemesis, even if you weren't able to in High
School. It's fun and educational at the same
time with some eye candy.
Emily Owens M.D. premieres on the CW Network
Tuesday October 16th,2012 at 9pm. One last thing,
did I mention she's the daughter of legendary
actress Meryl Streep? I hope this is the start of
many more possible pilot's I get to see, I really
enjoyed the experience.

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Diabetic Snacker Reviews Disclosure:

I was sent a complimentary screener's dvd pilot copy for reviewing purposes from CW Network. My opinions are my own and no other form of compensation was given.
Thank you to CW Network for this opportunity. I hope I can see more
pilot episodes it was so much fun. Also thanks to Role Mommy aka
"The List" for this
campaign opp.
Full Disclosure Policy

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  1. The pilot episode of Tv serials on DVD. Enjoy watching it